The Daily Planet

The radiant Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, joining massive Jupiter who will be traveling through Scorpio till November of 2018. This is a big year for Scorpio as Jupiter will bring expansive opportunity to the sign of empowerment and transformation. Scorpio inspires us to undergo the metamorphosis that will see us transformed like the Phoenix or the butterfly, both creatures associated with Scorpio. Mercury is also traveling through Scorpio till November 5th, deepening our perception and emotional intelligence. The Sun will illuminate the Scorpio depths till November 21st when he sails into Sagittarius. Use this month to deepen, transform and seek empowerment. It’s a great month to advance personal or professional mergers. It is time to take partnerships that are worthy of commitment to the next level.

THE DAILY PLANET ~ THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23RD: A Blessed Thanksgiving to All! Today the Sagittarius Sun illuminates the beauty and bounty of creation that we give thanks for. This morning the Capricorn Moon goes void at 5:33 AM EST till this evening at 3:14 PM EST when she enters humanitarian Aquarius. While the Moon is void in Capricorn, the sign of commitment, responsibility, and sacrifice is a perfect time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives provided by those who came before, and the many sacrifices they made on our behalf. It’s a beautiful day to reflect on our deepest sense of sacred duty, and how to best leave bright abundant blessings in our wake…

Today Luna in both Capricorn and as of 3:14 PM EST, Aquarius, inspires us each to be the Blessing that inspires joyous gratitude. Reflect on how best to serve others today with your kindness, humor, art, creativity, skill, maturity, resources, gentleness, acceptance, strength, Love and Presence…You are gifted in so many ways…you are a cup running over with Grace…Share all that you have and all that you are…You were created to be a gift that this world would one day be grateful for…Today is that very day…

ARIES: The Capricorn Moon is cruising through your executive sector this morning trailing streams of nurturing Light that inspire you to reflect on your most sacred sense of duty and responsibility and how to deploy it for the Greater Good.. This afternoon Luna cruises into social, humanitarian Aquarius and it’s time to nurture and delight in your community. Be a gift to your friends, family and community today. Be a loving generous presence today. Be the gift.

TAURUS: The Capricorn Moon is cruising void through your philosophical sector this morning, reminding you that you have a part to play in serving the world through your responsible and wise message. Reflect on what you feel called upon to say, and how you want to say it. This afternoon Luna waxes into your career sector in humanitarian Aquarius, inspiring you to connect with colleagues and associates as you take loving action to support your community. Be the blessing you want to see in the world.

GEMINI: The Capricorn Moon is cruising void through your sector of ancestors this morning, inspiring you to send them waves of gratitude for their struggles, triumphs and all that they did that resulted in your appearance here on earth. This afternoon the growing Moon waxes into Aquarius, and your sector of adventure and it’s time for social and humanitarian exploration with friends. Take generous action on behalf of your favorite cause today. One tiny Grace filled action changes the entire day.

CANCER: The Moon is cruising void through your partnership sector this morning, inspiring you to reflect on your most soulful sense of responsibility within your committed relationships. It’s a beautiful morning to be of service to your partner. This afternoon Luna cruises into Aquarius and your deepest sector, inspiring deep sharing with friends and your beloved community. It’s a beautiful day to share your authentic presence with those you love. That is always your most precious gift.

LEO: The growing Moon in responsible Capricorn is cruising void through your sector of work, health, organization and service this morning, inspiring you to reflect on how to use your skills to benefit those around you. Help with the little things today, on the road, or the kitchen be a spirit of kind, generous service. This afternoon the Aquarius Moon cruises into your partnership sector, inspiring you to delight in partners and friends. Explore how your combined efforts could assist others and the world.

VIRGO: The Capricorn Moon is cruising void through your sector of fun and creativity this morning, inspiring you to delight in a playful creative morning. Fun is contagious. Let a contagion of joy, laughter and fun, be your gift to those around you today. This afternoon the Aquarius Moon will be gracing your sector of work, health and service, inspiring you to help out with holiday festivities and group activities. Delight in a spirit of service. Bless your friends and family with small acts of service, kindness and Grace.

LIBRA: The Capricorn Moon is cruising void through your home and family sector, inspiring an easy breezy morning when you may be called upon to serve the family. Do so in a relaxed manner as you let the day unfold. This afternoon the Aquarius Moon cruises into Aquarius and it’s time for fun, games, and experimental creativity.  invite your inner and outer children to create today. Art saves the world on a daily basis. Make some today.

SCORPIO: The growing Moon in Capricorn is cruising void through your mind this morning, inspiring a spirit of reverie and refection regarding your most soulful sense of duty and responsibility. This afternoon the Moon cruises into Aquarius and your home and family sector, inspiring you to nurture yourself by connecting with friends, family and your most nourishing relationships. Today by serving your family, your serve the world. Charity and Grace begin at home.

