The Daily Planet

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th, where he joins Mercury retrograde, adding radiant Light to our backward and inward reflection on all things Taurus. We are inspired to reconsider our relationship to the blossoming earth, the source of all our wealth. It’s a great month to reflect on our values, finances, and deepest sense of self worth. Mercury will retrograde back into Aries on April 20th, till May 3rd when he stations direct. Mercury will re enter Taurus moving forward, on May 16th with a new revised perspective. Saturn and Jupiter are also moving retrograde inspiring rethinking and reversals on the executive and relationship fronts. On the 20th Powerful Pluto will join then in retrograde motion. This spring we must go backward and inward before we can  move ahead.

It’s a great month to slow your pace and truly take the time to smell the roses, peony’s and lilacs. Reflect on all that you want to build and plant. Your plans may require some revisions. Delight in simple pleasures as you let your senses guide you through the month. Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus is cruising through visionary Pisces, having just gone direct inspiring us to move ahead with revised plans and visions inspired by a Higher Love and a beautiful tide of compassion. Venus, the ruler of Taurus reminds us to walk, plant and build reverently upon the  blossoming Green Earth.

THE DAILY PLANET ~ THURSDAY APRIL 27TH: The growing Moon continues her journey through Taurus today, inspiring us to till the soil of our most cherished desires. It’s a great day to rethink your approach to finance, building and growing. Plant actual and metaphoric seeds that you would like to grow in the congenial soil of the growing lunar cycle. Delight in tending your inner and outer gardens. Some weeding and rethinking may be in order given all of the retrograde planets. Let Beauty and your intuition guide you through the day. Advance material goals including one’s that require revision. Resolve to value yourself in an unshakable way. Your precious inalienable worth is a given. Act accordingly. Tonight at 9:18 PM EDT the Taurus Moon goes void till 9:39 PM EDT, when she enters quicksilver Gemini. The night looks great for entertaining your favorite ideas.

ARIES: It’s a stellar day for your material plans Aries. The word material comes from the root mater, which means mother. Today your Earth Mother wants a blossoming abundant life for you. Take action to build, plant and invest in all that you want to manifest in your life. Take productive action toward your transforming long term goals. You may be revising your path to, and definition of success. The nurturing Moon is shedding her fertile Light on the path that leads to your deep fulfillment and true, authentic success.

TAURUS: The growing Moon continues to surround you with fertile and beautiful support. Today her nurturing Light is teaching you a whole new level of deep self esteem. Love yourself today Taurus. Experiment with how it feels to truly hold yourself in high esteem. Send blessings of gratitude to your body for how it takes care of you. Take action to manifest your most soulful desires today. Its a great day to delight in actions that create abundance, beauty, security and wealth. Delight in creature comforts. Make time to spend with your Earth Mother today. She won’t disappoint you.

GEMINI: The growing Moon is meditating in your most spiritual sector again today, inspiring you to be still and grounded as you connect with both Heaven and Earth. You are the sign of the silver tongue Gemini, but today your ears are your guides. Listen for the still small voice of intuition. Mercury, your ruling planet is still retrograde, inspiring deep reflection. Today let deep listening awaken your intuition and lead you to liberating discoveries and insights. It’s a great day to work on the blueprint of your dreams, then take an action to achieve them.

CANCER: It’s a beautiful day to cultivate the garden of your social life. Keep the beautiful focus on the different strains of beauty and practical skill that your friends and associates possess. Let a deep and genuine appreciation guide your interactions with the network you are assembling. Make some time for your long term plans. Take action to revise or rethink the approach to long term success. Flashes of intuition could bring new career insight today. Experiment and think outside of the box. In fact get rid of the career box altogether.

LEO: The growing Moon is shedding her nurturing Light on your career sector along with the radiant Sun, your ruling planet. Your career sector is drenched in illuminating Light to guide you toward your correct professional Bliss. Focus on the beauty of your long term professional goals. What do you most want to create that you can actively advance today. Take action to manifest  your loveliest professional desires. Make time to schedule and budget your goals. A dream with a business plan and schedule leads to success. The night looks great for your social life.

VIRGO: The growing Moon continues her journey through the blossoming paths of your philosophical landscape. Today explore your philosophy of Beauty. What does Beauty mean to you? How do you express Beauty? How can you embody Beauty? The Sun and Moon are shedding Light on all that you long to teach express and promote. Beauty appears to be central to all of this. Imagine a world that is socially, technologically, economically and spiritually beautiful. How can you help to create, and promote such a world. Take an action toward that today. The night looks great for networking events.

LIBRA: Keep the focus on shared resources again today Libra. It’s a wonderful day to pool your talents, abilities, finances and other resources with others so that all boats rise. Delight in the beauty of collaboration. It’s a great day to explore your deepest feelings. Grandmother Moon and the blazing Sun are shedding healing Light on your core self esteem. Their combined Light is dissolving cobwebs and illuminating lies that have imprisoned you in the past. Now you can change. Now you can be free to fully blossom into your true magnificence.

