The Daily Planet



MONDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND: Blessings of peace and balance to all on today’s Equinox The moon continues her journey through environmental Virgo today reminding us to keep our lives clean and green. The mood of the entire fall season will be focused on the health of our sacred bodies and our sacred planet. The sun enters Libra the sign of balance and justice tonight at 10:29 PM marking the AUTUMN EQUINOX and reminding us to bring our lives, relationships and environment into balance.


ARIES:  You are an agent of environmental change today. Begin with your own body and immediate surroundings. Do a cleanse, get your home and office in order. Tonight the Sun moves into your house of partnership, clear out the old in preparation for the new.


TAURUS: The Sun in Libra moves into your house of work today inspiring you to meditate on what in your work life needs to be balanced. These days you are a messenger who reunites the spiritual with the material. Today work on the inspiring forms this message could take.


GEMINI: Your home is the temple today. In preparation for tonights Equinox create beautiful pockets of sacredness in your home. As you go through your day, honor the sustaining beauty of the material world. These days the pristine care of your body and home have a huge impact on your career.


CANCER: You are the sign of the Universal Mother, and today you have a message about the care and upkeep of all earth’s real estate. As you create health and balance in your own life you become a refined messenger for how we can do this collectively.


LEO: The moon and lovely Venus are in your house of money values and possessions in the environmental sign Virgo, asking you to square your financial life with your values. Stock your fridge with organic food. Buy fair trade. Consider saving up for larger purchases that use clean energy like solar panels or a hybrid car.


VIRGO:  The Sun will be leaving  your sign tonight at 10:29PM but Venus will remain for another week reminding us : There is no place like our gorgeous green planetary home! Take the day to love yourself by juicing, cleaning and becoming still as you contemplate how to get your message out there in bigger more theatrical venues.


LIBRA: Your moment is here Libra. Tonight the world is brought into your exquisite poise and balance.  Today, and in fact all month this balance involves the love of cleanliness. In lab tests cells were kept alive indefinitely as long as the petri dishes were kept clean. Today you remind us to apply this concept to our bodies our water our environment….


SCORPIO: The moon and Venus in your friendship sector are encouraging you to spend the day networking even as the Sun in your spiritual sector asks you to be still and quiet. Find the balance between these two activities. You could hang out with like minded spiritual friends thus combining both.


SAGITTARIUS: Today lovely Venus and the Moon are asking you to actively love your career. Feel the love and spread the love as you go through your day. While you are at it love yourself enough to treat your body like a temple. This will have wonderful effects on your long term goals.


CAPRICORN: Today’s moon in Virgo is asking you to define your philosophy especially regarding the material world and environment. You have a huge vision and message these days, and today the wheel turns to position you so you can deliver it. Work on refining the details.


AQUARIUS: Today the moon moves through your sector of deep sharing in environmental Virgo, reminding you to consider the many creatures we share our world with. Tonight when Sun moves into your publishing sector, you may beaked to be a voice for those who have no voice.


PISCES: You have a big beautiful healthy vision for the world Pisces, and today you are encouraged to nourish that dream as though it were an organic seedling. Make sure the soil is rich by feeding yourself images and even keeping a file or scrapbook of words and images that inspire your Dream.



The Moon is void in Leo from 12:33AM till it moves into environmental Virgo at 11:54AM EDT just in time to support The People”s Climate March in NYC.and world wide. For all sign’s the Virgo moon reminds us on the last day of the Sun’s passage through Virgo: Honor your Earth Mother, she’s the only one you’ll ever have.


ARIES: You are the big activist of the zodiac these days and today with both the Sun and Moon in your house of environment, the state of the planet is the main event. Use your social media skill to get the word out to support The People’s Climate March. Make 3 tiny changes to your daily life that will help the planet.


TAURUS: The moon is in your house of children today in Virgo the sign of the Great Green Goddess making this a wonderful day to be outdoors with your kids. If you cannot be in NYC for the Peoples Climate March, take some time to teach your children the importance of treating the earth reverently.


GEMINI: The moon in environmental Virgo in your home sector is asking you to define home more broadly today. Each step you take today remember that you are home. Home in your home, home in your yard, home on the street, home on the beach home in the woods, home on the body of your vast and exquisitely beautiful mother earth.


CANCER: You are the voice of mother earth today as thousands upon thousands of people world wide take to the streets to honor and protect our beautiful planet. Get your environmental message out in any way you can. Use music, poetry and art to convey the soul of the issue.


LEO: It’s time for another Woodstock today Leo as you deploy your considerable creativity in the service of the planet. Use your theatricality, leadership and charisma to fight for the rights of future generations to have a livable planet. Today be a rock star for Mother Earth.


