The Daily Planet


THURSDAY OCTOBER 30TH The moon enters social, humanitarian Aquarius today at 9:52 AM EDT Spend the early morning getting organized and centered. After 9:52 AM EDT move into action to socialize and network.


ARIES: There is a massive planetary line up in your house of transformation helping you utterly let go of the past. All this letting go is preparing you for a wonderful new approach to your career. Today take 3 concrete actions to create or nurture your ideal dream career.


TAURUS: The moon is shining in your career sector in the sign of friendship. Today by nurturing your friendships you nurture your career. Powerful new alliances are forming. Take the time to build new relationships. Break bread together. Exchange ideas. Feel the love.


GEMINI: Today you are on a journey of the mind. You are traveling through ideas and philosophies looking for the ones that really feed your soul. The right idea today includes the fair and equal treatment of all people. Your next move is how to align your work with your deepest held beliefs.


CANCER: Your creative life is going through a massive transformation this month. Today your creativity is a massive treasure trunk of gold, and the friends you are collaborating with are a massive trunk of silver. Make sure you know your true value and theirs.


LEO: Way deep down you are changing Leo. Years of false conditioning are burning up like so much lead that is transmuting into gold. Today look around and see if some nice like minded partner hasn’t appeared to help you build the career that will allow you to shine like the supernova you are.


VIRGO: You are the organizational genius of the zodiac. Today use your considerable powers to get your workplace and personnel streamlined. De clutter, create efficiency, let order replace chaos. At the end of the day hang out with friends who love and support you.


LIBRA: You are creating art and theatre that can change the world today. Your creativity is a team sport today. You are a rebel in silk and finery, broadcasting a message of liberty and justice for all. Keep your eyes peeled for a massive financial opportunity today that will require a team.


SCORPIO: You are in the middle of a personal transformation that allows you to step into the spotlight and shine like never before. Today pull in and connect with your roots. Family and ancestors are the deep roots that support upward growth. You may need to untangle a root or two.


SAGITTARIUS: Today you have a silver tongue Sagittarius. Use it to express your most delightful creative vision. Use it to inspire others. Use it to encourage your friends. Use it to speak up on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.


CAPRICORN: Today spend money on your social life. Go out with friends. Attend networking events. Call friends and make plans. While you are out and about think about who could help you achieve your goals and visions. Today friends and your social life lead to prosperity.


AQUARIUS: There is a major planetary line up in your career sector. You are poised to really expand through new partnerships. Feel into all new projects and make sure they align with your strongest ideals. For you nothing is more important.


PISCES: Today get peaceful and centered with others. If you can get near or on water so much the better. Today as you get quiet your intuition gets loud. Pay attention. Wonderful work ideas may come in a flash. Like a bolt of lightning.



WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 29TH The moon continues its journey through Capricorn today keeping us practical and grounded. It goes void at 11:01PM EDT tonight.


ARIES: It looks like lucrative new partnerships are afoot these days. Today work on the nuts and bolts structure of these deals. Hammer out schedules, budgets and profit margins. The capricorn moon is great for helping with practical logistics. Today you are still occupying the executive suite.


TAURUS: Continue yesterday’s focus of defining your message and getting it out there. What are your core values and beliefs. These are your most important calling card these days. Roll up your sleeves and clock in some serious time on writing or communication projects.


GEMINI: Work partnerships look quite productive today Gemini. Hammer out the nitty gritty of how labor, talent and profits are to be shared. Make some executive decisions. Keep in mind sometimes respect is more important than popularity.


CANCER: Have a business meeting with your spouse or partner today with the goal of having your joint finances truly nurture the relationship Be honest about how you each would like to spend money.Then look at planning for some things like vacation. Remember a nest egg is a very nurturing thing.


LEO: Continue organizing and transforming your home Leo. Banish squalor, clutter or anything in your environment that communicates unworthiness and failure. While you’re at it make sure you make a space for you creativity. That’s the whole message today!


VIRGO: Keep the focus today on artful self expression. Your job is to excite and delight us with your exuberant art and skill. This is also a day to find artists who you would love to create with. You are generally an understated less is more kind of artist. These days more is more.


