“Give me love, Give me love, Give me peace on earth …”

George Harrison

This month we celebrate Libra, the sign of gentle peace ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty, in her guise as the steward of Justice. Libra, the sign of the scales reminds us that achieving Peace is a dynamic process that results from creating balance in our inner or outer world. Balance is the key to everything Libra represents. When the scales tip too far in either direction, or balance is lost, relationships, beauty and Justice become impossible till we take constructive action to restore ourselves and our world to balance.

While relationships and beauty, both Libran concepts, figure very highly on most peoples list of desires, beneath them, way down deep, it is truly peace that everyone most longs for. Moreover it is only when we achieve peace that true beauty and meaningful relationship become available to us. When we achieve inner peace, even momentarily, we realize that this is what we wanted so desperately all along.

Webster’s defines peace as: a state of tranquility or quiet; freedom from civil disturbance; a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom; freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions; harmony in personal relations; a state or period of mutual concord between governments; a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity; and finally: to become or keep still or quiet.

All of these definitions could be taken directly from the Libra’s guide to successful living. Libra rules the law as an instrument of justice and peace within a community or nation. It rules peace negotiations at the end of war, and diplomacy as a means of avoiding hostilities and war. Libra rules relationships between any two people or entities, including but not limited to partnerships and it rules inner peace, the state which the success of all of these outer achievements are dependent upon.

If we are ever to achieve a peaceful world it can only be achieved by peaceful individuals. This makes the achievement of inner peace of paramount importance. Of all the definitions of peace written above, the one that most struck me was: freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions. To achieve this freedom is the goal of all spiritual paths worthy of the name. As we learn through meditation and mindfulness training to observe our inner state without judgment, we are offered the most potent tool for personal transformation and achieving inner peace. I have found no better guide in this process than Eckhart Tolle’s luminous “The Power of Now”

As we learn to simply observe our inner tormentors, the inner voices that tell us we are not good enough, or that nurse grievances against ourselves or others, or fill us with fear and anticipatory dread about some imagined future that only exists in our minds, we are set free from the inner tyranny that creates all outer tyranny.

Throughout history, the most successful agents of peace have been people who had some spiritual discipline in meditation, silence or non-violence training. This was true of the Quakers, whose faith instructs them to sit in silent meditation and listen for inner guidance. In this silence they received the instruction that American Slavery was a great Sin that must be opposed. They then became the backbone of the abolitionist movement. Mahatma Gandhi, the grandfather of non-violent protest, and also a Libra, through his spiritual practice developed the most potent method of opposing tyranny in any form. Reverend Martin Luther King trained participants in the civil rights movement in non-violent resistance and changed our world.

Aries, the opposite sign of Libra, reminds us that Peace is not a passive state. We must take spiritual and worldly action to achieve it. We must be disciplined especially in our minds, where all the trouble begins. Peace requires vigilance. When we find ourselves possessed by oppressive thoughts, we can learn to observe them or we can ask The Source to help us. In the country of our minds and hearts we can call upon the Higher self in the words of George Harrison: Give me love, give me love give me peace on earth….

Libra rules lawyers, the law, weddings, marriage, partnerships, beauty, the arts especially the decorative arts, socializing as an art form, symmetry, balance, karma, peace, refinement, diplomacy and diplomats, negotiation, yoga, sweets and pastries, fashion as a decorative art form, nonviolence and Peace. This month to make use of Libra energy, take action to make sure your relationships are fair and just, socialize, create beauty in your home, in your person, adorn your body, go to the beauty salon, host a gathering with beauty as its theme, host a gathering for peace, host a gathering for justice, be loving and kind in all your communication, do yoga, create balance in your life, get quiet, spend a day in total silence, in the silence find your true state and birthright: deep stillness, deep quiet and gentle blissful peace. Peace be with you, peace be with you, peace be within you, available to you now and always.

The Sun went into Libra on September 22nd the autumnal equinox, which always marks the first day of fall; it will remain in Libra until October 22nd, when it moves into Scorpio. October begins with Mercury and Saturn also in Libra making the first week of October a serious meditation on Justice.

This week marks Saturn’s final week in Libra where it has spent the last couple of years. During this time Saturn has tested our relationships and brought issues of imbalance and unfairness into the light. The Arab springs, and global protests around austerity measures, all a result of grotesque imbalances in wealth, have been hallmarks of this transit. Saturn in Libra has also helped to keep much of the protesting of the past two years peaceful.

When Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5th it will begin a testing period of our financial systems like the stock market, banking and hedge funds, as well as the energy industry, the death industry, including issues surrounding funeral parlors, burials and cremation and our approach to sexuality and power. Corporations and the executive branch of government become much more ruthless under this aspect. With Saturn the planet of discipline in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, we are all being asked to ramp up whatever spiritual discipline we are involved with in order to hasten personal, and therefore global transformation.

