The Daily Planet

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21st the Summer Solstice which marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. Two days later on June 23rd the New Moon will occur in Cancer, the sign of the Moon’s rulership and the first growing cycle of summer is underway. Mars and Mercury also travel through Cancer for much of the month giving us plenty of energy and brilliant ideas regarding nesting, nurturing, home, family and connection to roots and ancestry. Explore new ways to nurture yourself through July 21st when the sun sails into flamboyant Leo. Till then navigate the month by nurturing moonlight…Let your soul be your guide….


THE DAILY PLANET ~ SATURDAY JUNE 24TH: The growing Moon begins her soulful journey toward fullness as she continues through Cancer, her home sign, the sign of fertile gestation. It’s a perfect day to plant actual and metaphoric seeds in the garden of your life. Delight in home and nesting activities. Enjoy all forms of restorative delight. The Moon calls us home to the sea, the woods, and our own inner temple. Make yourself at home today, in your body, in your house, on the Earth, which is Mother to us all! Cancer, the most reflective sign of the zodiac, has us thinking about partnerships, our vision and our long term plans today. Take action in any area where you have gut level clarity…or just relax and restore….

ARIES: Home is calling this weekend as are landscapes that call you back to your childhood or ancestral stomping grounds. It’s a beautiful day to connect with all that constitutes soul food for you. The Moon and Mars your ruling planet join forces to inspire action to nest, rest and increase your inner and outer comfort level exponentially. Enjoy!

TAURUS: It’s a perfect day for soulful contemplation and reflection. If you feel inspired, consider jotting down your best ideas today. There is a tide of fertile brilliance flowing through your mind inspiring great ideas on the business and communication fronts. You are the voice of soulful encouragement today. Speak kindness to yourself and others.

GEMINI: The growing Moon is watering the garden of your finances as she nurtures your soulful self esteem. It’s a beautiful day to join her and take gentle actions that lead to fiscal empowerment and a deepening of your sense of self worth. Spend some time and money, feathering your increasingly lovely nest.

LEO: The Moon is beautifully ensconced in your inner ashram today along with Mercury, Mars and the radiant Sun. Today the Heaven’s shine upon your enlightenment, and inspire you to join them in elevating your consciousness. Make time for stillness, meditation, prayers and devotions. Become the Light you want to see blessing the world.

VIRGO: The growing Moon is cruising through your friendship sector along with Mercury, Mars and the radiant Sun, inspiring you to enjoy the first weekend of summer on soulful waves of friendship and socializing. The Heavens are nurturing you, by nurturing the community of love, fellowship and like minded affinity that is your human birthright. May it grow this very day by joyous little leaps and bounds.

LIBRA: The growing Moon is shining in your professional sector along with Mercury, Mars and the radiant Sun, inspiring you to take soulful steps up the sacred mountain of your cherished ambition this very day. It’s a beautiful day to make some long term or executive course corrections as you set your Spiritual Guidance System, to your true bliss!

SCORPIO: It’s a stellar day for a road trip or better yet a voyage over the water. As you travel inwardly or outwardly, let your mind travel over the ideas, beliefs, and philosophies that truly nurture your soul. It’s a stellar day to pursue the knowledge and education you may need, in order to get where you want to wind up…If you are a writer…write.

SAGITTARIUS: The growing Moon is cruising through your depths, along with Mercury, Mars and the radiant Sun. The deepest and most unconscious parts of your soul are being illuminated with Heavenly, Sunlight, Moonlight and some transforming energy and consciousness. Keep your awareness on what is being illuminated about your attachment patterns and your historic approaches to intimacy and finances. Changes are occurring way deep down…even as I type this.

CAPRICORN: It’s a beautiful weekend to keep tending the garden of your partnerships. The growing Moon is already fertilizing, weeding and planting so that beautiful new relationships spring up and existing ones thrive. Visualize the beauty, love, creativity and brilliant success you intend to create and with whom. Allow the Universe plenty of latitude to delight and surprise you with a gorgeous bouquet of fertile lovely relationships.

