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The sun entered earthy Taurus April 20th, reminding us that every day is Earth Day. This month Taurus the sign of nature’s beauty, reminds us that the material world is a spiritual fact. Enjoy your senses this month. Delight in the beauty of our sacred planet. Plant seeds. Build your resources. Protect the environment. Delight in the beauty of life!

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TUESDAY APRIL 28TH: The Moon is in organic, holistic Virgo all day. Virgo reminds us to eat organic, nutritious food as we establish cleanliness and order in our lives and on our beautiful planet.



ARIES: Devote your day to health, fitness and organization. Whatever activity you are engaged in today, try to be fully focused. Begin your day with healthy nutrition. Your body is a temple. Treat it accordingly. Create order in all areas of life today.



TAURUS: Connection to nature inspires your creativity today. This is also a great day for writing and editing, arts and crafts. Your discernment is off the charts today. Use it to analyze your next right steps. Find delight in the details of your creativity. Time spent with children is healing to all.



GEMINI: Today as you clean and organize your home, your mind also clears. It’s a great day for cleaning, clearing and decluttering. Today you are the Zen cleaner. As you move through your environment, clutter disappears. Sparking energy flows in.



CANCER: Today is a day of great mental clarity. Your diagnostic abilities are off the charts. Today, moment by moment, see what must be done and do it. Rewrite, revise review. The Big Vision you are dreaming up will be created one tiny precise action at a time. Today move into those actions.



LEO: Your finances require your focused attention today. Spend time with projections, budgets and current fiscal realities. Often our fiscal circumstances are a reflection of our sense of self esteem. Today use your ingenuity to analyze core issues. Today’s mantra: I easily attract all forms of wealth.



VIRGO: The Moon is in your sign today nurturing you and your goals. Treat yourself with immense love and kindness today. Remembering your sacredness. Eat healthy nutritious food. Do some yoga. Meditate. Focus on the details of life that most delight you!



LIBRA: The Moon is in your spiritual sector today inspiring you to connect with the Source. Spend time in nature today. Connect with the immense and sacred beauty of the earth. Today let every little action you take be a sacrament. Be utterly focused today and feel the power of being truly present in your life. Plant seeds for future success today.



SCORPIO: Today you get by with a little help from your friends. Be sustained by the wonderful network of friends and associates who support your well being. Reach out and connect. Ask for help and support with any daunting details. Everything is possible with support.



SAGITTARIUS: The Moon is shining nurturing light on your career today. Focus on little actions that could add up to beautiful professional progress cumulatively. How can you make your workplace healthier? Today clean up your work environment on all levels.



CAPRICORN: It’s a wonderful day to get your point across. Of course you first have to define your point. Get clear about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Today work on the details of the big picture. Spend some time in stillness and reviewing the past.



AQUARIUS: Dive beneath the surface today and analyze your feelings. Get support from a close friend. Talk over how you are feeling. Get objective feedback. This is a great day to work on the details of budgets, contracts and financial plans.



PISCES: The Moon is in your house of partnerships encouraging you to nurture and be nurtured by your partner. Today express love by seeing to the tiny little details that express caring. Today catch your partner doing something right. Be kind and of service to them. Feel the love.