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FRIDAY DECEMBER 26TH: A Joyous Kwanzaa to all who celebrate!!! The moon is in gentle Pisces all day inspiring us to be compassionate and imaginative. Today the true holiday spirit is one of forgiveness.


ARIES: Today you are inspired by the spirit of compassion and forgiveness. Whatever has been bothering you, today you can simply let it go. Feed your soul by listening to music, watching movies that inspire you or connecting with peace and quiet.


TAURUS: Make plans to be with friends today. Enjoy the company of people who roll the way you do. Take in a movie or a yoga class. This is also a lovely day to have friends over. Kick back and relax today. Mellow out and go with the flow.


GEMINI: Enjoy your imagination today Gemini. Dream up your ideal life. Dream up your favorite communication projects. While you’re at it today spend some time dreaming for the world at large. Dream up a compassionate world with reverence for all critters great and small. Can’t hurt.


CANCER: Enjoy your partnerships today. Hole up and enjoy some quiet time, unless of course you can take a trip today that brings you close to water. Allow your mind to unspool as the weekend beckons. There is plenty of work coming your way. For today unwind.


LEO: Today it is as though the Ghost of Christmas past has arrived to encourage you to forgive the past. Let it go. Today you are encouraged to truly and most especially forgive yourself. The Ghost of Christmas future is also on hand to show you the beautiful golden future that awaits you!


VIRGO:  The moon is wandering through your house of partnership today encouraging you to make romantic or cozy plans. This is also a good day to reach out to associates and business partners. Share your vision. Dream up plans for the new year. Dream big, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


LIBRA: Today what feels best is getting your ducks in a row. Spend some time tidying up after the holiday. Take stock of things before planning your next adventure. The trick today is to go with the flow. Imagine that you are swimming or gliding through your environment creating order.


SCORPIO: Enjoy yourself today Scorpio. Let your focus be on replenishing pleasure. Plan an activity that is genuinely fun. Spend time near water, Let your eyes delight in whatever view most inspires you. Listen to your favorite music. Eat your favorite food. Enjoy!


SAGITTARIUS: Home is where the soul longs to be today Sagittarius. Allow yourself some family time or some nesting time or both. Create a lovely dreamy atmosphere in your home and thoroughly enjoy it. You are gearing up for a career climb, but for today curl up and do a little dreaming.


CAPRICORN: You are connecting with loved ones in a deeper way than usual. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow others to be vulnerable. Banish blame and accept your humanness today. The key to everything today is compassion and forgiveness. Luckily your mind is flowing with both.


AQUARIUS: Today dream up collaborative projects with friends and companies that share your vision. You are a networker par excellence today. Today your cherished projects could find funding miraculously….


PISCES: You are a healing visionary today. Your imagination is especially fruitful. Use this magical faculty to imagine beautiful harmonious outcomes. Use your soulful compassion to send silent prayers and blessings where there is conflict. Today you effect the outcome in a sacred way.



THURSDAY DECEMBER 25TH: Merry Christmas! May your heart be Light! Today the moon goes void in Aquarius at 10:11 AM EST and stays void till 11:07 PM EST. This is truly a day to get spiritually centered. Go with the flow. Be patient and kind while traveling. Let the day follow its own course as we contemplate the true meaning of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Tonight when the moon enters Pisces, the sign associated with Christianity and Buddhism, we are inspired to be filled with compassion and forgiveness for all. Peace and Blessings to All !!!!!



ARIES: Take it easy today as you focus on the beautiful web of friendship that supports your life. Go with the flow with regard to social plans. Meander through the day. Spend a little time dreaming up new creative ideas. Float along on a river of Grace.


TAURUS: Give some thought to your public persona today. Friendship and close collaboration continues to be an important theme for you this year. Contemplate who you most want to work with this year. Your work could truly benefit humanity. Spend some time today reflecting upon how you are meant to unite us.


GEMINI: Today you are on a beautiful philosophical journey with friends. Celebrate as you contemplate the meaning of life, love and fellowship. Today the journey is more important than the destination. If stuck in holiday traffic, practice good will on the streets and the highways!


CANCER: Today connect with your closest friends. Connect with the people of your inner circle. You know, the ones who know the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Today invite the light into your deepest darkest places and replace all judgement with acceptance. Close friends help with this.


LEO: This Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, ask for a whole new approach to partnerships. If you are single ask for a wonderful partner to share your big beautiful creative life with. These days your friends are the key to lighting up your life. Be a beacon of generous light today.


VIRGO: Continue organizing festivities today. The holiday beauty is in the lovely little details. Enjoy creating festive beautiful gatherings. Enjoy the details but don’t sweat them. Let whatever you do be enough. Remember you and your loving heart are the real gift. Try to Chillax a little.


LIBRA: Let the fun and games continue today. Let go of any attachment to schedule or control. Enjoy yourself and your playful fun loving spirit. Be of excellent cheer and delight yourself by playing like a kid. Your social life is a beautiful nurturing support. Enjoy!


SCORPIO: Spend the day with friends or family or both. Connect with people who want what is best for you and support your splendid and growing career vision. This may be a working holiday for you. If so it begins a major new fiscal focus that supports your golden future. Ask Santa for abundance beyond your wildest dreams.


SAGITTARIUS: Take a delightful mental vacation today. Allow your thoughts to dwell on what is most pleasurable to you. Let your mind wander where it will, munching on inspiration and joy. Reach out to friends and go with the mental flow. Express love and friendship to all.


CAPRICORN: Spend today in a beautiful reflection on what you value the most in life. Notice how lucky you are. Noticed how wealthy you are. Today your greatest wealth is your abundance of loving and generous friends. Express gratitude to your beautiful circle of friends and feel your bonds deepen.


AQUARIUS: You are the very spirit of universal friendship, reminding us that we are one big family here on earth. You are the spirit of Christmas present today reminding us all to do good deeds of kindness that have a ripple effect of changing everything for the better. Don’t forget to be good to yourself today!


PISCES: Enjoy both your friends and your creativity today. Play, create, sing, dance. Allow yourself to delight in a playful group spirit. Allow yourself to relax in the loving embrace of your friends and community. Surf the wave of delightful social activity.