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The sun entered soulful Cancer June 21st, the Summer Solstice. We celebrate the longest day of the year when Light on all levels is most available. Invite the Light to illuminate your life and your path today. The Sun will remain in watery, nurturing, family oriented Cancer till July 22nd when it enters fiery Leo. Use the next month to connect with home and family. Connect with the Universal Mother. Protect the small and defenseless. Connect with the sea. Flow with the Moon and the tides.

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MONDAY JULY 6TH: The Moon continues her soulful journey through Pisces today inspiring us to begin the week with gentle, kind energy. Go with the flow. Connect with nature and be aware of the little signs of guidance that the natural world is always sending you.



ARIES: The week begins with the moon in your house of endings, inspiring you to release what no longer serves you. You are a very fast and forward moving sign, but today, slide into a slow relaxed gear and navigate by going with the flow. Use you imagination. Dream up your next lovely idea.


TAURUS: Begin the week with a flurry of creative networking. Reach out far and wide to your fellow visionaries and begin dreaming up wonderful collaborations. It’s a great day for soulful communication. Bring your authentic voice to work today.


GEMINI: The week begins with a lovely lunar spotlight on your career. Share your professional vision with others. It may be that your powers of imagination are the skill that others most need. Often we need someone to come along and show us what is possible. Today that someone is you.


CANCER: Begin the week with the focus on sales and presentations. Your creativity is flowing. This is also a great day to focus on higher learning and your travels. If you are vacationing this is a day to be by the sea. Let water be your teacher today. Learn to ebb and flow.


LEO: There is a lovely focus on shared resources for you today. Enjoy sharing as you explore win/win scenarios. You are healing at the deepest levels. A gentle tide of compassion is flowing through you, washing away the past with the waters of forgiveness.


VIRGO: Begin the week with a fertile focus on partnerships. The Moon is gliding through your partnership sector inspiring you to nurture the relationships that nurture you. Begin the week with team work. Explore the give and take of your relationships. Reach out far and wide.


LIBRA: Begin your day with health routines, by the water if possible. If water is not available start your day with music and dance. Move joyfully through your day. Today you are utterly supported by an invisible current that carries you along fulfilling your every need. Stay connected to the invisible current of Grace.


SCORPIO: Continue yesterday’s exploration of joy and fun activities. Life is not meant to be drudgery. Explore beauty wherever you are. If you are working today, bring a light feeling of enjoyment with you. Make work a game as you find ways to enjoy whatever service you provide. Make plans to see a movie or hear live music.


SAGITTARIUS: The Moon is still cruising through your family sector inspiring you to give time and attention to home or family. Explore your feelings in the safety of your family’s embrace. If you are working today, focus on the big picture. Slow and easy wins the day today.


CAPRICORN: Bring your biggest and best visionary ideas to work today. Allow yourself to think and dream outside the box. This is the secret of all creativity. Don’t edit yourself. Let yourself imagine. That’s how all great things come to pass. First they are a dream.


AQUARIUS: It’s money Monday Aquarius. Begin the week with a fertile focus on your finances. Take actions that engage the fiscal flow in your life. Explore a spiritual approach to money and prosperity. Let your focus today include deep generosity for how wealthy you already are.


PISCES: The Moon continues her empathic journey through your sign inspiring great compassion in everyone. Connect with nature as much as possible. Nurture yourself by delighting in your favorite activities. Music, dance poetry and connection to water call out to you today. Answer the call.



SUNDAY JULY 5TH: The Aquarius Moon goes void at 8:32 AM EDT till it enters transcendental Pisces at 10:23 AM EDT. Go with the gentle, compassionate flow for the rest of the day. Put on some music. Take a plunge into some healing water. Enjoy all acts of cleansing……Dream up beautiful inclusive solutions for your life and the world.



ARIES: Today the Moon in imaginative Pisces inspires you to dream up a beautiful vision for your day and your life. Dare to use your imagination to dream up Big Healing Solutions to our worlds problems. Allow your heart and soul to entertain forgiveness for all sins….yours and others….be light and free.


TAURUS: It’s a stellar day to connect with like minded practical dreamers. Connect with people who think and dream in ways that inspire you. Spend a day in a lovely flow with others. Go paddle boarding, make music together, take a nature walk. Dream up beautiful collaborative plans.


