“ Oh Baby Baby, oh Baby, Reconsider Me……”

Reconsider Me lyrics by Margaret Lewis and Mira Smith,

performed here by Johnny Adams



This month we find ourselves in a soulful and practical reflection as the Sun joins Mars and Mercury retrograde in Gemini, inspiring us to look backward and inward as we stroll down memory lane. Gemini, the sign of the mind, is a quick, versatile, eternally young and inquisitive sign. This month however, our journey through Gemini is a serious reconsideration of the past and some fairly weighty issues.

Gemini, the sign of thought and communication, is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger God. Whatever Mercury does in the heavens has a correspondence with the group mind here on earth. When Mercury retrogrades, it is always a big deal. At such times we are offered the opportunity to correct the mental course that we are on.

On a personal level, depending on where the retrograde falls in our charts, we are being put on notice that something in our lives needs to be revisited. Our minds and often our bodies shift into a slow recuperative gear as we contemplate what needs reconsideration. On a collective level Mercury’s retrograde corresponds with large societal issues that require a mental about face.

Viewed in this way Mercury’s retrograde is filled with Grace. It is a time of soulful healing when we can explore all the unfinished business that requires our attention. While apparently simple things like repairs, reschedules, and renovations can productively occur under this aspect, it is the deep soulful repairs that are the root and cause of all external repairs.

Our retrospective began last month on the Taurus New Moon which took place on May 18th.  Late that night  Mercury went retrograde in Gemini. Three days later, as the Taurus New Moon waxed, the Sun joined Mars and Mercury retrograde in Gemini.  Our journey through Gemini this year occurs under the influence of the Taurus New Moon. The themes of that New Moon give us a great deal of insight into the themes of this retrograde and the reflective journey we are on.

This month we are reconsidering our relationship to all things Taurus. This includes our relationship to our bodies, our core self esteem, our love lives and sensuality, our relationship to money and materiality, our values, and most importantly, our relationship to our sustaining and increasingly imperiled Earth. Saturn’s influence in the New Moon chart indicates that it is time for a serious reconsideration of our relationship to our planet When Saturn weighs in, the consequences of irresponsible action or inaction can be dire.

As we contemplate all that needs healing in our world, the most productive place to begin is with ourselves. Many, if not all of the abandonments, abuses, regrets and recriminations that we experience, stem from our lost or ruptured connection to our own sacred and authentic self. We attempt to cover over this loss with all manner of movement, noise, distraction and addiction. But way deep down our true self remains, waiting to be seen, waiting to be heard, waiting to be remembered and cherished. In the retrograde silence, it is the plaintive voice of our own soul quietly pleading: Reconsider me.

This month a sacred inner wedding occurs. The realm of the mind is reaching back into sacred union with the material realm. In this sacred reconnection between the mental Heaven’s and the heavenly Earth we are restored to sanity. As we reawaken to our senses, our true selves, and the simple joy and beauty of life, we awaken to the nurturing voice of Mother Earth in the gentle rain and rustle of the trees: “Reconsider me”

This month in stillness and peace, reconsider your true self. Reconnect with parts of yourself you may have abandoned long ago. Dare to reconnect with your true bliss and the deep pain of having been alienated from your soul’s  deepest desires.  Explore your true values, your talents, your body, your inestimable and infinitely precious worth. Reconnect with nature, and the simple and extravagant beauty of the natural world. Fall in love with the planet that intoxicates your senses and supports your every move.

May you awaken to your true and sacred self. May you walk sacredly upon the earth.

Blessing to All




The Sun went into Gemini on May 21st, three days following the New Moon in Taurus which occurred on May 18th as did Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini. This retrograde occurring so quickly in the wake of the newly crescent Moon in Taurus will be greatly influenced by the New Moon chart.

As June begins the Sun, Mars, the planet of action, and Mercury retrograde are all in Gemini the planet of communication and our bicameral minds. We are pulled into a soulful retrospective around our thoughts, feelings, injuries and unfinished business from the past. The influence of last month’s Taurus New Moon will last till the New Moon in Gemini on June 16th. If you would like to register for our monthly New Moon tele seminar click here:  http://heaventoearthastrology.com/?page_id=268


The beginning of June will be slower and more reflective and sensual than usual, as we reconsider our feelings, bodies, past relationships, regrets and all that needs our mental reconsideration. Till the 11th we are put on notice to slow down and restore body mind and spirit as we observe what arrises that requires our reconsideration.This is a great month to release clutter and the past. After the 11th we can move forward with plans ideas and whatever occurred to us during the retrograde.The Sun leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, on June 21st, the Summer Solstice.

On a global level our greatest reconsideration is of the earth and how we are treating our generous sustaining Earth Mother. This month reflect on your connection to the earth, the ocean, the food supply and our planet as a vast and sacred being.