SAGITTARIUS: The Capricorn Moon is waxing void through your fiscal sector, inspiring you to reflect on finances and your fiscal goals and responsibilities. It’s a beautiful day to reflect on all the good that can be done with money. This afternoon when the Moon has cruised into humanitarian Aquarius and your sector of communication, send your favorite cause a contribution. Luna inspires you to be a voice of elevating consciousness this afternoon. That is your public and private service today.

CAPRICORN: The growing Moon is cruising void through your sign this morning inspiring increased self care and replenishment. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Use the morning to recharge your battery so that later this afternoon, when the Moon heads into Aquarius, you can delight in letting your friends and cherished community know just how precious they are to you. Delight in social activities and cherished causes. Feel free to combine the two.

AQUARIUS: This morning Luna is cruising void through your inner ashram inspiring you to get spiritually centered by connecting with Source. Begin your day with a meditation on gratitude that will carry you through the day. At 3:14 PM EST, Luna cruises into your sign and inspires you to be the nurturing humanitarian presence that gives back to the world. Luna in your sign also inspires some nesting resting and cocooning at home in order to replenish you beautiful soul.

PISCES: The Capricorn Moon is cruising void through your social sector for the first half of the day, inspiring you to go with the social flow as you delight in friends and community. At 3:14 PM EST Luna cruises into social Aquarius and your inner ashram, inspiring a sacred connection to your cherished friends and humanity as a whole. It’s a wonderful day to dream up beautiful visions with your community. Take one tiny action to make them real.



THE DAILY PLANET ~ WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 22ND: Today at 9:21 AM EST, mighty Neptune, the planet of dreams and visions stations direct in Pisces, his home sign, after months of retrograde travel. While the planet of dreams and spiritual unity has been traveling backward, he has been inspiring us to re-imagine the world we want to be living in. Neptune is the planetary steward of enlightenment, unity consciousness and conscious connection with Source. Since mid June he has been swimming us back to our undeniable sacredness and that of our world as we awaken spiritually.

Each of us has a part to play in our awakening, both by achieving a higher level of consciousness and by sharing both our essence and our unique skill set with the world….Review your personal vision, which should lead you to your Bliss. Review your vision and dream for the world, which should do the same…We are one my beloveds, may we awaken to our indivisible unity together, with joy in our hearts…and a smile on our lips…

Today the growing Moon will assist us in manifesting our worldly visions as she waxes through Capricorn the sign of the goat, queen or king of the Sacred Mountain. Today Luna in earthy Capricorn, aligns with Neptune, inspiring reflection on what we are willing to give up, in order to manifest our dreams…and what we are willing to sacrifice for the Greater Good. This afternoon Luna in Capricorn merges forces with powerful Pluto, giving us the ruthlessness to release goals and visions that are superfluous, so we can use all of our sacred energy to go for our most cherished and authentic dreams. It’s a wonderful day for empowered transformation. Grow your gorgeous wings within the cocoon…The azure sky awaits you.

ARIES: The executive suite beckons today as the growing Moon in Capricorn and powerful Pluto are holding an executive meeting in your professional sector. Your increased empowerment and success is on the docket. The Moon is interested in your soulful happiness, nurturing family life and inner well being. Pluto wants your worldly success, and deepest desires fulfilled. Join them today. Reflect on what you want and the practical strategy and schedule to achieve it. Your Angels are with you today, aligning you with the Divine Vision for you.

TAURUS: It’s a lovely day to review your vision for your social life as Neptune stations direct in your networking sector. Reflect on your dreams of community and friendship. The growing Moon in Capricorn is climbing through your philosophical sector, inspiring you to keep some focus on your beliefs, your message, and how to broadcast it more effectively in order to grow your network. It’s a great day to advance your powerful dream and powerful message. The world needs to hear it.

GEMINI: This morning visionary Neptune stations direct in your career sector, inspiring you to reflect on the shift to your career vision in the past few months. Today, Luna is waxing through Capricorn and your shared fiscal sector, inspiring you to review how mergers, collaborations or divestments play a part in your dreams and your awakening vision. It’s a stellar day to move things ahead with partners and investors that you are committed to.

CANCER: It’s a stellar day to reflect on the visionary projects that you would love to create and put forth, as dreamy Neptune stations direct in your publishing sector. Partnership could play a big part in all that you are interested in presenting to the world. The Capricorn Moon is cruising through your partnerships sector today, where she merges with transformational Pluto, to empower your dynamics with partners. It’s a perfect day to advance dream projects with powerful partners. Manifest your gorgeous vision.

LEO: This morning visionary Neptune stations direct in your sector of mergers, intimacy and transformation where deep healing has been occurring for months. Reflect on how your vision has changed in these areas. Today the Capricorn Moon is on hand to help you  achieve your revised vision and she’s not alone. Powerful Pluto will be assisting her in helping you get your goals clarified, in order, and well on their way to being achieved. Action is the magic word and today executive action is the most powerful action of all. Take some

VIRGO: Today Neptune the Dreamweaver stations direct in your partnership sector, where much has been shifting for months now. Today, take stock of your revised vision regarding business and personal partnerships. Reflect on all that you long to create collaboratively. Today the Capricorn Moon will assist you in making your revised dreams a reality especially on the creative front. This afternoon Pluto will assist her in transforming and empowering your creative life so that you have a greater sense of agency, authority and joy! Make time for joyful self expression.

