“I have been to the mountaintop….
I’ve seen the promised land.
I may not get there with you,
But I want you to know that we as a people
will get to the promised land.”
~~~The Reverend Martin Luther King Junior

“I was alive and I waited
I was alive and I waited for this
Right here right now, there is no other place I want to be
right here right now watching the world wake up from history”
~~~Jesus Jones

This month we ring in the new month and new year as we celebrate Capricorn the mountain climbing goat ruled by Saturn the Lord of Time and Karma. This year also begins 2012, the year of the much vaunted end of the Mayan calendar, accompanied by all manner of apocalyptic, end of the world hoopla and hysteria. All of this malaise makes perfect sense when we consider that Pluto the planetary Destroyer is in Capricorn wreaking much needed havoc on all our greed based and failing Capricornian structures including world finance, governments, currencies, corporations and even the deep structures of the earth.

In order to make sense of all this it helps to understand the nature of Capricorn as well as the nature of Pluto and how it tends to operate as it moves through a sign. Capricorn, the mountain goat is associated with professional and wordly achievement. The mountain is a metaphor for a chosen long term goal, and the goat is a creature of steady conservative tenacity who continues upward one cautious step at a time till the summit is reached. Capricorn climbs the corporate ladder of success or any other vertical ascent till it reaches the top of its chosen field. It is the most potentially responsible sign of the zodiac along with Cancer its opposite, respectively the father and mother of the zodiac.

Capricorn is also one of the heaviest signs of the zodiac. It and its ruler Saturn are associated with all things weighty, both actual and metaphoric including, rocks, buildings, weights and weightlifting, mountains, chains, responsibility, time, deadlines and death, discipline, laws, governments, consequences, karma, endings and gravity. Capricorn also rules the deep structures of anything. In the body Capricorn rules the teeth and bones, in buildings the foundation and steel girders, in a country the infrastructure, government ,and currency. In the earth, the tectonic plates. Capricorn is also the sign of banking, corporations and governments, especially the executive branch.
To hear Capricorn described, it is hard to understand what has gone so terribly wrong in the corporate, banking and government sectors to date. That the most conservative, cautious and responsible sign of the zodiac could be so reckless as to crash the entire global financial system, gridlock the government and allow the peoples government to favor corporations, while polluting the seas, corrupting the food supply and destroying the planet, is disheartening to say the least.
What has been plaguing Capricorn is the central core error that plagues the modern world. Our ego based world view results in a pervasive sense of isolation and therefore selfishness. We believe that we are isolated fragments, separate from our fellows and the rest of creation. This has led to a narrow definition of success as a state we can achieve at the expense of others and indeed the natural world. What has been missing from the modern, corporate Capricornian approach to achievement is the ancient understanding of the sacredness of the goat as a creature capable of immense sacrifice and discipline for The Greater Good.

In 2008 Pluto the planet of transformation and destruction moved into Capricorn, activating the global financial collapse of wall street, a consequence of unbridled, reckless speculation and certainly immoral behavior on the part of the largest Wall Street banks and brokerage firms. Pluto’s move into Capricorn also signaled the beginning of the end of business, government, corporations and the natural world as we know it.

Pluto tends to bring out the worst in any sign as part of a painful but necessary purification process. While it is hard to believe, we may not have seen the worst that corporations and governments are capable of. This decade will present us with power struggles by these entities the likes of which we have not seen as they struggle for life support.
In navigating the days ahead it is helpful to remember that positive Capricorn holds the healing key to the cure and needed transformation of our world. Capricorn is the responsible and fully adult and mature father who is capable of great sacrifice on behalf of his family, corporation, village or nation. No better single example can be found in modern history than the greatest Capricorn of the last century, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we all awaken together from our isolating western world view and realize our common welfare and our common destiny we can look to Dr. King for a new way of defining our goals and success to include the welfare of all our people and all the life forms of the planet whose survival we are charged with safekeeping. Capricorn rules maturity and this decade signals a time when our childish selfishness must be replaced with real maturity.

Dr. King taught us to walk the steps of non violent protest developed by Gandhi and thus overthrow fear based, and abusive power structures. He also spoke about economic injustice as a terrible form of violence and was committed to fighting for fairness and decency in labor practices.

We see his message and approach echoed in the occupy Wall Street movement whose momentum has just begun. We have seen non violence employed in the Arab world to overthrow dictatorships and change government structures world wide. Dr. Kings approach involved hundreds of days of boycott and protest in order to end segregation in the South. The leadership and sacrifice he displayed ultimately changed the United States and the world. We are asked to follow his example and ask what sacrifice are we willing to make for a just system that represents all the people. A government that only represents one percent of the people is no government at all.

