“I begin to sing to Demeter, the holy Goddess with the beautiful hair…..”

  Homeric Hymn to Demeter   


When I walk barefoot on the soil in the morning

  I can feel the heartbeat of the holy earth

under my feet


  And when I climb high among the hills, schooled in wonder

I can feel the hurtling and the moving of the soul of the earth

  as it speaks to me…..”

The Waves by Mike Scott of the Waterboys


This month we return to the realm of the sacred in a big way, as the Sun joins massive Jupiter in Virgo, the sign of the earth, service and sacred devotion. Virgo is the sign of many goddesses, but especially Demeter and all goddesses of the earth and agriculture.

On August 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and protection, left flamboyant Leo and entered pristine Virgo, where it will remain for the next year, till September of 2016. This transit brings all things Virgo some much needed breathing room and a mighty surge of opportunity.

This year we shift back toward the truly feminine, as Demeter and a host of earth goddesses return to our consciousness to support the cleanliness and preservation of the earth, the food supply, the oceans and the many sacred creatures we share our gorgeous planet with. Added to the mix will be an ongoing opposition between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. This year we have a major opportunity for mass spiritual awakening. This year the earth is our sacred temple and acts of non violent activism and environmentalism are how we pray.

Virgo rules the environmental movement, organic farming, holistic medicine, the labor movement, cleanliness, hygiene, the digestive system, attention to detail and service of any sort. Jupiter expands and brings opportunity to whatever sign it is passing through. The planet of expansion in the sign of minutia will have a paradoxical effect. This year we are each presented with a massive opportunity to serve the earth, our fellow creatures and each other. This year by attending to the small things a mighty shift occurs. This year by contracting, we expand.

For the past few years, most things associated with Virgo: the food supply, environment, medicine and labor force have been under increasingly vicious corporate attack. Monsanto has waged a corporate war on the food supply, pouring poison on crops and genetically modifying plants and animals for mass consumption and profit. The oil companies and oil wars continue to wage terror in order to extract fuels that are heating up the planet at an alarming rate. The middle class continues to shrink as corporations avoid paying taxes and continue to send jobs abroad to third world nations that function as de facto plantations for the ultra rich. Massive pharmaceutical companies have produced and promoted addictive drugs and vaccines laden with heavy metals and other toxins. Jupiter’s journey through Virgo gives each of these beleaguered areas some protection and a mighty surge of alternative support. As Jupiter moves through Virgo we are all charged with making environmental cleanliness and overall integrity our top planetary priority.

To align with Virgo energy declutter on all levels. Virgo rules the intestines, the cleanliness of which determines our overall health and well being. This is a great month for a cleanse. Give to environmental causes. Stop using pesticides in your yard. Support chemical and cruelty free cosmetics and fashion. Support companies and candidates that treat the labor force the way we would all want to be treated.  Support candidates who support the environment and clean energy. Devote yourself the the refinement of your art and craft. Dedicate yourself to using your talents and skill in the service of others and the world. Practice meditation or whatever devotional path you are on. Awaken to your own sacredness, and that of All Creation. Be the Blessing you want to see in the world. Reach out to protect and commune with the animal and botanical kingdoms.

Virgo like its opposite Pisces, is a sign of immense sacredness and devotion. It is the sign that comes to understand that true happiness and fulfillment come from becoming an agent of maximum service in the world. Virgo perceives the macrocosm in the microcosm, can see the the vast endless sea in a drop of water. In Virgo the feminine natural world is remembered to be the Holy Temple of Spirit, to be revered, preserved and tended.

This month a beautiful dance of spiritual awakening begins as Neptune, the planet of spirituality in Pisces, opposes Jupiter in Virgo inviting us to see the Divine in the eyes of our fellow creatures. We are inspired to feel the heartbeat of our generous mother with every step we take. This month we are reminded that all of the beauty that feeds our souls, all the bounty that feeds our bodies is so generously provided by our Sacred Earth Mother. Her Holy Substance is the very fabric of our bodies. She has provided every meal, all shelter, clothing and adornment we have ever enjoyed, but more than this, she feeds our soul. This month in gratitude, may our devotions be outdoors. We are children of this heavenly garden, the cleaning and tending of which is the most resonant prayer at this time.