LIBRA: Today mighty Neptune the dreamweaver stations direct in your work sector where things finally begin moving forward, and in alignment with a new vision for your daily life and overall well being. Take an action to achieve your new vision for success. The Capricorn Moon will be assisting you and today Pluto the transformer will be helping her. You are changing way deep down, and your empowerment will have ripple effects that begin to deliver your empowered, fulfilling vision to you. You deserve it.

SCORPIO: Today Neptune, the Dreamweaver stations direct in your creative sector after months of retrograde travel. It’s a beautiful day to connect with your inner child, inner artist and the revised vision for your life that includes soulful creativity. Today the Capricorn Moon is waxing through your mind trailing fertile, brilliant lucrative ideas for you to act upon, some of which will be creative. This afternoon Luna will merge with Pluto, inspiring mental empowerment that gets you moving relentlessly toward success.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a beautiful day for your home life, where Neptune the Dreamweaver will station direct after months of retrograde travel. Your vision for home and career has been clarified during this time. Today take stock of your new vision. The Capricorn Moon is waxing through your fiscal sector, and she’s interested in bank rolling your revised vision. Today she will be taking meetings including one with Pluto, the planet of hidden wealth, to see that your finances are also waxing into full gorgeous abundance. Join them. Take action that generates abundance.

CAPRICORN: Today Neptune changes direction as he swims through your mental sector weaving a dream of breathtaking scope and staggering beauty. He has spent months pulling your mind back to the Source, back through ancestry, back to the forgotten Dream of Unity, and now it is time to swim forward and share all that you have remembered and discovered with the world. You are not alone as you work your healing magic. Today the Capricorn Moon cocoons you in her silky and nurturing Light as she merges with Pluto, whose deep magic is empowerment and transformation.

AQUARIUS: Today visionary Neptune stations direct, in your sector of finance, values and self esteem where your vision has been shifting for months now. It’s an excellent day to take stock of all that has shifted in your dreams and visions. Today the Capricorn Moon will assist this process as she waxes through your inner ashram which is also the sector of dreams and visions. This afternoon Pluto will be joining her, to further transform and empower your vision and the connection to Source that will help you achieve it.

PISCES: This morning Neptune, your modern planetary ruler, stations direct in your sign after months of retrograde travel that had you revising your vision for yourself and your life. Today you can begin swimming forward in the soul nurturing waters of your new vision. You will not be swimming alone. Today the Capricorn Moon and Pluto will be inviting your empowering friends, allies and community to come along for the gorgeous visionary ride. Enjoy!

THE DAILY PLANET ~ TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21ST: Today is the last day that the Sun will spend in Scorpio till next October. Mighty Jupiter however, will remain in the sign of the transformational depths inspiring epic change on all levels through November of 2018. Take note of all that the Sun has illuminated as he journeyed through Scorpio. Resolve to continue with changes that lead to empowered transformation.

Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the Sun will ride his solar chariot into Sagittarius, the sign of the wise centaur who presides over travel, higher learning, wisdom, cultural exchange, astrology and publishing. For the next four weeks as we approach the winter solstice, the Sagittarius Sun will shed Light on a tapestry of cultural wisdom traditions and faiths, inspiring us to explore the beauty and collective wealth of the global community. With executive Saturn, in Sagittarius till just before the winter solstice there is a greater gravity to the Sun’s journey through the this jovial, adventurous sign. We are called to seek sustaining wisdom by which to govern our personal and collective lives. May that wisdom find us and inform all that we think, say, and do. Allow curiosity and the pursuit of wisdom and truth guide you through the next four weeks.

The waxing Moon in Capricorn guides us through the day, inspiring wise executive action that leads to success while protecting and nurturing all that is vulnerable, thus introducing compassionate soulful, maternal approaches to the pursuit of success.

ARIES: It’s an excellent day to focus on administrative matters and the details of mergers, fiscal deals and all that requires your active attention today. Tonight the Sun leaves your sector of shared finance and heads into your sector of cultural travel, faith, publishing and promotion for the next four weeks. Delight in exploring the art, wisdom and festivities of cultures different than your own. Renew your commitment to your favorite devotional path. It’s a stellar month to toot your own horn. Advertise your skills and services. The world needs them and will be blessed by them.

TAURUS: The Sun spends his last day in your partnership sector in Scorpio illuminating the realm of relationships, till 10:05 PM EST tonight, when he begins to shed his dazzling Light in your depths. for the next 4 weeks. The Sagittarius Sun will be joining brilliant Mercury, and weighty Saturn, in order to inspire wise, enlightened thinking, regarding consequential mergers that you are considering. The Sun will be illuminating this sector for the next 4 weeks assisting you with fiscal and emotional decisions and plans. Luna inspires you to advance publishing projects today.