LIBRA: Home and money are the two big themes today Libra. As you contemplate how to bring more money into your home make sure you look hard at your social network. Theses days the golden goose arrives through your friends.


SCORPIO: You are in the midst of massive change Scorpio. Today your transformation involves assuming executive leadership of your career. Write a 3 year plan of your most soulful long term goals. Then break it down, like an engineer to little manageable bite size morsels. Go ahead: Take one tiny bite.


SAGITTARIUS: There is a massive alignment in your sector of invisible support this month, standing by like a genie to help you make the changes you long to make. Today’s wish involves how to get more abundance from the work you most enjoy. Your job: Rub that lamp!


CAPRICORN: You are a mission oriented creature Capricorn. Today’s mission pamper yourself like an A list movie star while contemplating the big beautiful mergers you would love to advance. Reach out to your social network and see if you can’t move things along.


AQUARIUS: Continue to cultivate a deep sense of peace and quiet as you go through your day. Listen for that still small voice of intuition. Today let this voice guide you in every business and partnership decision. It will never let you down.


PISCES: Continue weaving a strong supportive social web today. Weave in professional strands, acquaintance strands family strands, community strands, Angelic strands…. You get the idea,,, We are aiming for a big beautiful all inclusive, supportive tapestry.



TUESDAY: OCTOBER 28TH: The growing moon enters practical responsible Capricorn at  6:03 AM EDT reminding us to be the responsible administrators of our lives.


ARIES: You tend to lead from the front Aries, but today lead from the executive suite. View the overall trajectory of your career and take actions to nurture its success. The maternal moon in your career sector today reminds you to define success as work that fulfills your soul and takes care of you.


TAURUS: Your message is your most important work today. You are the voice of responsibility and sustainability. Today polish off your keyboard and get to work. Define your deepest held values. What do you stand for. No guts no glory.


GEMINI: Money is the biggest conflict in most relationships. Today get fiscally clear with all partners about just how resources will be shared. Dare to have the difficult conversation that will make everyone’s values abundantly clear.


CANCER: The moon is cruising through your partnership sector inviting you to nurture and be nurtured by your relationships today. Treat your partnership as though is were a baby bird. Make sure it is warm. Feed it carefully. Treat it with infinite tenderness. Then see how it takes care of you.


LEO: Massive opportunity is coming soon to a theater near you but first this message from your Universal Sponsor: Get organized! That’s right, today get every little thing in order. In fact think about hiring an organizer, a Feng Shui person and a personal assistant. Create order now.


VIRGO: Make time for creativity today Virgo. Today your hard work is to have fun and be creative. Today creativity is what leads to success. Get in touch with your right brain. Activities that assist this include: Driving, swimming, dancing, singing, sketching, doodling. Let the doodling begin!


LIBRA: Nurture yourself by nurturing your home and family today. Get your house in order on all levels. Paradoxically by acting like a CEO at home today, you create conditions that lead to the warm and fuzzy state that you long for.


SCORPIO: The maternal moon is cruising through your communication sector today encouraging you to nurture yourself by nurturing your mind. Handle important correspondence as you pursue your writing, teaching and learning today.


SAGITTARIUS: They say that chance favors the prepared mind. Today chance favors the organized financial life. Work on a one sheet business plan that includes what you want to earn and spend each month. Take some time to get your fiscal house in order. Then invite Lady Luck to come a calling.


CAPRICORN: The moon is in your sector today inviting you to nurture yourself with any activity other than hard work.  Today be gentle, kind and nurturing towards yourself. Slow your pace. Eat nurturing food. Practice receiving.


AQUARIUS: Withdraw to the mountaintop of your mind and contemplate your next move. Imagine that this mountain represents the achievement of your most cherished goal. What is the view like at the top. Who would be up there with you. How would you know you have succeeded.


PISCES: Today is official Professional Networking Day for you Pisces. Powerful people would love to contribute to your success and fulfillment. First they must know that you exist. Then they must know what you are trying to achieve. Keeping the 6 degrees law in mind, begin reaching out.