“ Until the philosophy which holds one race superior

   And another


   is finally

   and permanently


   and abandoned…

   Everywhere is war.

   Me say war..”            Bob Marley    


  “I look at you all, 

   see the Love there that’s sleeping

   While my guitar gently weeps…”    George Harrison ( A Pisces with Libra rising)



  “Give me Love

   Give me Love

   Give me Peace on Earth…..”  George Harrison




We begin the month in the shadow of the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aries that took place only 4 days ago on September 27th. During any Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in exact opposition. This is the most direct aspect of relationship between planets in the zodiac. Two lovers, partners or combatants face each other and the dance begins.


The opposition is also the aspect associated with Aries and Libra, the two signs of the zodiac most interested in partnership and the signs involved in this very potent Full Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse.) During an eclipse cycle, first the light of the Sun, (on the New Moon) and then the light of the Moon  (on the Full Moon) are blotted out. In both cases, this is symbolic of the unconscious emerging in some way. We will be feel ing the effects of this eclipse in the days and weeks to come.


On the recent Full Blood Moon, the Aries Moon was eclipsed, signifying unconscious issues of individuation, desire, action, combat and personal self image surfacing in order to be healed and evolved beyond. The Aries Moon was in opposition to the Sun, Mercury and the North Node in Libra, the sign of justice, beauty, relationship and peace. In layman’s terms this eclipse was a cosmic pressure point activating all that has kept us from deploying our inner and outer activist, warrior and lover in ways that support justice, peace and true partnership.


Added to this interesting mix is Mercury’s soon to end retrograde in Libra. Since September 17th, we have been in a backward gazing reflection of all things Libra, including issues of love, justice, partnership and balance on all levels. This Full Moon and retrograde bring up all issues that need to be faced so that we can first love ourselves, then step up to the plate of true, mature, relationship between equals. On the world stage we are reflecting on and awakening to the terrible imbalances that threaten the natural world, human rights, and all that has kept us from true Peace on Earth.


The eclipse brings up our personal and collective unconscious. It shows us where we have been asleep. All human development, both spiritual and psychological consists of making the unconscious conscious. Carl Jung notably said: We do not become enlightened by imaging beings of light, but by making the unconscious conscious…” This is a painful process and nobody likes to do it. Jung also reminds us:  “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Most if not all of our significant relationships, both personal and political are a dance for good or ill with disowned parts of ourselves.


Neither war, nor racial exploitation, (another form of war), so symptomatic of Western soul sickness, would be possible without projection. War, whether in personal relationships, societies or nations always consists of projecting our disowned parts onto others and fighting with them or trying to destroy them.


We have collectively disowned our wildness so we make war on nature. We have disowned the soulful feminine, so we make war on women. We have disowned our tribal wisdom so we make war on Indigenous people, and all that we cannot bear about ourselves here in the west we project onto Black, Brown and Red people who we then vilify and incarcerate at disproportionate rates for victimless crimes like drug possession.


As we look around us at the terrible price we are paying for our personal and collective unconsciousness, the natural response is deep grief. In order to restore our world to the promise and beauty of Libra harmony, we must first have the strength of the Aries spiritual warrior, who can withstand looking at both her own inner darkness and the horrors we have unleashed upon each other and the natural world.


If we can withstand being present to the perverse conditioning that has created fear and enmity between us and with nature, we have a chance at arriving at the love that is sleeping beneath our twisted perceptions.This month both the eclipse energy and the retrograde invite us to see what unconsciousness is triggered and dare to be present to it. If we can bear to stand our shadow, we can awaken to the love that took a wrong turn somewhere down the line.


The Course in Miracles reminds us: “ Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes. Can anyone be justified in responding with anger to a brothers plea for help?” This is helpful to remember when dealing with our own or other peoples shadow.


Beneath all hatred and madness is the core state of deep peace and pure being which our collective soul yearns for. When we quiet the mind, and still the ego, what we hear is our soul’s deep call for union…Give me Love…Give me Love…Give me Peace on Earth…this month may we awaken together and begin to embody and create Deep Love and Peace on Earth.