GEMINI: The Sun sheds his final Light on your work and health sector for the year today, inspiring you to take stock of all that you need to change with respect to work and health routines. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the blazing Sun will cruise into your partnership sector, illuminating and warming your most important relationships with his life giving Light for the next 4 weeks. Executive Saturn and Mercury your ruling Planet have already taken up residence in your partnership sector in order to inspire wise thinking and weighty commitments with respect to business and personal partnerships. Luna waxing through Capricorn has you reflecting on your deepest feelings and long term executive plans.

CANCER: Spend the Sun’s last day in Scorpio, reflecting on all that still requires transformation in your creative life so you can be more fully self expressed. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST the blazing Sun begins illuminating your work and health sector, where Mercury and Saturn are already conferring, in order to bring you greater well being and success. Use the next 4 weeks to get clear about your work priorities and commitments. Do the same with respect to your health and well being. It’s a stellar month to explore wise new cultural practices that can bring new richness and greater fulfillment to your daily life.

LEO: The radiant Sun, your ruling planet, spends his last day in Scorpio for the year, in your home sector today, where he has been illuminating all that requires empowered transformation. Jupiter will remain here for for the next 12 months assisting with the transformation of your home. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the Sun rides into Sagittarius and your creative sector, inspiring a rich variety of creative self expression for the next 4 weeks. Delight in all that calls to you creatively. Today is a perfect day to organize your life to accommodate greater creative fun and explorations. Let the arts, crafts and games begin!

VIRGO: The Scorpio Sun spends his last day till next year illuminating your mind, but mighty Jupiter stays behind to continue the epic mind expansion that is underway in you, till next November. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the Sagittarius Sun begins shedding his Light and warmth on your hearth, home and family, inspiring luminous, wisdom to bless your home for the next 4 weeks. The radiant Sun will be joining executive Saturn and brilliant Mercury who already nesting with you to inspire clear and wise thinking, and a new sense of empowered authority on the home front that has far reaching consequences in all areas of your life.

LIBRA: Today is the last day that the Scorpio Sun will spend in your fiscal sector for the year. Mighty Jupiter will remain in this sector for the next 12 months, inspiring major expansion of both your finances and your self esteem. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST the Sagittarius Sun rides his illuminating chariot into your sector of thought and communication, where he will be inspiring brilliant ideas for the next 4 weeks. He will be joining executive Saturn, and Mercury the messenger to inspire wise, practical, executive thinking that leads to all manner of success. It’s a great time to define your goals as you gallop toward them.

SCORPIO: This is the last day that the Sun will spend in your sign till next year, beautiful Phoenix. Take some time to reflect on all that was illuminated regarding your sense of self during the past month. Mighty Jupiter will remain with you for another 12 months, expanding your identity and showering you with transformational opportunity. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the blazing Sun heads into Sagittarius and your fiscal sector to focus his spotlight on your finances and how to best increase them over the next 4 weeks. He will be joining brilliant Mercury and executive Saturn, to inspire brilliant, lucrative, executive action. It’s time to prosper!

SAGITTARIUS: Today is the last day that the blazing Sun will spend in your inner ashram till next year, where he has been inspiring, greater illumination. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet, will remain in this sector for another 12 months inspiring the enlargement of your soul and vision. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST the magnificent Sun gallops into your sign and begins shedding his brilliance Light and warmth upon you for the next 4 weeks. Welcome to your birthday season! It’s time to shine like a rock star as you share your luminous brilliance with the world. Mercury and Saturn are also cruising through your sign, inspiring executive intelligence and great ideas that lead to success.

CAPRICORN: Today is the last day that the Sun will spend in your networking sector for the year. Mighty Jupiter will remain in this sector for the next 12 months, inspiring a gorgeous expansion of your social network. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the Sagittarius Sun makes his yearly sacred pilgrimage into your inner ashram, where he will spend the next 4 weeks elevating your consciousness. Brilliant Mercury and weighty Saturn, are both in this sector, inspiring brilliant thinking and visionary executive intelligence that leads to the earthy manifestation of your sacred, practical vision.

AQUARIUS: The Scorpio Sun spends his last day in your career sector till next year, where he has been illuminating and transforming your career path. Mighty Jupiter will remain in this sector for the next 12 months to continue expanding and empowering your career possibilities. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the Sagittarius Sun will gallop into your networking sector where he will be illuminating your social life for the next 4 weeks. He will be joining Mercury and Saturn, your ruling planet, to inspire brilliant and effective approaches to building community, coalitions and friendships that leads to the fulfillment of your networking goals.

PISCES: This is the last day for the year that the Scorpio Sun will spend in your sector of higher learning, communication projects and presentations. Massive Jupiter will remain behind in order to continue to expand your message and your ability to communicate it. Tonight at 10:05 PM EST, the Sagittarius Sun gallops into your career sector and begins climbing toward the heights of your cherished ambition for the next 4 weeks. The Sun will join the planetary caravan that currently includes Mercury and Saturn who both have their eyes on the prize, and will steer you upward till you reach the summit of successful fullfilment.

