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The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd, the autumnal Equinox and the first day of  fall. It will remain in Virgo till October___ when it enters powerful Scorpio. This year the Sun’s journey though Leo is magnified buy Mighty Jupiter’s recent entry into Libra. Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th and will remain in Libra till next October. This is a massive year for Beauty , Balance, Justice and all things Libra! Seek out Big Beautiful Partnerships. Let Peace and Beauty guide you through the year. May Peace prevail on earth!

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Heaven to Earth Astrology by Demitra Vassiliadis Read your daily forecast below:

SATURDAY OCTOBER 22ND: The day begins with the Moon in soulful, nurturing Cancer, inspiring us to begin the day with a focus on self care, home and family. Late this afternoon at 3:14 PM EDT, the Moon briefly goes void till 3:34 PM EDT, when it enters dramatic, expressive Leo. The late afternoon looks great for creative projects, fun and connecting with inner and outer children. This evening at 7:46 PM EDT, the Sun leaves beautiful balanced Libra and shines his astral Light on all things Scorpio, illuminating the sign of mysteries, secrets and transformation. Today begins a month of revelation and Alchemy as we boldly face all that lies lurking in our personal and collective psyches. Let the Sun’s journey through Scorpio give you the power to ruthlessly release all that does not serve you. Embrace the parts of yourself that you are usually rejecting of. Integrate your Shadow…It’s the secret to real power.

ARIES: Begin the day with a nurturing focus on home family and nesting. Let yourself sleep in. Delight in a family breakfast. The late afternoon looks great for fun, leisure and joyful self expression. This evening the Sun sails into your sector of shared finances and intimacy and it’s time to deepen.

TAURUS: Delight in a mental vacation this morning. Let your mind unwind. Take in words, images, or silence in nature to inspire you. The afternoon looks wonderful for family fun and creativity. Tonight the radiant Sun enters your partnership sector, illuminating business and personal relationships!

GEMINI: Enjoy creature comforts this morning. Feather your lovely nest and enjoy cultivating cozy contentment. This afternoon the Moon sails into your communication sector in creative Leo, inspiring artful, joyous self expression. Tonight the Sun begins to pour Light and energy into your sector of daily work and routine. Get ready to shine at work!

CANCER: Begin the day enjoying nurturing rituals. Do that which delights you most. Recharge your emotional battery. The late afternoon looks great for mining your creativity for ideas and projects that could be fun and lucrative. Tonight the Sun enters your creative sector, inspiring powerful creative output for the next 4 weeks.

LEO: Begin your day in sacred silence. Allow yourself to be nourished by connection to the Divine. Delight in prayer, meditation or sending blessings out to the world. This afternoon Grandmother Moon enters your sign and encourages you to nurture your heart’s true desires. Tonight the Sun enters your home sector, illuminating and transforming home and family relationships this month.

VIRGO: Begin your day with friends, family and felicitous connections. Delight in being with friends and loved ones who are truly warm, safe and nurturing. The late afternoon looks great for pondering lucrative, artistic projects and investments. Tonight the blazing Sun enters your mental sector illuminating and empowering your mind for the next 4 weeks!

LIBRA: Begin your day with a focus on the Big Picture of your career. The Sun will be leaving your sign today, but Mighty Jupiter will be a planetary guest in Libra till next October. The expansion continues tonight as the blazing Sun enters your fiscal sector illuminating fiscal and creative collaborations. Connect with friends and artful collaborators.

SCORPIO: Begin your day reflecting on your overall philosophical approach to both life and business. This afternoon Grandmother Moon pours her nurturing Light on your career sector. Tonight the Sun moves into your sign, inspiring you to shine like a supernova Scorpio…This month think less Scorpion, more Blazing Phoenix rising from the ashes of former realities.

SAGITTARIUS: Begin the day cocooning with your loved ones. Make time to share deeply with your family. The late afternoon looks great for writing and expressing yourself or delighting in inner or outer exploration. Tonight the Sun enters your inner ashram for the next few weeks, inspiring an enlightened change of consciousness. Let the prayer, meditation and forgiveness begin.

CAPRICORN: The Moon begins the day in your partnership sector inspiring you to nurture the partnerships that nurture you. The late afternoon sees you deepening connections and collaborations. Tonight the Sun moves his luminous temple into your friendship sector, inspiring creative, transformative networking and community building. Connect with your closest friends.

AQUARIUS: The Moon begins the day in your work sector, inspiring you to nurture work connections. This afternoon she cruises into your partnership sector, inspiring you to connect with flamboyant dramatic partnerships that showcase your talent. Tonight the blazing Sun makes his temple in your career sector..Illuminating the stairway to success for the next four weeks.

PISCES: Delight in leisure, creative self expression and restorative fun this morning. The late afternoon looks even better for self expression and the performing arts. Tonight the Sun begins to shine in your work and health sector, inspiring you to do the same.