Saturn in Scorpio is a meditation on collective wealth. We are asked to ponder how we share our resources so the needs of the many are seen to. Also we need to clarify our thinking around that which no single person can own: the earth, the sea, the airwaves, the food supply, the water supply, the atmosphere. The next two years ask us to review how we share. This is also a time to explore shamanism, the spirit world, the world of energy and energy fields and the connection to our ancestors.

Mercury and Saturn will leave Libra and enter Scorpio on October 5th plunging us into a deep meditation on all of the above and confronting us with our shadows. The shadow is the un-integrated part of the psyche that we would all rather project onto others than deal with in ourselves. As of October 5th we are asked to entertain the possibility that whatever qualities we loathe in others are also within us.

The new Moon in Libra takes place on October 15th at 8:03 am EST. Please join as at spiritual living for our monthly New Moon Circle which this month takes place at 12:30pm Eastern on Monday, October 15th.

Venus is in Leo for the first two days of the month then moves into analytical Virgo. This makes October a great month for deep healing. Venus the planet of love in Virgo the sign of diagnosis, can help us lovingly discern what within us or in our lives needs deep healing and reorganizing. We can then get to work on transformation. Mars begins the month in Scorpio, where it has been taking us deep into the underbelly of our lives, and preparing us for the major underworld journey that Saturn and Mercury are about to lead us on. On October 6th, Mars the planet of energy moves into jovial, philosophical Sagittarius, giving meaning and context to the deep and at times dark exploration that is the Scorpio journey. For the rest of the month, Mars in Sagittarius asks us to explore how other cultures, philosophies and wisdom traditions, deal with death, shared wealth, transformation and sexuality.

Jupiter remains in Gemini expanding our minds with wisdom. On October 5th, the same day that Saturn and Mercury enter Scorpio, Jupiter goes retrograde in the Mercurial sign of Gemini, which governs communication. It remains retrograde for the rest of the year. We are asked to be quiet and reflective during this time and reflect upon lessons of the past regarding wisdom and speech. As this aspect is much like that of the Mercury retrograde, watch your speech and get ready for more whacky misspeaking on the campaign trail.

Uranus is retrograde in Aries, asking us to reflect upon where we need to individuate or liberate ourselves from anything that is binding or oppressing us. It continues to be in a tight square to Pluto in Capricorn now direct, chipping away at a greed based infrastructure that is slated for destruction in the next two decades so that a new world infrastructure can emerge with unity and compassion in its very foundation.

Neptune retrograde at 0 degrees of Pisces continues to be the planetary garage band restarting its favorite song. The chorus goes something like: We are one, we are one we are one………..

ARIES: The Sun is shining in your house of partnership this month Aries, which is nice since this has been the house of great pressure and testing for the past two years. The first week of October could represent a critical mass aha moment when you have liberating insight about your relationship partners. You may find yourself saying I don’t have to take this anymore or ever again. After the 5th Saturn moves out of your relationship sector and into your intimacy sector asking you to focus on dividing up the wealth of relationships that haven’t worked or sharing resources in productive ones. Take some time this week to write up a list of what you learned about yourself in relationships during Saturn’s transit through this house. Mars your ruling planet in the house of writing, teaching and workshops makes this a great month for all of these activities.

TAURUS: The Sun is shining in your work and health sector this month making this an excellent month to heal and get balanced around work, health and relationships. Do your inner healing here and now, to prepare you for next week when Saturn and Mercury both move into Scorpio and your partnership sector and begin the serious testing of all your relationships, especially your marriage or business partnerships. Begin setting boundaries now with any unfair behavior. The Sun in Libra through the 22nd will illuminate any issues of injustice that must be addressed. Pluto in your house of wisdom and journeys reminds you to tap into wisdom systems and guides to help you through this process.

GEMINI: The Sun is shining in your house of fun, romance and creativity this month, bringing joyful luminous energy to that area. This is a great month to host gathering, adorn yourself and your life and be creative. On the 5th Saturn will be leaving this sector and the serious focus which has been on romance will move to work, health and getting organized. This is a time to put the deep focus on cleaning, clearing and organizing your life. This is also a time to get your finances straight and explore and heal your attitudes around money and shared wealth. Jupiter retrograde in your house of identity asks you to reflect on your approach and definition of wealth and wisdom. This retrograde will last for the rest of the year asking you to reflect on your recent expansion and what it all means.

CANCER: The Sun is shining in your house of home this month illuminating your current or ancestral home. The past two years this area has been tested possibly to the point of breaking. This month on the 5th when Saturn leaves this sector you get a reprieve on the home front. When Saturn moves into Scorpio and your 5th house the serious focus shifts to children and creativity. Your responsibilities regarding children or your children may increase at this time. You are entering a time when saying no and setting boundaries with your offspring becomes crucial. Venus in your communication sector in healing Virgo this month helps you analyze what needs healing in your life and relationships. Take time this month to reconnect with your art and creativity. This month it’s less about the power of Now and more about the power of NO.