THE DAILY PLANET ~ MONDAY NOVEMBER 20TH: The week begins on a philosophical note as the waxing Moon continues her journey through Sagittarius, the traveling sign of wisdom and higher learning. Luna will merge with Mercury at dawn, inspiring wise and soulful thinking. By late afternoon she dances with evolutionary Uranus to liberate us from inner and outer falsehoods that keep us from our authentic expression. By evening she sails into the arms of Saturn, where she aligns us with our most soulful commitments and sense of duty. It’s a beautiful day to advance your best ideas as you move actively toward your most cherished goals. Take action today that shows your subconscious that you mean business, as you travel toward blissful success. Commitment followed by action leads to victory.

ARIES: Begin the week with action to advance and promote your favorite projects. Crystalize your mission statement. Reflect on it, refine it, then share it with the world. The Sagittarius Moon is stimulating some truly brilliant thinking in you today. Let wisdom inform your long term goals and commitments. Seal them with focused action to achieve soulful, fulfilling success.

TAURUS: The growing Moon is working with Mercury and Saturn today to help you advance wise mergers, fiscal deals and the deepening of partnerships you are committed to. It’s a perfect day to move forward with decisions and commitments on the partnership and collaboration front. Make sacred time to share your feelings with your beloved. Consult with your belly barometer today.

GEMINI: The growing Moon begins the week waxing through your partnership sector, where it’s time to advance your nurturing plans and commitments. Luna begins the day partnering with Mercury, your ruling planet, to inspire wise and clear thinking about business and personal partnerships. By evening she joins forces with Saturn, inspiring you to commit to soulful, reliable partners.

CANCER: The growing Moon is cruising through your work sector hand in hand with Mercury, the quicksilver messenger, inspiring you to hone and deploy your communication skills and your wisdom in the service of others, as you reflect on projects that it is time to advance. By this evening, Luna and Saturn join forces to help you commit to your work, your message and the best way to convey it.

LEO: The growing Sagittarius Moon is cruising through your sector of art and creativity, trailing streams of fertile Light that inspire your brilliant self expression. Today, she joins forces with Mercury to inspire your best ideas. Tonight she merges with executive Saturn to help you commit to the creative path that truly feeds your soul. Take practical action to advance your joyous self expression today.

VIRGO: The growing Moon in Sagittarius is cruising through your home sector again today, blessing it with her fertile generous Light. Today she joins up with Mercury to inspire great ideas and wise family communication. This evening she will merge forces with Saturn, inspiring you to commit to your most soulful family responsibilities, and release those that are not authentic or fair.

LIBRA: The growing Moon in Sagittarius continues her gallop through your mind, where she joins forces with brilliant Mercury who adds rational wise thinking to your emotional intelligence, which is off the charts today. Be guided by both your feelings and your rationale today. This evening the Moon and Saturn have you weighing your most soulful ideas and commitments.

SCORPIO: It’s a wonderful day to take income generating actions powerful Scorpio. The growing Moon in Sagittarius, merges forces with Mercury this morning to stimulate wise, adventurous, fertile ideas that could generate streams of abundance. This evening Luna and Saturn join forces in your fiscal sector to inspire your executive commitment to a soulful prosperous path.

SAGITTARIUS: The growing Moon is in the saddle and cantering through your sign today with a song in her heart and a smile on her lips. Join her. Mercury, the planet of intelligence will be joining her on the trail this morning, inspiring wise, intelligent thinking and communication. This evening executive Saturn joins forces with her to inspire your growing executive intelligence and commitment to your soul’s true duty…which includes the pursuit of your happiness!

CAPRICORN: The growing Moon continues her visionary journey through your spiritual sector to assist in the manifestation of your Divinely Designed dreams and visions. This morning she joins forces with Mercury to inspire imaginative brilliance. This evening she merges with Saturn, your ruling planet, aligning your executive goals with your soul’s most nourishing vision. It’s time to manifest!

AQUARIUS: The growing Moon in wise Sagittarius, is cruising through your networking sector where she meets up with Mercury to shoot the brilliant breeze and share ideas and possibilities. This evening she will do the same with executive Saturn, to inspire your executive thinking on the networking front in order to help you build a broader coalition of support as well as professional success.

PISCES: It’s another excellent day to advance your professional success, as the growing Moon continues her ascent on the trail toward your committed goals. This morning she meets up with Mercury to clarify your wisest and most soulful goals and ideas, so that tonight when she joins forces with executive Saturn, you can commit to them.



THE DAILY PLANET ~ SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18TH: The growing Moon gets underway in her waxing journey after yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio. Today she travels through equestrian Sagittarius in search of wisdom and soulful philosophical guidance. Philosophy is often approached as a dry and dusty subject, with little day to day application, but nothing is farther from the truth. Our conscious and subconscious beliefs have much to do with shaping our lives, and in turn shaping our world. Examine yours today. Does your philosophical code or belief system nourish your soul, or cause you distress. It’s a beautiful day to jettison beliefs that do not serve you or the greater good and join Grandmother Moon in search of those that do. As Luna cruises through wise and generous Sagittarius, I recommend exploring gratitude as a guiding principle today. Notice as you journey through the day how immensely wealthy you are and how much you have to be grateful for. Gratitude creates immediate wealth and well being. Here’s some: Thank you for taking the time to read these words. I am grateful for your presence at this page…

This morning at 7:15 AM EST Mars in Libra will be squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn causing transformational tension to square our partnerships with our long term goals. Be honest about what is working for you and what is not within business and personal partnerships. Tension can be creative. Use it wisely.

