The Daily Planet

The radiant Sun enters Libra on September 22nd, the autumn equinox, opening an inner and outer portal of exquisite balance that seeks expression in the world. For the next four weeks the Sun will illuminate the sign of the scales, spotlighting issues of justice, partnership, beauty and balance. The equinox chart describes our astrological directives for the season. This fall looks to be one of shifting alliances. Some relationships will be deepening, while others will be dissolving. Our careers and long term goals require our responsible attention this fall. Climb toward your sacred ambition with your chosen partners and teammates. The Sun with be pitching his gorgeous tent in Libra till October 23rd, when he enters powerful transformational Scorpio. Till then take Venusian Beauty as your guide. In all moments of indecision ask yourself: What would be the most beautiful response to this matter…Beauty will elevate your thinking, and whatever she touches…embody her this very day.

THE DAILY PLANET ~ SATURDAY OCTOBER 21ST: The Sun and Venus continue to illuminate the realm of beauty, relationships and harmony, inspiring us to seek inner and outer balance that will inevitably restore our world to the beauty we so deeply desire. Meanwhile the growing Moon continues her journey through powerful Scorpio, inspiring us to transform into the empowered, awakened humans we are meant to be. The Moon and Pluto work harmoniously to help empower and transform us on all levels today. Take the butterfly as your totem today. Commit to the practices and processes that will utterly change your life so you may share your heavenly beauty with the world…If we want to change the world, we must each be willing to change…To be the change…the breathtaking…subtle…gorgeous…wondrous…change….

ARIES: It’s a stellar day for your empowerment, excellent Aries. The Scorpio Moon continues her journey through your depths today helping you clear away the energetic remains of past relationships, or any inner patterns that no longer serve you so you can truly deepen with those you love. Take action today to advance the intimate relationships and business partnerships that mean the most to you. This year mergers are wonderful abundant game changers for you.

TAURUS: It’s another beautiful powerful day on the partnership front, lovely Taurus. Your capacity for partnership continues to deepen and heal today. Take note of your relationship with yourself. It will be reflected in every other relationship in your life. Resolve to treat yourself the way you want to be treated by the increasingly nurturing friends and partners who are appearing. Make time and true exquisite presence for them today.

GEMINI: Today, in the realm of health, fitness, and daily work, it is as though you are the butterfly, zipped into the cocoon where wondrous, powerful transformation is afoot. Keep your unwavering focus, on the process of empowered transformation so as to expedite it with the focused beam of your attention. Let go of all that does not serve the new emerging paradigm in thought, word, deed and any form of clutter. It’s time for your daily work life and health to be transformed.

CANCER: The growing Moon is flying through your creative sector trailing a thousand butterflies. She is showing you the beauty and power that can emerge from a creative cocoon. She is blessing you, your inner child and your inner artist with the power of this seemingly fragile yet immensely powerful creature. Take to your creative cocoon and paint your gorgeous wings today. You were born to be beautiful and creatively free…let yourself fly…

LEO: The growing Moon in Scorpio is your powerful Feng Shui consultant today. She is moving through your home decluttering like a Feng Shui Ninja as she goes. Her powerful energy goes into every nook and cranny like purifying smoke from sage or sweet grass. Join the Scorpio Moon today. Be ruthless in discarding all that is stale and clogging up the energy of your home. Release inherited fears, resentments and worries. Your home is in the midst of empowered transformation that will effect every other area of your life.

VIRGO: Grandmother Moon in Scorpio is flying through your mind surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous multi colored butterflies. Each one represents a beautiful idea that is germinating in your increasingly powerful, creative mind. Take note of your most stunning ideas. See them in your minds eye, in their fully actualized form. Note the subtle beauty of their manifestation, then take action to manifest them on the material plane.

LIBRA: It’s a beautiful day for self care as you tend the garden of your material abundance. Spend some money on yourself today. Take actions throughout the day that demonstrate your deepening self respect. It’s a gorgeous day to advance collaborations or any joint venture. It’s a beautiful day to deepen with those you love and trust. Take fertile action on the fiscal front. Take a powerful action that could generate big income today.

