“ Upon suffering beyond suffering, the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole earth will become one circle again. In that day there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be as one.”

*** This is a statement of Crazy Horse as he sat smoking the sacred pipe at Paha Sapa with Sitting Bull for the last time, four days before he was assassinated. (September 1, 1877)

In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” Iroquois maxim


“ It is therefore part of our responsibility towards others, to ensure that the world we pass on is as healthy, if not healthier than we found it.”  The Dalai Lama


“ To commit a crime against the natural world is a sin. “

Patriarch Bartholomew.   ( The Green Patriarch)  


“ As guardians of Allah’s creation, we have a responsibility to protect the environment.” 

Fazlun Khalid    Founder Islamic Foundation for ecology and environment.  


“ I’ve come to see my environmental work as a core expression of my religious faith”…

Rabbi Warren G. Stone 


“ If present trends continue, this century may well witness extraordinary climate change and an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems with serious consequences for all of  us.”    Pope Francis.

For more on the above referenced click here: http://grist.org/article/religious/


December begins with the Sun joining weighty Saturn, the planet of responsibility in wise, cross cultural Sagittarius. While Sagittarius is generally a jovial sign given to joyful generosity and all forms of largess, this year Saturn lends a serious tenor to the Sun’s passage through the sign of the centaur.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, discipline, conservation and consequences. It is also the planet of banking, governments and corporations. Whatever sign Saturn moves through is tested for structural soundness. Saturn is an uncompromising planet that delivers consequences, often harsh ones, when  behavior is irresponsible and without boundaries.

Sagittarius is the sign of the wise traveller, religious leaders, teachers, publishers, mythologists, astrologers, and international cross cultural teachers and adventurers. It is also the sign of gamblers, horses, equestrians, comedians, athletes and publishers.

Saturn will be moving through Sagittarius for the next 2 years till December of 2017. During that time, we are charged with bringing cross cultural wisdom to the many grave issues confronting us, chief among them, climate change and the continued destruction, plunder and poisoning of the earth by mindless, greed based corporations.

Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius also applies to Pluto’s current transit through Capricorn. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, therefore always has something to do with anything going on in that sign. Since 2008 when Pluto the planet of destruction entered Capricorn and the world markets collapsed as a consequence of the reckless Wall Street gambling, most of the catastrophic harm being done the planet and creatures of the earth has been revealed to be the result of terrible corporate malfeasance.

We are living through a time when corporations are raping and ravaging the planet at a suicidal rate. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn will reveal the hideous genocidal darkness of corporations and the governments they own. As Saturn moves through Sagittarius we look to that sign to offer a check on this unbridled power, in the form of responsible wise words, and responsible actions to correct the insane trajectory we are on.

As Saturn the ruler of Capricorn, moves through Sagittarius, the sign of international and faith based wisdom, one result is an ever widening chorus of voices and leaders from all faiths and nations standing up to these oversized corporate bullies and saying No. We are seeing emerging leadership from every spectrum of the ideological and ecclesiastical rainbow, speaking out for the planet and against the hideous greed that is destroying it.

The First Nations were the first voices of the environmental chorus. They began their heartfelt, soulful attempts to stop the exploitive madness of European settlers hundreds of years ago. It was clear to the eyes of people for whom the natural world was a sacred temple, and all creatures their brethren,  that there was something terribly wrong with the European approach to the land, fellow creatures and humanity.

Between that time and this, the industrial revolution and enthronement of corporations has brought us to the unimaginable impasse we find ourselves at. We the people, are now enslaved to a monetary system in which corporations dictate the law of the land, indeed the planet, and governments do their bidding. Biotech companies led by Monsanto dictate what food we shall eat. Pharmaceutical companies dictate what shall be injected into our bodies. Weapons manufacturers wage endless pointless war. Oil companies prevent us from having clean energy. Gas companies inject poison into our drinking water and cause earthquakes, while the planet heats and the news media owned by a handful of scoundrels, spew lies and disinformation.

The deck is heavily stacked against hope and sanity, yet Saturn, the voice of responsibility, conservation and accountability, which could always be heard in the voices of The First Nations, and the environmental movement has been joined by unlikely and powerful allies.

On this very day Pope Francis in an act of solidarity with environmental protesters in Paris left a pair of his shoes along with thousands of shoes left as an environmental protest at the COP21

Pope Francis is not alone, Patriarch Bartholomew the Head of the Eastern Orthodox Church has earned the name the Green Patriarch due to years of outspoken environmental activism. For the first time in decades we are hearing leaders of many Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities joining the battle fatigued environmental activists like Bill McKibben of 350.org and Jane Goodall,  Robert Kennedy of Riverkeeper, Dr, Vandana Shiva fighting GMO’s worldwide and so many other people and organizations who have fought long and hard to preserve our Precious Mother.