SCORPIO: The radiant Sun and luminous Moon are pouring their fertilizing Light on your partnership sector, inspiring blossoming growth of important relationships. It’s a great day to take action to explore budding relationships and make time for those in full bloom. Advance projects involving business partnerships. Make time to discuss the fiscal structures of deals and collaborations. If you are single, and want to be in a relationship, it’s a great day to take action in that direction.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun an Moon are cruising through your sector of work and wellbeing, pouring illuminating insight on both. Today, in your work life, confusion is replaced with clarifying illumination. Keep the focus on the practical details of your work situation. Today the Sun and Moon light your way. The answer is in the details. Make time for health and fitness routines. Treat yourself like gold today. You are more precious than any metal in the eyes of the loving Universe.

CAPRICORN: It’s another stellar day for your blossoming creativity beautiful Capricorn. Take the creative bull by the horns and express yourself. Create, direct, produce. You are the sign of the executive. Be an executive artist today. Take charge of your creative vision. Schedule in time for fun, play and experimental creativity. Tonight the focus shifts to ideas, concepts and communication, but the day belongs to sensual self expression.

AQUARIUS: The Moon is cruising through your sector of home again today, illuminating your roots and ancestral issues. It’s a beautiful day to honor your ancestors by continuing their most beautiful traditions. It’s a beautiful day to liberate your ancestors by forgiving their imperfections and breaking dysfunctional family patterns. You are the sign of liberty. Explore the immensely liberating power of forgiveness as you beautify your home, and honor those who came before.

PISCES: Keep the constructive focus on the beauty of your message and all that you are planting, building and growing. It’s a beautiful day to explore the beauty of communication and the communication of Beauty. Delight in the art forms of your choice. Enjoy exchanging gorgeous ideas. Let your senses be the guides that inform your intuition today. See what is in front of you. Hear what is really being said. Sniff out danger and opportunity. Feel what moves you. Your body is so wise. Pay attention.



THE DAILY PLANET ~ WEDNESDAY APRIL 26TH: Blessings of the New Moon in Taurus to All! Today at 8:16 AM EDT the Sun and Moon embrace at six degrees of Taurus, initiating a new fertile cycle of growth. Taurus, the stable sign of builders, planters and patient investors inspires us to manifest our beautiful dreams. Taurus, the first sign of the zodiac explicitly associated with beauty, reminds us that all art and adornment seeks to imitate Mother Nature, our primordial Muse and Mother. This new Moon inspires us to adopt a spiritual approach to the material world. Today, live as though the Earth and your body were both sacred temples which they are! Allow your Divine lineage to The Great Spirit and the Earth Mother be the foundation of unshakable self esteem. You are a child f the Universe and the Divine artist’s signature is all over you…and the rest of creation.

This New Moon chart initiates a continued need for introspection and structural revisions moving forward. Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, conjunct Chiron the healer reminds us that we still have healing to do when it comes to ourselves. our relationships to each other and to the Great Web of Life. Mercury retrograde conjunct evolutionary Uranus, inspires us to release all that keeps us from individuation and our unique brilliance and talent. Together we adjust our thinking and take a quantum leap forward this lunar cycle. Keep restructuring all that requires systemic change. Keep reflecting on partnerships. With four planets retrograde the deep work that results eventually in a blossoming life is within. May Mother Earth, gorgeous Venus and Grandmother Moon Bless you with healing new beginnings today. May you in turn be a sacred blessing to the world.

ARIES: Today’s New Moon occurs in your fiscal sector, ushering in a beautiful new cycle of Abundance in your life. Let gratitude be your focus this New Moon. Notice how insanely wealthy you already are and give thanks for the love, beauty and bounty that are even now dancing to you. Venus and Chiron in your spiritual sector are healing relationship wounds with a Higher Love. You are ready for a game changing shift, regarding how you think about yourself. Your consciousness is ready to leap like a powerful ram into a whole new dimension. Take action to build the beautiful dream you want to manifest. Let the manifesting begin!

TAURUS: Happy New Moon in your sign Beautiful Taurus! Today both Lights of Heaven embrace in your sign. The blazing Sun and gracious Moon blend their heavenly Light as a new fertile cycle begins in which you can plant the seeds of your most beautiful ideas. This New Moon continues the healing of your sense of self, as Venus your ruling planet dances with Chiron the healer. As your self esteem continues to heal, so too do all your relationships. Today begins a beautiful cycle of social healing and expansion. You will soon delight in how your social garden grows. Make loving self care a top priority this month.