GEMINI: Even though it’s the weekend, the Moon is asking you to consider how to nurture your career or your public persona. Today this can best be done by deploying your imagination on behalf of your career. Spend a little time dreaming up a beautiful vision for your career.


CANCER: It’s a great day to travel by or to water. Enjoy the beauty of your element as you let your worries drift out to sea. Let your mind unspool today as you allow yourself to dream and imagine. Make compassion and Unity your mental focus today and feel the resulting Bliss.


LEO: The Moon dives into your deep unconscious today gently bathing your soul in the waters of forgiveness. Today as compassion floods your soul, forgive the past. Let the waters of forgiveness wipe the slate clean. Silently share your loving kindness with All around you.


VIRGO: The Moon is gliding through your partnership sector today, encouraging you to spend loving nurturing time with your partner. Dream up beautiful plans for a shared vision. Practice forgiveness toward partners. Go with the flow as a couple today.


LIBRA: The Moon is in your house of work and health inspiring you to relax today. Let go of worry. Let go of schedule. Go with the lovely flow. Spend time by water to better engage with the flow. Let music and water guide your approach to health and well being. Dream up work ideas that delight you.


SCORPIO: The Moon is joyfully gliding through your leisure sector today inspiring you to do the same. Make like a joyful dolphin and explore the waters of art, music, film or creativity that you most enjoy. Let delight be your guide today. Let joy be your sweet focus.


SAGITTARIUS: The sweet and loving focus is on the home front today. Send Blessings and compassion to all your family members. Enjoy, music, poetry or time by the water with them. Your family holds the key to your spiritual awakening these days. Extend the love you feel for them outward to larger circles. Feel your soul grow in love and compassion.


CAPRICORN: It is as though there is an inlet of Grace from the larger Sea of Consciousness flowing into your mind today. Sit still for at least 3 minutes today and consciously receive the vision and compassion that flows into your mind. Receive the peaceful blessings that flow your way today.


AQUARIUS: Today your values align with the concept of oneness. Explore how you can use your money, talent and other resources to support the idea of fundamental unity. Try spending money only on products that are made with compassion. It’s a great day to spend money on music, film or water sports.


PISCES: The Moon is gliding through your sign like a happy little dolphin today. Glide into the sweet regenerative flow of the day. Feed yourself soul food on all levels. Spend time in the sea or your favorite body of water. Listen to music. Move to the flow. Treat yourself with great tenderness.




THE DAILY PLANET ~ SATURDAY JULY 4TH: Happy Independence Day! The
Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of independence and liberty today. Declare your own inner independence from anything that oppresses you. Aquarius reminds us that all human beings deserve equal rights. Celebrate your freedom by expressing your authentic self.

ARIES: It’s a great day to celebrate and have joyful creative fun with your buddies. The Moon in your friendship sector surrounds you with nurturing friends who love the real you. Enjoy the fireworks today as you let your hair down and enjoy being your authentic self. It’s a great day for the arts.

TAURUS: The moon is shining in your career sector encouraging you to mix business and pleasure today. Invite friends and associates to enjoy the festivities with you. Explore some maverick business ideas with out of the box thinkers. Spend time imagining your dream team today.

GEMINI: It’s a great day to travel with friends. Take a road trip today to celebrate the holiday. Meditate on your independence and what it means to you. Meditate on friendship and what it means to you. Enjoy the delightful company of like-minded people.

CANCER: The Moon is gliding through the sector of your deep unconscious today illuminating the nooks and crannies of your psyche. Today’s Aquarius Moon helps liberate you from old outworn ways of thinking about love, money and self worth. Today declare your freedom and thrive.

LEO: The Moon is in your house of partnership inspiring you to connect with maverick partners who nurture your inner rebel. Say yes to relationships in which you can be your authentic self. Enjoy the fireworks somewhere off the beaten path.

VIRGO: Begin your day getting healthy with friends. Take an exercise class or a nature walk with friends. The Aquarius Moon can help liberate you from daily habits that impede your well being. Today free yourself from clutter and inertia. Get moving in a positive direction with friends.

LIBRA: It’s a stellar day for fun and recreation. Be free of work responsibilities as you explore the joy of living with friends. Unleash your creative spirit and allow yourself the sheer pleasure of exploring hobbies and what delights you most.