May Peace Prevail on Earth,






The Planetary Report: The Sun entered Libra on September 23rd, the Autumnal Equinox, and will remain there till October 23rd, when it enters Scorpio. The Sun joins Mercury retrograde and the Moons North Node in Libra, making this a month of reflection on peace, justice, balance, beauty and how to restore ourselves and our lives to these states. It is a lovely month to be still, practice yoga or any art that creates beauty peace or balance. It is a great month to work for Justice or give to organizations that are working for justice.


MERCURY: goes direct on October 9th, and continues it’s forward glide through Libra for the rest of the month. After the 9th, move forward on insights regarding relationships that came to you during the retrograde. Balance your thinking and practice non violent communication. Act on beautiful creative ideas. Be the voice of diplomacy reconciliation and kindness. Explore how to run business in a fair minded way that supports the environment.


VENUS: the ruling planet of Libra, begins the month in Leo, On October eighth she moves into Virgo and we are inspired to seek and create beautiful, organic, earth centered beauty.


MARS:  the planet of desire, action and combat begins the month in Virgo, where he will remain all month. With both Venus and Mars in Virgo for most of October, we are encouraged to place a beautiful focus on health and nutrition and environmental causes. Take action to clean clear and declutter your life. Seek healing on all levels. Fight for the environment. Non violently of course.


JUPITER: also continues through Virgo, bringing major expansion to that sign. We are encouraged to explore philosophies regarding health and earth centered wellness.


SATURN: begins its 2 year trek through Sagittarius, inspiring us to get serious about pursuing cross cultural wisdom. Put the disciplined focus on writing, teaching and travel in pursuit of wisdom.


URANUS: Continues it’s slow retrograde through Aries this month, inspiring us to reconsider our actions and recalibrate our activism. We are in the midst of personal individuation that may require further reflection. How can we harness the fuel of our desires….and are these the right desires to begin with?


NEPUNE: in visionary Pisces, inspires us to remember the sacredness of the natural world. We are inspired to connect with spiritual practices that remind us of our unity with All.


PLUTO: in Corporate Capricorn continues to reveal the long dark shadow of corporate america and the global power elites. Meanwhile, beneath the surface new sustainable structures, corporations and government systems are emerging.




ARIES: The month begins with the Sun and Mercury retrograde shining in your house of partnerships.

This configuration was also in the chart of the Equinox, making the entire fall season one of reflection and reconsideration around partnerships and justice issues for you. Reflect upon your own individuation. Are you truly ready for a relationship. How have you historically behaved within partnerships? What feelings, emotions or insights have been emerging since the eclipse? This month with Venus, Mars and Jupiter in your house of healing, you are being presented both with wonderful work opportunities and the possibility of healing your relationship to love. Do some journaling. It is helpful to write out and see in black and white what your historic patterns have been. Practice militant self love and self care. All relationships begin with your relationship to yourself. Eat well, exercise, wear clothing that you like the look and feel of. Surround yourself with kind and loving support. Explore how your healing persona can find expression in your career. This month you are a warrior for inner and outer healing. This month you are a warrior for the weak and vulnerable.


TAURUS: The Sun is shining in your house of work and health, where it joins Mercury retrograde in Libra. This brings a reflective focus to health issues and all of your work relationships. This month explore what is working and what feels unbalanced on the work front. Explore how you might bring greater harmony to your team at work. It’s a great month to explore peace building techniques like non violent communication at work. This month may bring reconnection on the work front. Let fairness and harmony be the metric that helps you determine the viability of work relationships. There is also a wonderful line up in your house of children, art and self expression, inspiring you to explore big and healing opportunities on that front. Your creative life is poised to take a mighty leap this year. Explore art that involves nature or healing practices. Walk a labyrinth or make a medicine wheel in your yard. Get your creative ducks in a row and say yes to opportunities. Your spiritual life is where the big awakening is happening these days. Be the spiritual warrior you want to see in the world.


