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“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”


MONTHLY NEW MOON TELE SEMINAR: Join us for our monthly New Moon tele seminar. Together we will explore and harness the magic, beauty and power of each New Moon and make use of the fertile growing energy to set intentions and begin new enterprises. Our tele ceremony is an hour long and explores the New Moon chart and the energies specific to each New Moon. If you cannot be with us on the call, a playback link will be provided after the call. Fee $10.00


Our next New Moon tele seminar occurs on, Tuesday July 2nd at 7PM EDT.  Join us as we harness the constructive power of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in maternal Cancer. Join us as we explore the implications of the eclipse in the sign of home, family, nation, ancestry and emotional patterns.

Join as as we harness the power of this New Moon to set intentions to get us committed to an empowering transformation of our emotional patterns that leads to a deeper sense of inner and outer security! Join us!

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Tuesday July 16th 8:00-9:30 PM 


Join us on Tuesday, July 16th at 8pm as we celebrate and honor the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Capricorn. This Full Moon reveals much that has been in the shadows in high places. We are called to explore all that stands in the way of our true empowerment as we take our authority back from anyone we may have surrendered it too. It’s a beautiful night to review and reflect on our long term goals as we Mercury retrograde in Leo also calls us to explore our responsibility to our inner child and the children of the world.

Bring anything that represents your sacred goals and anything you want blessed to be placed on our altar, that we will create together.  Come join us to breathe back your authority and explore the true desires of your sacred, beautiful heart!

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