The Daily Planet


SATURDAY OCTOBER 25TH: The Moon goes void in Scorpio at 12:11 PM EDT and Yes folks Mercury goes Direct. The retrograde ends at 3:17 PM Use the day to get centered as by planetary gear shifting is going on. Reflect on what you want to transform.


ARIES: You have been giving much thought to relationships and partnerships for the last few weeks. Today get clear about what you discovered. Do some journaling and commit to taking actions that advance your desire for a new kind of relationship.



TAURUS: There’s some change on the range theses days. You have been reflecting on all your relationships business and personal. The common denominator is you. As your inner life changes so do the outer circumstances of your life. Let go of what has not been working.



GEMINI: Mercury, your ruling planet goes direct today and so does your creative and romantic life. You have been in a reflection on your self expression and your courtship. Today take a moment to pause and review what you discovered. Spend the day letting all the Aha moments land in you.


CANCER: You have been reflecting on your home and family, You have been reflecting on your children and creativity. Take the day to be still and determine what needs to be done based on what you have arrived at.


LEO: Mercury’s retrograde took place in your communication sector drawing your attention to your message and your medium. Today make a list of the changes you would like to make to your writing, website or any other communication issues. Home also requires changes. List those as well.


VIRGO: Your ruling planet, Mercury, the messenger of the Gods goes direct today, but not before he brought your attention to issues of self worth, your value and your values. As you begin to realize what a precious diamond you are, your message becomes ever more powerful.


LIBRA: Today as Mercury goes direct in your sign, take a moment to review what you discovered about yourself during the retrograde. You are a gracious ambassador always uniting people for the greater good. You deserve love, respect and abundance. This month focus on that last one, abundance.


SCORPIO: Mercury has been retrograde in your spiritual sector drawing your attention to your  relationship to Source. Reflect on your commitment to your spiritual practice, as this will fuel the potent transformation that continues for you this month.


SAGITTARIUS: You have been in a deep reflection on both your social network and your spiritual life during Mercury’s retrograde. Today spend some time realizing what you have discovered about your social needs. Reflect on how your faith holds the key to your career these days.


CAPRICORN: You have been reflecting on your career and professional relationships during the retrograde. You’ve been gazing at the mountain peak of your cherished goal. Today begin to chart a course and list the actual adjustments that will need to be made in order to reach the summit.


AQUARIUS: Today as Mercury goes direct, think about the communication and Media partnerships that will help you achieve your goals. You are increasingly interested in being a change agent. Who can help you to widen your audience.


PISCES: Mercury’s retrograde took place in your deepest house, the house of intimacy, energy and the deep unconscious. Reflect upon what insights you gleaned about how your early conditioning has affected your current relationships. You can use what you learned this month as the transformational  Scorpio Sun moves through your sector of higher learning.




FRIDAY: OCTOBER 24TH: The moon remains in Scorpio today. Join us for our monthly New Moon   tele seminar. We will set our intentions and explore the powerful Solar Eclipse in Scorpio  that took place yesterday. To join us tonight at 7PM click here go to Heaventoearthastrology and click our Events tab.


ARIES: Yesterdays New Moon has begun a cycle of transformation in every area of your life, but especially your love life. All change is positive. As you let go of the fantasy of relationship, space is made for the real deal to arrive. The key: Love yourself like never before. The way you are right now!


TAURUS: As you transform, your partnerships are transforming. Ask yourself what you must utterly release in order to do the work you long to do and have the partnership you long to have. What would it look like for you to really step into your own power. Today’s practice: Be the restrained executive in all partnerships.


GEMINI: These days you are a professional visionary and transformer. Today you turn the transformation beam on your own business and start making the sweeping changes that get your career to the next level. While your at it make sweeping changes to your health routines.


CANCER: Your business involves art and creativity these days. Today you transform your approach to both your art and your business. You are becoming capable of collaborating with powerful people who can get your work a wider audience. Your art is also becoming so very powerful. Sometimes a film or book or painting can change the world.


LEO: Today you are a whirling dervish of home transformation. Pull up old carpet, throw out shabby furniture, declutter paperwork. Call you local handyman, get quotes for repairs that need doing. Get rid of anything and everything that makes you feel shabby. When in doubt throw it out.


VIRGO: Work on rewrites and edits today. Revamp your website, revise your mission statement rethink all strategies. All extraneous and fluffy ideas are falling away, as the heart of the mental matter is revealed to you. Be fearless as you realize what it is you want to say.


LIBRA: Take action to make money and create prosperity today. These days your financial life depends upon merging with others. Move ahead with plans to share your resources with others for mutual benefit. Remember the considerable skill and talent that you bring to the table. Exude powerful confidence.


SCORPIO: The Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn all in your sign are letting us know that the level of change required of all of us these days is not for the feint of heart. How you love, work, express and nurture yourself are all up for complete change. Fear not Scorpio, you are up to the task. In fact you are the avant Guard Phoenix here to show the rest of us how it’s done!


SAGITTARIUS: Yesterday’s New Moon took place in your spiritual sector which is also the realm of imagination. Let go of old professional dreams so that a new vision can be born. Let go of your old way of relating cause some sweet and beautiful collaborations  are standing at the threshold of your consciousness just waiting for you to let them in. Open the door.


CAPRICORN:  Take actual steps to build your dream team today. Be brave as you reach out to people you would love to work with and reconnect with people you lost touch with. Collaboration and networking are the name of the game today. Let the games begin.


AQUARIUS: You are climbing a whole new mountain of professional achievement. Step one choose your goal carefully. Make sure your goal aligns with what is most important to you. Step two  Start assembling your crew. Mountain climbers need to really trust one another, let trust be your litmus test. Step three take your first step up.


PISCES: Half the zodiac is in your house of publishing and speaking inspiring you to tell your story. Sometimes the toughest things we’ve been through and survived are our deepest message. Both your message and how you deliver it are transforming. All of this is so you can help empower others in their transformational process.