This month’s column is dedicated to victims of the Emmanuel African Methodist Church  massacre in North Carolina and their families.


“America, America, God mend thy every flaw

Confirm thy soul in self control,

Thy Liberty in Law..”  

 Lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates

Melody by Samuel Ward


“Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me,

I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see”

John Newton


This Month we navigate by Moonlight as the Sun glides through soulful Cancer, the sign of the Universal Mother, the oceanic womb of all life. The Sun enters Cancer on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, which this year took place on June 21st.  From that very moment, the tide of Light turns, and little by little we begin to lose moments of Sunlight till December 21st when the tide turns once again.

Cancer, the crab is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the Moon. Astrologically the Moon and Cancer are both associated with the soul, that mysterious indwelling part of us that we sing about and feel so deeply, yet cannot easily define. The needs of our soul are mysterious, as hard to grasp as moonlight, yet we feel our soul’s presence most acutely when we have violated her in some way, or when we are deeply moved by the loving and soulful actions of our fellows.

It is interesting that the sign of maximum sunlight is governed by the nocturnal moon. However in many traditions it is only through the feminine subconscious and soul that we can bear the dazzling Light of the Sun, symbolic of Divine Light. This year, in the face of unspeakable darkness, the promise of light has been kept. We have seen around us, in world events since the solstice, examples of extraordinary Light and Grace moving the evolution of our collective consciousness to a higher state.

Today, July 1st is the Full Moon in Capricorn. This lunation has culminated in an astonishing series of soulful events and court decisions including the upholding by the supreme court of same sex marriage, extending the light of equality to our LGBT brothers and sisters. It was the stunning events in Charleston SC however that brought both our national darkness and redemptive light into stark focus. The forgiveness extended to gunman Dylann Roof by the families of the victims of the Charleston massacre in the Emmanuel African Methodist Church, has stunned and moved the soul of the nation.

Here in the States, the Black Community has often been the courageous, plaintive and deeply moving voice of our collective soul. Paradoxically it is the people whose humanity we as a nation denied, whom historically, we stripped of everything, who somehow found and became the voice for that which one cannot be stripped of, even when all wordily possessions, rewards and basic decency are denied. Perhaps those are the circumstances in which the soul can best be heard.

The events in South Carolina were so stunning and so moving because they spoke directly to our soul. In the face of the unconscionable actions of Dylann Roof, the shooter, in whose haunting eyes eyes we see a soul twisted in hatred, the extraordinary and Grace filled response of the victims families eclipsed all other considerations. To hear the words of forgiveness spoken by the families our minds and egos were stunned to Silence….. and in that Silence our souls were moved. The entire Soul of America was moved.

At the funeral of Reverend Pinkney, we heard President Obama’s extraordinary eulogy and his soulful rendition of Amazing Grace, a hymn written by an ex slave trader. It is not the Black Community that the lyrics apply to. The hymn speaks of the wretchedness of the slaver, the oppressor. In a moment of Grace he was saved from the baseness of his own soul’s condition. For Dylann Roof the sound that could yet save him from his wretched condition was the sound…the unbelievable sound of forgiveness coming to him directly from the souls of the victims families.

Their response ignited a soulful and Grace filled response all across America. We saw many in the South, including Governor Nikki Haley’s call for the lowering of the Confederate flag, a response unimaginable even 5 years ago. Those Great Souls in Charleston ignited an illumination across the nation which has led to Nascar and Walmart pulling all Confederate logos in the spirit of true contrition.  The actions of Bree Newsome an African American activist climbing the North Carolina Statehouse flagpole, and taking down the Confederate Flag was a soulful act of courage, an image which will inspire the nation as a most powerful symbol of the Liberated Soul for years to come.

It is hard to add anything to this. All I know is that upon hearing the parishioners words of forgiveness I became utterly still. Utterly quiet….. as tears began to quietly to flow. My own soul was listening, responding to the uniting call of these more evolved souls shedding the magnetic light of Grace and Union that at the deepest level is what we all yearn for. It was a stunning moment in a history of Grace filled moments brought to us historically by Black America.

