The Daily Planet

The Sun rides his solar chariot into Sagittarius on November 21St shedding Light, and bringing context and wisdom to our journey through Scorpio’s depths. The Sagittarius Sun inspires us to hop in the saddle of wild exploration and delight in the inner and outer journeys that will connect us with a rich and enlightening tapestry of cultural traditions to inform our lives. It’s a gorgeous month to delight in cultural variety. We need wisdom guiding us to sane and sacred ways of living on this beautiful planet and this month wisdom abounds. Avail yourself of streams of wisdom that come to us from all corners of the globe…

THE DAILY PLANET ~ THURSDAY DECEMBER 14TH: Blessings of Sacred Light to All who celebrate on this second day of Hanukah.   It’s another powerful day to consciously invite the Light into the darkness of the waiting world. Today Grandmother Moon teams up with massive Jupiter, in order to perform epic housekeeping and Feng Shui. This is a day to make Big inner and outer changes to your life and your sense of empowerment. Luna and Jupiter working together can reveal the big patterns that keep us personally and collectively stuck and then assist us in releasing them. Invite Divine Light and Energy into the world at large and your world in particular. In this way the world is transformed and illuminated! Major alchemy is afoot today…May all our lead be transformed into the glistening Gold of Higher Consciousness, Divine Love and Goodness…this very day.

ARIES: Luna in Scorpio continues her journey through your sector of mergers and deepest feelings where much is afoot. Reflect on the big beautiful mergers that are presenting themselves in both your personal and professional life. Surrender to the heavens all unreasonable or ancestral fears around real closeness and epic success. Dare to face your fears and find your bliss.

TAURUS: It’s another powerful day on the partnership front where major transformation is underway. Reflect on all that you must transform and release in order to fully embrace the opportunities for authentic and empowering business and personal partnerships that are presenting themselves. Luna and mighty Jupiter are merging forces in order to expand your life and ability to love, exponentially.

GEMINI: It’s another powerful day at work where epic transformation is at hand. Today you have the power of a reiki tornado to clean, clear, heal, reorganize and otherwise transform your own life and the lives of your clients. Release patterns that no longer serve you. It’s a perfect day to make transformational changes to daily routines. Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to get the epic, life expanding job done.

CANCER: The powerful Scorpio Moon is joining forces with massive Jupiter in your creative sector, where major activity is afoot. Today Luna and Jupiter are connecting you to your creativity in a BIG way. If there is a big project that calls to you, answer the call. If you have been creatively blocked, surrender the block. It’s time to connect to the moving forces of your soul and boldly go where you have yet to go creatively. Happy trails!

LEO: It’s an epic day on the home and family front where big empowering changes are afoot! Luna and massive Jupiter are joining forces in your home sector, inspiring major changes that lead to an exponentially more nurturing home and family life. It’s also a wonderful day to explore travel plans and writing projects from your home. The big expansion is at your roots today. The strength of the roots determines the health and growth of the tree.

VIRGO: It’s another beautiful day for mental empowerment beautiful Virgo. Luna in Scorpio continues her journey through your mind and today she merges forces with massive Jupiter in order to expand your thinking. Keep your eye out for big, alchemical ideas regarding transformation, mergers and all forms of deep sharing. Take note of ideas that resonate with your belly barometer, as you release the mental clutter that prevents empowered thought and action.

LIBRA: It’s another big day on the fiscal front, where it’s time to think bigger, broader and cross culturally. Lovely Luna in powerful Scorpio is still cruising through your fiscal sector, where today she meets up with massive, expansive Jupiter. It’s time to entertain some big, powerful and potentially lucrative ideas. Invite them in, serve some refreshments and take note of which ones to advance. Mergers could bring real wealth to you this year. With whom, is the question.

SCORPIO: Grandmother Moon continues to bless you with her alchemical Light today. This Light, and the empowering transformation it inspires, is greatly amplified as Luna and mighty Jupiter join forces. Notice where a deep inner shift is occurring. What major baggage is it time to release so your hands are free to receive the golden opportunities that are seeking you this year. Breathe out all that has held you back…Breathe in your empowered Beauty, power and shimmering Light.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s an epic day for your spiritual development, beautiful Sagittarius. Today nurturing Luna joins forces with massive Jupiter in your inner ashram, where spiritual alchemy is afoot. Today your capacity to surrender to the Source takes a Big Step forward. Paradoxically your forward movement depends entirely on your capacity to step back and let your Higher Self and the battalions of Angels surrounding you take the wheel. Allow yourself to be guided by the Force that can do anything but fail.