SCORPIO: Grandmother Moon is surrounding you with a cocoon of her transformational Light today. This Light has the quality of protecting you and activating or expediting the organic process of your transformation. Cocoon with Grandmother Moon today and use your legendary transformation powers to grow your gorgeous butterfly wings. Ruthlessly release the body of the caterpillar. It’s time for a big change.

SAGITTARIUS: Grandmother Moon is still in your inner ashram. She is still sitting beneath the butterfly tree in your most sacred inner space. Join her again today as you reflect on all that you must release in order to find the deep peace and serenity that is your birthright. The Butterfly is a symbol of enlightenment and emerging into a higher order of being. This year your spiritual development is on hyper drive. Paradoxically it is deep stillness that will get you where you want to be…which is always, right here…right now.

CAPRICORN: It’s another stellar day for your social life, beautiful Capricorn. Today through networking and community building you have a beautiful part to play in our collective evolution. Today you and your posse of transformed butterflies take to the gorgeous wing and show us the beauty of what our community and culture could be. Share the beauty of fuchsia, violet, orange and all manner of multi colored wings…Show us the breathtaking beauty of diversity.

AQUARIUS: It’s another powerful day to advance your career, beautiful Aquarius. Grandmother Moon is waxing through your career sector where massive Jupiter and brilliant Mercury have already taken up residence. Together they are nurturing you by inspiring the ruthlessness to release all that has not grown corn for you in your career. Let it go, and dare to admit the scope of what you really want professionally. This year, you may just get it.

PISCES: Grandmother Moon continues to fly through your publishing sector where empowerment and epic transformation is afoot. Delight in your most fantabulous ideas that you would love to develop and bring forth. Reflect on both your medium and your message. It may require partnerships to bring forth your vision. Dream up the right people, circumstances and opportunities to manifest your vision. The Force is with you!

THE DAILY PLANET ~ FRIDAY OCTOBER 20TH: Today the growing Moon is diving through Scorpio’s depths where she joins forces with the Jupiter and Mercury, inspiring us to think bigger than ever about mutually profitable mergers and expansive ideas that could be game changers. It’s a beautiful day for transformational inner work to release unsatisfying patterns and clear the way for true deepening and intimacy. Dare to love all of yourself today, especially the parts you want to run from. Dare to accept both your Shadow and your Light in the loving embrace of your inner observer. Advance the collaborations and mergers that feel aligned with your soul’s true purpose and your cherished vision. You are needed at this time, to give your precious gifts to the world. Today Grandmother Moon is on hand to empower you to do just that.

ARIES: It’s a perfect day to advance the mergers and fiscal collaborations that you are considering. Make time to crunch the numbers of fiscal deals and possibilities. Next check in with your belly barometer and explore just how you are feeling about business and personal partnerships. You are ready to take a big step that could expand your life in wonderful ways. Change is in the air. Embrace it.

TAURUS: The Scorpio Moon is waxing through your partnership sector today inspiring big beautiful possibilities that could expand your life in powerful ways. On the business front it’s time to close the deal or deepen it with new partnerships that widen your reach exponentially. On the personal front authentic love and partnership are in the air. Take steps to invite them into your life. Clear the runway so the right plane can land.

GEMINI: It’s a stellar day for expansion and empowerment at work. The growing Moon in alchemical Scorpio is inspiring big beautiful changes at work that lead to a whole new level of success. Through your daily work and your approach to health and wellness you will be an agent of transformation this year. Hone your powerful skills. Be the center of empowerment you want to see changing the world…one small yet immensely powerful action at a time.

CANCER: The Scorpio Moon is in your inner art studio painting with  pigments made of amethyst, ruby and pure gold. These precious substances represent your inner wealth and treasure that it is time to use in the service of transformational creativity. You have within you something beautiful and empowering that it’s time to share with the world. Make your art and trust that your creations will find the right audience and change the world in ways you may never understand. Take the creative action, let go of the result.

LEO: Grandmother Moon is visiting your home and is even going deeper to feed and nurture your root system. It is as though she is strengthening and empowering the powerful roots that are spreading out beneath the surface of your life in order to exponentially strengthen your deepest sense of stability. Join her. Today actions that transform your home and family relationships are especially empowering. Get grounded today. Feel your connection to Mother Earth and your ancestors.They are with you..holding you…supporting you, so you can grow and stretch toward new heights.