GEMINI: The month begins with a reflective focus in your  creativity and romance sector. This is also the sector of inner and outer children. Allow yourself to meditate on affairs of the heart. Is there fairness and reciprocity in your romantic relationships? If not, why not? What feels out of whack to you, and how could balance be restored. This is also a month to recalibrate your connection and approach to inner and outer children. Explore your creativity and creative partnerships this month. Saturn recently moved into your partnership sector, testing existing partnerships and perhaps bringing new weighty alliances. Say yes to what feels respectful and fair, say no to everything else. There is a wonderful aspect in your home sector this month with Venus, Mars and Jupiter making camp in your home. Family and home have seldom looked sweeter. Deep healing can occur at your roots.Your home looks like a sacred altar to love. Make a sacred shrine in your house or yard. Send blessings to your family and ancestors. You may be moving, expanding or renovating your home. Explore green, organic possibilities.


CANCER: The month begins with you in the midst of a deep reflection on both home and career. Your family relationships require rebalancing. It could also be that work/life balance needs your attention. On October 9th Mercury will go direct and you can begin to affect the changes that need to be made. This is a great month to create beauty and harmony in your home environment. Explore the fairness or lack thereof in your family relationships. Look backward to family of origin, and reflect on how your family modeled partnership and relationship. This month healing adjustment wants to occur on that front. The Big Beautiful expansion is taking place in your mind. Mighty Jupiter will be in your mental sector till September of 2016, filling your mind with faith, hope and wonderful expansive new ideas that could be lucrative. This month Venus and Mars are also in your mental sector, helping to heal your mental relationship to love, romance, creativity and partnership. This is a great month to take a workshop on healing your relationship to love. Your mind and heart are healing and opening so that love can enter on the wings of a dove.


LEO:  This month you are in a creative reflection which began last month. Explore your creativity and which projects you most want to reconnect with. Get clear about creative partnerships involving communication, and what feels good on that front.You are thinking in a whole new way about partnerships. True partnership is only possible between equals. Explore your healing relationship to love and romance. The month begins with lovely Venus in your sign for the first week of October, inspiring you to create and embody beauty on all levels. Mighty Jupiter has taken up residence in your house of money and self esteem, for the next year, inspiring great healing on both of those fronts. Mars is also in your finance sector, soon to rejoined be Venus on the 8th, fueling a healing desire for deep self esteem and a growing commitment to abundance on all levels. Make October a month to get clear with finances. Dare to define your increasingly abundant fiscal desires. Take at least 3 income generating actions a day. Feel the resistance and do it anyway. The serious focus for the next 2 years is on your creativity. Roll up your sleeves and get to joyful work.


VIRGO: There is a major reflection going on in your fiscal sector that really has you questioning your fiscal partnerships. Explore where you may have given both your power and money away in the past. Explore fiscal and emotional fairness, and let that be the criteria by which you judge all relationships. Your self esteem is healing and recalibrating and your finances along with it. This is partly due to mighty Jupiter moving through your sign, filling you with faith and expansive wonderful new ideas and possibilities. October begins with Jupiter, Mars and soon (on the 8th ) lovely Venus all in your sign expanding and healing your relationship to your self and to business and personal partnerships. All things clean green organic and sustainable look good on both a business and personal front for you. On the 9th, Mercury your ruling planet moves direct after its retrograde and you can begin to move forward with new fiscal and romantic partnerships. Saturn has moved into your home sector for the next 2 years bringing the disciplined responsible focus to issues of home, family and real estate. You may have to set some boundaries on this front.


LIBRA: Happy Birthday Lovely Libra!!! Peace, Love and Beauty to you now and always. The Month begins with you in a backward reflection on yourself and your historic and current partnerships, as Mercury continues retrograde through your sign. Consider deeply your relationship to yourself and see that you treat yourself as exquisitely as you would expect to be treated by your beloved. Your Venusian, calibrated , diplomatic energy is the key to your own healing and that of the world’s at the moment. Bring yourself back into your legendary poise and stillness. Own your Gandhi like power of non violence and non projection. You are being readied for wonderful new fair and reciprocal partnership, but first a little healing is required. Explore your historic patterns in all partnerships and honestly assess what within yourself needs to change. This year the deep and Big healing begins with your spiritual life. Begin a real partnership the the Divine. You are going through a massive spiritual expansion. Big love is supporting you spiritually from behind the scenes. The angels travel with you in a big way and are preparing you for a big expansion that will come next year. The serious, disciplined focus wants to be on your writing and communication skills. Much could come of them. After the 9th begin to slowly move forward with plans and new partnership and creative ideas.


