ARIES 2015


“Oh Dreamweaver, I believe we can reach the morning Light….” Gary Wright Dreamweaver


“ I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.”  Crazy Horse


“ We, shall not, we shall not be moved, we shall not, we shall not be moved

   we shall not we shall not be moved, we shall not we shall not be moved

   Just like a tree that’s planted by the water, We shall not be moved.”  Pete Seeger

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This year the Sun entered Aries on the Pisces New Moon/solar eclipse, wedding the rites of spring to the deeply feminine lunar qualities of imagination and Unity. This was another in a long string of extraordinary New Moons, signaling further evolutionary directions to us all.

To understand the interplay of forces, the first thing to examine is the Equinox, which is a solar event. It is one of four yearly astrological events that track the Solar tides of available light on our planet. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal equinox, which occurred on March 20th, is the beginning of the Astrological year. It is the moment of Spring’s commencement. It is one of the most yang or masculine moments of the year in that it marks the Sun’s passage into the most active sign of the year. Only the Mars energy of Aries, the warrior, has the jet fuel to overcome the inertia of winter.

At either Equinox, day and night are perfectly balanced. From the first moment of the Sun’s passage into Aries, the masculine day force begins to gradually overcome the feminine night force. The tide of light continues to grow till the Summer Solstice in June, when the tide of Light reaches its highest ebb and the night force begins to slowly overcome the day force.

This year the vernal Equinox was unusual in that it occurred only hours after the New Moon in Pisces. This was the sixth in an extraordinary series of New Moon’s the first four of which took place at the zero degree of the sign and the last two at the very last degree of the sign. The 29 degree Pisces New Moon on March 20th was also a solar eclipse.  This was striking, in that on the spring equinox an extremely yang, solar event, the feminine moon in Pisces, an extremely feminine sign, eclipsed the light of the Sun. This spring, Grandmother Moon has asked us to incorporate her as we move into action.

The New Moon in Pisces at the equinox colors the entire spring season as a Piscean vision quest for unity and healing. This New moon which occurred at the very last degree of the last sign of the zodiac brings us full circle. We are being asked to return to the Source, and dream up solutions based on reverence for all life.

We are each here at this crucial time to fulfill part of the Greater Dream that can heal our world. Our First Nation brothers and sisters have foretold of a time when Mother earth will be in great peril. At this crisis, people of all races and nations will arise to stand for Mother Earth. They are referred to as the Warriors of the Rainbow. We are standing beneath that rainbow this spring. All are called at this time.

Paradoxically our first job as Dreamers is to awaken. This is no easy task. We must overcome both our own inertia and resistance as well as the insidious effects of advertising and consumerism which keep us asleep and lethargic, while promoting a particular vision of what happiness and success look like. As we awaken to our own calling the siren song of advertising holds less and less appeal.

Our work as we awaken is to align with our calling. The Universe already has a fulfilling purpose for each of us. As we silence our minds and listen daily and even hourly for instruction, our part is revealed to us.

This month we can begin to train ourselves as practical dreamers. Begin and end your day imagining your vision. Train this powerful faculty by envisioning something small and doable. For example imagine a small pile of papers shredded, filed and organized. See the clear result in your mind.

Next follow up with Aries action. Set aside an increment of time necessary to achieve your goal. Finally when you are done, smile and reward yourself. This practice begins to develop muscle and confidence in your ability to visualize and achieve your vision. Then little by little move on to bigger dreams.

This spring we are directed to take personal action to fulfill our piece of the dream, while staying connected to the Big Picture. Going forward we have one foot always touching into the sacredness of all life, and one foot working to achieve our piece of the dream.


Enter the silence this spring and dare to dream up a New Reality. Banish all  limiting thoughts and dare to imagine a healed planet, a healed humanity. Dream up a world where all racial divides have been healed. Dare to dream up a world where we have restored our sacred environment. Dare to dream up a world where we protect wildlife and our food and water supply. Dare to dream up a world where resources are shared fairly. Dare to dream up a world where we have Awakened. Next take small or large effective action to achieve this dream.

