“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.”

Wendell Berry, Given



  As I walk, as I walk

The Universe is walking with me

  In Beauty it walks before me

    In Beauty it walks behind me

In beauty it walks below me

In Beauty it walks above me

Beauty is on every side

As I walk, I walk with Beauty


Navaho Prayer


This month we celebrate the immense sacredness of the earth and her deepest magic as the Sun moves through Scorpio the sign of the underworld, ancestors, energy, transformation, death and rebirth. During the Sun’s passage through Scorpio the earth’s energy moves underground to the root system, as trees shed their foliage in a riot of flaming color. Our consciousness follows suit as we are led down to the realm of the subconscious where all deep wounding and healing occurs.

Scorpio, the master healer of the zodiac, presides over all that frightens us most: sex, death and finance. Despite our culture’s mawkish and adolescent preoccupation with sex, we are actually on dreadful terms with real intimacy. We fear really allowing ourselves to know and be known by another.

This is often due to deep psychic injury, which is epidemic in our culture. Most of us carry some deep sense of inadequacy that prevents true intimacy. Even if we had an idyllic childhood we are still raised in a mindless consumer culture that turns us and all of creation into exploited commodities.  The commodification of humanity and the earth is a terrible offense that has led to grave spiritual and material consequences, the desecration of the human Soul and the desecration of our Mother Planet.

This month Scorpio armed with x ray vision boldly leads us down into our heart of darkness in order that we might be healed. Scorpio, the ruler of the underworld knows just where our treasure is buried. To find it we are led to our disowned parts. We must confront our deepest fear and shame, as the shamanic intelligence of the zodiac leads us to the desecrated parts of our souls in order to sanctify them, re integrate them and heal.

Scorpio, forces us to confront the inner scars of our spiritual wounding and the wastelands left on the actual landscape of our planet, all a consequence of deep unconsciousness. Scorpio demands that we confront our shadow, the parts of ourselves and our world we would rather not look at, but we cannot be whole until we do. This is not easy work, but it is necessary and it prepares us for deep and true intimacy, for we can only meet someone as deeply as we have met ourselves.

Scorpio knows that our inner burial ground is our most sacred ground that holds the key to true healing. In our souls, the shadow points the way to our desecrated places. We demonize and vilify healthy urges that were not allowed expression in our culture family or clan: anger, grief, sexuality, autonomy. When not allowed healthy expression, these urges become a twisted desecrated inner landscape.

It is the Scorpio consciousness armed with deep insight and less fear of the dark than any other sign, that leads us through the graveyard of our disowned parts. We are encouraged to grieve our heartbreaking losses and slowly reclaim what was abandoned. Only then can we arise like the Phoenix, Scorpio’s final totem, from the ashes of our former selves.

Scorpio teaches us to stop running and face what frightens us most. Scorpio can do this because it is armed with great truths that demolish fear. Scorpio knows that the parts of ourselves we are most afraid of,  grow in destructive power when denied and pushed away, but become enormously powerful resources when embraced and integrated. Scorpio can withstand any funeral because the sign of death is the also sign of resurrection. The transformer of the zodiac can already see the butterfly wings sprouting before the caterpillar even enters the cocoon.

Scorpio does not even fear the terrible scarred and poisoned landscapes that riddle our beautiful planet. Scorpio knows that every poison has an antidote. This month as we align with this powerful energy, it is helpful to imagine and know the final stage of alchemy.

We are reminded that once we have burned away the impurities of our souls and our world, left shimmering in the darkness is Pure Gold, the incorruptible metal that speaks of our divine nature and that of the world.

Scorpio, the sign of ghosts, knows that all of the material world, including our bodies, is the abode of a ghost, a Holy Ghost. This Great Spirit animates the Living Cosmos and all life forms including us.

As we awaken to our sacred nature and to the Beauty of the Holy Temple that is Mother Earth, we join Native Americans who have always stood on Holy Ground. This month may we join them and truly Know, that every step we take, the Sacred Living Universe takes with us. May we awaken to this Divine Beauty and abide in it Now and Always.