CAPRICORN: It’s a fantastic day for your social life, beautiful Capricorn. Today Grandmother Moon and massive Jupiter are teaming up in your networking sector in order to widen your sphere of influence and provide big, beautiful and empowering opportunities through friends and associates. This is no day to be a wallflower. Burst out of the cocoon of former realities and be a social butterfly of staggering beauty and power.

AQUARIUS: It’s an epic day for your career or public life, beautiful Aquarius. Today Luna continues her journey through your career sector, where she will merge forces with massive Jupiter, inspiring major, expansive change on the career range. It’s an excellent day to contemplate big changes and all that must be released so that your expanding dreams of success become a powerful reality.

PISCES: It’s another powerful day to transform and advance your message, soulful Pisces. Mercury is still retrograde in your career sector and today Luna and mighty Jupiter merge forces in your publishing sector to nurture your expanding capacity to express and promote yourself. Keep releasing what has not worked in the past. Be honest with yourself about what needs to change in you. Epic alchemy is afoot today to assist you as your butterfly wings grow.



THE DAILY PLANET ~ WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13TH: Blessings of Sacred Light on this first day of Hanukah to all who celebrate! May the Light we ignite begin to grow and bathe the World in Healing Light! This morning the void Libra Moon heads into Scorpio the sign of the shadowy depths at 8:59 AM EST. The first candles of the Festival of Light are lit tonight while Luna illuminates the potentially darkest sign of the zodiac. It is in fact a perfect day to Light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Better yet, BE the candle of Divine Light and compassion that you want to see illuminating the world. Resolve to transmute your own negative qualities. We All have them….with no exceptions, which makes it easier to admit them. Illuminate the world by seeing to your own illumination today. Ask Divine Light to shine into your fears, angers, jealousies, pettiness and all the usual suspects that we each must grapple with. Resolve to spread Light and Blessings wherever you go today. If you are Jewish and even if you are not, BE the first candle of the season today. Shine your Holy Light.

ARIES: Luna dives into the deepest sector of your chart today, where epic transformation is afoot. Massive Jupiter and Mars your ruling planet are both at work to transform your capacity to share yourself and your resources with others. This afternoon Luna and Mars join forces to assist you in advancing fiscal and personal mergers that are truly expansive and deeply soul nourishing. Luna and Mars also assist you in releasing deep patterns that may have stood in the way of your deepest fulfillment. Let them go….

TAURUS: This morning at 8:59 AM EST, Luna heads into powerful Scorpio and your partnership sector. Your expansion this year will be occurring in this sector as major opportunities for personal and professional expansion will come through Jupiter’s influence to expand your life through partnerships. This afternoon Luna and Mars team up to increase your desire for deeply nurturing relationships and mergers, as you become more willing than ever to release the relationship patterns that no longer serve you.

GEMINI: It’s a powerful day to transform your life by transforming the organizational details that create order, health and well being for you on a daily basis. The Scorpio Moon is on hand today to help empower you by empowering your relationship to your body and your home environment. This afternoon Mars and Luna team up to energize you as you take powerful effective action that brings a whole new level of success to your daily work life.

CANCER: It’s a stellar day for creative alchemy, soulful Cancer! Today Grandmother Moon is cruising through your creative sector, which is also the sector of your inner child, with her magic wand in hand. Her wand has the power to zap through fear based creative blocks, dissolving them with waves of joyous Light. This Light reminds you that joy, creativity and self expression are your birthright. This Light wraps around your inner child, and ever so gently invites them out to play. It’s a perfect day to take your inner child’s hand and make some delightful art together. Have fun!

LEO: It’s a stellar day to transform your home, beautiful Lion! Today Luna joins Mars in your home sector, where epic changes are afoot. This is one of those days where extreme effort is fueled by the planets, and will yield epic results. It’s a perfect day to release inner and outer family clutter. Luna is on hand to help you let go of ancestral emotional patterns that are yours to transmute. Release self defeating family patterns as well as self defeating clutter, thus freeing yourself and your ancestors. When in doubt, throw it out….or donate.