VIRGO: Grandmother Moon is traveling through your mind, trailing Big Brilliant ideas as she goes. Join her. Swim through the deep currents of your mind, reflecting on powerful and transformational ideas that you would like to explore. Give special thought to mergers that feel like alchemy, where the sum of a union or collaboration adds up to pure sparkling gold. Keep your mental focus on empowerment. Observe any self defeating disempowering thoughts that arise. Hand them to grandmother Moon.Today she is your inner alchemist.

LIBRA: It’s a beautiful day to act on fertile mergers and issues involving shared wealth. Yesterday’s New Moon began a beautiful cycle of new abundance for you. Today, act on fertile possibilities to merge fruitfully with business and personal partners. Your self esteem is deepening and so therefore are your finances. Open the door to powerful streams of all forms of wealth, including the reciprocal love, respect and the beauty, you so richly deserve.

SCORPIO: The mood of the day is yours mighty Phoenix as Grandmother Moon in Scorpio, merges with both massive Jupiter and Mercury  to beautifully expand both your perception of yourself and what is possible for you. Today your immense beauty and sacredness is being revealed to you. Today the empowering part you have to play in the Divine Dream is opening before you like a ruby lotus blossoming to show us the way to actualized beauty.

SAGITTARIUS: Grandmother Moon is calling you to your inner ashram where she is meditating under a butterfly tree. A thousand gorgeous butterflies are opening their gorgeous wings, revealing the beauty that is the result of inner alchemy and transformation. Sit beneath that tree with Grandmother Moon. Notice which parts of you are still the caterpillar, which parts are asleep in the cocoon, which parts are flapping their wings within the cocoon and which parts have broken out and taken to the sky…Bless all parts of your transformation…No caterpillar, no butterfly.

CAPRICORN: It’s a gorgeous day for social alchemy, powerful Capricorn. The growing Moon is cruising through your social network trailing a magnetic web of Light that attracts your soul tribe, collaborators and colleagues by Divine Design. Join the Scorpio Moon. Reach out to your powerful contacts and let the mergers, and collaborative alchemy being. Think Big when it comes to both projects and your social life. Today bigger is better.

AQUARIUS: Grandmother Moon is moving through your career sector in powerful Scorpio and she has big plans for you today. Make time to take note of any ideas for professional mergers and partnerships that could exponentially expand your professional reach. It’s time for a new level of success. Reach out to groups, people and potential partners with whom to merge. You are being called to the world stage or to a higher level of success.

PISCES: The Scorpio Moon is your empowerment coach today, inspiring you to carry that torch and be the empowerment coach for others. Today you are given extra strength to advance your increasingly beautiful, big powerful message. Use your voice and your brilliance to deepen with others and empower them. Be the voice you want to hear transforming the world in the most beautiful way. Be the voice of the butterfly.



THE DAILY PLANET ~ THURSDAY OCTOBER 19TH: Blessings of the New Moon in Libra to One and All!

The  New Moon in Libra glides into town, scales in hand at 3:12 PM EDT today, ushering in a growing tide of major evolutionary change especially in the realm of partnerships, the arts, justice, mergers, revelations and collective awakening. Libra the sign of Peace and Balance is also the sign of Justice. The scales are one of many symbols of karma, the law of undeviating cause and effect that works universally to balance action and reaction. Sooner or later, the principle symbolized by the scales, brings the inevitable consequences of actions and choices. Today’s New Moon will be revealing much that requires balance, change and justice, and it will bring consequences.

In the New Moon chart cast for Washington DC, which represents the country as a whole, the Sun and New Moon in Libra are in the Scorpio sector of the New Moon chart, the realm of sexuality, mergers, shared resources, divestments, secrets, the shadow and alchemy. Much will be revealed and advanced on all of these fronts both personally and collectively.

This New Moon will bring deepening to soulful, authentic, partnerships and dissolution to those that are not aligned with our evolution. Take action in the next two weeks to advance your deepest relationships and reflect on where you need to pull up stakes. It’s a great New Moon to heal and clear past relationships and trauma to make way for beautiful expansive new ones.

