The ark is getting crowded now 

And each of us must know

When everything is finished here 

There’s no where else to go.

The beasts are here to bless us 

And the faith is in their eyes

That we can find the garden 

And see that sweet dawn rise

Noah     Lyrics by Frank Sinatra 


Stolen from Africa, brought to America,

Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival.

Buffalo Soldier, lyrics by Bob Marley



This Month the Sun takes center stage as it passes through its own sign, Leo the Lion King, reminding us to take heart, have courage and make a stand for what is right. Leo is the sign of children, artists, performers, the wild, the animal kingdom, leaders,dictators and royalty. Leo’s opposite is Aquarius, the sign of organized, liberated humanity. The relationship between these two signs has much to tell us about the relationship between humanity and the animal kingdom, Art and activism, the individual and the group.

At this writing, on July 31, the Full Blue Moon in Aquarius, the sign of social activism, the social media world has gone viral with the sad, pointless demise of Cecil, the African Lion poached, slaughtered skinned and beheaded by American dentist Walter Palmer. The anger and outrage over this killing has spurred a feeding frenzy of rage, insult and calls for revenge against the hunter who is now being sought by Zimbabwe for extradition for poaching.

The other tragic news story momentarily eclipsed by the death of Cecil The African Lion,  which has been in the headlines for the past few weeks is the death of African American activist Sandra Bland while in police custody, followed with hideous speed by the shooting death of African American Sam Dubois in Cincinnati at a minor traffic stop. Mr. Dubois killer, Officer Ray Tensing has been indicted for murder. Both deaths have spurred outrage over the increasingly routine killings by police of unarmed black citizens in the United States.

All of these headlines highlight much of the worst of Leo and its opposite sign Aquarius. In the mix are also examples of the best that both signs have to offer.

Leo rules animals, but lions in particular, as the king or sovereign of the animal kingdom. Lions live in our dreams and subconscious as creatures of beauty, strength, majesty and power. So often people who feel deficient in these very qualities try to co opt them by killing a lion or some other creature of power thus associating themselves with the power of the slain animal.

Sadly this often reveals a weak person with little heart. Healthy Leos have no need to dominate in this way. Leo leads with courage and by example. At its best it is a sign of great love and a generous heart. Leo also leads with wonderful creativity. Tonight the Empire State Building is being used as a massive art canvas on which images of endangered species will be projected. Mighty Jupiter the planet of abundance and protection leaves Leo this month but on a massive wave of artistic activism.

While the awareness of the fragility of so many beautiful species has been highlighted in the outrage over Cecil the Lion, the response in the social media community also illustrates negative Leo traits. The pack mentality, again a form of animal behavior, unbefitting mature humanity, has resulted in a feeding frenzy including calls for the hunter’s death and dismemberment. While the actions of this man are deplorable, we as human beings must practice Aquarian restraint when Leo passions are aroused. The most beautiful post I saw on this subject read: If you only have compassion for the hunted and not the hunter, spiritually you still have work to do.

I and others cannot help but wonder if the degree of outrage over Cecil is partly displaced feelings over the other news stories also African in origin that have been the horrible and tragic headlines all month, but are far more loaded and controversial to discuss. I am speaking of course of the epidemic of killings of unarmed African American citizens by police officers and white supremacists.

Race continues to dominate the headlines this month as it did last month with the racially motivated massacre at the EAME Church in South Carolina, the lowering of the confederate flag, followed by open marches by the KKK in many parts of the country. Clearly race is still a loaded and deadly subject here.

While many of the above mentioned events display the savagery of Leo, the artistic response to them is the positive use of Leo’s legendary creativity. Sandra Bland’s tragic death also resulted in activist art with Sandra’s name writ large in neon installations displayed in many locations around the country. This project combines the Leo’s focus on a particular personality, identified by name, with the Aquarian assertion of her humanity memorialized in dazzling neon.

In viewing the footage of the police encounters with both Sandra Bland and Sam Dubois we again see negative Leo behavior. The quickness to anger, and demand submission that quickly escalates into a deadly encounter is Leo’s animal dominance and the ego at its impulsive worst, which lives in all of us. These deadly encounters call our whole approach to policing, admittedly a very difficult and potentially dangerous job, into question.

In the person of Police Chief Chris Magnus in Richmond California, we hear of a new heart centered humanitarian approach to policing. He fired bad cops, suspended stop and frisk, his City Hall identified people at risk in the community and provided them with a mentor and a stipend. The results are wildly successful. Richmond’s homicide rate has dropped by 66%.

