“ Oh Sacred World, now wounded,

  We pledge to make you free of hate and war and selfish cruelty;

   and here in our small corner we plant a tiny seed,

   and it will grow to beauty, to shame the face of greed.”

    Pete Seeger, a Taurus



This month we celebrate our planet as the Sun passes through Taurus the earthiest of earth signs. Taurus, ruled by fertile, verdant Venus, reminds us that all which sustains us is right under our feet. Even the air that we breathe is entirely dependent on plants that support and create the atmosphere that allows us to breathe.

It is synchronous that we celebrate Earth Day just as the Sun moves into Taurus, the sign of material stewardship. This year the stakes are high as we see the increasingly dire effects of climate change, a direct result of ill considered human activity on our beautiful planet.

I spent Earth Day at the opening of the resonant film Planetary Collective, required viewing this spring for all responsible earthlings. It is a visionary film that inspires a tender heart opening towards our gracious green Mother. To view Planetary Collective, click here http://weareplanetary.com 

This May we are living through the continuing tense struggle between the short sighted forces of greed and those who truly care about the world they are handing their children. We are all called to change our thinking about the earth and our habits in order to save our suffering planet and the many other creatures we share this world with.

Astrologically, we are at this writing living through the 7th square between Pluto, the destroyer/transformer in corporate Capricorn, and Uranus the evolutionary, revolutionary planet of awakening in Aries the sign of the individual and the warrior. As the Sun moves through Taurus we see the effects of this tense configuration on our environment, which will be unfurling for years to come.  One clear manifestation of the square between the old order of corporate greed and the new emerging order of equitable sharing of resources is the California drought. We see a growing and activist discontent with water rationing for citizens while Nestle and fracking energy companies continue to privately suck much needed water out of the parched state.

We will have to decide collectively whether we will continue to permit business as usual regarding the water supply, clean versus dirty energy, the poisoning of our food supply through both pesticides and genetic engineering, ultra polluting fracking, and the continued use of fossil fuels which is according to all reputable scientific data, destroying the only atmosphere we will ever have.

Taurus as a sign represents a big part of both the problem and the solution. Taurus, the sign of private wealth can be overly concerned with ownership and consumerism. Evolved Taurus however does not even believe in personal ownership. Our Native American First Nations provide the most beautiful and soulful approach to Taurus. The Sioux, a Nation associated with Taurus, the people for whom the buffalo is a most sacred totem, do not even have a word for ownership in their language. Adopting the indigenous sacred connection to the Earth is the inner shift that could heal many if not all of our planets outer ills.

Our First Nation brothers and sisters can teach us to return us to a sane connection to our planet that is not based on greed and exploitation, but love and reverence. Taurus at its best is a sign that delights in simple yet rich pleasures. A walk in the woods, a delicious piece of fruit, some quiet time in nature, all restore us to peace and sanity. Our beautiful earth Mother is so generous that it is easy to take her for granted. The California drought and heartbreaking earth quake in Nepal instantly remind us how utterly dependent we are on her.

Despite the disheartening news on many fronts Taurus gives us many reasons to be hopeful. In both China and India there are 2 individuals who have singlehandedly over time planted whole forests of trees. The activist group 350.org https://www.facebook.com/350.org?fref=ts has inspired a massive and ever-growing fossil fuel divestment movement. This very day the Church of England Divested from Fossil Fuels. The March against Monsanto movement is also growing as over 8 countries ban genetically grown food. In small and large ways people are awakening to the plight of our Mother Planet.

This month to honor Taurus, honor the Earth.  Develop intimacy with our beautiful planet. Spend time in a sacred place in nature that you hold dear. It might be your own back yard, or the beach or a park.

Spend time with animals and be drawn into the bliss of pure being that we learn from our animal cousins. Commit to protecting the earth and our food supply by changing your shopping habits.

Support your local farmers this month. Plant your own food. Read up on places like Findhorn  https://www.facebook.com/findhornfoundation?fref=ts  where the food is grown in magical connection to the land with extraordinary results. Buy organic whenever you can. Boycott Monsanto and companies that are harming the earth and water supply. Treat your own body with the same sacred reverence that you treat the earth. Make an inner commitment to support and protect Mother Earth. Be curious and respectful towards First Nation peoples. Learn how they connect with the natural world.

As Native America reminds us: “ Regard Heaven as your Father, Earth as your Mother, and all things  as your brothers and sisters.”