This month let us listen to the growing voices of responsibility and respond. Now is the time to take action to reign in the corporate madness. Now is the time to boycott companies that waste the earth and poison the food. Now is the time put pressure on our elected officials to change the way business and governing are done. Now is the time to support politicians who are not owned by corporations. We need all responsible, wise hands on deck. We need humility to learn from other tribes and cultures, especially Indigenous peoples. We need everyone responding to the call of Mother Earth

In the days before Crazy Horse was assassinated he saw where the hideous trajectory of European colonialism was headed, and how far into death and destruction things would go. Thankfully he also saw a time when the Red nations would rise again and would begin to honor the old ways and teach those of us who are willing, how to live in harmony with the earth and all our relations.

That time is now. We can never undo the horrors that we as a nation visited on the the original and true stewards of this land. But we can begin our much needed amends by assuming the posture of reverence for the earth that they so beautifully expressed in every word and action. We can seek to heal the harm we have done to this land. We can seek the center within, that Crazy Horse spoke of where we are all one, and from that place of unity….act for the good of All…

In the spirit of Crazy Horse, may we learn to salute the light in each others eyes…

where the whole Universe dwells…….




he Sun entered Sagittarius on November 22ND and will remain there till December 21st,  the Winter Solstice, when the Sun enters Capricorn and winter begins. The Month begins with the Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, asking us to take responsibility for our actions on the earth. We are being asked to be the responsible stewards we want to see in the world. This is a month to connect with all wise people, religious and secular leaders, calling for and end to war and desecration of our planet. It’s a great month to work on travel plans, writing, events, presentations and performances. It’s a great month to connect with horses and the spirit of wild adventure.

Mercury, the planet of thought and communication is also in Sagittarius, squaring both Chiron in pisces and Neptune in Virgo. This T square is a call for all the people to participate in spiritual and physical healing of our bodies and our souls as we protect and heal the body of the planet.

Pluto the planet of destruction and transformation, is the apex of another t square involving Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. We will see continued activism for justice, and at this writing there are protests being held  globally for both the environment and racial justice.


MERCURY: The planet of thought and communication begins the month in Sagittarius, inspiring cross cultural and philosophical exploration. Enjoy the holidays by exploring how other faiths and nations celebrate winter holidays. Explore the wisdom and understanding that other cultures may have to solve the many grave problems environmental and social problems we are facing. Mercury enters serious, responsible Capricorn on December 9th, inspiring us to be responsible executives in our own lives. Capricorn asks us to make sacrifices on behalf of others. Mercury, remains in Capricorn for the rest of the month.



VENUS: Lovely Venus, begins the month in Libra, her own sign, inspiring art, beauty, poise and diplomacy. She moves into deep penetrating Scorpio late on December 4th. This month our love deepens as we explore how to fairly share our resources with others. Love transforms us this month, as our capacity to love enters the furnace of alchemy. As we approach the winter solstice and return of the light, we are tasked with burning away our darkness and unconsciousness, so we may emerge purified and capable of deeper love. Venus enters Sagittarius on December 30th inspiring cross cultural interracial loving alliances.


MARS: Mars, the planet of war and desire begins and ends the month in Libra the sign of Peace and Justice. All month we are tasked with finding and creating, beautiful, loving diplomatic solutions to the worlds problems. Seek fairness and justice for all. No one is above the law, and the law must not be used to unfairly target one race or group of people.


JUPITER: Mighty Jupiter continues the journey through environmental Virgo, inspiring us to protect our sacred earth and water, like never before. Be open to organic cures and breakthroughs. Explore environmental solutions to climate change. Awaken to the sacredness of your own body and the body of our mother planet.


SATURN: Saturn continues its two year journey through Sagittarius, inspiring international cooperation to avert environmental suicide. We are inspired to prosecute corporations like Monsanto, that are recklessly wasting the earth. The Sun is conjunct Saturn the first week of December inspiring us all to shine as responsible citizens of the earth. Mid month 12/14-12/19 Saturn conjuncts Mercury, inspiring mental discipline and commitment, while increasing the serious tenor of decisions that must be made to protect our continued existence on the planet.


URANUS: Continues through Aries, inspiring global activism, to oppose the old order of corporate madness that is wasting the planet and hoarding the wealth of the many in the hands of the few. Be on the look out for new technological breakthroughs.


NEPTUNE: Continues through visionary, compassionate Pisces, inspiring us to dissolve the false beliefs and boundaries that keep us from our true and blissful Unity. Use music, art, poetry and dance to create cross cultural healing connections.


PLUTO: Continues the slow march through Capricorn, revealing the fatal stress fractures in our infrastructure, and our current system of corporate business and government. As the old order decays and falls we are charged with seeing that it doesn’t take the entire planet with it. This holiday season boycott companies like Monsanto, that are destroying the earth and our common health. Make the switch to organic. Avoid hard detergents. Support small local artists and craftspeople. Support fair trade. Support ethical manufacturing.