In this approach to policing we see a generous heart and excellent leadership at work. We also see positive Aquarian traits of experimentation while recognizing the humanity of the community that is being policed. The willingness to provide monetary and human support is a beautiful blending of Leo’s generous heart and Aquarius’s humanitarian consciousness.

In watching all of these terrible stories unfold in the lead up to the full Moon I could not help but notice that they all involve Africa, the home of the mighty Lion, my own sign and this month’s Astrological totem.

This month we need Leo’s legendary courage to help us admit our historic wrongs toward Africa, its people and natural resources. All of the headlines speak of our history of exploitation of that continent to build this one. It is well to remember that we are living in the long dark shadow of slavery, Jim Crow and the industrial prison complex all of which have dehumanized the Black community who have been fighting for survival from day one, some four hundred years ago.

The activist Aquarian community has been working hard to remind us that Black Lives Matter. Their reasonable perhaps even obvious assertion is often met with the rebuttal: All Lives Matter, which misses the point entirely. White people are not being shot one or more a day by the authorities…. When we hear Black Lives Matter what is implied and what Sandra Bland said before she died is “Black Lives Matter Too.” Something in that “Too” touches my heart so deeply. It reminds me of Leo’s most powerful totem which is not the Mighty Lion or the Regal King, but the innocent child.

Our most sacred inner being is a child who does not see color, race or class, but only sees and yearns for love and inclusion. Our child yearns to belong…Me too…I wanna play too…I matter too… is the plaintive cry of our inner child….of everyone’s inner child. This month let us be led by that child and that innocence which must surely lead us to the heart’s enormous power to overcome all fear and division with the Mighty Power of Love.

May the deaths of Sam Dubois, Sandra Bland and Cecil the Lion call us back to our humanity, call us into the Aquarian Age that will truly define us as a society of equals. May we awaken to our calling as one loving family on earth, all of us stewards of our planet and protectors of our beautiful cousins in the animal community.

This month a massive planetary line up in Leo inspires us to move out of our egos and into our beautiful wild hearts where a big enough love resides to destroy all the cages and hunting trophies and false racial hierarchies…….which in the end is just another form of animal dominance…..

May Love conquer All…. This Month and Always.. in My Heart and Yours….




The Sun Went into Leo on July 22nd where it will remain till August 23rd when it enters Virgo. The Sun In Leo is a time of increased creativity, self expression, extroversion and leadership. This outward luminous, unleashed, wild self expression is further enhanced by the presence of Jupiter, the planet of faith, expansion and abundance, which will be finishing up its year long stay in Leo on August 11th when it enters Virgo, and begins to bring expansion, protection and opportunity to all things Virgo. Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will give the environmental movement a much needed boost.


The Month begins with a massive lineup in Leo with the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus retrograde all in Leo. While 4 planets in Leo is a massive amount of solar power, Venus’s retrograde through Leo all month till the 6th of September brings a lovely reflective healing quality to the month. We are reflecting on matters of the heart, and matters of our art. It is a great month to ask what our heart’s true desire is in all things. We are being asked to go for our big golden vision. We are also being asked to reconsider our approach to children and the animal kingdom. This is a month to dream big especially through August 11th when Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo. The first week of August is massively creative. After that the focus begins to shift to the nuts and bolts of actualizing our vision.


MERCURY, the planet of the mind begins the month in Leo, inspiring leadership, dramatic creative thinking and all kinds of mental and verbal self expression. On August 7th Mercury enters super smart, analytical Virgo for the rest of the month, helping us take concrete steps to actualize our vision. Mercury in Virgo also helps us analyze and diagnose what needs healing in ourselves and our environment. Once Mercury enters Virgo our focus shifts to creating a clean, green world and environment.


VENUS begins the month retrograde in Leo, inspiring us to reflect on all things Leo. We are being asked to explore our relationship to our authentic selves, our inner and outer children, the animal kingdom, leadership issues and our creativity. This is also a time to explore and revisit all matters of the heart. Venus will continue retrograde all month and beyond, going direct September 6th. The retrograde began at the first degrees of Virgo indicating that this retrograde is all about healing our relationship to love, beauty and relationships.


MARS begins the month in soulful maternal Cancer, giving us plenty of energy to devote to nesting and family activities. Mars enters fiery, creative Leo on August eighth, the day after Mercury leaves Leo. We can now use Mars fuel to take action on the creative and romantic plans we dreamed up while Mercury was in Leo.


JUPITER has been in Leo for the past year, expanding our creativity, solar energy worldwide, and expanding awareness for the need to protect our children and wildlife. Jupiter will enter Virgo on August 11th lending huge support to the environmental movement, green energy, organic farming and health practices and the labor sector. This expansion will continue all year till September of 2016 when Jupiter will enter Libra.