This month I am standing with poet Wendell Berry who proclaims:

“ What I stand for is what I stand on.”

Blessings to you, to the Earth and to All Our Relations this month and always.




 THE PLANETARY REPORT:  The Sun went into Taurus on April 20th where it will remain till May 21st when it enters Gemini the sign of mental agility. May begins with the Sun joining Mars the planet of action in Taurus till May 11th providing us with plenty of Venusian fuel to plant our gardens, build our projects and beautify and protect our gorgeous world. On May 11th Mars, the planet of action moves out of sensual grounded Taurus into mental and communicative Gemini, inspiring thought and communication on behalf of our planet and our practical goals.

Lovely Venus, this month’s planetary ruler, begins May in quicksilver versatile Gemini, inspiring beautiful and artful communication. On May 7th, Venus enters nurturing Cancer inspiring us to lovingly connect with home, family, water, and our roots. Cancer, the sign of the Universal Mother reminds us that regarding our beautiful planet, there’s no place like home! Venus remains in Cancer  for the rest of the month into the first week of June.

We are headed for a Mercury retrograde this month on May 18th. Mercury, the planet of communication, begins the month at the very beginning of it’s own sign, zero degrees of Gemini. On May 18th, Mercury retrogrades at 13 degrees of Gemini and we are asked to enter a reflective period through June 11th when Mercury goes direct. During this time be especially mindful about signing contracts and be focused while driving and commuting. This retrograde is a great time to rethink our approach to the environment and issues of racial and global justice.

Jupiter continues its journey through Leo, expanding our ability to lead courageous heart centered lives. We are tasked with adopting a wise sustainable philosophy for our children and the animal kingdom. This is a wonderful time for art projects and performance.

Saturn is moving retrograde in wise, cross cultural Sagittarius inspiring us to look back and reflect on issues of race, other cultures and international relations. We are already embarking on a national discussion of racism here in the states. As we reflect, we would do well to remember the historic and grave national wrongs of attempted genocide and slavery. Our terrible past is the prologue for all of our current difficulties. May a true desire to heal the wrongs of the past inform our thinking and actions. This month let us respectfully seek out the wisdom of indigenous cultures and honor their reverent and sustainable ways of connecting to the Earth.

Uranus in Aries continues to inspire personal awakening and activism. We are all called to be receptive to the Higher Mind, which inspires innovative solutions to our social and environmental troubles. Uranus squares Pluto the destroyer in Capricorn, the sign of Corporations and Governments. The tension mounts between old unsustainable paradigms and new humanitarian earth reverent approaches continues….

Neptune in transcendental Pisces continues to open a portal of higher consciousness to those who tune in to the stillness of the present moment. Commit to daily meditation to take advantage of the great spiritual strides that can now be made. Use music, dance, poetry and prayer to align with Infinite Love and Compassion. Send Blessings where they are most needed.

Fall in love with the earth this month. She won’t disappoint you. Her beauty is beyond compare. She’s full of surprises and she’s incredibly unbelievably supportive.


ARIES: There is a powerful line up in your house of finance empowering you to take action to generate income and plant the seeds of prosperity this month. Your self esteem is growing along with your bank account this month. Help it along by taking esteemable actions daily. The first week of May looks especially fruitful to plant seeds of prosperity that will grow over time. The month begins with a beautiful focus on communication. Some prosperity will come from communication projects. Take advantage of this aspect by writing and teaching. Give focused attention to writing advertising and promotion. On the 18th when Mercury goes retrograde it is time to rethink communication projects or curriculum. It may be time to revisit or rewrite a project from the past. Be especially mindful of your words during this retrograde as it takes place in your communication sector. You continue to awaken evolve and change, and as a result your career and public persona are also changing. You are a sign of individual effort, but these days partnerships look sweet.


TAURUS: Happy Birthday Taurus! The Sun entered your sign two days after the New Moon in Aries, making this a month of activism for the earth, as well as a month of steady forward movement on practical, fiscal and constructive goals. May begins with you fueled by the Sun and Mars, giving you plenty of planetary fuel to move your goals forward. Plant seeds of success as you hit the ground running with health and fitness routines. Your success these days is tied to communication. Continue to make time for meaningful philosophical discussions.Continue to explore different world views. Find like mined people with whom you can collaborate. Engage in meaningful discussions with those who hold differing views. The first week of May is especially good for communication projects. On the 18th Mercury goes retrograde and it is time to reconsider, rethink and re write especially regarding fiscal deals and matters. It’s a good month for traveling. Enjoy connecting with the wisdom of other cultures. Your connection to the arts and self expression is growing this month. Explore your creativity. Delight in your senses. Explore the beauty of communication. Explore creative writing.