Blessings of Powerful Transformation To All,



THE PLANETARY REPORT: The Sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd and will remain there until  November 22nd when the Sun enters philosophical adventurous Sagittarius. The Sun sheds light on shadowy places as it moves through Scorpio. Be the detective of your soul’s healing. Explore who dun nit in the mystery of your life. Where was the trauma? What parts of you were not allowed to express in your home or culture? How is your connection to intimacy? Who do you really allow to see you…the good the bad the ugly and the beautiful? This month explore the shadow on a collective level. Search your heart and the culture for the dark shadow of racism. This is where our collective shadow is darkest.

Scorpio rules shared resources. This month change your shopping habits to support the earth’s healing. Get rid of heavy detergents and GMO foods. Support your local organic farmer, and companies that conduct ethical labor, environmental and business practices. Most of all remember that you are a Sacred Being and so is our Earth.


MERCURY, the planet of thought and communication, will enter Scorpio on November 2ND, lending penetrating insight to our thinking process. We are invited to peer beneath the surface and see our own motivation and that of others. This is a great month to explore our dark side and integrate the shadow. Connect with ancestors and spirit guides. Explore the sacred side of sexuality. Explore the sacred side of sharing resources. How can we distribute wealth so that all basic needs are met. This is the message of all true religions. Give to charity this month. Explore Native American and other First Nation beliefs regarding the sacredness of the earth. Mercury will leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius on November 20th inspiring philosophical journeys on all levels.


VENUS, MARS and JUPITER begin the month in pristine Virgo, inspiring us to clean our inner and outer lives. We are inspired to shift to clean organic produce, as we focus on how to clean our environment. Venus and Mars in Virgo ask us to heal our relationship to love as we clean the windows of our perception. We are asked to explore the Big (Jupiter ) Love that is expressed in acts of service. Re sanctify your love, your home, and your body. What is your Holy Work? What is your Sacred Calling? Dedicate yourself as a walking breathing temple of service. Venus will enter Libra on November 8th, inspiring us to bring poise, love and Justice to the world. Mars, the planet of action and desire will join Venus in Libra on November 12th. Our activism is fueled by love of justice this month. We are inspired to work actively for peace, balance and beauty all of which are our natural conditions. Jupiter remains in Virgo till September of 2016 lending the labor and environmental movements much needed steam.

This month Scorpio and Virgo form a powerful tag team of inner and outer alchemy. We are inspired to clean up our act as we integrate our shadow. This month declutter on all levels. Discard and recycle all that obscures the temple of body mind and environment. Throw away what is stale and broken. Make friends with emptiness and clear space. Dare to share your shadow with someone you love and trust. A friend of mine recently invited me in to see her mess. She has been challenged with housekeeping issues and felt her home was out of hand. She said to me “I wouldn’t let anyone else in but you.” I felt truly honored to be trusted witness to something she felt ashamed of. It was a really powerful experience to witness someone’s mess.  Not only did it not change how I felt about her, it deepened my love and respect for her. Vulnerability is the ultimate strength.

Make friends with your shadow. Dare to face and be present to your anger, sexuality, jealousy, rage, fear, inadequacy and shame. Listen to the stunted split off voices in your inner wasteland, then lovingly take these parts by the hand and walk them out of the dark and into the light of wholeness….

URANUS continues retrograde through Aries moving from the 17th degree back to the 16th. Our collective awakening and activism is in a reflective retooling process. We may see justice issues resurface as well as reconsiderations of military policy. This aspect is great for meditation. Awakening is an inward journey this month.

NEPTUNE: The planet of compassion, spirituality and transcendence, continues retrograde at the 7th degree of Pisces till the 18th of November when it goes direct. Use the first part of the month to review and revamp your vision. After the 18th move toward actualizing it.

PLUTO: Is moving direct through Capricorn, continuing to reveal the long dark shadow of corporate malfeasance, government and banking. We are also beginning to see the new regenerated forms of business and government emerging.


ARIES: This Month your healing journey deepens. The Sun is shining in your deepest darkest sector, shedding Light on issues of intimacy, inheritance, sexuality, self worth and shared finance. You are the warrior of the zodiac. This month the battle is within as you stand your sacred ground in the face of feelings that may have felt intolerable as a child. The Universe is helping to heal you as you intergrade parts of yourself that were not allowed as you developed. This is a great month to explore fiscal mergers and joint property issues. There is a beautiful line up in your house of health and work, bringing work and health opportunities that are expanding your life in wonderful ways. Delete beliefs that have kept you solitary. By the 12th Venus and Mars are both in your house of partnership, inspiring you to explore your desire for romantic partnership. Be the poised, individuated lover you want to see in the world.