The Month begins with Venus in soulful Caner till the 5th adding to the watery feminine quality of the beginning of June. Migrate to the sea, or spend nurturing replenishing time near water the first week of June. On the 5th Venus enters fiery Leo inspiring daring creativity for the rest of the month.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2nd brings our thoughts and communications to  a level of completion.

Mars begins  the month in Gemini along with the Sun and Mercury retrograde, giving us mental power and a bit of aggression. Avoid giving voice to argumentative words till after the 11th when Mercury is moving direct once again. On the 24th Mars moves into maternal Cancer, inspiring us to nest and reconnect with family and our feelings.

Saturn continues moving retrograde in Sagittarius requiring a serious reflection on our philosophy particularly as it relates to our relationship to the material world. How can we shift from exploitation and destruction to responsible stewardship instead? On June 14th Saturn retrogrades back into the last degrees of Scorpio requiring that we revisit issues of shared wealth and resources, as well as issues of power and abuses of power. Saturn will continue retrograde through Scorpio all month and beyond through September.

Uranus continues its march through Aries inspiring the mass awakening and evolution that we are living through. Social media and other breakthrough technology will continue to play a part in the liberation of the collective consciousness as the new Aquarian consciousness gains a stronger foothold on the planet.

Neptune continues her soulful transcendental meditation, broadcasting Grace for those tuning in to her frequency. Step up meditation and loving kindness practice. Behave as though the God in all life matters. Treat the natural world as the sacred temple it is. Remember to include yourself in that equation.

Pluto continues its transformational journey through Capricorn, turning up the scandalous volume of corporate and government malfeasance. The old unsustainable structures of business, government and infrastructure continue their decline as new evolving business and technology continues to develop and emerge.



ARIES: There is a major planetary line up in your communication sector this month. Your mind is changing and so is your body and bank account. This month reconsider your overall message. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it. Reconsider the projects and venues that truly allow your unique talent to shine. The full moon on the 2nd fires up your imagination, making it a great day for creative writing and deep healing. This is a full moon to practice radical forgiveness and release. Your awakening and liberation continue, leading to a major shift in your career and public life. Use Mercury’s retrograde till the 11th to deeply reflect and wildly release. As you free your mind everything else follows. The New Moon in Gemini on the 16th begins a wonderful new mental cycle.

TAURUS: You are on a deep reflection this month regarding your core values and finances, as well as your self esteem. Spend the first two weeks of June in a quiet contemplation especially concerning self esteem. Reflect on what if any healing needs to occur so that you feel truly, deeply worthy of love and true abundance. Ask yourself what really makes you happy and peaceful. If money weren’t an issue, what would you do? What does your authentic self truly want? Reconnect with your true and soulful relationship to the material world. Get clear about your message. Financial deals from the past may resurface this month. Reconsider and renegotiate if nesessary. Creative collaborations look particularly fruitful around the Full Moon on the second. Unless you are renegotiating avoid signing contracts till after the retrograde on the 11th.

GEMINI: Happy Birthday Gemini! Your birthday month begins with Mercury, your ruling planet moving backwards in the heavens till the 11th. It is time to pause and reflect upon your sense of self. You are in the midst of a major expansion of the mind. You are also in a serious reflection on partnership. This retrograde has you reconnecting with partners that could lead to a longterm commitment. You may also be reconsidering existing partnerships. The retrograde allows you to make sure that all your partnerships reflect your growing self esteem. The full Moon on the second will be a cause to celebrate the relationships that are loving and respectful, and jettison those that are not. Reflect on your new sense of self. Do some healing and restoring during the retrograde. Release any personal baggage from the past so you are lightened and free to fly like the butterfly you are on the New Moon in Gemini on the 16th. This begins a wonderful new cycle for you.

CANCER: The month begins with lovely Venus in your sign till the 5th, inspiring you to express love and tenderness for home family and those who fall under your protective wing. This is a deeply reflective month for you, as Mercury’s retrograde till June 11th takes place in your spiritual sector. This is a particularly auspicious month to practice meditation. Learn to quiet your mind and feel the peace that comes from stillness and pure presence. This month you can make great inroads towards healing negative and self defeating patterns of thinking that may have been survival tools of an earlier time. Spend time near water as you observe and quiet your mind. Release and forgive the past. Reflect on your work-life and daily health routines. What needs to shift here? On the 16th, the New Moon in Gemini begins a whole new cycle of lighter mind, body and spirit.

LEO: There is a big reflective focus in your social sector this month. It is time to review and reflect upon your approach to networking and getting your word out there. This is also a month to reflect on your friendship network. Jupiter is still in your sign expanding your life and possibilities. This month reflect on the creative projects you really want to do and the team it will take to create them. You may find yourself reconnecting with old members of your creative posse. The Sagittarius Full Moon encourages you to work on the projects you want to bring to fullness. Get your communication sector in order during the retrograde. The New Moon in Gemini on the 16th will open great new doors for you. On the 5th lovely Venus moves into your sign, gracing you with extra beauty and magnetism. The muse of art is with you this month. Honor her by making art.