SATURN turns direct at the last degrees of Scorpio and ends its journey through Scorpio on September 17th when it enters Sagittarius for the next two years. That very day 9/17/15, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo. We will likely be revisiting court decisions regarding the environment, health and other justice issues.


URANUS continues retrograde in Aries. We are reflecting on activism and actions to take concerning humanitarian efforts as well as military strategy. We may also see reconsideration regarding technology and its deployment. Look for more discussion on the morality of Artificial Intelligence uses.


NEPTUNE continues retrograde in Pisces, inspiring us to reflect on our personal and collective vision for the world. Neptune the sign of Unity and Compassion reminds us that we are one, and inspires us to treat each other and all life forms with kindness and compassion.


PLUTO also continues retrograde, making that 4 planets this month instructing us to enter a state of wise reflection. We are being asked to look back and see what in our approach to life is in error. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn asks us to reconsider our approach to currency, infrastructure, corporations, and government. How can we align our governments, economies and business models with life preserving and humanitarian practices.


ARIES: There is a truly stellar line up in your creative sector this month, especially the first week of August. Venus retrograde is part of this line up inspiring you to revisit a creative project that makes your heart really beat. Be honest with yourself about where your passion lays. Take advantage of Jupiter’s last week in your creative sector to put your pedal to the metal as you reconnect with your artistic, creative and romantic passion. After the 11th focus your attention on a schedule of daily action that will see your creative vision actualized. The second half of August is also a great time to focus on cleaning and greening your body, mind and environment. It’s a great time to declutter, do a cleanse and get organized. Mars, your ruling planet gives you the fuel all month to make your creative dreams come true. Venus heals your heart and prepares you to share your love with a worthy partner.


TAURUS: The month begins with a major planetary line up in your house of home. This line up includes Venus, your ruling planet moving retrograde through Leo all month. Your connection to home, family children and leisure has been growing by leaps and bounds. This month take the time to look back over your childhood and your past relationship to your family. Allow yourself to heal and forgive the past and family members. Especially forgive yourself for all wrongs real or imagined that occurred in your childhood. This month is great to make adjustments to your household and child rearing practices. After the 11th, wonderful creative and recreational opportunities open up for you. Mighty Jupiter will be in your creativity and child sector till next September. Use the time to work on creative projects with a healing or environmental message. Continue to heal your inner child.


GEMINI: This month your mind is wired to your heart. All year Mighty Jupiter in Leo has been expanding your capacity for vulnerable heart centered communication. This month there is a stellar line up in your house of communication, inspiring you to be a flamboyant artist of communication. Part of this line up is Venus moving retrograde inspiring you to reconsider matters of the heart and the way you express your feelings. Further healing may be in order. This is also a wonderful time to revisit writing or any creative projects involving communication. After the 11th Mighty Jupiter moves into your house of home, ushering in a time of great expansion on the home front. Prepare for wonderful new developments around home and family that will also have a profound effect on your career. Mercury, your ruling planet is in Leo till the 7th inspiring you to think and speak from the heart not the head. After the 7th Mercury in Virgo helps you analyze and heal issues of home, childhood and family. As you declutter your home, You declutter your soul.


CANCER: The Heavens are shining in your financial sector this month, inspiring you to use your creativity profitably. Mighty Jupiter has spent the last year expanding your profit margin. Continue to say yes to abundance. Part of the major line up in your fiscal sector is Venus moving retrograde. You may have overlooked a wonderful stream of income or a creative project that could be lucrative. This could also be a time when you are able to pay off old debt or revisit fiscal partnerships in some new way. After the 11th Mighty Jupiter moves into your communication sector, and you may want to consider lucrative writing, or communication projects. The next year brings great expansion and opportunity on the writing and communication front. Your transformation and empowerment continues as you heal your capacity to speak your healing truth.


LEO: Happy Birthday Leo! Shine like the Superstar you are this month. The Sun, your ruling star is shining in your sign along with Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus retrograde. Jupiter will be leaving your sign on the 11th after a year of expanding your sense of self in wonderful new ways. Venus is retrograding through your sign all month asking you to reflect and reconsider areas of expansion that you may have overlooked. Heal your heart and your capacity to form big beautiful loving relationships this month. Ask yourself if there is a creative project that is your heart’s true desire that might just scare you silly. This month call upon your sign’s legendary courage and admit your heart’s desire. Inner child work always helps with our capacity to love and our creativity. After the 11th Jupiter enters your money sector beginning a year of fiscal expansion by focusing on the nuts and bolts of your vision and making it real. Work on scheduling, fiscal clarity and the details. This year as you take care of the little things, some very big things will start to take care of themselves.