AQUARIUS: The Growing Moon is gently guiding you to a weekend of soulful R&R that may involve some productive puttering, organizing and work. It’s a stellar day to do all that fosters physical, mental and spiritual well being. If you feel motivated, advance work projects that call to your soul. Otherwise, do less, achieve more…or do nothing and let the tide of inspiration find you….

PISCES: Let the good times roll soulful Pisces. Summer is flowing in on waves of joyful rest, relaxation, and leisure. It’s a beautiful day to do all that delights your soul on the recreation front. Enjoy fun, play and creative self expression. Nurture yourself by nurturing a variety of creative projects or activities. Take your inner child on a soulful playdate.

THE DAILY PLANET ~ FRIDAY JUNE 23RD: Blessings of the New Moon in Cancer to All! The day begins with the Moon cruising through Gemini the sign of communication. The Moon, is the ruling planet of Cancer, the sign the Sun just entered along with Mercury and Mars. Today lovely Luna inspires us to reflect on all in our thinking and communication that is not serving or nurturing our souls. Today is the darkest side of the Moon, a perfect time for release as the old cycle dies. At 2:45 PM EDT the Gemini Moon goes void till 6:07 PM EDT when she enters Cancer, in preparation for tonight’s New Moon in Cancer which occurs at 10:31 PM EDT. Use the day to take note of all that does not serve you especially during the void period, which is a great time to write down and shred, or otherwise symbolically destroy all that you are releasing. At 10:31 PM, EDT Luna reincarnates in her crescent form, and a new cycle of fertile growth begins.

The New Moon chart cast for Washington DC is the nation’s chart for this growing cycle. The Sun and Moon travel in union as they always do on the  New Moon. Tonight they are joined by Mercury and Mars, both of whom inspire brilliance and soulful action to advance and nurture creative pursuits and all manner of family fun and activities. Cancer is the most protective sign of the zodiac. It’s the sign that is most concerned with protecting young, old and all the most vulnerable among us. This new Moon, which occurs in the creative sector of the chart, inspires creativity that speaks to maternal and protective themes. This is a great month for inner child work, nesting, cooking and exploring ancestry and history.

The New Moon chart is Aquarius rising, indicating that we are on the path of networking, socializing and activism for the next 4 weeks. A tense aspect to Chiron has us on a healing quest as we reflect on the broken World Dream, as well as our personal visions, and how to repair and revise them. Mars in maternal Cancer, grapples with Mighty Jupiter in beautiful Libra, inspiring us to make time for insular soulful incubation and time to develop expansive partnerships. Powerful Pluto opposes Mars in Cancer, indicating that our unsustainable business practices need to align instead with a nurturing maternal approach that protects and sustains life on our powerful yet fragile planet. There is a Fire Grand Trine involving Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and the North Node in Leo that inspires new, innovative, potentially lucrative business partnerships and alliances that will require some executive restructuring and tweaking.

May the Universal Mother Bless and nurture you on this New Moon and send a gentle tide of inspiration, that awakens you to the healing piece of the world dream that you are meant to manifest…

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ARIES: Today’s New Moon occurs in your home sector, where a nurturing tide of energy begins to gently flow. It’s a beautiful time to create a home environment that you feel safe and completely relaxed in. Delight in family activities, or connecting with your most trusted and nurturing friends. Reflect on partnerships that align with your need for soulful comfort. Advance creative projects that delight your soul starting today. This is also a New Moon when you can heal and forgive ancestral wounds and traumas of the past. May you be the branch on your family tree where beautiful healing and radical forgiveness occurred. As you heal a new kind of partnership becomes available.

TAURUS: A new tide of fertile inspiration begins to flow into your mind this New Moon. Tonight 4 planets including the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all align in your sector of thought and communication as the new cycle begins. It’s a stellar month for advancing writing projects or any projects involving communication. This month your mind is like soulful womb where visions, dreams and fruitful ideas will be gestating this month. Your approach to communication and your ideas about business look to be transforming. Explore new empowering ideas and partnerships. Lovely Venus journeys through Taurus in the New Moon chart, inspiring you to manifest your most gorgeous ideas

GEMINI: Tonight’s New Moon occurs in your fiscal sector, which is also the sector of self esteem and values. Tonight a soulful new cycle begins that could inspire greater self esteem and the prosperity that it attracts. It’s a beautiful month to begin treating yourself with oodles of nurturing self care and kindness, as you advance fertile ideas that could be quite lucrative. There are big changes on the range regarding joint finance as you learn to love and value yourself more highly. It’s a beautiful month to reflect on your changing professional vision and how to begin to manifest it. Think with your soul this month. Speak with nurturing kindness to yourself and others. When in doubt meditate. Lovely Venus in your inner ashram will lead you to a Higher Love.