VIRGO: It is your day Virgo. You are the living embodiment of the Environmental Earth Mother and today you make your presence and your needs known through the thousands of activists who are marching globally to protect Mother Earth and all her children. Today we nurture and protect the planet that has nurtured us every moment of our lives.


LIBRA: The Sun and moon are shining in earthy Virgo in your spiritual sector, reminding you that the earth is a sacred temple. Go outdoors today and remember that the earth has been the holy place where so many transcendental moments have occurred for you. Today honor the temple of nature. Give thanks to our planetary Mother for her immense generosity.


SCORPIO: The Sun and Moon are shining in your networking house in environmental Virgo. Come join us in NYC at the People’s Climate March. If you cannot be with us, then join like minded environmentalists who are supporting or watching or tweeting the largest environmental action in history.


SAGITTARIUS: You are the internationalist of the zodiac, and today the Sun is shining at your midheaven in Virgo. Your highest calling today is to protect Mother Earth and help build international coalitions to do the same. Spread the word today world wide.


CAPRICORN: You have a big megaphone today, use it on behalf of the planet. The moon in your house of publishing makes this a great day to report on the global environmental actions that are occurring today in NYC and across our increasingly beleaguered planet. Let the tweeting begin.


AQUARIUS: The Virgo moon is in your house of shared resources asking you to act to protect our collective resourses. Our most precious resources are food water and shelter, all of which are threatened by climate change. Today take an action to protect our common wealth.


PISCES: You are the visionary today who reminds us that all our dreams and visions will be spun from the substance of the earth and realized upon her sacred body. Today the moon is gliding through  Virgo in your partnership sector reminding you that you are in a daily partnership with a planet that Always supports you. Today support her.




SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20TH The moon continues to shine in Leo, inspiring leadership, creativity and heart centered living.


ARIES: The moon in mighty Leo conspires with abundant Jupiter to fuel your creativity like never before. Today is official enjoy your second childhood day while dreaming up big beautiful projects that could be life altering!


TAURUS: Let your weekend begin by delighting in family fun. Today the family that plays together stays together while expanding their capacity for joy and pleasure.. Go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature together. Go hiking or do arts and crafts outside.


GEMINI: Begin your weekend by eating mental food that excites and delights you. Read up on subjects that get your heart beating. Go to a museum. Look at beauty and then begin creating some. Ge ahead do some writing or painting or dancing or singing. The Muse is with you today. Honor her.


CANCER: Today your self esteem is getting a mighty planetary boost. Your connection to creative self expression is infused with a new sense of faith, abundance and opportunity. Act as a creative leader today. As your self esteem grows, so does your desire for fiscal clarity. Today get clear about the abundant profit coming your way.


LEO: This weekend allow yourself to take center stage. Be honest about what you really want to do. Let your heart be your guide. Dare to pursue what you most love. Dare to dream big. Dare to Live. Dare to Love. Dare to Shine!


VIRGO: Today you are on a creative spiritual quest. Go to a place in nature and connect with the Divine.If that isn’t possible go look at sacred or devotional art. In the ancient world art and music were always used to connect us to the divine. Today use your creativity to connect with the sacred.


LIBRA: Today your social life could connect you to huge creative opportunities. Say yes to all invitations or if you are feeling up to it, host a wonderful, creative playful get together. Nourish yourself and your friends by letting everyone’s inner or outer child come out to play.


SCORPIO: Honor yourself today by saying no to others and yes to yourself. Your career is poised to take a wonderful expansive leap which depends in no small way upon you using your time to advance your goals. The lovely thing is that your goals look rich, joyful and delightful.


SAGITTARIUS: View the day as a creative journey. Ask yourself what is your creative destination, then put the pedal to the metal to advance your joyful playful goals. If you are engaged in a writing project this is a great day to let your golden pen flow!


CAPRICORN: You are going through a wonderful and deep inner liberation these days and today is a day of further joyful transformation. Heavenly light is pouring into places in your psyche that have been in the dark for a long time, but today feel the illumination as your capacity to share yourself and your resources with others takes a mighty leap.


AQUARIUS: Spend the day nurturing yourself by nurturing your partnership. Be extravagant in making big beautiful gestures of love that get everyone’s heart center open. Be generous. Be bold.  Make plans that are fun or inspiring. Live it up today!


PISCES: Today allow your health routine to involve fun rather than the usual routine. Make your exercise a joyful activity like hula hoop or dance or something you love. Spend some time pursuing hobbies, and enjoying your creativity. If you can do some of these activities with a partner so much the better.