This month the miraculous shift that we are poised to make comes from re awakening to the sacredness of the Conscious Living World we inhabit. Once we are awake to the immanence of spirit in every atom of matter, we can no longer exploit the natural world and our fellow creatures. The shift back to sacred reverence for the earth baptizes each of us as her sacred stewards and charges us to sweep the Temple clean, for the health and enlightenment of All.


The Planetary Report:


Mighty Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11th beginning its year of expanding all things Virgo. It will remain in Virgo till next September of 2016. The Sun joined Jupiter on August 23rd and will remain in Virgo till the autumnal equinox on September 23rd when the Sun enters Libra and fall officially begins. The month begins on the heels of the super full moon in Pisces, which took place on August 29th and brought matters of mind, body, spirit and environment to full flower. As the month continues we are in a expanding awareness of health, environment, service and the tiny little details that support our personal and collective lives.

As the month begins, Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is already in the shadow of its upcoming retrograde on September 17th. The retrograde will occur through the first 15 degrees of Libra and will continue the reflection regarding relationships that we have been going through during the current Venus retrograde through Leo. Mercury in Libra will go direct on October 9th. Avoid making rash decisions about your partnerships till then. Gather information. Meditate and reflect on the fairness and balance in your relationships. We can expect reversals in legal matters at this time as we ponder all matters of injustice and imbalance on our world.

Lovely Venus begins the month still moving retrograde in Leo for the first week of September. We are still in a reflection of matters of art and the heart. On Sunday September 6th, Venus goes direct at 14 degrees of Leo and it is time to follow the true and deep promptings of our hearts. Pursue the love and creativity that truly lights up your heart. Venus continues forward through Leo all month and into the first week of October.

Mars begins the month conjunct Venus at 15 degrees Leo giving us creative and romantic fuel with which to actively pursue our heart’s desire. Venus and Mars are conjunct though the 8th of September bringing harmony to our love lives. On September 24th, Mars enters Virgo and adds fuel to the environmental, health and labor movements. Use your energy to clean, clear and declutter your life. Explore health practices that address mind body and spirit. Begin a meditation practice.

Uranus continues it’s retrograde journey at the 19th degree of Aries all month. Reflect on actions you need to take to liberate your life. Be the non violent activist you want to see in the world. Use technology and social media to promote your best ideas and cherished causes!

Neptune spends the month retrograde at 8 to 7 degrees Pisces, inspiring us to truly reflect on the oneness we share with all life. It is a great month to meditate, dance, pray and connect with water, tears and our feelings. Reflect on the Big Vision for your life as Jupiter in Virgo leads you to the little steps you can take to actualize it.

Pluto continues retrograde through the 13th and 12th degree of Capricorn, inspiring us to reflect and reconsider our entire approach to government, corporations, banking, currency and infrastructure. Imagine business conducted in a way that supports our planet and our lives. A better world is possible. As old unsustainable structures fall, we can dream it up together.


ARIES: There is a wonderful line up in your house of work and health. This is a year when you expand by contracting. Focus on your health and nutrition. Focus on the details of your work and your craft. Follow your work bliss. An abundance of work is coming to you, get organized in order to receive it. The beginning of the month looks great for your creativity. Devote some time to projects that your heart just can’t let go of. You are continuing to heal on the romantic front. Explore your feelings about love, romance and sensuality. Ask yourself whether you are willing to share your heart with another. We are already in Mercury’s retrograde shadow till the 17th when it retrogrades in your house of partnerships. This month you are considering and reconsidering your partnerships all month. Explore and be honest with yourself about what feels good and what doesn’t. Let the relationship healing begin.


TAURUS: The month begins with a beautiful healing focus on both your children and your creativity. This is a year when you expand though art, self expression, music, film poetry and your children. Let nature ignite your creative passion. This year health and nutrition is actually a fun focus.Healthy nutrition is the name of the game. Keep a steady focus on visionary networking. The Universe is sending you artistic, creative collaborators to dream up healing projects with. Venus, your ruling planet, continues her retrograde through your home sector, inspiring you to reflect on and make changes on the home front.Keep a healing focus on family especially through the 6th. Mercury retrogrades through your work sector on the 17th inspiring you to reflect on and reconsider work relationships.  Explore how to bring your work life into greater balance. Old contacts and partners may resurface at this time. Avoid final decisions till October 9th when Mercury goes direct.