This afternoon at 12:51 PM EST, the Sagittarius Moon and Neptune square off to align our philosophy and beliefs with our overarching vision and our spiritual practice and awakening. Allow your Higher Self to inform your thinking and beliefs. Make time for meditation.

ARIES: It’s a wonderful day for inner and outer adventure, mighty Aries. Saddle up and explore some new trails. Reflect on cultural beliefs and traditions that nourish you and advance your cherished beliefs. As you travel through the day reflect also on wonderful ways to promote your services or advance publishing projects. You may be feeling some tension between your business or personal partnerships and long term goals. Tension can be healthy and can lead to creative solutions. Make space to simply be with it.

TAURUS: Grandmother Moon journeys into your depths today, trailing streams of Light that inspire wisdom and give meaning to your deepest feelings and any difficulties you have gone through in life. Luna is also inspiring you to be wise as you discern with whom to deepen and from whom to divest. It’s a fertile day to advance the partnerships that align with your most cherished beliefs. Reflect on your long term vision and the mergers and group efforts that will see it manifested. Dare to be vulnerable with trusted beloveds.

GEMINI: The growing Moon is cruising through your sector of partnership today, trailing streams of nurturing energy that inspire you to actively nourish the soulful business or personal partnerships that nurture you. It’s a lovely day for adventure and exploration with your partners. Go somewhere new, try something new. Take your curiosity along for the ride today. Life is an adventure, and today Luna is our guide, leading us to new and wise cultural traditions that can nourish the soul of your partnerships.

CANCER: It’s a beautiful day to explore new health and wellness practices, while advancing your favorite projects and honing your skills. Try something new today on the health front. Delight in trying new healthy food, new fitness routines or any practice that leads you to greater health and well being. Health is the foundation of happiness. Actively pursue practices that lead to mental clarity, peace and presence. Delight in super foods, yummy nutrition and sensible exercise. Luna, now growing, also inspires you to make some headway with the projects you love best…action will feel empowering on this front. Take some.

LEO: It’s an excellent day for your creativity, luminous Leo. The growing Moon is galloping through your creative sector, and a posse of Muses are riding with her. Join them and ride through the creative terrain of your inner landscape. Seek inspiration there, then roll up your sleeves, and get to the joyful work of creative expression. Advance your favorite projects, hone your creative skill and delight in the art and play that feeds your beautiful soul. It’s a particularly great day for writing and publishing projects. Advance them this very day. The world needs your art and your Light!

VIRGO: Grandmother Moon is visiting your home sector blessing your nest with streams of energy that inspire you to delight in traditions from many cultures that could nurture your home and family in wonderful new ways. Delight in exploring some new approaches toward, nesting, resting and family ceremony and interaction. Love and real intimacy begin at home. Resolve to create a wise and safe environment in which people may share their feelings with safety. Delight in the soulful art of nesting today.

LIBRA: It’s a beautiful day for wide ranging thought and philosophical communication, beautiful Libra. Today your mind is galloping hither and yon along with Grandmother Moon, who is blazing wonderful new trails through your mind. Delight in exploring new concepts and wise practices that lead to health and happiness. It’s a great day to advance your best ideas, especially on the publishing front. Today, let your long term goals guide your thinking and your decisions especially on the partnership front.

SCORPIO: It’s a wonderful day to pursue income, abundance and a deeper sense of self esteem. Grandmother Moon is traveling through your fiscal sector, trailing streams of abundance that lead you to greater wealth and the self esteem that will attract it. Take action today to generate new income. Enjoy the wealth you already possess. Use it to support authentic self care. Sometimes a small expenditure leads to deeper well being and self respect. Never underestimate the power of warm new socks, or a 10 minute chair massage to elevate well being. Treat yourself like gold today, as gold is the endpoint of the alchemy you are in the midst of.

SAGITTARIUS: Grandmother Moon is growing as she travels through your sign, inspiring a day of soulful, adventurous, self care. It’s a great day to ride with her and explore a variety of ways to nurture yourself. Try something new today, that you have always wanted to do. Make time and space for your feelings as well as for extra rest and regeneration. You are the sign of gratitude, let that be the name of the horse that you ride through the day…She will guide you to the most beautiful destinations in your inner and outer world.

CAPRICORN: It’s a beautiful day for a spiritual vision quest, beautiful Capricorn. Grandmother Moon is waxing as she rides to the sacred sights of your inner and outer landscape. Join her today. Explore the sacred canyons, forests and mountains of your inner world, where your Sacred Vision, can more easily find you. Wander down the gorgeous trails of your Vision, delighting in the beauty of what is possible. Then in your outer life take the visionary action that will begin to make your dream a reality.