I could only marvel as the President sang Amazing Grace, that the transatlantic brutal passage had carried a cargo far more precious than could be suspected by any slave trader. Forged in the brutal, dark holds of vessels of unimaginable cruelty, these ships unbeknownst to any at the time, were carrying the future Light and Soul of America.

Sending Prayers of Deepest Solace to the families of the victims. Sending the deepest gratitude for your stunning example. Words cannot express our feelings and our hope that every blessing of comfort may find you somehow. We will try to follow your extraordinary example.


In Deep Sympathy, Love and Gratitude,


Demitra Vassiliadis




The Sun entered Cancer on June 21st, the Summer Solstice, and will remain there till July 22nd when it enters Leo, it’s own sign. Spend the Cancerian time connecting with and feeding your soul. Cultivate inner peace. Practice forgiveness. Include yourself in that equation. Declare independence from all that suppresses your soul. Ask your soul what it really wants and needs. Ask yourself what you feel you must do before you die. This is often a way to get beyond the ego and make contact with the soul. Travel to water. Flow like water. Listen to soul music, eat soul food. Connect with people and practices that are good for your soul. Mother yourself. Make your home cozy. Honor the Universal Mother and our beautiful planet earth, who is both home and mother to us.

Full Moon Report: Today, July 1ST is the Full Moon in Capricorn: A potent Full Moon conjunct Pluto the Transformer opposing the Sun and Mars conjunct in Cancer. This aspect in laymen’s terms represents direct action transforming the status quo of government, currency and existing power structures. We have seem many example of utterly transformational changes to the status quo power structures. No image captures this moment better than activist Bree Newsome climbing the North Carolina State house and taking down the Confederate Flag. We have also seen the raising of the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag, the Supreme court upholding Obamacare, and Greece at the threshold of leaving the EU.

Ask yourself what inner or outer regime of oppression you need to oppose or declare your independence from. Practice restraint and mindfulness and non violence as you take liberating action.

The New Moon in Cancer takes place on July 15th at 9:24 PM EDT beginning a new soulful cycle of connection to our home, ancestry, and feelings. Join us to set intentions and celebrate our monthly New Moon tele seminar on the 15th to register click here:


The Month begins with Mercury, the messenger still in Gemini inspiring us to explore our thoughts and our approach to communication. On July 8th Mercury leaves intellectual Gemini and enters soulful Cancer, inspiring us to connect with and share our feelings. Be the nurturing soulful messenger you want to see in the world.

Venus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct at 21 degrees Leo today July 1st, asking us to cultivate big, generous cross cultural love today. We are one. Today feel your heart grow. Feel your love grow. Let the Light of this big beautiful conjunction of love dispel all darkness, leaving light in its powerful wake!

Lovely Venus remains in Leo till July 18th when it enters environmental Virgo. Explore the arts while Venus is in Leo. Express yourself. When she moves into Virgo refine your craft and seek your own health and the health of the planet. They are after all one and the same.

Mighty Jupiter remains in Leo all month, inspiring us to brave acts of courage and generosity.

Take creative risks. Be vulnerable. Risk your heart. Let love rule in the secret chambers of your heart.

Saturn continues retrograde in Scorpio, revealing our collective shadow. We can expect more revelations of corporate malfeasance, banking scandals and further collective transformation. May we utterly transform the way we share our planets beauty and bounty. Food, air, water and earth belong to everyone. How can we share so that all people are adequately provided for.

Uranus will be going retrograde on July 26th requiring us to re think our approach to war and activism. Uranus will be at 20 degrees of Aries all month.

Neptune is also moving retro grade and will be at 9 degrees of Pisces all month. Time to review our collective and personal dreams and visions. Use your imagination to dream up a new world with kindness and compassion for all. Practice forgiveness. There is no more powerful medicine.

Pluto is also moving retrograde in Capricorn, asking us to review our approach to business,finance and currency,  government, banking and infrastructure.


ARIES: The month begins with a Full Moon in your career sector on July 1st. Congratulations! Your career has born fruit. Celebrate your professional success by pulling in and spending time at home and with your family.This month Mars, your ruling planet, joins the Sun in soulful maternal Cancer, inspiring you to be nurtured by your family. Enjoy a lovely balance between home and work. It’s a great month to vacation by the sea with your family or to gather at your ancestral home. Nurture yourself on all levels this month. Put some energy into your home. There is wonderful line up in your house of romance and creativity that brings enormous opportunity and expansion on those fronts. Have fun this month. Rediscover the playful spirit of youth. Work on creative projects that excite and delight you. After the 18th, shift your focus to health routines. Uranus in your sign asks you to review any issues from which you require liberation. The New Moon on the 15th begins a fertile new home and family cycle.