GEMINI: The Month begins with a big healing focus on your home and family sector. This could be a year when you move or expand your home. Your family is poised to grow and family relationships have never looked so good. Mighty Jupiter will spend the next year in your home sector nurturing your root system with faith and abundance which leads to a possible career expansion. The month begins with Venus continuing her retrograde through your communication and thought sector. You are coming to the end of a deep reflection regarding matters of the heart. After the 6th you will feel some clarity on this front, however we are already in the shadow of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde in Libra, which also has you reconsidering relationships and romance. Be discerning and reflective as you allow relationships to reveal themselves. Mercury continues retrograde through October 9th. Use the time to reconnect with your heart’s desire and your creativity. Use fairness and balance as the metric by which you judge all relationships.


CANCER: This month begins a yearlong expansion of your mind. It’s a great month to begin a meditation practice and learn to observe your thinking rather than being pulled along by the prevailing mental current. Jupiter is pouring wisdom faith and optimism into your mind. Banish worry. Instead begin to study and learn positive thinking, meditation, creative writing or anything else that excites and delights you. This month connect with your spiritual path. Feel the presence of loving ancestors guiding and helping you. The month begins with you considering, children, creativity and your finances. Explore how your creativity might be lucrative. After the 6th move ahead with fiscal and creative plans. On the 17th Mercury goes retrograde and you are reflecting and reconsidering home and family partnerships. This is a great month to reflect on your partnerships. Explore how your family affected your approach to partnerships. This month effort is required, but healing is possible.


LEO: The month begins with Venus and Mars dancing close in your sign Leo. You have been going through a deep healing involving your heart, your art and your love life. Venus remains retrograde till the 6th then she begins to move forward. After the 6th move ahead with your creative plans. Pursue your heart’s true desire. Express the beauty and passion you want to see in the world. This month kicks off a year when healing begins to affect your self esteem and your bank account in a big way. Mighty Jupiter moved into your fiscal sector on August 11th, beginning a year when your self esteem begins to attract wonderful abundance. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. This year by focusing steadily on the details of your work and craft your wealth grows beautifully. We are already in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde, which will occur in your communication sector. All month practice restraint of tongue and pen. It’s a good month to resurrect old writing or communication projects. Release old relationships and the pain they caused you so that a new healthy one can enter your life.


VIRGO:  Happy Birthday Virgo! Blessings to you on this year of healing, expansion and opportunity. The cosmic shin dig in your sign began last month on August 11th when Mighty Jupiter entered your sign bringing tidings of faith, hope, expansion and opportunity. This is a year to follow your bliss, which for you means being of maximum service as you pursue your path of devotion. Pursue the exquisite details that utterly delight you. Get clean, clear and organized. This year Jupiter effects healing of your inner and outer environment. You are a sign known for humble service and attention to detail, and this year those details add up to a mighty expansive healing change, not only for you but through you, to the world at large. Think big this year. Take risks. The smart money is on organic, clean green, recycled pursuits. The smart money is on your refined eye and extraordinary craftsmanship. This year you are a channel of spiritual awakening. This month you are in a big reconsideration around fiscal partnerships. This becomes more pronounced after the 17th when Mercury your ruling planet goes retrograde in your fiscal sector. Try to avoid making final decisions till October 9th when Mercury goes direct. Your capacity for love and partnership is healing this month. Art is a prayer for you this month. Explore your sacred creativity.


LIBRA: This month there is a big beautiful expansion in your spiritual sector that continues all year. The Universal Mother protects and surrounds you all year. If you need bounty, guidance or comfort connect with nature and go within, massive guidance is with you.This year you travel with angels and do the work of an angel. The big faithful expansion happens behind the scenes for you but it affects every other area of your life. The month begins with a powerful line up in your social sector where you have been going through some healing. Reconsider art projects and friends from the past. Venus, your ruling planet has been retrograde in your social sector for weeks now. On the 6th she goes direct, and it is time for you to think about moving ahead with big beautiful creative and social plans. Mercury will be going retrograde in your sign on the 17th continuing the Venusian relationship reflection that we have been in for months now. Use the month to deeply reflect on yourself, your connection to beauty, grace, fairness and relationships on all levels.