VIRGO: This month your spiritual sector is filled with the light of several supernovas. Feel the massive support from the angelic realm that has been working all year for your enlightenment. This is a great month to release the past and all forms of deprivation arising from your childhood. You deserve all forms of love and abundance which the Universe is preparing you to receive. On August 11th, Mighty Jupiter the planet of faith, abundance and expansion will enter your sign for the next year, beginning a wonderful new cycle of faith, abundance and expansion on all levels. Say yes to opportunity, say yes to wealth and abundance. Lovely Venus will continue her retrograde through your spiritual sector healing your connection to Infinite Love and Support. Your beloved environment gets a much needed boost as the world goes clean, green and healthy.


LIBRA: You are a networking superstar this month. Stellar connections with brilliant artists take center stage as you reach out and continue to weave a wonderful creative social tapestry. Venus, your ruling planet is part of this line up, inspiring you to reconnect with creative contacts and friends from the past. Mighty Jupiter has been expanding your friendship network and social life all year. On the 11th Jupiter will enter your spiritual sector expanding your soulful and tangible connection the The Spirit of the Universe. It is a wonderful year to see nature as your temple. It’s a great year for devotional and purification practices. Your body, mind and spirit are increasingly supported by a beautiful connection to organic and healthy diet and nutrition. Up your meditation this year and watch your whole life transform.


SCORPIO: The Sun is shining in your career sector this month illuminating your career and your heart’s true calling. Dare to find the courage to admit your deepest desire. Mighty Jupiter has spent the last year expanding your career possibilities. This month Venus retrogrades through this sector because there is something you may have overlooked with regard to your career. Ask yourself what you love to do and long to do professionally. Allow that to guide you toward courageous action to initiate a career plan that incorporates your true professional desire. On the 11th Mighty Jupiter enters your friendship network and your social network begins to expand. Be on the lookout for helpful friends and people who can help you with your hopes and dreams. This is a year of major expansion on the social front. Mars your ruling planet gives you the fuel to act on career desires all month.


SAGITTARIUS: It’s a great month for writing, publishing, presenting, traveling advertising and performing. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet has been in the sector associated with these activities all year preparing you for wonderful expansion on these fronts. Venus is retrograding this sector all month reminding you to revisit and rework projects that require your attention. Jupiter will be leaving your sector of travel, publishing, higher learning and philosophy on the 11th and entering your career sector in Virgo, the sign of maximum service and attention to detail. Beginning on the 11th, as you put the administrative details of your career in order, watch how your career and opportunities to serve your clients and audience begin to expand exponentially. This is a year when a beautiful focus on your health also has a wonderful impact on your career.


CAPRICORN: This month there is a stellar line up in your house of shared resources and intimacy. All year Mighty Jupiter has been beautifully expanding your capacity to share your heart and life with others. Your capacity to be vulnerable on both personal and creative fronts has been expanding. This month is a joyful celebration and culmination of this wonderful year of sharing, vulnerability and co creation. On the 11th Mighty Jupiter will be leaving this sector and moving into your house of travel, higher learning, publishing and promoting, beginning year of devotional teaching, learning and traveling. As of the 11th your life becomes a sacred journey of teaching, learning, and cross cultural exchange. Lovely Venus will be retrograde in your house of sharing to help you continue to heal and address unfinished business in the intimacy and financial sharing arena.


AQUARIUS: This is the month for partnerships Aquarius. There is a massive planetary line up in your partnership sector inspiring you to continue to expand your capacity to love and collaborate with personal and business partners. All year Mighty Jupiter has been moving through your house of relationships, inspiring you to collaborate with your fellow artists and open your heart to wonderful, generous, mutual partnerships. Venus will be retrograding through this house all month, allowing you to reflect on unfinished business and further healing in this department. This month continue to focus on creative collaborations as you heal your heart and keep your eyes open for romantic reconnections. On the 11th Mighty Jupiter enters your house of intimacy and shared finances, expanding and healing your capacity to share on these fronts.


PISCES: This is a stellar month on the work and healing front. There is a major line up in your house of work and wellness inspiring you to expand through your health routines and your daily work. Mighty Jupiter has spent the last year in this sector expanding work opportunities that look fun and pleasurable. Venus is moving retrograde through this sector all month asking you to revisit and review your approach to both work viewed as service and your own approach to health. This review might also involve the arts and performance as daily work. Consult with your heart. Ask it what work it loves and wants more of. On August 11th Mighty Jupiter moves into your partnership sector, beginning a period of major expansion through marriage and business partnerships. Get ready for a year of social, personal and professional expansion. Partnerships and opportunity go hand in hand this year.