This month let us stand with Crazy Horse and the First Nation People whose example can guide us back to sanity and balance as we each contribute the crucial fragment of the World Dream that is ours to give. Then fueled with vision and compassion, we can each take the effective actions that will achieve our part as we adhere to the vision of Unity that must be the Divine will for us. This month we stand in that vision…….and for the good of all life on earth and generations yet to come, we shall not be moved.

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Blessing to All,





As mentioned above, the New Moon in Pisces on the Equinox, colors the Spring season as a time of conscious dreaming on both a personal and collective level. We are asked to release all that does not serve us especially the delusion of separation, and embrace our fundamental Unity. We are swimming back to the realization of our own sacredness and that of our beautiful world.

The Equinox chart further instructs us to form partnerships and alliances that work towards justice and re balancing both society and the environment.  We are all called to be the warriors of the Rainbow, as Native American prophecy foretells. This Spring we dream up a sustainable and just world as systems of organized corruption continue to fail the world.

The Sun entered action taking Aries on March 20th and will remain there till April 20th when it enters earthy sensual Taurus. The month begins with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all in Aries. We are inspired to think differently and act differently. This powerful line up encourages evolutionary though, action and technology. Aries, the sign of the pioneer and the warrior inspires us to oppose systems of oppression and planetary destruction. We are all thinking and acting (non violently) completely out of the box.

This month use this powerful line up to jettison your personal prison. Whatever thoughts or structures have held you back, this month align with the higher mind and act in a whole new way. Be open to flashes of intuition. Take daring action to your most cherished hopes and dreams.

Mercury, the planet of thought leaves Aries and enters productive Taurus on April 14th encouraging us to follow through with our evolutionary ideas. We bring our plans to concrete manifestation and slow to a pace that assures completion.

The month begins with both Venus and Mars in beautiful verdant Taurus. We are reminded of the exquisite beauty of our gorgeous planet and her sustaining beauty. Use the Taurus energy to draw up blueprints for your dreams. What is their design? What will your life look like materially and physically when you have taken the requisite action to fulfill your dreams. Enjoy your senses and the beauty of the green growing world as you plant the garden of your dreams.Taurus the farmer reminds us to support small local organic farms. Avoid pesticide soaked and genetically modified food this spring.

Lovely Venus moves from Taurus to quicksilver Gemini on April 11th, encouraging us to mentally explore what delights us. We are called upon to be messengers of Venus for the rest of the month. Be a poised messenger of beauty balance and justice.

Mars, the warrior is in Taurus all month. We are all planting the garden of our cherished desires. We are all asked to stand up for Mother Earth like our First Nation brothers and sisters who have shown such courage on behalf of our world.

Mighty Jupiter in artistic Leo will go direct on April 8th after a long retrograde journey. It is time to move forward with big, beautiful creative plans. Take to the stage. Perform, direct, produce. Play like a child. Reclaim your innocence. Shine like the Sun.

Saturn continues moving retrograde this month as we reconsider our career decisions and the executive function in our lives.

Visionary Neptune in transcendental Pisces continues to inspire us to awaken to the Universal vision for our world with liberty, illumination and higher love for all.

Pluto, the destroyer, continues to bring to light the unprecedented psychopathic corruption of large corporations, and their government lackeys as old decaying systems of empire and selfishness continue their inevitable decline. The square between Pluto in Capricorn, or the Old Age and the New Age continues this month. In your personal life, awaken from family or ancestral conditioning that oppresses your authentic self. Dare to be you. Dare to create. Dare to begin to live your dream.



ARIES:  Happy Birthday Aries! This month you are shining at your brightest as the Sun and Mercury join Uranus the plant of awakening and evolution in your sign. You are thinking completely out of the box these days and this month you are empowered to act on radically new ideas. Technology is your friend as you boldly go where you have never gone before. This month you are empowered to awaken from old self limiting beliefs. Use your powers of imagination to clearly see in your minds eye the outcome you seek. Then take bold innovative steps to make your dreams come true. Venus and Mars in your fiscal sector make this a very productive month. Plant the seeds and take the actions that will lead inevitably to success. Your career continues to evolve in alignment with your authentic self. Continue to review fiscal matters involving merged wealth. After the 11th lovely Venus enters your communication sector and it is a wonderful time to reach out, connect and communicate your message. This year you are a peaceful visionary warrior using your strength to realize your dreams and protect the small and vulnerable.