TAURUS: The Sun is in your house of partnership this month, illuminating business and personal partnerships. This month explore the underbelly of your relationships. Explore your deepest feelings, especially the ones you feel embarrassed of. Scorpio inspires us to be real and look into the nitty gritty. Explore the fiscal part of your relationships. What feels fair and what feels unbalanced? If you are in relationships that feel safe, dare to explore being vulnerable and expressing your true feelings. This is a month that inspires deep sharing. There is a wonderful line up in your house of children and creativity. That is where your big expansion is occurring. The first 12 days of the month are especially good for your creativity. After the 12th things look wonderful for your work relationships and exploring health practices with your partner. From the 12th onward explore health practices that restore you to peace and balance.

GEMINI: This month you shine at work. The Sun is illuminating your capacity to bring powerful transformation to your clients and co workers. Explore how to transform your work environment so that is is clean, green and efficient. Explore how to transform your health by incorporating maximum nutrition and new fitness routines. Mercury, your ruling planet is in your house of work and health this month inspiring a deep inventory of what is working, and what is not in this area. Explore financial and resource sharing this month. There is a beautiful line up in your house of home especially till the 12th. Enjoy and encourage the wonderful expansive and loving connection to home and family. After the 12th romance looks especially sweet. The second half of the month looks great for creativity and gracious entertainment. Delight in the arts. Consider hosting an event. Explore the love of art and the art of love.

CANCER: The Sun is illuminating your creativity this month, inviting you to delight in self expression. This is a month to focus on your relationship to your inner and outer children. Something in your approach to art and self expression may need revamping. Explore what historic approaches to creativity and child rearing may need to be updated. This is a great month for art therapy. Try a mode of self expression that you have never attempted before. This is also a great month for collaborative creativity. The arts could be productive and lucrative this month. Assemble your team, look for backing and be the creative director you want to see in the world. Have more fun! Explore how to communicate the big beautiful ideas that are flowing into your mind. You have been in the midst of mental healing and expansion that has been especially sweet or the past few weeks. Feel and express your love this month as you prepare your home for partnership to enter. After the 12th home and family relationships look especially loving.

LEO: The Sun is shining in your home sector this month, fueling you with the power to utterly transform your home environment. These changes are a result of the deep changes that are occurring within your psyche. Your self esteem and sense of healthy entitlement have been changing. These changes are seeking expression on the home front this month. Be a ruthless white tornado as you clean, clear and discard all shabbiness and clutter from your environment. Explore the deep cleaning of closets, cupboards, nooks and crannies. Scorpio, the sign of energy invites you to get the clear flow of energy moving through your home. Buy a high self esteem item for your home, or begin saving up for one. Observe your thinking and how it was influenced by early conditioning. Become a ninja of redirecting negative thoughts to ones of worthiness. This month continue to organize your finances. Make space for the abundance that is looking for you.

VIRGO: The Sun is shining in your mental sector this month inspiring you to transform  and empower your habits of mind. You are in the midst of a major personal expansion this month. Your capacity to love yourself and others is growing by leaps and bounds. New expansive opportunities are looking for you. This month your expansion is furthered by changing your mind. Change your mind and you change your world. Cultivate the habit of observing your thinking this month. See just how quickly you can block or re direct self defeating thoughts. This is a great month for meditation. Even 5 minutes a day will strengthen your observer. Work on communication projects this month. Reach out and actively pursue joint ventures. After the 12th financial partnerships look sweet. Your self esteem with regard to personal romantic relationships also looks good in the second half of the month. Fall in love with yourself starting now. Set the tone for your beloved.