CANCER: Gorgeous Luna, your ruling planet, blesses you with a beautiful new cycle in your sign, her home sign, tonight at 10:31 PM EDT. Tonight’s New Moon ushers in a tide of nurturing self care that inspires a gorgeous new relationship with yourself that begins to transform and empower all other relationships. This month you learn a beautiful new level of keeping the focus on yourself, that allows you to interact with others with greater empowerment and better boundaries. Delight in all forms of soulful nesting and self care as you gestate your favorite ideas. Partnerships require some attention, but not at the expense of your increasing peace of mind. The Moon is surrounding you with her nurturing Light this month, and leading you on a path toward your soulful bliss…. Follow her silvery Light home.

LEO: Tonight’s New Moon occurs in your inner ashram where the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all join the New Moon in your inner ashram in soulful Cancer inspiring a beautiful new tide of spiritual receptivity. Cancer, the sign of the Universal Mother teaches you to open to the Grace of the Divine and receive the sacred blessings that are even now gently raining upon you. It’s a beautiful night to begin or deepen your spiritual or devotional practice. As your spiritual condition changes, so will your body state. Delight in exploring yoga and dietary changes that support your increased and soulful enlightenment. It’s also time to reconnect with your creativity, which this New Moon cycle is already assisting you with. Your contribution to the world Dream involves your creativity…Reconnect with it, by scheduling time for it.

VIRGO: Tonight’s New Moon occurs in your sector of friendship, community and networking where soulful magic is already afoot. In fact the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are already busy networking in your social sector, where they are having a celebration for the New Moon. Each one of them has a beautiful contribution to make to your social life. The Sun inspires you to get out there and shine, the Moon shows you how to nurture your friendships and social network, Mercury inspires brilliant soulful ideas for new events and venues and Mars gets you taking action outside of your comfort zone. Major creative collaborations are also afoot as are shifting partnerships that may require some healing. This month it is your relationships that will truly tend you as you learn new ways to tend them.

LIBRA: Tonight’s New Moon ushers in a fertile new tide of success to your career sector which is also the sector of public life and long term goals. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are holding a board meeting in your executive suite in order to discuss fertile new ideas and business plans that will lead to your soulful success. Mars is taking action to inspire changes at your roots that will result in further empowerment. As your consort planet he is facing off wth Pluto at your roots to help dissolve family patterns that need to be released so that you may prosper and thrive like the Venusian super nova you are meant to be. Big partnerships are coming. It’s a beautiful night to imagine the expansive love, success and creative fulfillment that you were born for. Start by writing a 1 page business plan, then take action to achieve it. Say yes to help on the executive front, there’s lots available this month.

SCORPIO: It’s a new day on the philosophical front, which is also the front of Higher Learning, travel, publishing and promotion. There is a great deal of planetary activity to nurture you on any and all of these fronts this month. You are called to nurture your sense of meaning this new Moon as you take to the page, stage or podium, to share your best ideas with others. The Muses are writing and speaking through you in beautiful ways this month, be receptive to their inspiration. This is also a great month to give or take classes that will nurture your long term goals. It’s a great month to reclaim your mental authority and executive power. Make time for inner and outer journeys as you reclaimin your creativity. Keep partnering with your Higher Self. This will lead to beautiful developments with earthly partners.

SAGITTARIUS: A New tide of Light begins to gently flood your depths tonight, dissolving outgrown attachment patterns and the specters of fear and resentment. Way deep down the New Moon, joined by the Sun, Mercury and Mars is inspiring shifts in your subconscious that lead to a deep inner transformation. This transformation leads to a whole new level of nurturing self love and self care, a loving and kind new way of talking to your self and thinking about yourself, and a reclaiming of your desire nature and its most soulful expression. You have been on a journey to reclaim your executive authority, which continues, but this new Moon soulful self care and unconditional self acceptance are the name of the healing game.