TAURUS: The month begins with lovely Venus, your ruling planet and Mars the planet of desire in your sign, encouraging art, creativity sensuality and love. There is a major planetary line up in your house of spirituality and imagination that amplifies your line to the higher mind. Use the planetary energy this month to strengthen this connection through meditation and perhaps a formal vision quest. In the silence the still small voice can be heard. These days you are as likely to get the lightening bolt of AHA revelation. Align with the divine vision for you this month, then use your practical Taurus nature to make it so. You are an agent of fertile and sensual beauty all month. On the 11th, Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Gemini and you are the lovely and gracious writer and communicator. After the 11th take action to generate income. Saturn retrograde in your house of shared wealth has you deeply reflecting on how you share money, property and yourself with others.


GEMINI: The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all shining in your social sector this month. It is as though you are undergoing a social revolution. Not only is your social network rapidly evolving, but who you are in relation to others is also changing. This month use the planetary energy to network like never before, Join groups, start groups, lead groups. Plan events. Host events. You are thinking on a higher level and are attracting like minded people who share your humanitarian wavelength. The month begins with both Venus and Mars in your spiritual sector making this a great month to let Nature be your temple. Consider going on a group retreat to a beautiful natural setting. Consider adopting a daily meditation practice outdoors if possible. You are paradoxically both very still and very social this month. Allot daily time for each. Your connection to the Source will make all other connections richer and more meaningful. On the 8th Jupiter in your communication sector moves forward an it’s time to move ahead with your splendid communication plans and projects.


CANCER: This month it is as though a Supernova is moving through your career sector. Spend some time early in the month defining your true career vision and philosophy. Make a vision map. Spend 6 minutes a day visualizing your desired outcome in great detail. Once you are clear about where you want to go, it’s damn the torpedoes full speed ahead! You have increased power this month to go for what you want. Your social network is a cornucopia of opportunity this month. Reach out to constructive friends and acquaintances. Create and attend networking events where you can make productive connections. All our dreams are connected. We are each here to receive assistance in what we are building, and to give assistance in what others are building. Your financial plans begin to move forward after the 8th. Get your creative plans together the first week of the month and be ready to move forward on the 8th when Jupiter goes direct.


LEO: There is a major planetary line up in your house of higher learning, philosophy, writing, publishing and promoting. Feel free to hit the ground running as you promote yourself and continue writing, speaking, traveling and learning. Mighty Jupiter is about to go direct in your sign on April 8th. Use the first week of the month to reflect on yourself and your art. This first week of April is a great time to edit, revamp or do any redesigning or re thinking around issues of art performance or leadership. If there is a cherished creative idea or project you put down long ago, now is a good time to resurrect it. Beginning on the 8th of April Jupiter moves forward and so do you. Say yes to expansive opportunities. Say yes to your heart! Say yes to expressing your authentic self! Saturn continues retrograde in your house of creativity encouraging you to reflect upon your executive skills and how they apply to self expression. Get support with the business side of creativity. Be open to renegotiating creative contracts and profit sharing. Venus and Mars in your career sector make your career both lucrative and loving this month!


VIRGO: Begin the month imagining your ideal relationship based on mutual love respect kindness and a shared vision. There is a massive amount of light shining in the deepest darkest sector of your chart this month. It is as though a team of benevolent ninjas with high powered film lights rappel into the deepest strata of your subconscious and illuminate all cobwebs, nooks and crannies. The power of this light dissolves the lies and delusions that have held you hostage in your personal life. Feel your growing power as you begin to truly KNOW your worth. This month allow your awakening self esteem to call the financial shots in your life. Love yourself enough to make a solid living. Love yourself enough to get help with this if you are challenged. