The Daily Planet

The radiant Sun enters Libra on September 22nd, the autumn equinox, opening an inner and outer portal of exquisite balance that seeks expression in the world. For the next four weeks the Sun will illuminate the sign of the scales, spotlighting issues of justice, partnership, beauty and balance. The equinox chart describes our astrological directives for the season. This fall looks to be one of shifting alliances. Some relationships will be deepening, while others will be dissolving. Our careers and long term goals require our responsible attention this fall. Climb toward your sacred ambition with your chosen partners and teammates. The Sun with be pitching his gorgeous tent in Libra till October 23rd, when he enters powerful transformational Scorpio. Till then take Venusian Beauty as your guide. In all moments of indecision ask yourself: What would be the most beautiful response to this matter…Beauty will elevate your thinking, and whatever she touches…embody her this very day.


THE DAILY PLANET ~ SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH: The growing Moon continues her journey through powerful Scorpio again today, however she will be traveling void from 3:33 AM EDT through the rest of the day. It is therefore an excellent day to pull in to a meditative state in which you reflect on personal transformation and all that you must release in order to effect the empowering changes you seek. It is also a great day to reflect deeply on our feelings regarding mergers and our closest relationships. Much is awakening and changing on that front as Uranus and Jupiter face off. The equinox chart indicated that mergers and divestments are indicated this fall. Use this day of soulful reflection to consult with your deepest feelings about your relationships. Let fairness and mutual empowerment be the metric by which you judge relationships….as well as your belly barometer…

ARIES: It’s a beautiful day for emotional reflection about your closest relationships, beautiful Aries. You are a sign known for moving forward and leaping before you look. Today you are called instead to meditate before leaping, especially when it comes to personal and professional mergers. Check in with your deepest feelings and instincts about where you want to deepen or close the deal and where your belly barometer is not on board. Reflect.

TAURUS: The growing Scorpio Moon is void in your partnership sector all day, inspiring a reflective, go with the flow kind of day on the partnership front. It’s a beautiful day to avoid emotional conflicts with partners, and instead simply go with the flow and make space for any deep feelings that may be emerging around partnerships. Use the day to cultivate your health and well being. Place a warm fuzzy sweater of compassion around your feelings today.

GEMINI: The growing Moon is void today in your sector of health, well being and organization, making this a stellar day for fall cleaning and clearing. Tidying up is a great activity to engage in during the void Moon. As you clean up your outer life, your inner life also begins to sparkle and shine. It’s a beautiful day to reflect on both your creative life and your work life as you clean, clear and organize your life.

CANCER: The growing Moon in Scorpio is wandering void through your creative sector, making this an excellent day for an Artist’s Date. In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron suggests a weekly date to feed your inner artist. Take yourself somewhere that inspires your joyous creativity. Feed yourself high octane food of inspiration, as you reflect on powerful collaborations that could manifest your favorite artistic projects.

LEO: Home is where the empowering transformation occurs today. Wander through your home with a notepad today. Take note of areas that need decluttering, broken items to be tossed, and repairs and renovations to be made. Empower yourself by taking action to transform your home environment. It’s a perfect day to transform your home with an eye to beauty and love.

VIRGO: The growing Moon in Scorpio is cruising void through your mind, inspiring you to take a meandering mental vacation of sorts. It is always wise to start the day with meditation and today that is especially wise. Ask for guidance and divinely inspired intuition to guide and direct your thinking through the day. Then let go and let your mind drift here and there. Watch streams of thought and waves of inspiration. Reflecting is quite creative….enjoy

LIBRA: The growing Moon in Scorpio is cruising void through your sector of finances making this and excellent day to reflect, meditate and contemplate your fiscal life and mergers you are considering. This is not the day to take decisive action or make decisions. Rather, consult with your feelings, instincts and belly barometer about who and what is most important to you.

SCORPIO: Grandmother Moon is cruising void through your sign today, powerful Scorpio making this an excellent day for meandering, unscheduled, go with the flow self care. You are the sign of deepest feelings, potent transformation and all kinds of mergers. If this fall looks to be a season of deepening connections, (and it does) what needs to change in you so you can step up to the plate of deep and powerful partnerships and collaborations. You cannot change anything about yourself till you first accept it…

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a beautiful and powerful day for your spiritual life, wise and generous Sagittarius. Grandmother Moon is traveling void through your inner ashram in powerful Scorpio. This is an excellent day to begin the day by getting spiritually centered. Start the day with prayer, meditation, or your devotional practice of choice. Write down anything that you need help transforming and releasing. The Divine Alchemist is in, and ready to turn all your base inner metal to pure gold.

CAPRICORN: The growing Moon in Scorpio is cruising void through your social sector, inspiring you to delight in a day of unscheduled, go with the flow socializing. Some days, it’s wonderful to simply hang out with one’s peeps, with no particular plan or agenda. This is that kind of day. As you go with the social flow, reflect on all collaborations and group efforts that you are considering with a soft, soulful focus.

AQUARIUS: The Scorpio Moon is cruising void through your career sector, inspiring you to use this day to meditate and reflect on your career, long term plans and all that requires empowering transformation on this front. Take care of administrative housekeeping as you ponder mergers, finances and your long term goals. Make no final decisions today, simply reflect.

PISCES: The growing Moon in Scorpio is cruising void through your sector of publishing, presenting, coaching and higher learning, inspiring you to reflect on any of these areas today. This is also the sector of travel, philosophy and adventure. It’s a great day to let a spirit of adventure and alignment with the flow, guide your inner and outer travels today. Reflect on mergers that are philosophically aligned with your soulful worldview.