AQUARIUS: It’s a beautiful day for your social life, beautiful Aquarius. Grandmother Moon is traveling through your social sector, trailing streams of magnetic energy that align you with your tribe of affinity. Hop in the saddle with Grandmother Moon and let her lead you to the people, places, colleagues, friends and allies that are destined to help manifest your vision, just as you are here to play a part in their sacred dream. Delight in social activities. They will lead you to your Bliss today.

PISCES: Even though it’s the weekend, your career is calling, soulful Pisces. Today the Sagittarius Moon is traveling through your career sector trailing streams of wise, adventurous and playful Light. This Light inspires you to explore and advance your most soulful and delightful desires as you climb the sacred mountain of your cherished success. Take action to define and advance the goals that truly delight you. The time is now, to pursue your professional happiness. Action is the magic word. Take some this very day….



THE DAILY PLANET ~ SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18TH: Blessings of the New Moon in Scorpio to All! This morning at 6:42 AM EST Grandmother Moon appears as a crescent, and begins her fertile waxing phase in Scorpio, the sign of transformation and regeneration. The New Moon chart cast for Washington DC has Scorpio as the rising sign of this chart making the national New Moon chart a triple Scorpio. We may expect major transformation on both the national and personal levels over the next 4 weeks. We are still reeling from the revelations of sexual malfeasance in Hollywood and Washington, and it looks as though this trend will continue along with fiscal and all manner of shadowy revelations as well. In our personal lives we are also called to spiritual housecleaning, while we observe the revelations of the shadow of our collective consciousness.

Scorpio, the sign of the Phoenix and the butterfly reminds us in the words of Thomas Hardy that: “If a way to the better there be, it exacts a full look at the worst.”  It is easy to become self righteous as we observe the outing of individual predators and criminals, but if we believe in a holistic universe, we have all played a part in creating and enabling the culture we are living in, and more to the empowered Scorpio point, we can each play a part in the awakening, transformation and rebirth into the collective butterfly of a regenerated society that is seeking to be born through each of us.

Scorpio does not begin as the Phoenix or butterfly. It begins as the Scorpion or caterpillar. The arc that creates the regenerated creature involves a death and rebirth. In the case of the Scorpion it involves a deep dark look at the shadowy unconscious and all that lurks there. This is a simple, but not easy process.

To locate our shadow, we must simply locate the individuals, group or cohort that we viscerally loathe and we have in all likelihood found our shadow. The next phase involves integrating the shadow through spiritual and psychological work, so that traits once disowned and projected onto others can find their balanced place within the psyche. The final phase is the appearance of a new creature who has integrated their shadow and is therefore balanced and empowered rising from the ashes of its former existence.  The butterfly follows this same arc and must allow the complete dissolution of the former self within the cocoon as the imaginal cels communicate and oversee the new architecture of the butterfly.

This New Moon, the planets are asking us each to undertake the process of personal transformation. The Sun and Moon in the first house of the Washington DC chart ask us to surrender both our personalities, and our soulful inner selves for transformation. Uranus in quincunx to the New Moon will be shedding evolutionary, revolutionary Light to reveal what within us requires major change.

Chiron in Pisces will be lending healing and spiritual support to awaken us to the healed and transformed vision of our future selves. Massive Jupiter and lovely Venus, both in Scorpio, are in the spiritual sector of the New Moon chart, indicating that we are called to a major spiritual transformation that aligns us with the Vision, Higher Love, and purpose that is ours by Divine Design.

There are other noteworthy aspects in the New Moon chart, the tight square between Mars, the warrior in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn, indicating that how we administrate our world is under significant pressure to be restored to balance, peace, beauty and justice. Much is likely going on behind the scenes in powerful places. But we can each effect change, and profound change at that, by keeping after our personal awakening and transformation.

It is of interest that chaos theory posits the power of a butterfly fluttering its wings and utterly changing a paradigm. As mighty Neptune the Dreamweaver awakens us to our Sacredness, Indivisible Unity and Divine Nature…May we each transform…and be the butterfly that utterly changes the world…..

PS The Moon goes void at 6:42 AM EST, till 7:

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ARIES: Today Grandmother Moon begins her growing cycle through your sector of shared resources, mergers, intimacy and transformation where new beginnings are afoot. These beginnings could well involve further transformation and empowerment as you actively pursue your heart’s beautiful desire. Your deepest relationships and the beautiful long term vision for your life are about to move forward. It’s a perfect day to begin to build the blueprint of your most cherished dreams. Align your partnerships with your deepest desires and begin to advance both. May you manifest your deepest bliss this month.

TAURUS: This morning’s New Moon begins to bless your partnership sector with gorgeous, transforming new beginnings. There’s an epic line up in your partnership sector that includes, the Sun, New Moon, massive Jupiter and lovely Venus, your ruling planet, all in the sector of partnership, making this is an incredibly fertile New Moon on the partnership front. It is a though a thousand butterflies have emerged from inner cocoons and are guiding you to new connections, collaborations and transformed partnerships that will lead you to your visionary social network and the healing evolutionary contribution you are here to make on this earth.