Our failing infrastructure also holds the key to much of our current fiscal difficulties. This decade our infrastructure, including the power grid is slated for destruction. Our nuclear power plants are old and decaying, as are most bridges, tunnels and many roadways. Building a new green grid and rebuilding our world would stem the heartbreaking unemployment tide and create a cleanly powered world that can sustain our gorgeous planet. Beginning now do what you can to get your elected officials to move in the direction of more infrastructure projects and clean green energy. The other two defining issues of the day are to scale back the power granted to corporations by the supreme court and to scale back executive privilege as defined by George Bush. Do what you can locally on either or both of these fronts.

Capricorn also rules time, and while I do not foresee the end of the world this year I do see the beginning of the end of time, which will be a great relief to all as we begin to realize what that in fact means. As the luminous Eckhardt Tolle points out so clearly in the incomparable classic The Power of Now, time is the chief illusion which prevents our enlightenment. As we learn to spend more and more time in the present, we find ourselves in a state of increasing peace, power and consciousness. This freedom from anticipating the future (usually anxiously) and dwelling in the past,( usually regretfully), keeps us from effective and empowered action and consciousness in the one place we can be: Right Here and Right Now.

This is the time place and very moment when we can wake up and truly be here. We can then be filled with the clarity of what if any action needs to be taken in the Now, and we can take that action with tremendous and effective presence.

Capricorn also rules world saviors. It is for that reason we celebrate Christmas during Capricorn. This is a call to all world saviors disguised as CEO’s, executives and elected officials. You are being asked to do your part to help and save the world at this time. Already we see this beginning with Warren Buffet and a coalition of millionaires calling for fair taxation. This New Year’s let’s climb the mountain of protecting the needs of all the people and all life forms on our transcendentally beautiful planet. Let’s climb together and sacrifice our collective selfishness so we can remake our world to be one truly worth handing our children. In so doing you will find fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.

To take full advantage of the Capricorn energy this month be responsible, which is to say respond to your own and the worlds real needs. Be disciplined. Use time effectively. If you are a boss, take responsible care of your employees. Lifts weights, work out, give to the needy, protect the environment. Define your goals. Pick the mountain of your most cherished goal and start climbing. Sacrifice something on behalf of others. Conserve resources. Recognize your own innate authority. Get your finances in order. Set your intentions. Be the chief executive of your own life. Boycott that which is unjust. Set up your calendar. Use time effectively, then learn to step out of time altogether and Be Here Now. Climb the mountain that Dr. King imagined where we are all together in the promised land. Heaven is a place on earth where our common welfare is the only way in.

The Sun went into Capricorn on December 22nd and will remain there till January 20th when it enters Aquarius. The Sun’s passage through Capricorn is a great time to define our goals for the year and commit to our responsibilities. The month begins with Mercury the planet of thought and communication in Sagittarius, the sign of multi cultural philosophical exploration. The first week of the New year we are directed to explore wisdom paths and philosophies that can guide us in right action, after the 7th Mercury moves into Capricorn, one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, and we are asked to put our ideas into concrete action. Mercury remains in Capricorn till January 28th when it enters humanitarian Aquarius turning our thoughts to liberation and innovation.

Venus begins the month in Aquarius encouraging us to love humanity and network with like-minded people, till the 14th when Venus the planet of love moves into spiritual Pisces, opening our hearts with compassion and empathy for all. Venus will remain in Pisces through the end of January and beyond, teaching us transcendental love. Mars the planet of action, war, desire and drive is in practical, detail oriented, environmental, Virgo asking us to create order and cleanliness in our lives as we begin the New Year. This is a great year to go organic and holistic and to pay attention to digestion. On January 23rd Mars goes retrograde and our forward moving action takes a long reflective pause till April 14th. During this time focus on issues of repair, rewrites and revisions in your life. It is also a time to focus on health, the environment and fair labor practices.

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 23rd at 2:39 AM EST. This begins the Aquarian lunation, a time of increased humanitarian focus. Aquarius is the sign of liberation from all that oppresses the human spirit. Aquarius is also the most intuitive and inventive sign of the zodiac governing all technology. This new moon is an excellent time to network with like minded friends, connect with causes that are near to you and Declare your independence from anything that binds or oppresses you. This New Moon coincides with The Chinese New Year, this year being the year of the dragon. Dragon energy is powerful and transformational much like Scorpio, so shed the old dragon skin this year and step into your newly empowered self.
Jupiter the planet of abundance luck and expansion is in the first degrees of Taurus, giving us some fiscal optimism and perhaps bringing opportunity to the construction and food industries. Saturn in Libra continues to put a strain on all unjust relationships. We are all asked to create beauty and balance, while remaining non violent.
Uranus the planet of evolution and revolution is in the earliest degrees of Aries encouraging us to take action to oppose all unjust and oppressive regimes and to use technology to stay connected and innovative.

Neptune the planet of vision dreams and transcendence is in the last degrees of Aquarius helping us to realize a global humanitarian vision, connected by our common humanity and our common desire for fairness and freedom from state or corporate sponsored oppression.
Pluto the transformer and destroyer is in Capricorn where it continues to demolish world markets governments and infrastructures that are decaying, corrupt and ultimately unsustainable.

ARIES: The year begins with the moon as well as revolutionary Uranus in Aries, making this a year of action and innovation. Declare your independence from all that has heretofore held you back and make the necessary changes in your life. This is a year and month to be audacious. The sectors of your life most in need of revolution are partnership and career. This month begins with Mercury in your writing sector but after the 7th moves into your career sector where it joins the Sun, giving you energy and focus to plan and take practical action to further your long term goals. Venus the planet of love is in your friendship sector encouraging you to network and entertain and ask friends to help you achieve your goals. After the 14th Venus enters Pisces and your spiritual sector. Mars your ruling planet is in Virgo stressing action in your approach to health and digestion, really reflect and revise your health approach on the 23rd when Mars goes retrograde.

TAURUS: Jupiter is moving forward in your sign, filling you with optimism and an expansive new outlook on life. Say yes to all opportunities at this time. The Sun is shining in your house of philosophy and publishing this month encouraging you to read, write, lecture and codify your philosophy. Mars in your recreation and offspring sector is encouraging you to kick back and have fun. On the 23rd Mars goes retrograde and you enter a period of healing and reflection regarding children and your inner child. It is a good time to unearth old creative projects. Venus at your midheaven makes this a great month for career networking. Uranus in your spiritual sector continues to awaken you spiritually in an unprecedented way. The paradox for you is that spiritual surrender is the most potent action you can take at this time, or to put it another way, take the action, let go of the result.

GEMINI: This month begins with Mercury in your house of partnership, encouraging thought and communication in your relationship sector. After the 7th Mercury joins the Sun in Capricorn in your house of merging resources, intimacy and the deep unconscious and encourages you to form a plan of just how you intend on practically merging with your partners in business and romance. Venus in your philosophical house in Aquarius encourages you to connect with philosophically like minded people. Jupiter in your spiritual sector is expanding your consciousness and compassion. You are traveling with angels these days, ask regularly for their guidance and protection. You are being asked to cultivate a spiritual path that celebrates the sacredness of the material world. I recently read that in Bali altars are erected everywhere, cars, homes, roads and flowers are always and only offered to the gods. Bring this spirit into every aspect of your material world.

CANCER: The year begins with the Sun and Pluto shining in your house of partnership encouraging you to enjoy and be empowered within your relationship. Venus in Aquarius in your intimacy sector encourages you to share yourself while maintaining your independence. Home and career continue to be major areas of focus this year. Saturn in your home sector makes home and family a major area where you are called upon to be responsible. Uranus at the midheaven could help you make a career change. The new career should be one aligned with your authentic self. On the 23rd Mars goes retrograde in Virgo in your house of communication. Be careful how you communicate at this time. Spend the time reflecting on what you need to say and to whom. This winter into the spring is a time to contemplate rather than act. Let your mind gestate and in April you will know just what to say and what to do. Jupiter in your friendship sector make friends a source of abundance expansion and opportunity, network in order to further your goals.

LEO: Its time to get to work and work out Leo. The year begins with The Sun and Pluto in your house of health, fitness organization and work asking you to transform your approach to all of these. From the 1st till the 7th Mercury is in your writing sector, after that it joins the Sun and Pluto bringing even more disciplined focus to the changes you want to make in your approach to work and health. Get your infrastructure in order. If you need equipment, buy it or learn how to make it work for you. Put your affairs in order. Create an exercise schedule. Begin a nutritional plan. Eat clean and green. Mars will be in your money house for months to come after it goes retrograde on the 23rd. heal your relationship to money, abundance, supply and self esteem. What do you really feel you deserve in life? This is the year to heal any sense of unworthiness. The retrograde will give you months to work on this. In April begin to move forward with a new sense of self worth.

VIRGO: Mars is in your sign as we start the month Virgo giving you plenty of energy to start the year. Mars goes retrograde on the 23rd asking you to revise and reflect upon your action plan. You are also asked to reflect upon your approach to assertion, aggression, desire and conflict resolution. An excellent use of Mars in Virgo energy would be to deploy your inner armies to be of maximum service to others and the world. You could also use your considerable powers of organization to help those who are organizationally challenged. This month the Sun and Pluto are shining in your house of art self expression and the inner child asking you to build fun art and inner child work into the daily structure of your life. Jupiter is making a favorable aspect to your sign bringing good fortune and opportunity. Say yes to new opportunities.

