The Daily Planet


WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD: The Moon is void in Sagittarius from 2:06PM EDT till 6:15PM EDT. For all signs this is a good time to pull in get centered and organized and avoid making important purchases and big decisions


ARIES: Begin your day like an athlete. Feed your body energy food, do some exercise, then tackle correspondence, promotion and writing. After 2 :06 PM get centered and organized around the overall trajectory of your career.


TAURUS: Today view your deepest relationships as a journey. This morning enjoy the scenery and the terrain. From 2PM EDT till 6:15 PM EDT meditate on the direction and destination that you want to arrive at with both business and personal partners.


GEMINI: Begin your day by taking 3 little actions to nurture your partnerships. Notice your partner doing something right. Make a sweet gesture like bringing them coffee or leaving a kind note, tell them one thing you really love about them.  Be truly generous and feel tensions evaporate.


CANCER: Today have fun with health routines and work. Be adventurous, try some super foods and an approach to exercise that you actually enjoy. At work clear your desk using Feng Shui principles and create a truly nurturing work environment.


LEO:  Begin your day with adventurous acts of creativity. Wake up early and spend the morning having fun. Put on music and dance yourself awake. Do some playful coloring or whatever gives you joy. Then bring this playful attitude to the workplace and watch creative solutions emerge.


VIRGO: The Sun in your sign this month inspires us all to get healthy clean and green. Today the gentle moon in your home sector brings your focus to creating nurturing environment to your home. Stock the fridge withy healthy food and snacks. From 2:06 PM EDT till 6:15 PM EDT contemplate your creative life and how to unleash it.


LIBRA: Your thoughts are really on partnerships this month with Mercury cruising through your sign. Today the moon encourages you to speak to friends and partners as though words were nutrients. Select your words to fortify strengthen and nourish your audience. Between 2:06 PM EDT and 6:15PM EDT Pull in and contemplate your overall message.


SCORPIO: Spend the morning thinking about your fiscal goals. Most financial planning involves some risk. These days the smart money is on your considerable creative talent. Spend the morning exploring writing or theatrical creative projects that can make you buckets of duckets.


SAGITTARIUS: The moon in your sign today continues to inspire you to nurture yourself. For you this includes making travel plans, exploring higher learning or philosophical ideas or having athletic or plain old raucous fun. From 2:06 PM EDT till 6:15 PM  get centered and contemplate how your finances could support a more adventurous life.


CAPRICORN: Begin your day in meditative action. Go jogging, work out, have breakfast, do the dishes, but remain focused on what you are doing. Bring this mindful focus to everything you do today. From 2:06 PM EDT till 6:15 PM EDT pull in and reflect upon your career plan. After 6:15PM EDT list 3 concrete actions you plan to take this week to support your vision.


AQUARIUS: Begin your day with friends if possible. Approach life today as a team sport where everyone wins through collaboration. Be adventurous and daring in reaching out to new people, and organizations. Today till 2:06 PM EDT your reach is positively global!


PISCES: Begin the day making bold moves toward your most cherished professional dreams and visions. Today this could well involve publishing, pitching and presenting. Schedule important calls and meetings For the morning and early afternoon. After 2:06 PM EDT Make a list of thirty people who might be able to help you.