SCORPIO: The Month begins with you in a big spiritual reflection. The Sun and Mercury retrograde are in your inner ashram, inviting you to form a partnership with the Divine. As you make your spiritual partnership the center of your life, all other relationships fall into place. Reflect on what beautiful devotional practice you are best suited for on a daily basis. Explore and offer up for healing, the historic approach you have taken in partnerships. Befriend the young needy parts of yourself that may have lacked maturity in the past. Make friends with and resolve to accept the parts of yourself that you are most embarrassed of. This will help to prepare you for a mature and spiritual partnership. This year, and especially this month you will have tons of loving support from friends and new social contacts. Mighty Jupiter and Mars, your ruling planet are already in your house of networking and friendship inspiring you to abandon a solitary existence and delight in your social life. All month connection to friends expands your life in wonderful ways. Venus begins the month in your career sector, where she has been inspiring you to admit your true professional desires. After the 8th ask friends to help you move toward what you really want.


SAGITTARIUS: The month begins in a reflection on your social life and partnerships with friends. Explore the fairness of all partnerships you are embarking upon. Look into what needs to be addressed or re calibrated so that things feel fair. It’s a good month to reflect upon and rewrite letters of agreement. Reflect also on creative collaborations and partnerships. Your career has already begun the expansion that will be occurring all year. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet, has already taken up residence in your career sector along with Mars. You are already moving forward with big beautiful career plans. Keep your eye on the details of business and your craft. Practice discernment regarding projects and partners. Venus begins the month in your house of publishing, inspiring you to work on writing or publishing projects. Saturn just moved into your sign for the next two years, inspiring you to be disciplined, punctual and responsible. Set boundaries and define yourself. Take your authority by becoming an author, lecturer or both!


CAPRICORN: The month begins with a big reflective focus on career and career partnerships. What in your approach to career needs adjustment? Where do your professional relationships require adjustment and balance. Do you typically do too much? or too little? This month you are also reflecting on your public approach to love, beauty and balance. After the 9th you can begin to slowly move ahead with the insights that have been occurring to you in the past few weeks. The eclipse may have brought up old angers and deep seated issues arising from your family of origin that are ready to be released. There is a massive and wonderful planetary line up in your house of publishing and teaching all year but especially this month, while Venus and Mars join Mighty Jupiter in your house of publishing and travel. This is a great month to work on writing, curriculum, or take a sacred pilgrimage. You are transforming and healing this year. Much depends on a disciplined spiritual path which is paving the way to success on all levels!


AQUARIUS: The month begins with you in a deep reflection regarding your message and your medium. You are one of the most outspoken signs of the zodiac, but this month is a reflection on how to be the verbal warrior with a diplomatic velvet glove approach to saying what needs to be said. You are also in a reflective reconsideration of partnerships, both creative and romantic. Are you aligned philosophically with your partner?. For you this is a very important consideration. You are in the midst of a major expansion of your capacity to merge, share and collaborate with others. This month your capacity for deep sharing and intimacy is truly healing. Take steps this month to clean and clear space in every area of your life, in order to make real space for your beloved. Saturn, your ruling planet has taken up residence in your social sector, beginning a two year period of serious networking and team building. Explore how to reach a wider audience and build a creative team with whom you can collaborate.


PISCES: The month begins with you in a deep reflection on partnerships and shared finance. You are poised to take an expansive leap through both business and personal partnerships. Mighty Jupiter has already taken up residence in your partnership sector an this month is joined by Mars and on the 8th Venus, inspiring you to explore taking big beautiful loving steps with existing partners and explore new expansive partnerships that could take you to a whole new level. Mercury’s retrograde has you reconsidering fiscal mergers. Look closely at all fiscal partnerships with an eye to fairness. You are a sign known for self sacrifice. Not this time. Now you are being guided to fiscal arrangements that are fair to you and your fiscal and emotional well being. Saturn has taken up residence in your career sector for the next two years, inspiring you to use your time and resources to further your career and your long term goals. You are climbing the sacred mountain of your Holy Work. Put the main focus on that. Seal up time and energy leaks and climb baby! Climb!