GEMINI: Today Grandmother Moon begins a fertile and major new cycle of transformation and fertile growth in your sector of work, health and mind/body/spirit alignment. It’s a beautiful day to take action to align your work with what you deeply love. It’s a gorgeous day to begin new health practices that will lead you to your mental, physical and spiritual well being. Today the planets are with you. The Sun, New Moon, Jupiter and lovely Venus are in favor of your daily and long term fulfillment. Join them today and act to make your epic dreams a reality.

CANCER: It’s a beautiful day for your creative rebirth, soulful Cancer. Luna, you ruling planet begins her fertile journey through your creative sector, and she is not traveling alone. Today her planetary posse includes the Sun, massive Jupiter and stunning Venus. Today they invite the Muses to awaken you to your beautiful creative calling, which includes not only epic self expression and creative transformation, but more child-like play, fun and recreation. It’s a perfect day to honor the New Moon and the planets by having fun, and creating!

LEO: Home is where the heart is, but today it is also where an epic new cycle of transformation begins that strengthens your foundation and empowers your career. The Moon is cruising through your home sector today trailing fertile healing energy that creates transforms and clears your home energy so that epic success and fulfillment may find you. The Sun, New Moon, Jupiter and Venus are with you today as you begin a powerful new cycle of transformation at home and in your family relationships. Use the day to make beautiful changes at home as you deepen your connection with family.

VIRGO: This morning the gorgeous Scorpio Moon begins her fertile cycle through your mind where new empowering ideas begin to take hold. Lovely Luna is not traveling alone through your expanding consciousness. She is in the excellent company of the radiant Sun, Mighty Jupiter and beautiful Venus who are working with her to inspire empowered, enlightened, gorgeous and fertile ideas to be acted upon starting this very day. Align your thoughts and ideas with your sacred vision, and move forward. It is time to manifest your breathtaking and visionary ideas.

LIBRA: Today the Scorpio New Moon begins her fertile journey through your fiscal sector, and she is not traveling alone. Today she and the Sun illuminate all within your conciseness that must change so that epic waves of wealth and abundance can flow into your life and your bank account. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and lovely Venus, your ruling planet are part of Luna’s planetary posse, on hand to inspire brilliant ideas and mergers that lead to real wealth and all forms of abundance and deepening love. Take fertile action to generate income and other forms of wealth. Adopt an attitude of gratitude this month…It will magnetize you for more things to be grateful for.

SCORPIO: The New Moon blesses you today as she begins to shed her fertile, growing Light on you. It is as though Luna is cocooning you in the silk spun from her nurturing silvery Light, combined with the golden Light of the Sun, which inspires radiance and courage, the expansive energy of Jupiter which inspires wealth and wisdom, and the gorgeous Light of Venus that inspires transformed beauty and deep love. This cocoon of fertile Light initiates a growing transformation that results in your glorious emergence as a greatly empowered creature able to manifest your sacred and beautiful vision. Take empowered action that supports your ultimate goal. We need you empowered. When it comes to our collective transformation, you are the leader of the pack.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Scorpio sheds her powerful Light in your inner ashram, where a fertile new spiritual cycle begins today. Luna is not alone in your inner ashram, and neither should you be this month. The New Moon in Scorpio is traveling with the radiant Sun, lovely Venus and massive Jupiter, inspiring you to travel with beloveds and philosophically aligned people also seeking enlightenment. Today begins a beautiful cycle of spiritual expansion and transformation while the tide of Light is growing within you. Make time for prayer, meditation and communal spirituality….you won’t regret it.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon is holding a powerful networking event in your inner ashram to celebrate the growth and expansion of your social life and network. She and the Sun are merging forces to inspire a beautiful empowered and enlightened new approach to building a supportive social life and a brilliant professional network. Meanwhile Venus and Jupiter are working on expanding your network exponentially and seeing that harmony and beauty pervade your relationships. Join the Moon and her companions today, delight in building your big, beautiful creative team.

AQUARIUS: The New Moon is blessing your career sector with a beautiful new cycle of expansive growth and she is not alone. Today she, the Sun, massive Jupiter and gorgeous Venus, all in powerful Scorpio are ready to move ahead with transformational and expansive plans for your career. Join them. Reflect on your most beautiful goals for your career or public life, then move ahead to make your executive vision come true. It’s an excellent day to reflect on the mergers and collaborations that could be game changers. The evening looks great for your social life.

PISCES: The New Moon in Scorpio, begins blessing your publishing sector, where big, beautiful, empowering projects are poised to move forward. It’s an excellent day to reflect on what you want to say or present and how you want to say or present it. It’s an excellent day to set intentions for your favorite projects and how to get them off the ground and into gorgeous manifestation. The Scorpio Moon will be assisting you with fertile momentum for the next 2 weeks, and she won’t be alone. Be like her. Join forces with the brilliant, artful friends and associates who can help you get the beautiful job done.