ARIES: The Month begins with the Sun, Saturn and Mercury all in your house of publishing, travel and higher learning, making this a great month to roll up your sleeves and devote yourself to promotion, publishing, and the pursuit of higher learning. Explore advertising and how to promote your business. It’s a good month to define your faith and philosophy. Explore other cultures this month and what wisdom or new approaches to life and faith they offer. Explore the Indigenous people and their spiritual connection to the earth and the animals. The Month begins with Venus and Mars both in your house of partnership making this a beautiful month to delight in romance and explore business partnerships. Venus moves into your intimacy sector on the 4th deepening your love and inspiring you to explore diplomatic, fair approaches to sharing resources. A lovely planetary aspect continues in both your health and spirituality sectors, inspiring spiritual awakening and healthy nutrition for your body. Mars, your ruling planet remains in your partnerships sector all month, inspiring you to act on your desire to seek partnership all month.


TAURUS: The Sun, Saturn and Mercury are shining in your house of intimacy and shared resources, shedding light and requiring limitations on the way you share yourself and your resources with partners. This is a good month to renegotiate and tighten your belt when it comes to all forms of deep sharing. On the personal front dare to say no and mean it rather than go along with something that doesn’t feel right. On the professional front, really drill down to the fine print of all contracts, budgets and agreements. Boundaries are key. Business could thrive from new collaborations, but painstaking attention to detail and clarity are a must. Put everything in writing. Work relationships look harmonious. On the 4th, Venus, moves into your partnership sector and love is in the air. Jupiter and Neptune continue to inspire creative visionary projects , which look to be a source of expansion, inspiration and a blossoming social life.


GEMINI: The Month begins with a bright yet serious focus on your partnership sector. Light is being shed on important decisions regarding relationships. The Sun, Saturn, and Mercury, your ruling planet are all in the mix asking you to give serious thought to who you are going to partner with. It is time to contemplate the structure of all partnerships. How are they set up? Are they fair? Do you want to deepen and legalize relationships, or pull up stakes. This is a serious and consequential decision that requires maturity and realism. Home and career are also changing, and it could be as a result of partnerships. Your home front looks expansive. On the 9th, Mercury enters your shared rescue sector and it is time to hash out legal arrangements regarding money and all that is being shared. Career and public persona may require some new vision. It’s a great month for the arts and event planning as you weigh your relationship options carefully. Venus enters your work and health sector on the 4th, inspiring you to transform your daily life by creating beauty and harmony for all.


CANCER: It’s a productive month for you at work. Disciplined work pays off. Keep the focus on the nuts and bolts of your craft, while providing impeccable service. It’s a great month for a holiday promotion. It’s also a wonderful month to explore a new health discipline. Try Yoga, Tai chi, or something exotic that appeals to you. Modify your diet. Try foreign foods and superfoods and herbs. Raw organic cilantro is said to leech heavy metals out of the body. On the 9th, Mercury, the planet of thought will be moving into your partnership sector, and it’s time to think about romance and possibly business partners as well. Home and family relationships look especially sweet as the month begins. Nesting,  creating beauty and entertaining looks lovely all month long.  Avoid family squabbles after the 4th, instead by an agent of peace and family harmony. On the 4th Venus moves into your creative sector, inspiring you to express yourself this month. Have fun. Celebrate. Make art.


LEO: The  month begins with a fun yet weighty focus in your artistic sector. What creative project do you really want to commit to? Use your stopwatch and start clocking in some serious time and commitment to get the art done. Create deadlines. Have someone you check in with daily. Make art, not excuses. Mighty Jupiter continues to expand your self esteem and your pocketbook. Continue to organize your finances and your income generating plan. There is a beautiful line up in your communication sector as the month begins, inspiring you to be a voice of harmony and gracious diplomacy. It’s a great month for writing, art, and creating, beauty, events and presentations. On the 4th Venus moves into your home sector in transformational Scorpio, and it is time for love and powerful changes on the home front. Transform your bedroom. Share deeply with relatives. On the 9th Mercury moves into your work sector and it is time to get your administrative life in order. Work on finances and your business infrastructure.


VIRGO: The bright, festive focus is on the home front this month. The Sun and Mercury are shining dazzling light into your home, while Saturn, the planet of responsibility may be giving you added family duties and responsibilities this month. Clock in some time on the home front. Create a jovial festive atmosphere, but also set a tone that commands respect. Saturn requires that you set some boundaries, and not do more than your fair share. Let respect be the metric by which you judge all home and family relationships. Give thought and fiscal reflection to your home situation. Have a budget for the holidays. Mercury, your ruling planet moves into your creative sector on the 9th, just in time to plan fun festivities for work and play for the holidays. Its a great time for party and event planning. Your personal expansion continues this month. As you change, so do your relationships. Partnerships that can stretch to expand to your new vistas, survive. The rest slowly dissolve and recede on the outgoing tide. It’s a great month for fiscal partnerships.