VIRGO:  Your career is calling this month, pay attention. You are being asked to review and reflect upon your entire approach to your professional life. Are you truly pursuing your professional bliss? If not why not? Is there a project or career idea that you long to revisit? If so this is the month to do it. Reflect on professional contracts and letters of agreement. This is a great month to renegotiate. Reflect upon your approach to professional communication. You may need to refine your approach to getting your point across. This is a great month to take classes or workshops that would improve your professional standing. Lovely Venus spends the first five days of the month in your friendship sector blessing you with extra nurturing support from that quarter. After the 5th Venus enters Leo and your spiritual sector inspiring your sacred creativity. Starlight supports and inspires you behind the scenes for the rest of the month. Reconnect with nature, art, and your heart!

LIBRA: This month you are in a big philosophical reflection. You have something important to say and perhaps publish. The Universe is inviting you to reflect on the big questions. What is the meaning of life? What is our proper relationship to one another and to the earth? This month brings the reflection that comes before you crystalize your message into thoughts, words and deeds that you wish to share. It’s a great month to resurrect a writing or publishing project. It’s a great month to reconnect with people, projects and presentations from the past. Lovely Venus, your ruling planet remains in your professional sector till the 5th, shining nurturing light on your career. After the 5th Venus moves into Leo and big opportunities come through networking. After June 11th move ahead on communication projects. Practice discretion and restraint till then.

SCORPIO: Mercury’s retrograde takes place in the house of your deepest feelings this month. Luckily this is a sector that you are quite comfortable in. Spend some time diving into the depths of your being. Explore the taboo feelings of anger, jealousy or anything else that surfaces during the retrograde, which lasts till the 11th. How you connect with others at the deepest levels is up for review. It’s a good month to reflect on intimate relationships from the past. You are in the process of deep healing on this front. Explore your deepest feelings of self worth which determine your relationship to both love and abundance. Release any conditioned feelings of low self worth. Celebrate the Full Moon on the 2nd by taking an action that demonstrates  loving kindness towards yourself. Venus is in your higher learning sector till the 5th inspiring you to pursue the subjects you love. Venus moves into your career sector on the 5th reconnecting you with your professional bliss.

SAGITTARIUS:  This month you are in a partnership retrospective. Your mind is cast backward remembering and reflecting on business and personal partners from the past, present and future. This is a month when partners from the past may resurface. With Saturn retrograde in your sign you are redefining yourself and your priorities these days. This month reflect on the depth of your commitment  first to yourself, and then to those you love. With Saturn in your sign your most weighty responsibility is to yourself at the moment. How can you follow your bliss, and share it with those who are most important to you? After the 11th when Mercury goes direct, make the changes you want to make. Venus is in your deepest sector this month in Cancer, the sign of family, providing you with loving support at home. After the 5th Venus moves into your publishing sector and it’s time to delight in verbal creativity.

CAPRICORN: Rethink your approach to work and health this month. Mercury’s retrograde invites you to first revamp your approach to health, fitness and nutrition.  It’s a great month for a cleanse and a major reversal in how you think and act towards the living temple that is your body. Seek new routines that resonate with you and take precious care of you. Reconnect with the Source and notice the powerful connection between Spirit, mind and body. These days connection with the Source is the first order of business. Saturn, your ruling planet is in that sector inviting you to commit to a daily devotional practice that works for you. Lovely Venus is in your partnership sector, surrounding you with nurturing, kind and protective partners through the 5th. After the 5th your creativity gets a wonderful burst of energy. Put it to good use.

AQUARIUS: Art and creativity from bygone days is calling to you. This month finds you on a creative retrospective as Mercury retrograde transits your house of art. This is literally a great month to compile, curate or work on a retrospective art project. It’s a great month to re write revisit or rethink literary projects. Another big focus this month is your creative team, which could well be international. This month reflect on what you want to create and with  whom. After the 11th take forward moving action. The first week of the month has you cocooned up with your work. After the 5th Venus waltzes into your partnership sector and love is in the air. Be on the lookout for creative powerhouses with whom you can make beautiful music or art.

PISCES: Way deep down you are changing. Your relationship to your family and roots is the subject of this month’s Mercury retrograde. This month explore your roots and ancestors. How is their story, your story. Shakespeare reminds us: “ The past is prologue.” Reflect on the chain of people whose stories lead inevitably to yours. This month is also a great time to reflect on how you think about and communicate with your family. What needs to be adjusted or refined. Saturn is in your career sector indicating that the serious and disciplined focus needs to be on what you are building professionally. Boundaries may need to be set in order to accommodate your work load. The first week of June looks great for recreation. After that Venus moves into your work sector presenting you with joyful, fun and theatrical work! Enjoy!