SCORPIO: The Aquarius moon is moving through your home sector, inspiring you to be free of conditioned beliefs stemming from your family of origin. As you liberate your thinking you set your ancestors free as well. Make changes to your home environment that reflect the shiny free new you. Invite friends over to celebrate.

SAGITTARIUS: Today, free your mind and everything else will follow. The Aquarius Moon helps dissolve fears and regret over the past. As you fully enter this moment, notice how free you are, notice how wide open the possibilities are. Pursue your mental bliss.

CAPRICORN: It’s a great day to explore fiscal freedom with friends. Let go of poverty thinking and embrace the idea that it is an abundant universe. Spend some time today dreaming up group projects that could be lucrative for all.

AQUARIUS: The Moon is in your sign today encouraging a beautiful celebration of the ideals you cherish. Spend the day with friends who nurture your maverick and independent soul. Celebrate your own independence by making plans that truly take care of you.

PISCES: Today you are celebrating a new level of spiritual liberation. You have been evolving with your peeps, and today you reach another milestone of inner freedom. Begin your day with a little meditation and delight in the liberating stillness and peace.

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FRIDAY JULY 3RD: The Capricorn Moon goes void at 6:30 AM EDT till 8:21 AM EDT when it enters independent, revolutionary Aquarius! Just in time for Independence Day tomorrow! Meditate on what you need to declare independence from today…..Declare your independence from inner or outer tyrants today! May the Goddess of Liberty bless you with New Freedom to Follow your Bliss!


ARIES: Connect with your tribe of friends today. Reach out to build your professional network. This is a great day to enjoy the like minded people in your life with whom you both work and play. Plan your next great collaboration today.


TAURUS: Today the Moon is shedding nurturing Light on your career, inspiring you to reach out and build your social network. You are meant to connect with groups of people. Today make sure the people you surround yourself with resonate with what is most important to you. Make social plans for the evening.


GEMINI: It’s a great day to travel with friends. It’s a great day to promote, sell or present with friends. Today life is a team effort and so is delightful luxurious fun. It’s a great day to get inspired by the arts. Attend a summer concert, hear live music. Don’t go alone, or make friends wherever you go.


CANCER: It’s a great day to connect with your closest friends. Today a heart to heart with a single friend that you really trust is better than a lot of superficial chit chat. Today explore what has been holding you back. Share with a friend who truly supports your need for inner and perhaps outer liberation.


LEO: Today explore the  whole realm of partnership. You are expanding, changing and growing in wonderful ways. Today notice which partnerships are keeping up and which are falling away. If you are single, today put a cosmic call out for your true partner to appear.


VIRGO: End the work week on a high note with your co workers. Enjoy spreading a feeling of camaraderie today. Express affection to the people you enjoy working with and practice tolerance for those who are trying. Today teamwork is fertile and fun.


LIBRA: Let the Fun and games begin! It’s a great day for social fun. The Moon is cruising through your recreation sector encouraging you to have fun with your inner or outer children. This is a great day to play and express yourself. Declare Independence from work ASAP. Time to regenerate!


SCORPIO: Pull in today and reflect on your roots. What outworn conditioning from your family of origin might be holding you back on the career front. Look around your home. Declare independence from clutter disarray and subtle signs of failure in your home environment.


SAGITTARIUS: It’s a great day for communication Sag. Use technology and social media to get your message out there. Enjoy making art, fun or music with your creative team. Publishing projects look especially good these days. Get some writing done, or work on selling and presenting.


CAPRICORN: Focus on group money, group effort, group values and group profit. Today financial success is a team sport. Build your team, assemble your team and work on a profit sharing plan with your team. Enjoy the wonderful feelings of tribal connection.


AQUARIUS: Ah Aquarius….the sign of humanity! It’s been a great week for human rights.  Take a victory lap today. Enjoy all feelings liberation. For you no one is free till we are all free. Enjoy personal and collective progress toward liberty. Hang with your peeps. Enjoy true friendship.


PISCES: Enter a sanctuary with friends today. This could mean stopping into a church or temple, taking a walk on the beach, paddling out to the line up or whatever activity connects you to Source. Today peace and health are a team effort. Relax into the embrace of your loving community.