GEMINI: There is a beautiful meditative focus in your chart this month. The Sun is shining in your spiritual sector most of the month along with Mars till the 11th. This gives you plenty of energy to devote to your spiritual practice. This month the Earth is your temple. Connect to the Source by sitting on the Earth, walking in the woods and cultivating stillness. This is a great month to begin your day with silence and stillness. The month begins with Venus in your sign inspiring beautiful and loving thought and communication. May also begins with Mercury entering your sign beginning a month of increased mental energy. Use the meditative focus to offset the nervous energy that you are known for. Venus leaves your sign on the 7th and enters maternal Cancer encouraging you to nurture yourself materially and financially. On the 11th Mars enters your sign and your mental energy increases exponentially. Avoid combative discussion even as you strive to get your point across. It’s a great month to study non violent communication by Marshal Rosenberg. On  May 18th just 3 days before the Sun enters your sign, Mercury, your ruling planet goes retrograde till June 11th. This begins a period of reflection especially about yourself and your relationships. Be mindful of your speech during this time, especially with partners.


CANCER: This is a wonderful month for your social life. In fact think of your social life as a garden. This month you are planting seeds of new friendships and fertile acquaintances. Nurture the tender shoots of new relationships and delight in the beauty of relationships in full blossom. Connect with friends and associates who can help you build your dream. Creative collaboration is the name of the  lucrative game these days. The first two weeks of the month look great for building your network and seeking financial backing for creative projects. The month begins with Venus in your spiritual sector inspiring you to align your mind with  the higher mind. Select your thoughts and words carefully this month. On the 18th when Mercury goes retrograde it is time for a deep inner retrospective. Pull in and listen for the still small voice. Reflect on your daily work as well as your daily approach to health and fitness. Enjoy the peace that comes from stillness. After the retrograde begins it is time to revamp your whole approach to work as well as how to balance mind, body and spirit. Make time for peace and well being.


LEO: This is a month to build your career Leo. If your career were a building, how is your foundation looking? Explore the infrastructure that leads to success. Do you have the skills, equipment and support that you need to get the job done? Where is your time going? Could it be productively used to make product, write content, grow your fan base? Are you using social media to greatest advantage? Are your business systems streamlined? This month focus on any and all of these areas. It’s a great month to network like a happy buzzing bee. This is also a great month for collaborative writing Your creativity requires a reflective look. Saturn is moving retrograde through that house asking you to recover and reflect upon your creativity and how you support or thwart it. Explore projects you may have put abandoned in the past. On May 18th Mercury goes retrograde in your friendship?networking sector and it’s time to reflect on associations. This could also be a time when friends and contacts from the past resurface. Reflect on what could be lucrative collaborations.


VIRGO: There is a wonderful line up in your house of higher learning and this month the Earth is your greatest teacher. Go out into nature. Hit the trail and go hiking. Spend time studying the green growing world. Explore the Tao or indigenous cultures that are aligned with the life process. This is also a great month to examine your approach to wealth and material values. Prioritize your use of time and money. Only spend either on what you truly deeply value. There is a major focus on your career this month that depends largely on communication. The first two weeks of the month look great for professional communication and building relationships that will further your career. Spend time planning events and presentations. On the 18th, Mercury, your ruling planet goes retrograde in your career sector and it is time to reflect on your approach to communication regarding your career. It may be time to revamp or rewrite a project or simply reflect on your career. Be mindful of professional communication during the retrograde. Verbal restraint is advisable.


LIBRA: The Sun and Mars in your shared finance sector have you taking action to further your prosperity this month. Plant fertile seeds of collaboration.  Build something beautiful and lasting. Seek financing for your favorite projects. Your social network continues to be a wonderful source of opportunity and expansion. Reach out and build productive alliances all month. The first two weeks of the month are stellar for communication and publishing projects. Saturn moving retrograde in your writing sector already has you reviving or revamping communication projects. On the i8th Mercury goes retrograde till June 11th in your publishing sector plunging you into a deeper reflective retrospective. Use the time productively to re think your entire approach to communication. What is your message? What is your medium? How can you widen your reach and deepen what you have to say? Venus, your ruling planet enters your career sector on May 7th beginning a month when you are called upon to embody qualities of the Universal Mother at work. Nurture your career this month and it will nurture you.