SCORPIO: The month begins with a big healing focus in your friendship sector. This year big expansion and opportunity come through your connection to friends and a whole new level of networking. Put yourself out there in a  big, brave, beautiful way. Build friendships and alliances. Extend and respond to invitations. Both Venus and Mars, your ruling planet begin the month in your career sector. Venus has been moving retrograde in that sector for weeks now, inspiring you to be honest and reconsider you career choices in order to align with your heart’s  true professional desire. On the 6th Venus goes direct and it is time to act on your ambitions. Mercury will be moving retrograde in your spiritual sector on the 17th asking you to reconnect with your spiritual path and explore what a spiritual relationship would look like. This is a stellar month for your devotional practice which will give you clarity as you courageously express yourself and pursue your heart’s desire.


SAGITTARIUS: Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet, moved into your career sector last month and this month is joined by the blazing Sun. This spells wonderful news for you on the professional front. This year it is through mastering the details, getting organized and being of maximum service that your career advances and expands. Your creativity has been on fire for the past year. This year it’s time to roll up your sleeves and devote yourself to the craft that will actualize your creative desires. This year specialization helps you expand. Find your niche and capitalize on it. Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde in your social sector on the 17th. It’s time to reflect upon and review friendships and partnerships. This can be a time of wonderful healing and reconnection on the social front. Spend the month reflecting on your friendship network. What do you need to do differently? Who would you like to reconnect with?


CAPRICORN: There is a big expansion that has already begun in your teaching, publishing and traveling sector. This month begins a year when you shine at writing, giving presentations, teaching, learning, teaching, workshops and traveling. It’s a great year for a sacred pilgrimage of some sort. You are a mystical channel of compassionate vision these days. This year your body joins your mind on the journey of health and enlightenment. You may find that you are a voice for the environment, health and nutrition this year. Venus retrograde and Mars begin the month in your intimacy sector inspiring you to reflect on your heart’s deepest desire and the way you share yourself with others. On the 6th Venus moves forward again and so do relationships and collaborations. Mercury’s retrograde in your career sector on the 17th begins another relationship reflection. We are already in the shadow of this retrograde. You may already be reflecting on career partnerships. Let fairness be the metric by which you judge your professional partnerships. Old partners may resurface at this time.


AQUARIUS: Last year your capacity for personal partnership and creative collaboration took a mighty leap. This year the planets are continuing that trend with a big beautiful expansion in your house of deep sharing, joint finance and intimacy. This year will bring major opportunities to merge productively with others. You are still in a reflective, reconsideration regarding partners as Venus retrogrades your partnership sector. On the 6th when Venus moves direct, you will gain clarity on personal and professional partnerships. The reflection continues this month with Mercury’s retrograde in Libra on the 17th. It is as though we are all being asked to deeply reflect once again on the fairness and functionality of our relationships. For you this retrograde takes place in your house of speaking, presenting, publishing and higher learning. This month and through October 9th be in a reflection around collaborative partnerships. Reflect on your philosophical approach to partnership.


PISCES: This month there is a stellar line up in your house of partnerships. Mighty Jupiter entered that realm last month on August 11th, and this month the Sun is pouring illumination and light on your most important relationships. This year your personal and professional partnerships are where the big beautiful expansion lis. Say yes to partner based opportunities and say yes to wonderful expansion with existing partnerships. Look for collaborations on the spiritual and healing fronts. The month begins with Venus retrograde and Mars, both in your house of health and daily work, inspiring you to reflect on how to pursue your hearts desire at work and in your own approach to health. You are reflecting on work relationships and how to follow your creative bliss. On the 6th Venus goes direct and it is time to take action. We are already in the shadow of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde in Libra, which again compels us to examine our partnerships. The retrograde is taking place in your house of deep sharing, joint finance and intimacy, bringing opportunity to heal and make adjustments on those fronts. Deep healing begins around partnership and vulnerability as you love and accept yourself first.