Already we are seeing a major focus on sexual malfeasance in the lead up to this New Moon, but this wave is only just cresting. The New Moon and Sun at 26 degrees Libra are exactly opposed by Uranus, the planet of awakening and evolution at 26 degrees of Aries, the warrior, indicating that sudden evolutionary revelations and changes are afoot. In addition massive Jupiter in Scorpio is conjunct this New Moon, indicating that all manner of shadowy behavior is about to be revealed. This aspect also indicates that partnerships will be deepening or divesting. Reflect on the business and personal partnerships that feel authentic and fair, and be honest about what does not. This New Moon brings necessary evolutionary change.

The chart cast for DC is Aquarius rising, indicating that we are called to group effort and assembling our like minded team of creators and collaborators. On the civic front we will see a major uptick in activism regarding justice issues that require redress.

The New Moon chart also contains a T square with executive Saturn at the Apex in tense relationship to Mars in healing Virgo and Chiron in Visionary Pisces. It’s time to align our careers and businesses with our overall Vision. We may need to seek a personal Vision, or heal our vision for our lives. We are also called to heal the underlying problem of the culture this New Moon.

We need a New Dream of Sacredness and Unity that results in an entirely different way of being and administrating our world at all levels. This means a new vision that guides executive action in the corporate and governmental corridors of power. But we need not wait for this to happen. The Libra Moon invites us to be Beauty’s midwives. We can each begin to administrate our own lives and conduct ourselves and our businesses in a way that mirrors the beauty filled world that we long for… you know the one….where we are loved and accepted….where we are deeply known….where true sisterhood and brotherhood prevails….where the water and the food supply is clean….where there is a beautiful, soulful, mutually respectful and joyous dance between the genders….where the planet is healed….and balance is restored…where racial harmony prevails…and gentle peace prevails….that dream is real…it is here within us…just waiting to be born…May it’s breathtaking beauty be born through you and me this New Moon…

ARIES: This New Moon is blessing your partnership sector, where major awakening and activity is afoot. Evolutionary Uranus in your powerful sign is dancing with this New Moon inviting you into a dance that involves your authentic self and authentic partners. On the business front massive mergers or divestments are afoot. On the personal front with whom do you long to sweetly deepen? With whom do want to separate?  Big beautiful partnerships and alliances await you…move toward them.

TAURUS: Today’s New Moon is blessing your work sector where evolutionary changes to work relationships are underway. This is also a New Moon that brings spiritual and physical balance that leads to new health and well being. It’s a great New Moon to make needed evolutionary changes to both business and personal partnerships. Big plans, ideas and mergers are underway. Advance!

GEMINI: The gorgeous Libra New Moon is opening the portal to beautiful creative and romantic opportunities today. There is  evolving support coming out of your increasingly authentic social sector, to assist with your most wonderful creative plans. This New Moon also brings big opportunities to the work front where empowerment and transformation are afoot. Your partnerships are under pressure from both your nesting and career needs. Let fairness and balance guide all your decisions.

CANCER: The New Moon in Libra is blessing your home sector as evolutionary Uranus blesses your career with much needed evolution. Things cannot remain the same on ether front as you are ready for an evolutionary leap. Reflect on what requires evolutionary change at home and begin to make the changes. It’s time for bold pioneering action on the career or public life front. You are called to be your authentic self out in the world. Big creative and romantic opportunities are also at the door…Open it.

LEO: This New Moon occurs in your mind as the Sun, Moon and Venus are illuminating your thinking and your capacity to communicate. It is time for you to take a beautiful evolutionary leap that will expand the content and reach of your gorgeous message. Begin to advance communication projects that will be game changers for you. Your home requires empowering change as well. As you transform your home which is your foundation your life and career will expand.

VIRGO: A lovely new tide of abundance flows into your life and bank account with today’s New Moon in Libra. Open yourself to receiving it. Partnerships and mergers look especially auspicious as Uranus takes your capacity to profitably collaborate to a whole new level. Your self esteem is awakening and with it your capacity to deepen with those you love.Your mind is expanding with big beautiful ideas and mergers that it’s time to act on.