CAPRICORN: Tonight’s New Moon sends a beautiful new current of nurturing partnership into your life powerful Capricorn. In fact the New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars are already partnering with you and will inspire you to connect with their earthy counterparts. The Moon partners with you to offer soft, gentle nurturing care, Mercury partners with you to inspire a fertility of new ideas. Mars helps you get things moving froward regardless of apparent obstacles and the radiant Sun reminds you to shine like a rock star as you attract partners that can share the spotlight with you. You are transforming, and so therefore are all your relationships. Keep after your empowerment as you pursue the partnerships that are gonna get the job done.

AQUARIUS: Tonight’s New Moon occurs in your sector of health, organization, daily work, and service. It is the house associated also with details as opposed to the Big Picture, and the mind and body, as opposed the the spirit. A new cycle of healing, organization and new approaches to daily work begins tonight as the Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Mars all align in this sector, to inspire fertile and soulful new activity on all these fronts. In the opposite house, the sector of your inner ashram, Pluto the transformer is busy inspiring a spiritual and executive transformation that will lead to a new inspired and empowered approach to your daily work and your mind/body state. It’ s a beautiful month to devote yourself to your skill or the details of your work or craft. It’s a lovely month to delight in health practices that combine the needs of mind/body and spirit. Reflect on the soulful service you are here to render, then take action to advance your work, craft and inspired sense of well being.

PISCES: Today’s New Moon sends gentle waves of pure delight into your sector of fun play and recreation. The planets have aligned in your sector of creativity, inner and outer children, and just plain fun. Starting right now give yourself joyful permission to explore all that delights you and all that you long to express. Make time for, leisure, play, artist dates, new forms of creativity as you cultivate heart and soul level nurturing delight. Make time to visit your favorite body of water. It’s a great month to advance creative projects, especially those involving home and family. Your career and social network both still require restructuring. Take small steps to tweak them today. The planetary Muses are lined up in your creative sector, to inspire you to be the soulful artist you want to see nurturing the world with art!

THE DAILY PLANET ~ THURSDAY JUNE 22ND: The Summer Sun gets underway, cruising through oceanic Cancer, like a giant ocean liner, built for comfort not speed. Cancer, the soulful Mother of the zodiac rocks us gently on her nurturing waves. She calls us back home to our roots and ancestry, inspiring us to seek and create security in which all that is tender within us may grow and thrive. Today, the Moon, the planetary ruler of Cancer, is cruising through Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, as Mercury is newly traveling through Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. These two planets are working together to inspire a beautiful level of soulful consciousness and communication. Today the planets inspire us to develop our EQ. Emotional intelligence bypasses the snarky self righteousness of the ego that loves the quick score afforded by judgement and self righteousness. The Soul knows that appealing to the better angels of our nature and those of our opponent is what wins the soulful day…Try kindness and empathy today. Turn it on yourself and delight in the beautiful results. Try it in moments of conflict when it feels almost impossible….It’s a beautiful day for nurturing kindness as we gestate fertile and soulful ideas.

ARIES: It’s a beautiful day to review plans involving your inner or outer home. Soulful Cancer inspires us to cultivate inner emotional security so that we feel at home in our bodies, with our soul and in our home. Today delight in cultivating all that increases your inner comfort level. Be a good mother to yourself. It’s also a great day to advance creative ideas and all manner of partnerships, which could bring prosperity, so that all boats rise.

TAURUS: The Moon is cruising through your fiscal sector today, as the Sun, Mercury and Mars illuminate and energize your most soulful thinking. Reflect on ideas that nurture, feed or shelter people or critters. The Mother of the zodiac is inspiring your business plan today. It’s a beautiful day to advance fiscal ideas that delight your soul and feel aligned with your true and deep calling.

GEMINI: Grandmother Moon is surrounding you with her silver security blanket, made of nurturing moonlight today. Delight in feeling her loving maternal presence that allows you to truly nurture yourself with inner and outer self care. The Sun, Mars and Mercury, your ruling planet, are nesting together in your sector of fiscal abundance, inspiring many a fertile and prosperous idea for you to advance today. Spend a little money on that which really nurtures your body, soul or home today.

