What Does the Universe
Have in Store for You?

Welcome to Heaven to Earth Astrology, an astrology site devoted to the idea that any astrological aspect, no matter how challenging, can be used to create a more heavenly and harmonious existence. Heaven to Earth Astrology therefore seeks to inspire it’s readers to use the astrological energy of the moment to not only bring astrology down to earth in a practical way, but also to inspire us all to create a more heavenly existence here on earth.

This sounds like a tall order, and of course it is, but why not reach for that which is beautiful, inspirational and transcendental. We all create heaven, hell and everything in between on a regular basis. In my own life I have found that the key to those moments of heavenly bliss and peace have come when I am intensely present, or when I have found the Grace to put selfishness aside and focus on the Greater Good. This website seeks to do the same.

It is helpful also to remember that we do, right here and now, inhabit a rather stunning celestial planet that is hurtling through the heavens at dizzying speed. We therefore occupy heavenly real estate. It remains only for us to perform a somewhat major attitude and perspective adjustment to make our world, minute-by-minute, one day at a time, into a place we could stop trying to escape from and instead recognize for what it is: Heaven on Earth.

They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth"

- Belinda Carlisle