LIBRA: It’s a new day beautiful Libra! Today’s New Moon brings much needed evolution and transformation both for you personally and on the relationship front. Your need for fairness has hit a critical mass. Today you are the living agent of the Goddess of Justice. Through you she is bringing exquisite beauty, fairness and justice into the world. Today she provides you with new partners, colleagues, mergers and cohorts with whom to create the exquisite Beauty and lovely balance the world longs for.

SCORPIO: Today’s New Moon occurs in your inner ashram where a tide of Grace and surrender is in. Open your arms and your soul to receive the blessings that Spirit is sending you. Your relationship to, and reliance on Source, results in powerful evolutionary awakening that finds expression in your health, your work and your overall well being. Your sense of yourself and your possibilities is expanding in a wonderful way. Your sacred path unfolds before you.Follow the yellow brick road….

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a new day for your social life, generous Sagittarius. Today’s New Moon in Libra brings awakening and evolution to your social sector, as your partnerships and collaborations begin to rapidly evolve. Say yes to relationships based on mutuality and fairness and let the rest go. Your spiritual life will be a big part of your worldly expansion during this growing lunar cycle. Your Divine Inner Executive is on hand to help you with your outer executive duties. Be guided.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Libra has taken up residence in your executive suite. She’s here to get you to a new level of success and expansive collaboration. Your career will be rapidly evolving under the Light of today’s New Moon. She will inspire you to bring much needed balance and evolution to the executive realm. She is bringing a new tide of success and perhaps a new definition for it. She will be your gorgeous executive coach. She has no patience for injustice at the work place. None.

AQUARIUS: It’s a powerful New Moon for you on the philosophical and communication fronts brilliant Aquarius. Both your message and your capacity to communicate is rapidly evolving. Lovely Luna is sending you expanded opportunity you be heard in the form of bigger platforms and some brilliant professional mergers. Your mind is awakening and operating on a higher frequency…It’s a frequency we need to hear..share it with us. You are the voice of the evolution.

PISCES: The gorgeous New Moon in Libra is shining in your depths where a new tide is flowing in to the deep chambers of your soul. This tide brings beauty, peace, balance and a new capacity for partnerships and mergers. Your self esteem and self acceptance is awakening, and this is leading to all manner of beautiful deepening with business and personal partners. Some massive projects may be coming your way…Get ready for further expansion.


THE DAILY PLANET ~ WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18TH: The gracious moon continues her journey through beautiful Libra in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon in the sign of the scales. It’s a beautiful day to reflect on the partnerships and relationships you most want to cultivate. Let the Libra Moon guide your inner sense of justice, beauty and fairness, aligning you with the connections that truly nourish your soul. Mercury and mighty Jupiter join forces this morning to have us thinking big about mergers and collaborations. Later in the day Luna has us reflect on our relationships, with an eye to our dreams and long term goals. Reflect on the exquisite beauty of life and with whom you most want to share it..

ARIES: It’s a stellar day to contemplate relationships, alliances, partnerships and mergers, mighty Aries. You are great at going solo, but today the nurturing action is in pairs and in forming relationships. Big beautiful mergers are developing. It’s a great day to weigh your options before you leap, powerful ram.

TAURUS: Grandmother Moon is nurturing you, by nurturing your health and work relationships today. Cultivate inner and outer balance as you think about the big powerful partnerships that are forming in your life. Release self defeating patterns or anything that you do not want to bring into tomorrows New Moon cycle. Move toward the relationships that truly feed your soul.

GEMINI: It’s a lovely day for creative collaborations. The Moon is in gorgeous Libra in your sector of self expression, inspiring you to advance your most breathtaking creative projects and collaborations. The nature of your work may be expanding or  changing this year, and with it your work relationships are also shifting. Explore the alliances that make your heart beat with joy.

CANCER: The Libra Moon is gracing your home today, trailing streams of Grace and Beauty to bless your hearth. Invite her in! Beautify your home to make it worthy of her. It’s a perfect day for inner and outer housekeeping to prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon in Libra and the beautiful partnerships that it could brings.

