The Daily Planet



THURSDAY OCTOBER 23RD: NEW MOON IN SCORPIO takes place at 5:57 PM EDT. For all signs this is the beginning of the most transformational New Moon of the year. There is a solar eclipse today making this New Moon even more powerful. We are all being asked to evolve, which means let go of the old so the new can enter.  Our Monthly New Moon ceremony will take  place tomorrow evening at 7PM EDT. For more details  and to register click here


ARIES: Today’s very powerful New Moon takes place in the deepest house of your chart. The changes you are going through are far from superficial. You are changing at the deepest levels. Don’t be afraid to peer into the dark basement of your soul. Everything in there dissolves in the light of day.


TAURUS: Todays eclipse takes place in your house of partnerships asking you to utterly change the way you relate to others. Think about how you used to set up relationships, then do the opposite. The change that needs to happen is that striking.


GEMINI: The structure of your daily work and fitness routines is slated for a complete makeover. Get the ball rolling today by making sweeping reforms in the area of diet, exercise and how you conduct your daily work. Go ahead be extreme. It’s the Scorpio New Moon after all.


CANCER: It is as though you are a miner who has just struck a vein of gold. The mine is your subconscious. The gold is your creativity. Today your childhood brilliance and creativity erupt like Vesuvius. Let that creative lava flow. It will inspire and transform your career.


LEO: Your relationship to your roots is poised to really transform. Old family conditioning is being demolished within your psyche. A new foundation will be going in that reflects a new sense of worthiness and self esteem. Your home and deepest feelings of security can be expected to beautifully reflect these changes.


VIRGO: Your message is changing in scope and power and today you begin to feel this change.You are the environmental consciousness of the planet. Today you get the Aha moment of destiny. Today your message about shared resources becomes crystal clear enough to override your natural shyness.


LIBRA: Today watch out for a major epiphany of your self esteem as your relationship to money utterly changes. Today old feelings of unworthiness may surface so they can be blasted to smithereens by today’s Solar Eclipse. Todays Mantra I deserve golden wealth and abundance on all levels.


SCORPIO: Happy Scorpio New Moon my fledgling Phoenixes. Today the cosmic demolition team arrives to help you clear away the wreckage and outgrown forms of the past. As you utterly let go of your past and step into the unknown you become the skilled midwife who helps others give birth to their new selves. Be the Change you want to see in the world. Demolition precedes construction.


SAGITTARIUS: Your spiritual life is going through a massive and mighty change that supports every other area of your life. You are filled with a faith that can move mountains, which is good cause these days you happen to have a few mountains that need moving. Be still and watch them move.


CAPRICORN: Your social network is transforming. Let go of relationships that are one sided to make room for the powerful movers and shakers who share your values. Your work these days involves massive networking. Today dare to step up to the plate of your Big Dream. You can do it!


AQUARIUS: The structure of your career is poised to really change. Today take note of a major shift in what you want to do professionally and how you want to do it. Professional Alliances are shifting as you become really clear about your mission. Like minded people will appear as those who are not fall away like autumn leaves.


PISCES: Your vision is becoming ever clearer. You are dreaming up a whole new venue. Today a massive shift in the realm of publishing occurs as you take steps to restructure your work as a messenger.  You are poised to increase the power and reach of your message.