LIBRA: The year kicks off with the Sun, and Pluto shining in your house of home and family. These days with Pluto at the base of your chart, you may feel like your foundation is very shaky. There is in fact a need for major change in your approach to home and family. What in your home life mirrors the unhealed issues of the home and family you grew up in. This month the Sun shines consciousness into this issue to help you heal. Your home life is the foundation that determines your success or lack thereof in your career sector. This year do the deep healing work that will allow you to succeed at a whole new level. As you take your diplomatic and considerable authority you will attract amazing new maverick partners into your life. Mars in your spiritual sector reminds you that in making the changes you want to make you are not alone. Use your devotional energy to connect with and align with the source and you can do less and achieve more. On the 23rd when Mars retrogrades it’s really time to reconnect with your spiritual practice. Doing this brings success to every other sector of your chart. Nothing is more important.

SCORPIO: The year begins with the Sun and Pluto shining in your communication sector. There is a great need to transform your communication infrastructure. Mercury in your money house has you thinking about how you can capitalize on your talents, after the 7th it too enters Capricorn and its time to implement your plan. There is a revolution in your approach to health, organization and your daily work. Technology is your friend in each of these areas, as is aggressive forward moving action. Make war on clutter and disorganization and be a health and nutrition warrior. Venus in your home sector this month makes it a great time to beautify your home and host gatherings. Mars in your networking sector makes this a great month to really get out and socialize. After the 23rd when Mars goes retrograde you may reconnect with old friends.

SAGITTARIUS: The year begins with Mercury in your sector of identity encouraging your philosophical journey. After the 7th Mercury enters Capricorn joining the Sun, and Pluto in your sector of finance self esteem and values asking you to contemplate your approach to these. With Pluto in this sector your values and approach to finance are going through a major transformation in this decade. This month contemplate the need of all people for basic security. It is something we all share. At the dawn of the Aquarian age, an age to be defined by our common welfare as a single human race, how can we restructure our world to put the well-being and basic needs of our fellows first. It is a shift of the heart, that will lead us there. This month you may find you have a part to play in all this. Mars at your career house in Virgo gives you plenty of career energy after the 23rd Mars goes retrograde asking you to reflect upon your approach to career. At this time align yourself with the concept of humble service.

CAPRICORN: Happy Birthday Capricorn! This year begins with the Sun aligned with Pluto the transformer in your house of identity giving you added light and vitality through the transformational process. Its been a rocky ride with Pluto ruthlessly forcing you to let go of all that does not serve you so you can ultimately step into your executive power and contribute to the worlds needs at this time. . The end point of all that has been changing in your life is to make you a more effective player and to connect you with your true vocation. Your home life has been changing and your career has required your steady and disciplined focus. What would really help is a nurturing partner to help you restore from all your efforts. As you continue to transform you will be able to pull in someone who is truly capable of being a loving and nurturing mate. Jupiter in your creative sector and Mars in your publishing sector are forming a grand trine making this a time when your talents bring opportunity and karmic gifts. In February Neptune will be entering Pisces and your third house making you more psychic and visionary than ever before. May you be one of the answers to the worlds prayers this year.

AQUARIUS: Neptune, the planet of vision and dreams is at the end of its journey through your sign this month, having dreamed up the Arab revolutions and the occupy Wall Street movement, which I predict is coalescing into an unstoppable global movement for economic justice that will ultimately topple global corporate insanity. Good Work! Your job for the next month is to truly envision a non violent unified global movement with liberty and economic justice for all. For pointers watch Current TV’s How To Start A Revolution. It is very inspiring and informative. This month Venus is in your sign till the 14th filling you with beauty, grace and even more humanitarian love than usual. Enjoy your love life. Indulge in relaxing beauty rituals. After that it moves into Pisces and your finance and values sector, asking you to dream up a new visionary and profitable enterprise. Mars in your shared wealth sector has you mobilized around issues of shared wealth and inheritance. After the 23rd it goes retrograde asking you to reflect on and reconsider joint projects, involving shared resources and inheritance In April when Mars goes direct you will know what if any action to take.. The Sun and Pluto are shining in your spiritual sector asking you to bring a transformed and spiritual approach to business, and the world Contemplate your emotional spiritual and actual inheritance from your father. Keep what is good and discard what lacks integrity and does not serve your evolution and true freedom.

PISCES: This month the Sun and Pluto are shining in your friendship sector making this a great time to network with friends and contacts who can help you further your professional goals. The month begins with Mercury the planet of thought in your career sector in Sagittarius, helping you formulate career and travel plans. After the 7th it moves into Capricorn and the month is best spent socializing. Venus and Neptune in Aquarius in your most watery house echo this theme and socializing near or in water is ideal. Mars is in your partnership house in Virgo is getting you mobilized and fired up around business and romantic partnerships. Try to avoid angry outbursts or critical nitpicking of your beloved’s. On the 23rd Mars goes retrograde and you may reconnect with old partners in either your business or personal life. There is a whole new approach to money in your life, but the key to your abundance is communicating and broadcasting what you do to the world.