LEO: The Libra Moon is cruising through your mind on currents of gorgeous mental brilliance. Fly with her today. Explore your most beautiful ideas. Reflect on ideas that could involve partnerships. Luna is helping you dispel stale thoughts regarding relationships, beauty, and art. Release them to the outgoing lunar tide. Tomorrow is a new day….and a New Moon.

VIRGO: Grandmother Moon is visiting your fiscal sector, exploring the ledger books today. She is looking for balance. Join her. Balance the books and explore the fiscal and emotional side of partnerships. Today the trick is to advance what feels balanced and mutually profitable and to reconsider the rest. The lunar tide is in tomorrow and could bring new streams of abundance.

LIBRA: Grandmother Moon is in your sign today, surrounding you with her beautiful and nurturing Light. Today she inspires you to weigh your own value correctly. Over the last 12 months Jupiter was enlarging your sense of self. On this last day before the New Moon in Libra remember your precious inestimable value…Release any thoughts that tell you otherwise…

SCORPIO: Grandmother Moon is meditating and holding purifying ceremony in your inner ashram on this last day before the New Moon. Join her. Pray, meditate, write down all that you would release and shred it or give it to the sea…Let go of old pain and trauma from past relationships. Strengthen your partnership with Source which will carry you far on the new lunar tide.

SAGITTARIUS: The Libra Moon is cruising through your social sector scales in hand, inspiring you to do the same. It’s a beautiful day to weigh your business and personal partnerships with an eye for balance and fairness. Notice your feelings. They will tell you when needs are being beautifully met and when they are not…

CAPRICORN: The Libra Moon is visiting your executive suite in advance of tomorrow’s New Moon in this sector. Today she would like you to review your long term plans, business partnerships and executive approach with an eye to what you might like to release before tomorrow’s New Moon. Do some executive housekeeping. It’s a new day in the climb toward success tomorrow.

AQUARIUS: Grandmother Moon is cruising through your publishing sector, scales in hand, inspiring you to weigh your publishing and communication options. You may also be considering options on the travel or education fronts. Reflect on what has been working for you in any of these areas, and what has not. Clear the way for new opportunity to find you on tomorrow’s New Moon.

PISCES: Grandmother Moon is cruising through your depths trailing streams of beauty and Grace. Today this streams help clear away old stuck feelings, deep disappointments and anything else that may have dammed up the flow of intimacy in your life. Join Luna in releasing the past on the outgoing lunar tide. Tomorrow is a new day and a new tide of deep connection flows in.



THE DAILY PLANET ~ TUESDAY OCTOBER 17TH: This morning at 3:59 AM EDT Mercury the messenger heads into Scorpio and the realm of the deep subconscious, taking our thinking with him. Mercury will be shining the Light of his intelligence into the depths of our subconscious patterns. He will be revealing our personal and collective shadow to us. Mercury will be joining massive Jupiter already in Scorpio inspiring powerful alchemical shifts to our consciousness. If we do our depth work this month we could come out of the process truly transformed. Mercury will be in Scorpio till November 5th. Use the time to transform your thinking as you explore the realm of ancestors, deep feelings, mergers, intimacy and divestment. As we think, so we are…entertain your most expansive empowering thoughts. Call on the Divine Alchemist to utterly transform and empower your thinking this month. The Virgo Moon goes void at 7:27 AM EDT till this afternoon at 1:35 PM EDT when she enters lovely Libra. Use the morning to get centered around relationships. Use the afternoon to move into action regarding mergers and partnerships…Find your fellow butterflies. Transform together. The world needs your beauty, your vulnerability  your power and your example.

ARIES: Today bright and early Mercury, the planet of thought and communication leaves Libra and your partnership sector and enters Scorpio and your merger sector where Jupiter has already begun expanding your life. Mercury will be empowering your thinking and communication for weeks to come. Reflect on the partnerships and mergers you want to advance. Mercury will help you transform your thinking and closest relationships. The morning looks good for reflection especially regarding the details of work. After 1:35 PM EDT is a great time to move ahead with decisive action.