VIRGO: It’s an excellent day for mental empowerment, beautiful Virgo. Mercury, your ruling planet, continues his retrograde journey, inspiring you to rethink on many levels. Today Luna in Scorpio, joins Mars in your sector of thought and communication to connect you to your true and deep desires, as well as your most empowering ideas and strategies. Mars and Luna are also on hand to dissolve and delete patterns of conscious and subconscious thought and word that do not empower you. Work with Mars and Luna today. Set your mind on Empowerment. Delete all else.

LIBRA: It’s a stellar day for fiscal and emotional empowerment lovely Libra. It’s time to examine your fiscal and emotional relationships and commitments reflect on which you value most deeply. Release those that are not fair. Reflect on mergers that need to dissolve, as well as mergers that would be mutually fulfilling and advantageous to advance. Enjoy some fiscal housekeeping as well! Reflect on powerful new streams of income that you could invite into your life. Emotional and fiscal empowerment is the name of the game today.  Let the rewarding Games begin!

SCORPIO: Luna is with you today beautiful Scorpio. Today she surrounds you with her empowering yet nurturing Light as she travels through your sign. This afternoon she joins forces with Mars, your ruling planet to reconnect you with your most soulful desires as you jettison those that are not truly authentic to you. Use your legendary ruthlessness to release all that does not nurture your beautiful soul, even as you take empowering action to nurture, tend and cultivate the garden of your cherished desires. Make time for rest and regeneration as well. Desire cultivation is hard work…

SAGITTARIUS: Grandmother Moon in shamanic Scorpio has donned her white robes and is conducting sacred ceremony in your inner ashram. Today she is blessing you with the both the Sacred Light of the Heavens and the ceaseless love of your ancestors beyond the veil. Join Luna today. Put your spiritual life first today. Release your cares and woes into the arms of the Great Spirit. Invite the Divine Will to direct your entire Being today, thus becoming a healing channel of Sacred Light for the waiting world.

CAPRICORN: Grandmother Moon is cruising through your networking sector in powerful Scorpio, where later today she will be networking with Mars, and tomorrow she will be deeply collaborating with mighty Jupiter. Be like Grandmother Moon. Use your energy today to strategize about your networking and group efforts. Luna wants you soulfully nurtured on a social level and Mars wants you victorious. Reflect on what needs to change in order to be soulfully victorious within your group, networking and community efforts. Act accordingly.

AQUARIUS: Grandmother Moon in powerful Scorpio, strides into your executive sector in order to make some empowering changes to your professional strategies. Today she consults with Mars, who is busy at work, drawing up new plans, helping you define professional victory and the effective strategies that will lead to success. Join Luna and Mars. Be ruthless in your assessment of what has not worked. Be willing to utterly release it. Reflect next on success and how best to achieve it. Remember to invite your Higher Self into all rumination, thus assuring success.

PISCES: The Scorpio Moon is cruising through your sector of philosophy, higher learning, and publishing where epic changes are afoot. The end point of these changes is your empowered capacity to communicate your transformational message, or present your expanding skills and services. Reflect on what needs to change on either of these fronts. Let go of playing it small. This year bigger is better. Dare to embody your magnificence. Shining your Light is a public service. If you have been hiding it under a bushel, ditch the bushel….this very day.




THE DAILY PLANET ~ TUESDAY DECEMBER 12TH: Today Luna in justice loving Libra gets busy in her efforts to bring our souls and our world into balance, (another word for justice). Today she inspires us to bring our business goals, ideology, beliefs and thinking into harmony with the principles of balance and justice, without which there can be neither peace nor beauty. Today we can assist her lovely efforts, by restoring ourselves to peace and balance. From that place inner poise we can adjust our rapidly evolving relationships accordingly. Make a commitment to Peace and Beauty today. Begin by exploring what peace is and how you can best support it. Reflect also on Beauty and how to consciously embody and further her breathtaking and moving appearance within our society. In every interaction and activity pause and ask yourself what the most beautiful action, response or creation would be…Act accordingly and enjoy the sublime blessings that Beauty bestows when we allow her to guide our daily dance steps.

ARIES: Luna in gorgeous Libra is your stunning partner all day today. It is your nature to lead, mighty Aries, but today let your gorgeous partner, in her guise as the Libra Moon lead, and awaken you to a more sublime dance of partnership that celebrates your authentic self. Stand in your awakened presence and from that place enjoy the dance of community, philosophy and blissful authentic relationship.