TAURUS: There is still a major focus on communication for you this month. Mercury the planet of thought and communication is camped out in your fiscal sector,inspiring you to think speak and write about your values and your approach to finance. The full moon on the 1st brings your desire to communicate to a head. Work on projects that allow you to get the word out there. This is a great month for communication. The Sun and Mars give you both energy and star power. Lovely Venus, your ruling planet is in your home sector conjunct Mighty Jupiter inspiring a wonderful expansion in your home and family sector. Love is in the air on the home front in big adventurous beautiful ways. Your inner or outer children expand your life and heart. Saturn has moved back into your relationship sector inspiring you to restructure partnerships. Boundaries may need to be re set. Financial deals may need to be renegotiated. The New Moon on the 15th occurs in your communication sector, beginning a fertile new cycle of communication.


GEMINI: Mercury your ruling planet is in your sign all month inspiring you to think about your sense of self and your manner of communication this month. You are still in the wake of last month’s retrograde which had a great deal to do with you and your approach to partnership. This month your self esteem and finances are in the spotlight as you grapple with issues of personal and shared finance. A growing sense of self esteem inspires you to say no to fiscal deals and arrangements that feel oppressive or unfair. There is a wonderful conjunction in your communication sector beginning on July 1st. Your heart and mind are expanding with love and faith like never before. Explore creative writing, creative speaking or any art form that appeals to you. Nurture yourself by nurturing the growth of your financial base. Expansion through real estate looks promising. Spend money on what really takes care of you. The New Moon on the 15th occurs in your fiscal sector, beginning a new fertile financial cycle.


CANCER: Happy Birthday Cancer! This year you are powered by both the Sun and Mars, the planet of action moving through your sign. Use this dynamic energy to both nurture and assert yourself. Take action to fulfill your desires. Take action on the home and relationship front. The Full Moon on the 1st brings relationship issues into full focus. Stand your sacred ground. Dare to express your desires. You are great at giving support, this month get support as well. Mercury, the planet of thought is in your spiritual sector all month inspiring you to connect with the higher mind. It’s a great month to up your  meditation practice. You are known for intuition, but this month by connecting with Source you can take a major leap in consciousness. Your fiscal fortunes look quite fertile. Take action especially in the beginning of the month to generate income and prosperity. Your creativity is a goldmine these days. The New moon on the 15th in your sign begins a wonderful new approach to your sense of self.


LEO: The month begins with a beautiful conjunction between Venus the Planet of Love and Jupiter the planet of expansion and faith in your sign. Take in the wonderful new feelings of love, faith, joy and optimism. Allow yourself to dream up big, beautiful golden projects. Say yes to your art, beauty and creativity. There is a lovely aspect supporting you behind the scenes this month with heavenly maternal energy. Connect with your ancestors angels and guides. Connect with the Source. Meditate daily to strengthen your consciousness and intuition. Explore Mind body spirit techniques this month. The New Moon on the 15th begins a new spiritual cycle for you. Time spent near water is great for your soul this month. Home renovations and family reconnections look good this month. Keep expressing yourself. Say yes to opportunity.


VIRGO: There is a stellar line up in your house of friendship this month. The Sun and Mars are shining in your friendship sector. This is also a great month for professional networking. Nurturing support abounds for you from both friends and associates this month. You have more social fuel than usual. Deploy it to further professional goals. It’s a great month to create events near water. With Mercury, your ruling planet in your career sector all month, it’s a great time to further your career. The biggest energy this month is in your spiritual sector where Mighty Jupiter and Venus begin the month in a big beautiful embrace, expanding your spiritual life and your capacity for Love faith and optimism. After the 18th lovely Venus enters your life gracing you with beauty and social magnetism. The New Moon on the 15th begins a wonderful new cycle of friendship and professional support.