TAURUS: This morning, Mercury the messenger enters your partnerships sector, where he begins to inspire deep and empowered thinking regarding business and personal relationships. You are poised to take big steps to expand your life through deepening and or dissolving relationships. Today Mercury joins the empowerment team in your partnership sector to help clarify and expand your thinking on this front. This afternoon after 1:35 PM EDT, the Libra Moon inspires beautiful forward movement at work.

GEMINI: Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Scorpio and your sector of work today, joining massive Jupiter who is already expanding your work environment. Use the morning to get centered as you reflect on your home, creativity and work. After 1:35 PM EDT the Libra Moon will inspire your creativity while Mercury and Jupiter get you rolling up your sleeves as you begin to take steps toward a transformed work life.

CANCER: The Virgo Moon is cruising void through the streams of your consciousness this morning, inspiring you to pull in an use the morning for meditative reflection. This morning Mercury the messenger cruises into powerful Scorpio and your creative sector where big potent ideas begin to germinate. By 1:35 PM EDT, the Libra Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter in Scorpio will have you buzzing along on beautiful artful powerful collaborations. Enjoy.

LEO: Begin your day with fiscal housekeeping and any activities that bring order, cleanliness and clarity to your life. While the Moon is void in your fiscal sector this morning is a great time for reflection but not great for decisive action. Wait till 1:35 PM EDT before making big decisions. By that time The Moon with be cruising productively through your mental sector inspiring beautiful ideas and Mercury will be nesting in your home sector ready to inspire a whole new way of thinking about home and family.

VIRGO: Mercury, your ruling planet changes signs bright and early today as he enters Scorpio and your realm of thought and communication. You are in the midst of major mental empowerment which begins today. Take the morning super easy while Luna cruises void through your sign. Get ready. Get centered. The afternoon looks great for action especially after 1:35 PM EDT when Luna cruises into your fiscal sector and partnerships are in the making. Advance mergers and creative collaborations.

LIBRA: Brilliant Mercury enters penetrating Scorpio and your fiscal sector today, inspiring empowered, transformed  thinking for weeks to come. Begin your day with Stillness and meditation as the Moon is cruising void through your inner ashram. Stay connected to your sacred inner guidance system till 1:35 PM EDT when the nurturing Moon cruises into your sign inspiring you to move into action with all that will best take care of you. Explore radical self care today.

SCORPIO: Mercury cruises into your sign today, increasing your legendary depth perception for the next few weeks. Enjoy increased mental energy, but do not act on it till this afternoon after 1:35 PM EDT when the Moon sails into Libra and your inner ashram, aligning you with divinely inspired visions that it is time for you to act upon. Today begins an exponentially expanded way to think about yourself and your life. Enjoy the journey!

SAGITTARIUS: Brilliant Mercury sails into your inner ashram today, initiating weeks of spiritual alchemy, Mercury will assist  you in the surrender of old fears and self defeating patterns. Fear not…The Divine Alchemist is in, and ready to turn all the base metal of your thinking into sparking spiritual gold. Use the morning to meditate on administrative details while the Moon is void in your career sector. At 1:35 PM EDT she sails into your networking sector and it’s time to nurture the relationships that are fair, reciprocal and nurture you.

CAPRICORN: Mercury sails into powerful Scorpio and your networking sector today, initiating weeks of powerful networking and magical teamwork. Use the morning to reflect on the projects that are calling to you while the Moon is void. After 1:35 PM EDT when Luna enters your career sector, move into empowered action to nurture professional partnerships and long term goals. Assemble and enlarge your team. This year you are really building a community of powerful change agents.

AQUARIUS: This morning, brilliant Mercury, sails into Scorpio and your executive suite, inspiring powerful expansive ideas that could transform your career in a big, beautiful way. Use the morning to get emotional centered as you reflect on collaborations while the Moon is void in your sector of mergers. After 1:35 PM EDT Luna cruises into your publishing sector where she inspires you to begin advancing mergers, collaborations and powerful long term plans.

PISCES: Mercury the Messenger sails into your sector of publishing and presentations today where he joins massive Jupiter who is already expanding your capacity to get your empowering message out in a wider way. Use the morning for contemplation regarding relationships while the Moon is Void in your sector of partnerships. At 1:35 PM EDT Luna cruises into Libra and your sector of mergers and it’s time to deepen with those you trust.