LIBRA: The Month begins with a productive disciplined focus on communication. It is a great month to work steadily on business projects that involve writing, teaching, speaking and presenting. Promote your business this month. Explore how international and cross cultural outreach could expand your business and your audience. Practice verbal restraint and professionalism in all that you say this month. Define your philosophy and your mission statement. The Month begins with both Venus and Mars in your lovely sign, gracing you with more charm and magnetism than usual, (and that’s saying something.) On the 4th Venus, your ruling planet leaves Libra, and enters Scorpio, and it is time to focus on joint finances. Venus bring potentially lucrative relationships to you. Look for funding and explore resource sharing. Your spiritual life is where the Big Beautiful expansion is. Make your connection to the Source your top priority and watch your whole life transform.


SCORPIO: The Month begins with a philosophical and weighty focus in your house of finance. You may need to tighten your belt as you explore how to use you time and professional skill to generate more income. It is also a good time to explore your core beliefs around money and self worth. This month you can unravel some limiting beliefs that may be holding you hostage on the fiscal front. Lean on your friendship network. This is where and how abundance finds you this year. The month begins with gracious Venus, the planet of beauty and love in your spiritual sector along with Mars, your ruling planet. You are yearning for spiritual love with someone who shares your spiritual path. On the 4th Venus enters your sign, gracing you with beauty, desire and magnetism. Mars remains in your spiritual sector all month inspiring you to be a spiritual warrior. Be disciplined in your meditation or other devotional practice and feel your life transform.


SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday Sagittarius! It’s an important year for you to define yourself and your long term goals. Saturn moving through your sign makes this a foundational year for you. It is important that you navigate with professionalism, discipline and good boundaries. Saturn gives you the discipline to achieve your chosen goals and to stick with resolutions. This is a year when you can get somewhere with health and fitness goals. Be deliberate and disciplined with time, money and resources. This year you are gifted with administrative muscle and executive skill. Use both. Be the CEO you want to see in the world. Make executive decisions in every area of your life. Jupiter your ruling planet is in your career house till September, bringing luck and expansion to your career. Attend to the details of your career and say yes to opportunity. Chance favors the prepared mind. Get your professional ducks ready to fly to success in orderly formation. The Month begins with a lovely focus on friendship and networking. On the fourth, Venus moves into your spiritual sector in time to really feel the higher love, compassion and forgiveness that the holiday season is all about.


CAPRICORN: The lead up to the holidays begins with a big beautiful focus in your spiritual sector. This month set up a disciplined spiritual practice. Have daily time for prayer, meditation or whatever your devotional practice. It’s a great month to teach or learn a new spiritual practice. This year your most important relationship is with the Source. Saturn, your ruling planet will be in your spiritual sector all year and beyond giving you spiritual and health oriented discipline. Jupiter is in your house of writing, teaching, publishing and speaking bringing expansion and opportunity on those fronts. It is a great year for travel and workshops. You are continuing to transform. As you do all your relationships are changing, both at home and professionally. The Month begins with Venus and Mars in your career sector. Partnerships look sweet and productive. On the 4th Venus enters your friendship sector and it is time to reach out to loving friends.


AQUARIUS: The joyful, serious, professional, international, cross cultural focus is on your social life this month. Spend the month working on international group efforts. Build your professional team and be a team player. The next couple of years require you to work with others, both professionally and as an activist humanitarian. See just how big you can build your network and following. Get clear about your fiscal vision and just who you will merge resources with to expand your income. Sharing leads to wealth for all involved parties this year. The month begins with Venus and Mars in your travel and publishing sector bringing poise and Grace to that front. By the 4th, Venus peels away and enters your career sector. December looks lovely for professional collaborations and relationships. On the 9th Mercury moves into your spiritual sector, and it’s time to be still and meditative as you contemplate how to serve others this holiday season.


PISCES: The disciplined luminous focus is on your career this month. It’s time to rise and shine. Take steps to really put yourself out there. You are climbing a beautiful ladder that will eventually lead to success and abundance. Keep putting in your professional foundation. Prepare yourself for success with each step you take. All things are ready if our minds are so. Big leaps come on the partnership front this year. Explore how expansion is possible with new and current partners. Keep dreaming up the life you want to be living. Draw up a vision map.The month begins with Venus and Mars in your intimacy/shared resources sector inspiring you to explore fiscal and emotional sharing with trustworthy people. On the 4th Venus moves into your speaking and broadcasting sector, and it’s time to be the beautiful empowering teacher, coach and messenger you were meant to be. On the 9th Mercury enters your networking sector and its time to be social and group oriented. Enjoy the love of friends and your team.