GEMINI: The slender New Moon and the radiant Sun are pouring the Light of a new cycle on your inner ashram  today, inspiring beautiful new spiritual beginnings. Much illumination is possible this month as you make stillness and inner peace a top priority. Your approach to career is changing and healing, and a new professional vision could be emerging. Mercury your ruling planet, still retrograde, is inspiring major evolutionary leaps that awaken a whole new approach to both your creativity and your social life. What requires recalibration socially?

CANCER: Today’s New Moon in Taurus, ushers in a new cycle on the social front, beautiful Cancer. It’s a great day to see your social life as a garden and tend it accordingly. Some relationships are gorgeous blooms that need attention and are worth it. Some are sturdy plants reliable and comforting. Till the soil, plant new seeds and delight in what’s growing.  Take action to exponentially grow your social garden.You will need creative assistance with the beautiful evolutionary career leaps that you can take now. Build your team.

LEO: It’s a new day on the career front beautiful Leo. Grandmother Moon and the radiant Sun are blessing your professional life today as a new lunar cycle begins. There are also many changes afoot on the education, publishing and communication fronts where quantum leaps and rapid evolution are occurring. This will play a part in the new cycle of professional success that begins today. Explore what adjustments and healing are required as you move toward your cherished goals. Set intentions today to create a beautiful professional life that supports you abundantly and aligns with your beloved values.

VIRGO: Grandmother Moon is shining her gracious Light in your sector of publishing and presentation, inspiring you to take action to manifest your most gorgeous ideas. Beauty is your guide this month, and especially today, as the New Moon in breathtaking Taurus, inspires you to create extravagantly beautiful events, projects and publications. Game changing collaborations could be on the radar. Explore mergers that are structured in entirely new ways. Lovely Venus and healing Chiron bring love, healing and new vision to your partnership sector.

LIBRA: The luminous Sun and nurturing Moon are embracing in your sector of sharing, collaboration, intimacy and the deep subconscious. Healing Light is being shed in the depths of your soul that will result in beautiful new feelings of self worth and a desire to share your self and your resources with worthy partners. It’s a beautiful day to advance collaborations, your closest relationships and business deals. There are major evolutionary shirts occurring this lunar cycle on the partnership front. Venus, your ruling planet is dancing close with Chiron, inspiring healing of your self worth, and the vision for your work life.

SCORPIO: Today’s New Moon occurs in your partnership sector where new beginnings and much healing has been occurring. Mercury’s ongoing retrograde began in this sector and inspired a major reflection of your historic approach to both business and personal partnerships. Today, the healing continues, but you are ready for something new, based on growing self worth. Mercury is in your work and healing sector, inspiring rapid evolution to your sense of self, and approach to work. Healing is also occurring in your creative sector, where Venus and Chiron are joining forces to heal your inner child and inner artist, and connect you to what you love.

SAGITTARIUS: Today the Sun and the nurturing Moon are teaming up to bring you a new cycle on the work and fiscal front. It’s time for a healing new approach to the nature of your daily work. The New Moon in Taurus is inspiring a new level of self esteem that results in greater income and constructive fertile projects. God is in the details on the career front, and the details also point the way to healing. Explore fiscal and structural details that require adjustment and could result in successful outcomes. Jupiter your ruling planet is still retrograde inspiring partnership reflections and reversals. Home looks very sweet, and is where the healing, vision, and love are.

CAPRICORN: It’s a gorgeous new day on the creative front, beautiful Capricorn. Today both Lights of heaven are shining in your sector of art, self expression and children. Today you begin a fertile new cycle in your approach to all three. It’s a great day to take practical action to manifest your beautiful creative vision. Venus and Chiron are pouring healing visions into your mind, inspiring a deeply compassionate approach to personal and Higher Love. Mercury and Uranus inspire continued evolution on the home front where changes continue. Be the constructive creator you want to see in the world.

AQUARIUS: Today’s New Moon is occurring at your roots, powerful Aquarius where both Lights of Heaven are shining. Today begins a new and beautiful approach to home and family that involves some deep emotional healing. Take action to create a beautiful, comfortable home environment that reflects self worth when you enter your home. Home is the foundation that supports or thwarts your worldly success. Create stability that will support your success. Mercury and Uranus continue to inspire major mental evolutionary leaps. Venus and Chiron inspire a Higher Love and a sea of compassion to guide your Vision, and all your relationships.

PISCES: Today’s New Moon occurs in your communication sector where beautiful, constructive developments are underway.  It’s a great day to take steps to manifest your most cherished ideas and projects. Delight in the Beauty of your message or your medium. This New Moon you look poised to take an evolutionary leap on the fiscal front. How you make money may be changing. Explore what fiscal evolution would look like. Technology is your friend on this front. Finally beautiful Venus and Chiron the healer are teaching you a new level of loving kindness toward yourself. Love is blessing and healing you this month..let the healing begin!