LIBRA: It’s A stellar month for your career. The Sun and Mars are inspiring you to act soulfully and effectively on behalf of your cherished professional goals. Make your work comfy nurturing and successful this month. There is also a mighty and gorgeous line up in your social sector bringing big bold beautiful opportunities through social connections. Explore and develop your creative talents. For you event planning could be incredibly lucrative this month. This summer the planets support the expansion of your career and your public life. You are maturing and transforming at your roots. These deep changes are adding up to a mighty leap in your worldly status. This month bring your nurturing all inclusive feminine approach to your career and show us how soulful business is conducted. The New Moon on the 15th begins a beautiful new fertile business cycle. Plant seeds of professional success! Continue to connect with partners that think outside of the box.


SCORPIO: The month begins with a mighty expansion in your career sector. The Universe is connecting you to your professional bliss. Pay attention to new feelings, ideas and professional opportunities that present themselves in the first week of July. Listen to your heart. It never lies. Let its loving beat lead you to your true professional desire. There is a beautiful and powerful line up in your house of higher learning as well this month. publishing and travel look good. You are inspired to take action to pursue the knowledge or travels that your soul longs for. Spend the month reading, teaching, learning and attending workshops. Nurture your curiosity and your spirit of adventure. Plan a trip. If you are a writer, this is a great month to write or seek publishing. The New Moon on the 15th begins a new cycle of education and adventure. Take soulful action on that front. After the 18th friendship and group connection is where the love is.


SAGITTARIUS: This month you are on a deep and soulful journey exploring family connections, intimacy and your approach to all forms of deep sharing. These can be loaded topics but you are surrounded by Grace and your ancestors as you explore your deepest feelings around self worth, money and how your family experience shaped your approach to love, intimacy and money. This month take loving action on the home and real estate front. Estate planning and the like are great ideas this month. Work on financial deals and agreements with a win/win approach. There is also a stellar aspect in your publishing sector. Say yes to creative projects. They could wind up being quite lucrative. The New Moon on the 15th begins a New nurturing cycle of sharing yourself and resources with others. Without vulnerability there can be no real intimacy. Dare to be vulnerable with safe and kind people.


CAPRICORN: The Full Moon in your sign takes place on July 1st. Your approach to nurturing yourself in a new way comes to a completion today. How you connect with partners also comes to a head or to full blossom. You are learning to take care of yourself in wonderful new ways,  The Sun and Mars are shining in your partnership sector inspiring you to take action to nurture business and personal relationships. This month highlights issues of personal responsibility as well as issues of motherhood and fatherhood. This month self care and nurturing partnerships are to be given the highest priority. There is a mighty expansion going on in the realm of shared finances through art creativity and children. Your heart is growing and love is transforming you at the deepest levels. It’s a great month to work on financial deals and creative projects. The New Moon on the 15th begins a fertile new cycle of partnerships.


AQUARIUS: The month begins with a full moon in your spiritual sector. Your soul is called to the summit of your sacred inner mountain to contemplate your cherished goals and ambitions. This month nurturing starlight is illuminating your approach to work and health. Explore practices all month that seek to align your mind body and spirit in healing practices. This is a great month to focus on the details of your daily work. Organize your archives. Research projects involving ancestry or history. Heal family of origin issues in order to make room for the big beautiful heart centered partnerships that may already have appeared in your life. Romantic partnership and creative collaboration has never looked so good. Connect with warm, loving demonstrative people who make your heart sing.The new moon on the 15th heralds a new fertile cycle of work and health practices.


PISCES: The month begins with the Full Moon in your house of friendship and networking. Congratulations! The network of love and support you have been building achieves a level of blossoming today. Look around at the personal and professional connections of mutual support you have created in your life. Enjoy feelings of satisfaction even as you plan your next phase of networking. There is a beautiful nurturing aspect in your creative sector all month inspiring you to have fun and regenerate. Let recreation with friends and family recharge your battery. Water is always good for you. This month connect with your favorite body of water, and let it heal and delight your soul. Go with the nurturing flow this month. Golden work opportunities are coming your way. Your creativity is the Golden key that opens new doors for you. The New Moon on the 15th begins a wonderful new cycle of creativity, recreation and connection to inner and outer children!