“Here we come to a turning of the season
witness to the arc towards the Sun,
The neighbors blessed burden within reason
Becomes a burden borne of all in one…”

The Decemberists
from the song
Don’t Carry it All

The Sun entered Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Eve this year, as the sign of higher learning reminded us here on the Northeast coast of the United States of the great wisdom in giving thanks regardless of circumstances. This year I was struck by the deep and true chorus of gratitude echoed throughout the area in the wake of the utter devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy (appropriately named “Super Storm Sandy”) that so many of our neighbors are experiencing. Gratitude for what we have and a desire to help those most affected seems the only sane response.

The storm broke through our usual social barriers and flooded our hearts with love and concern for our neighbors. Neighbor has become a relative term as love and help have poured into the affected areas from all over the country and indeed from around the world. This is also a Sagittarius theme as this is a sign that loves to travel and is truly a citizen of the world.

While most of us define neighbor as those in our building, on our block or in our town, Sagittarius takes the global view and feels a true kinship with the neighbors in Africa, Indonesia and all points of the compass. Never stingy, Sagittarius doesn’t complain about foreign aid. The sign of wisdom and all mandala systems which lead us back to healing and wholeness, knows that our globe is a living, breathing mandala that holds the key to getting all our needs met. In a world of diminishing resources Sagittarius is our global ambassador reminding us that the solutions to all our problems can only be solved by interdependence and harmony between all nations, tribes, and races. For Sagittarius there is no third world. There is only one gorgeous, varied, exotic multicultural world

It is interesting that at this last passing of the Sun through Sagittarius before the end of the Mayan calendar on the solstice on the 21st, the whole issue of multiculturalism is the main subject of reflection in the post Obama reelection.

It is clear that the unalienable rights of man once reserved only for white men in the USA, have demographically blossomed to universality, rendering any party that does not include African Americans, women, the LGBT community and especially the Latino community, irrelevant.

This is an excellent prelude to the solstice, which here in the Northeastern United States has a Sagittarius rising chart. This would indicate a jovial multiracial multi-cultural Age is here this winter. While there are certainly massive challenges ahead as the bill for past excesses and unconscious behaviors come due, we are witnessing the beginning of the breakdown and end of the pitiful imperialism and national and racial hatreds that characterized the last age and especially the unprecedented and hideous destruction of the 20th century.

We are witnessing the birth of a new age in which all colors, all nations, all races, all creeds are called brother and sister and valued for the precious gifts they bring, and the unique wisdom they embody. It will take all of us globally pulling together to bring our world back into balance and wholeness.

In the aftermath of the storm, though not a Sagittarius, I found myself more seriously concerned for my global Neighbors in war torn, disaster or drought affected countries than ever before. Living without running water for just a few days has left me deeply concerned for places here and abroad where that is an ongoing struggle. Watching the generosity and tirelessness of relief workers and volunteers I continue to be inspired and uplifted and committed to helping as well. The largess and generosity of this moment is Sagittarius at its best.

Sagittarius rules both abundance and generosity, concepts that are deeply linked in many spiritual traditions. The whole idea of tithing, giving a set portion of one’s income to charity (usually ten percent) is linked to this sign. It is believed that to throw ten percent back onto the wheel of life, will in fact bring it back to you many times over. Gratitude is also linked to abundance. Sagittarius, the most abundant sign of the zodiac reminds us that being grateful creates an immediately wealthy frame of mind, which in turn invites the universe to pour more bounty down on you. This month each day of December try starting and ending your day with gratitude. It truly feels wonderful to thank the universe for the whole nine yards of creation.

Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy and higher learning can lend its wisdom and higher perspective to solve the ongoing problems presented by Saturn’s passage through Scorpio for the next 2 years. We are being asked to change the way we share wealth and resources. Sagittarius can shed light both philosophically and cross culturally on how other tribes and cultures share so the needs of All can be met. We stand to learn much from indigenous people on how to reconnect with nature in a sacred and devotional way. This month learn generosity from another tribe or culture. Pay attention to global issues. Give and receive cross culturally. Share the wisdom, share the wealth.

Sagittarius rules travel and wheels, abundance and wealth, anything big and splendid, horses, all things equestrian, multiculturalism, publishing, religion, philosophy, higher learning, centaurs, mandalas, all that is exotic, gambling and gamblers, sports, all things international, wisdom systems, gratitude and big beautiful gestures.

This month to honor Sagittarius stay active and athletic. Take a chance and gamble on your own talent. Be lucky. Make a big beautiful gesture; connect with a culture other than your own; send aid to neighbors in a distant land; learn about another religion; give time, give love, give thanks, travel, learn about the indigenous people of your country, learn something, write something, be generous with yourself, be generous with others, be joyful, be jovial, laugh as much as possible, be grateful for the miracle that you are. Use your miraculous powers to send joyful, grateful blessings around our beautiful sacred world.