LEO: This month the Sun is shining in your communication sector illuminating issues in your writing and speaking life. Saturn has been moving through this sector testing areas of weakness that need bolstering or healing. This month on the 5th Saturn moves into your home and ancestry sector and brings the serious focus to home and family. This begins a time when old unresolved issues especially around money and shared resources are illuminated. This is a great time to do deep healing work. Venus in your house of self-esteem and money help highlight what needs healing here. This is a time when family becomes an area of responsibility and disciplined focus. This is also a time to practice setting boundaries with family members. Put your house in order on all levels.

VIRGO: Venus is in your sign this month as of October 3rd which makes this a particularly lovely month for you to cultivate beauty, art and relationships. This month let beauty be your guide. Spend time making art, host a gathering, adorn yourself. Do what you most love to do. The Sun is shining in your house of money and possessions, shedding light on your income. Saturn will finally be leaving this sector which may relieve any financial contraction. If you did the hard work of Saturn you have spent the past two years cultivating productive fiscal partnerships and building up your financial life and fiscal reserves. On the 5th Saturn and Mercury move into Scorpio and your communication center. The disciplined focus for you now is to become a powerful disciplined communicator.

LIBRA: Happy Birthday Libra! This year Saturn will finally leave your sign and you get a reprieve from all the hard work and upward climb of the past two years. If you did the work of defining yourself, taking your authority and becoming the responsible, empowered CEO of your life and business, then things will be improving. On October 5th Saturn moves into Scorpio, the sign of shared resources, and your fiscal sector, and your focus shifts to making money and forging alliances that lead to mutual profit. The next two years are a meditation on your values, finances, self-esteem and how you share resources. With Scorpio the magical sign of energy presiding over your financial house, it is useful to remember that all things exist energetically before they manifest physically. Spend some time sending abundant energy into your bank account and see what follows. Venus in your spiritual sector lends loving spiritual support from behind the scenes this month. Communication projects could be particularly fruitful this year.

SCORPIO: Get ready Scorpio! On October 5th Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure and responsibility is moving into your sign. It is time to define yourself, set boundaries, be disciplined and work hard. The next two years will test you and ask you take your authority. If you need credentials or more education, now is the time to get it. This is a time of increased responsibility. Make friends with this idea. As you do the work of responding to your true goals, you will feel good. If you do not hunker down and get to work you will feel derailed. Set your goals now and begin your climb. This is also a great time to study all things Scorpio: Energy, shamanism, magical systems, joint finances and resources. This month the Sun is shining in your spiritual sector. Make the Source your partner and feel the invisible support as you move toward your cherished goals. Mars in your financial sector gives you added energy to make money. Communication could be very productive now.

SAGITTARIUS: Mars, the planet of war, drive and energy is in your sign this month giving you lots of forward moving energy for travel and philosophical exploration. Saturn is about to take up residence in your spiritual sector for the next couple of years making this a time when a disciplined spiritual approach becomes essential. This is a great time to do therapeutic work and psychic healing. Daily meditation is a great idea. Jupiter, the planet of abundance is in your partnership sector making partnerships a source of great expansion. The Sun is shining in your house of friends and networking making this a great month to socialize and host artful gatherings. Venus in your career sector makes the workplace a gracious and lovely place.

CAPRICORN: The Sun is shining in your house of career, making this an excellent month to focus on your career. Saturn has been in this sector for the past couple of years asking you to develop your career infrastructure. If you have done this you will be ready to capitalize on Saturn moving into your networking sector, which happens on October 5th. Then the disciplined focus shifts from career to networking and social connection. Your time now is most productively spent getting the word out about what you do. Jupiter in Gemini is in your work and health sector makes communication and writing lucrative. Venus in refined Virgo in the house of writing and workshops makes this a great month to edit and refine your writing or any curriculum you have developed. Uranus in your home sector continues to pressure you to change your home situation.

AQUARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of writing, teaching and philosophy, making this a great month to teach, learn or get published. Saturn has been in this house for the past couple of years forcing you to define your philosophy and focus on higher learning. On October 5th Saturn moves into your career sector where it will remain for the next couple of years asking you to focus on your career, inheritance and joint finances. This is also a great time to explore your connection to your ancestors. Your career may continue the work of a parent or ancestor who has passed on. You could make a real contribution to how we as a society share wealth and resources. Mars in your friendship sector makes this a great month to socialize even if you have to travel to do it.

PISCES: The Sun is shining in your house of intimacy, inheritance and shared resources this month making this a great month to explore deep sharing and relationships on all levels. Venus is in your partnership sector makes this a month when relationships can blossom in your life. Saturn has spent the past two years in your house of joint finances and inheritance. On October 5th it moves into your sector of travel, higher learning, sports and workshops making this a time when your serious focus shifts to these things. It’s time to take yourself seriously as a teacher, writer, director or all three. Things continue to be rosy on the home front; Jupiter retrograde in this sector makes this a good time to reflect on how your home can expand your entire life.