CANCER: The Sun, Mercury and Mars are busy getting supremely comfortable as they nest in your cozy nurturing sign. Today they inspire a whole new level of fertile self care, guiding you to put your needs and loveliest ideas first. Cancerians are the maternal presence of the zodiac, but today nurture yourself first. The Moon, your ruling planet, is camped out in your inner ashram in Gemini today inspiring mental brilliance by yoking your mind, to the Higher Mind. Let it flood your consciousness with Light to guide your thoughts, feelings and very best ideas.

LEO: The Sun, Mercury and Mars are meditating in your inner ashram inspiring a beautiful level of soulful devotion that leads to greater and greater enlightenment this month. It’s a great day to invite that Light to inform your social life, friendships and networking efforts. The gracious Moon is cruising through Gemini and your networking sector, inspiring nurturing group efforts and dynamics. Today nurturing, gentle, yet brilliant communication wins the day. Advance group ideas and projects.

VIRGO: The gracious moon is cruising through your sector of career, reminding you to nurture your favorite and most soul nourishing professional ideas, while you network to beat the band. It’s a beautiful day to continue weaving and knitting the silvery web of magical community, inspired by The Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Lunar Cancer and your social sector. Imagine the sparkling web of affinity and community that you long to create…then take action to create it…Knit one..purl two.

LIBRA: All manner of Heavenly Light is sparkling in your career sector, inspiring you to do the same. Let yourself shine professionally. It’s a beautiful day to advance, fertile career ideas and nurturing approaches to executive administration that lead to soulful success. Take action to define success in a holistic way, then take action to achieve it. The gracious Moon is cruising through your publishing sector, inspiring you to define and promote your wise and wonderful services in a variety of new ways, as you advance stirring communication projects.

SCORPIO: The Sun, Mercury and Mars your ruling planet are illuminating your sector of learning, travel, and promotion, inspiring you to delight in journeys that lead to your inner or outer soulful expansion. Grandmother Moon is cruising through your depths, reminding you that your inner journey of transformation is where the soulful focus is today. It’s a beautiful day to explore and accept all of yourself. This sets the tone for  new empowered relationships to others. Cultivate security in your relationship to yourself. It’s also a beautiful day to advance matters of joint finance and shared resources, as you deepen with trusted partners.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a beautiful day to reflect on your historic and current approach to partnerships, wise Sagittarius. The Moon is cruising through your partnership sector, inspiring you to reflect on your feelings and your history when it comes to both business and personal partnerships. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are shedding Light into your sector of intimacy and shared wealth, illuminating your conditioned patterns regarding both. Transformation of these patterns is underway as you observe the tendencies that no longer serve you…and let them go. Something new is gestating on this front, trust that it will emerge in due time.

CAPRICORN: It’s a stellar day for work partnerships, beautiful Capricorn. Grandmother Moon is cruising through your work sector, inspiring a variety of brilliant ideas for you to manifest. Today she and Jupiter in your career sector in Libra, the sign of partnerships, form a stimulating tag team of expansive career collaboration. Added to this, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all camped out in your partnership sector, matchmaking you with all manner of business and soulful personal partners. Take action to seek the people and businesses with whom to joyfully and profitably connect. The planets will guide you to them!

AQUARIUS: It’s a beautiful day for creative work projects, brilliant Aquarius. The Moon is cruising though your creative sector in Gemini, the sign of versatile abilities. Meanwhile the Sun, Mars and Mercury are in your sector of work, details and practical action to advance the larger vision. Taken together, these two aspects point you toward taking practical action to advance a variety of creative projects. Today, the Muses provide the inspiration, you provide the perspiration…

PISCES: It’s a beautiful day for creative projects involving home and family, visionary Pisces. Grandmother Moon is cruising through your sector of home and roots, inspiring a variety of brilliant ideas on this front. Meanwhile the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all illuminating your soulful creativity in the sign of home and family. This is a tag team of planetary energy inspiring collaboration with family, or creativity regarding home sweet home. Beautify your nest. Advance family business or art….or simply connect with your tribe for some fun and replenishing down time.