The Sun went into Sagittarius on November 21st and will remain there till the winter solstice (summer solstice for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!) on December 21st at 6:12 am when it enters Capricorn. This coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, which has caused much end of the world hysteria. It is good to remember at times like these that time doesn’t really exist at all. Our lives unfold in the ever present NOW. Secondly, the end of a calendar, even an age long calendar is hardly the cause for hysteria. If it were we would all jump out the window every January 1st. Instead we simply buy a new calendar and begin organizing our lives for the dawning year. This is the sensible approach: Align yourself with the new energy seeking to be born at this time. Ask yourself how you can use your unique gifts and talents to usher in an age of humanitarianism and the common man that values rather than exploits all people and our beautiful life-sustaining planet.

Mercury, the planet of thought begins the month in Scorpio, the planet of shared wealth and taxes, where it joins Saturn, the planet of responsibility and Venus, the planet of love. Here in the United States we begin the month with serious issues of the fiscal cliff, (a tax issue) and recovery funds needed in the billions for disaster relief post Superstorm Sandy. This Scorpio line up lends both weightiness and love to all discussions and concerns around shared resources, intimacy and death. Saturn in Scorpio is helping us to grow up as a culture and face the realities of limited resources, the need to share and the ephemeral nature of life itself. This is a great time to study shamanism, energy fields and the magical world which informs the material world.

Mercury will move into Sagittarius on December tenth filling our minds with much needed buoyant festive optimism after a pretty dark fall. Venus also enters Sagittarius on the 15th keeping the splendid loving generosity flowing through the holiday season.

The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 13th at 3:42 AM EST. Please join us for the Spiritual Living New Moon ritual.

Mars begins the month in Capricorn encouraging us to be executive-like and fiscally practical this holiday season. Make a holiday budget or spending plan. Include a category for giving to those in need. Keep up with disciplines like working out or any other committed schedule. Mars enters Aquarius on the 25th giving us a burst of activism and humanitarianism to start the New Year.

Jupiter in Gemini continues to expand our minds with faith and optimism. We are literally capable of taking a mind-expanding leap without the use of controlled substances. Daily Gratitude and meditation on the vastness of creation are good ideas for harnessing this energy.

Uranus in Aries continues to awaken global activism against any forms of colonialist or imperialist tendencies from the past. I am also hopeful that this aspect will see a new scientific discovery regarding energy that will be truly revolutionary.

Neptune in Pisces continues to use water to teach us universal higher love and empathy.

Pluto in Capricorn, transforms the world, destroys all inner and outer infrastructures that cannot bear the new consciousness that is seeking to be born. And the beat goes on……

My love and blessings to all tribes. My love and blessings to all races. My love and blessings to all nations in this new age.

ARIES: Saturn, Venus and Mercury are all in your house of shared wealth and resources making shared profit the place where the serious yet loving focus needs to be. How and with whom you can share and as a result mutually profit is an important place to place your energy. At the same time the Sun is shining in Sagittarius in your house of publishing and workshops. By the second half of the month Mercury and Venus will also be here making writing, teaching and traveling lucky, joyful and potentially profitable activities. Mars in your career sector makes this a working holiday season. Don’t let up. You will be rewarded down the line or up the mountain that you’ve been climbing.

TAURUS: There is a serious and major focus in your house of partnerships which could spell the end to relationships in which mutual respect does not exist. This month however the beginning of the month with Mercury and Venus joining Saturn in your partnership house, it is possible to speak seriously yet lovingly about weighty issues around intimacy and shared wealth. The Sun in Sagittarius in your house of philosophy and travels gives you a much needed jovial reprieve from relationship pressures. Take an actual or metaphoric trip. Look into how other cultures deal with intimacy, marriage or breakups. Take a trip and get away from it all in order to get some much needed perspective. After the 15th writing, traveling and speaking can be joyful and profitable.

GEMINI: Jupiter in your sign makes this a truly abundant and Merry Holiday season. Celebrate abundance in all forms and delight in the expanded sense of self you have been feeling lately. There is a new and serious focus on work, organizing and health these days since Saturn moved into this sector back in October. This month begins with Venus and Mercury also in the work house. Spend time cultivating new work relationships. Fall in love with what you do for a living and get the word out about what you do and how much you love what you do. Clients will beat a path to your door. At the same time the Sun is shining in your partnership sector. After the 15th Venus and Mercury move into your partnership sector as well and communication with intimate and business partners looks loving and productive.

CANCER: There is a major lineup in your partnership sector this month with Mars joining Pluto (who will be here for the foreseeable future) this month. This is a great aspect to purge relationships and partnerships that are not working. Conflict can come to a head. It is also a time to really work on relationships that are productive but need to transform. There is a major aspect in your house of art and children. Saturn, Venus and Mercury suggest that you need to transform your relationship to your actual and inner children. Spend time doing inner healing work on yourself and you will find this allows you to lovingly set boundaries with your offspring, If you don’t have children the serious focus needs to be on fun self-expression and creativity. This may sound light, but will actually transform your whole life. The Sun is shining in your house of health making this a great month to joyfully tend to your body with fun routines.

