Services Offered

Demitra is available for various astrological readings:

Natal chart interpretation: This is a 90-minute taped reading of your birth chart, which is a map of the planetary locations in the heavens on the day you were born. A natal chart reading reminds us of our highest potential, and guides us to the most natural way of achieving it. We also review current transits to the natal chart which give us your current astrological guidance. For example a Saturn transit must be met with discipline, hard work and perserverance, a Pluto transit with ruthless commitment to transform and release the past. A good reading can teach us how to align our personal strengths with the path to achieving our goals.

Synastry Reading: This reading compares two individual’s charts, usually for but not limited to couples, and seeks to interpret the harmony as well as areas of conflict between two people. For example, there can be tremendous harmony between two peoples moons. This would give them a subconscious unspoken easy harmony, but if there is a tense aspect between their Mercury’s, this can give them a tension or difficulty in the realm of communication. Knowing this can help each person to understand and recognize the different mental approach of their partner.

Parties: Demitra has done both inspirational talks and mini-readings at parties and events and has performed these services for New York City Fashion Week, private parties, corporate retreats and health spas.

Public Speaking: Demitra has been an inspirational speaker at events and parties for Monteverde Day Spa, New Age Health Spa, The Yale Club, The Newswomen’s Club of New York, McGraw Hill Corporate Retreat, The Wainwright house, The Greenwich Water Club, Hudson Valley Women’s Symposium, The Giordano Foundation and The Women President’s Organization.