LIBRA: The Sun is shining in your fiscal sector which is also your house of self esteem. This month a gorgeous irresistible beam of starlight is pouring into your fiscal sector dissolving old cobwebs composed of the delusion of unworthiness. Open your hands and your heart to both love and abundance this month. Dare to forge fiscal alliances and structure deals that lead all to profit. For help and reinforcement with your blossoming self esteem, turn to your spiritual life. Mighty Jupiter, Venus, your ruling planet, and Mars begin the month in your spiritual sector, inspiring major leaps in your faith, consciousness and amplified connection to the Divine. Keep a disciplined spiritual practice. This month it leads to a Higher Love and Grace that supports every other area of your life. After the 12th Venus and Mars are both in your sign and you are a channel for Love Grace Beauty and Justice. Be the agent of Beauty and Justice you want to see in the world.

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Scorpio! The Sun is shining in your sign this month fueling you with abundant energy and dazzling charisma for your birthday month. Mercury, the messenger also enters your sign on the 2nd inspiring deep and transformational thinking. The spotlight is on you this month and your deep desires and yearnings. You are a sign known for brutal honesty. This month be honest about your sacred and truest desires. What do you really want to accomplish before you die? Write the short list: 3 things. Now examine what is in the way of your Holy Work and Deep Fulfillment. This month turn your powers as a healer on yourself. Take the alchemical journey that turns all your lead to gold. Ruthlessly delete and eliminate whatever is standing in the way of your transformation. Turn to friends. This month the Big Help, Big Love and Big Expansion is in your social sector. Depend on your blossoming social sector to help your dreams come true. After the 12th be open to Higher Love with someone on your spiritual path. Rise Phoenix! Rise!

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is shining in your spiritual sector this month, connecting you to Source, as well as to your ancestors and angels. You are one of the signs associated with the angelic realm. This month reach out to the Archangel Michael. Ask for assistance in any struggle you are having. Ask him to fight for you. This is a great month to engage in spiritual alchemy. Surrender angers and resentments for transformation. Try a forgiveness practice. Forgiveness may be the most transformational practice known to man. Begin with yourself. Resolve to utterly let yourself off the hook. Forgive yourself for all sins real or imagined. Forgive yourself for things you did do…and things you didn’t do. When this has become habit, move on to forgiving others. There is a Big Beautiful expansion occurring in your career sector.  Spend the first half of the month engaged in a professional labor of love. It could lead to Big Success. After the 12th your social life looks lovely and productive.

CAPRICORN: It’s a fabulous month for your social life. Go deep and connect with friends you can really be honest with. Explore intimacy by creating intimate community. When we lived tribally, deep connection was woven into our interactions. These days we have to create our own tribe. That is a productive focus for you this month. Invite a circle of friends to gather for the purpose of deep connection. This is also a great month for professional networking. Put out feelers to connect with people and companies you would love to work with. There is a beautiful expansion going on in your sector of writing, teaching and publishing. Keep moving forward on big, beautiful communication projects. Explore how to further your teaching and publishing goals. Travel may be involved. After the 12th professional partnerships look especially sweet and could lead to love.

AQUARIUS: The professional stage is set for you this month. The solar spotlight is on your career. This is the month to step up to the plate of your deepest professional desires. Explore collaborations and financing with people who are really rooting for your success. Projects involving new humanitarian ways of sharing resources look especially productive this month, as do projects that delve beneath the surface to the underground. You are going through a beautiful expansion regarding all forms of sharing. This month your capacity for both collaboration and intimacy take a beautiful evolutionary leap. Continue to explore what needs healing in your capacity to share yourself and your resources with others. This month explore and heal your deepest feelings about yourself. You can only meet someone as deeply as you have met yourself. You are getting ready to meet someone in a deep and soulful way this month.

PISCES: The  Sun is shining in your publishing sector this month inspiring you to dig deep and be the empowering messenger you want to see in the world. Explore what you want to say and how you want to say it. Feel into being vulnerable with your audience. Nothing is more powerful than sharing the truth of the human condition. You are an increasingly clear channel for Divine vision and compassion. Take some time this month for a vision quest. As you become clearer about your vision, explore how merged finances and resources can help all involved parties. There is a big beautiful expansion going on in your partnership sector. The first half of this month looks especially sweet for personal and professional relationships. Express the growing love that you are feeling with partners. Practice loving kindness and little gestures of service with partners. After the 12th your partnerships deepen as you explore the elegant dance of give and take.