LEO: There is a major focus in your home sector this month with Venus and Mercury joining Saturn. You are putting in a new foundation. The serious yet loving focus needs to be on home. Early in the month beautify the home and get finances in order. Later in the month Venus and Mercury join the Sun already in Sagittarius in your art house encouraging you to create, play and have fun just in time for the holidays. This is a great month to write, teach, speak or do any presentations. Mars has joined Pluto in your health and organization sector giving you a jump on New Year’s cleaning and organizing. Spend time on health routines. Avoid excess this holiday season and start the New Year feeling clean, clear, organized and healthy.

VIRGO: The serious yet loving focus for you this month is in the communication sector which presents you with both career challenges and opportunities. This month say what you need to say but say it lovingly. It is also a great time for anyone in the communication field to showcase your most beautiful work. The Sun is shining in your house of home making home a jovial abundant wonderful place for the holidays. After the 15th when both Mercury and Venus are in this sector is a great time to host a gathering. Jupiter at your midheaven makes this a wonderful time for your career. Say yes to any and all opportunities. Mars is in your creative sector where it has joined Pluto giving you a fresh bust of energy to explore how your transforming creativity can support your career.

LIBRA: The serious focus is on making money. All your productive career energy needs to be deployed to increase your bottom line. Every day take at least three income generating actions. Make money not excuses. This may sound harsh, but the daily pursuit of fiscal recovery is crucial to everything you have been trying to build in the couple of years. You may need to do some inner work on old outdated self-esteem issues. Luckily the Sun in your communication sector will help you get a joyful, confident, income producing message out there for all the world to hear. This is especially true after the 15th when Mercury and Venus in the abundant sign of Sagittarius help you expand your message in the most beautiful and joyful way.

SCORPIO: Venus and Mercury have joined Saturn in your sign making this an excellent month for loving discussions around intimacy and shared resources. This is a great month to engage in transformational beauty rituals like a cleanse. Feel your own gravity and power. Really sit with issues of how you share yourself with others and what you feel you deserve in return. The Sun is shining in your house of money, values and self-worth. By the 15th Venus and Mercury will also be there making this an excellent month to expand your sense of worth as well as your bank account. Writing projects could be particularly lucrative. Make sure you share with others this month as generosity and gratitude are the building blocks to your new self-esteem. Mars in your communication sector helps you focus on career and communication. Spend time honing your skill in this area.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday Sagittarius!!! Your birthday begins with a new and serious focus in your spiritual sector. The spiritual work you do behind the scenes for the next two years will create an invisible foundation of Grace that will support you. Venus and Mercury also begin the month in this house, helping you cultivate transformational relationships, and have serious yet loving discussions about how resources are shared or divided in your relationships. Now is the time to commit to a disciplined spiritual practice and stick with it. The Sun is shining in your sign; Jupiter giving you added vitality and optimism. By the 15th Venus and Mercury will also be in your sign filling you with fiery jubilant celebratory energy just in time for the holidays. After the 15th is a great time to travel, write, teach, or attend classes or workshops. How you make your money is changing. This month with Mars in this sector you have more energy than usual to devote to building your income. Jupiter, your ruling planet is moving through your partnership house sending you business and personal relationships that can truly expand your life.

CAPRICORN: Mars has joined Pluto in your sign giving you rocket fuel energy to accomplish your most cherished personal goals. Take action on your own behalf. Assert yourself. With Mars in your sign this holiday season you and Scorpio stand the best chance of staying lean and fit through the holidays. The Sun is shining in your spiritual sector filling you with a deep and mysterious sense of gratitude and joyful optimism. By the 15th Mercury and Venus join the Sun in this sector and you are filled with transcendental love and messages of joy for all. The month begins with a major line up in your house of networking and so many of your career goals depend upon really focusing on this area. Keep building connections and maintaining the partnerships that are based on mutuality and fairness. Jupiter in your work sector gives you plenty of work as well as expansive opportunities. Don’t forget to say yes.

AQUARIUS: The month begins with a major line up in your career sector. It is time to hold those boundaries but be gracious and polite as you do so. Powerful friends will be standing by you, which is always your favorite thing, a posse of like-minded amigos. The Sun is shining in your friendship sector this month bringing light and support in the form of philosophical allies. Make sure to celebrate with your friends and allies who helped you achieve recent success. By the 15th Venus and Mercury are in your social sector in Sagittarius, giving you all the energy and grace you need to make your philosophical case. With Mars and Pluto in your behind the scenes spiritual sector, there is much going on behind the scenes where some big battles can be fought and won. Jupiter in your offspring sector makes this a great time to be playful and creative with your children.

PISCES: The Sun is shining in your career sector this month in Sagittarius, the sign of abundant opportunity. Make sure you say yes to what the universe is presenting on this front. By the 15th Venus and Mercury also enter this house making expansive career partnerships a real possibility at this time. The month begins with Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio in your house of philosophy, asking you to contemplate who you want to merge with for mutual benefit. By mid-month you may be ready to act on a new partnership. Mars has joined Pluto in your house of networking giving you energy to meet powerful new allies that can help your dreams and goals become real. Home, family and ancestry have never felt more wonderful. Opportunities come from your home and your family. Neptune in your sector makes you more sensitive and empathic than ever. Avoid harsh people and chemicals but share your transcendental vision with the world.