TAURUS: The Libra Moon is cruising through your sector of daily work and well being, trailing streams of healing Light as she goes. Today her Light illuminates where you or partners have been out of balance. Her peaceful, gentle Light helps to restore you to the peace and poise that supports healthy balanced relationships. Your Higher Self is also on hand, awakening you to a Higher Love, and an increasingly awakened presence that elevates all discourse.

GEMINI: The Libra Moon continues her gorgeous journey through your creative sector, inspiring all manner of exquisite creativity. Delight in allowing your inner artist to have free reign today. Beautiful outcomes will be the result. Tonight Uranus and Luna enjoy an awakening dance, that results in a new approach to collective creativity. It’s a beautiful evening to create and celebrate with your brilliant, gifted community.

CANCER: The Libra Moon is cruising through your home sector again today, inspiring you to establish your home in peace. harmony and restorative beauty. Tonight your beautiful family foundation, will assist you in taking steps to succeed in your increasingly authentic career. It’s a beautiful night to nurture family relationships and projects that involve or support your career.

LEO: The Libra Moon is flying through your mind again today, flanked by Beauty and Peace as she goes. Delight in the Gracious Presence of these gorgeous qualities and allow them to inform your thinking, your speech, your legendary creativity and your entire being. Resolve to being a direct agent of Love and Beauty. Keep this breathtaking focus as you traverse the sacred loveliness of this day. Let your mind be blissfully boggled by a myriad ways to fulfill this stunning mission.

VIRGO: It’s another lovely day to bring your fiscal partnerships into beautiful balance. It is also a beautiful day to delight in the staggering beauty of the material world and your capacity to further material beauty in your person and your surroundings. You are awakening to your sacred inestimable worth, and that awakening will shift all of your relationships. Reflect on the new paradigm for personal and business mergers that is poised to take an evolutionary step tonight.

LIBRA: Luna in your beautiful sign is cocooning you again today in the nurturing beauty of her silken Light. Soak it in gorgeous Libra. We need you nourished by the nectar of exquisite beauty and lovely relationships so you can radiate your Grace filled presence to the waiting world. Nurture yourself on all forms of Beauty today. As you do, your Light with radiate the spirit of the Dove of Higher Love and Sacred Beauty to all points in space and time. Center yourself in Divine Love and the Peace that has no opposite.

SCORPIO: The Libra Moon is wrapped in her silken robes of Holy Light as she meditates in your inner ashram. Today she is meditating on your powerful Beauty and the partnership that would most perfectly awaken you to a sacred and Higher Love, while providing you with worldly companionship and earthly comfort. Open yourself to this meditation in order to elevate existing partnerships or to help you call in the One. Keep your relationship to the Source primary…Let all else flow from there.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s another beautiful day to awaken to an entirely new way of being within your relationships, wise Sagittarius. Today Luna inspires you to take Justice as your guide again. Let her inform all of your partnerships so you can easily come back to center when things become imbalanced, as they inevitably do in life. This evening you are ready to awaken to a new level of deserving entitlement when it comes to partnerships. You deserve fairness. Period.

CAPRICORN: It’s another beautiful day in your executive suite where Luna in gorgeous Libra is redecorating as she assists you in rewriting your business plan and mission statement. Staggering Beauty is called for, as is a new level of Justice that requires a major rebalancing of the scales on an executive level. Two new sigils will decorate your inner office. The scales of Justice and the accompanying sword, to cut away all that will not balance.

AQUARIUS: It’s another beautiful day for you on the communication front, where beautiful partnerships are forming. Today Luna is preparing you for an evolutionary leap in consciousness that will take your thinking, and your capacity to communicate to a Higher Level. Ready yourself for this by inviting the Light of the peaceful, justice loving Libra Moon into your consciousness, along with the quantum shift that Uranus in Aries will be providing. Free your mind. All else will follow.

PISCES: The Libra Moon is blessing the underwater coves of your psyche, with the peace and deep healing inspired by her Light. Today that Light is working with the Light of your Higher Mind to get your self esteem, relationship to abundance, and closest relationships to a whole new level of being. You were born to be loved, accepted and showered with the beauty and abundance of the sacred material world. Today your capacity to receive these birthrights takes a big, deep and healing inner step forward.