SCORPIO: The month begins with a big energetic focus on partnerships. Exert yourself to build business and personal relationships that could prove to be pleasurable and productive. On the personal side enjoy simple pleasures, a walk outdoors,  a yummy meal.  On the business side nurture partnerships that could be mutually profitable. Build relationships that can help advance your long term career goals. Enjoy your connection to the material world this month. Let it ground and support you. Explore how your self esteem manifests in your closest relationships. There is a beautiful line up in your house of deep sharing. Connect with trusted friends and dare to share your deepest feelings. The Month begins with Mercury, the planet of the mind in your house of the deep unconscious. It is as though a bright light is being shed on your deepest attachment patterns. On May 11th Mars, your ruling planet joins the fray and it is time to take action to heal old conditioned patterns. This begins a  time of deep healing which is further emphasized by Mercury’s retrograde in your deepest house on the 18th. The retrograde is a productive time of reflection on the ways in which you have habitually shared yourself and your resources with others. Let the deep healing begin.


SAGITTARIUS: It’s a very productive month for work and health. Use your time effectively to focus on the constructive details of your daily work and your finances. Get your finances in order as you track your success with fiscal clarity. Build a healthy and delightful relationship to your body this month. Focus on the basics: Yummy nutritious food, some exercise and plenty of sleep. Let a connection to your senses keep you sane and focused on the now.The month begins with a beautiful focus in your partnership sector. Lovely Venus will be there till May 7th inspiring loving and gracious communication. Mercury, the planet of communication in Gemini joins Venus in that house inspiring thoughts about partners both business and personal throughout the month. The first week of May is the best for communication with partners business or personal. On the 18th Mercury goes retrograde and you enter a period of deep reflection about partners and past partnerships. During the retrograde which lasts till June 11th be mindful and conscious in what you say to partners. Business deals or partnerships could resurface at this time. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet is in your publishing presenting sector. Keep the pedal to the creative metal. Much could come of it.


CAPRICORN: This is a wonderful month to focus on pleasure and enjoyment. The Sun is shining in your leisure, creativity and romance sector inspiring you to express and delight yourself. Connect with the awesome power and beauty of nature. Take a pottery class with your beloved. Go camping or hiking. Get the most out of the Sun’s passage through sensual Taurus by delighting your senses. Explore self expression through the arts. Your creativity could lead to lucrative projects this month. There is a major planetary line up in your house of daily work and health this month. Create a variety of health rituals that will keep you interested. Notice the effect of your thoughts on your sense of well being. It’s a great month to work on how your spiritual practice informs your thinking and well being. If you are a wirier, teacher, or work in communication the first two weeks of the month look particularly productive. After the 18th it’s a great time for rewrites and an overall reflection on your approach to your work and health routines. Work opportunities from the past may resurface at this time. Use this time to restore your mind and body.


AQUARIUS: There is a steady productive focus on your home sector this month. Use your time to clean, clear, organize or redecorate your home.You have enormous energy the first two weeks of May to devote to home and family. It’s a great month  for renovation or construction projects within the home. Enjoy spending time with your family. Enjoy sharing simple pleasures with them. There is also a lovely focus in your recreation sector this month. Lovely Venus is shining in your house of art, self expression and romance the first week of May, inspiring delightful communication and artistic self expression. It’s a great month to take a creative writing class and explore a variety of fun projects and activities. On the 18th Mercury, which will spend the entire month in this sector, goes retrograde, and it is time to reflect on your creativity, self expression and romantic life. This retrograde period is particularly good to do healing work with your inner child. Jupiter in your partnership sector has you poised to take a big step in that area. Leap and the net will appear.



PISCES: The Sun and Mars are shining in your communication sector inspiring a constructive full court press in that area this month. Take steps to build your communication network. Work on your writing, teaching, speaking. Plant seeds that could blossom over time into beautiful new opportunities in the communication field. Enjoy the beauty and delight of communication. This is a great month to communicate with all your senses. Cook a loving meal. Share a gentle touch. Our senses communicate so much. Explore how to convey love and kindness through a look, a touch, a flower.

Let your senses inform your thinking this month. There is a major focus all month on home and family communication. With Saturn, moving retrograde in your career sector, you are already in a reflection about your career. On the 18th Mercury, the planet of communication moves retrograde in your home sector inspiring a deep reflection on how your family has shaped your thinking and how you communicate with family members. During the retrograde be mindful of speech and simply observe the family patterns.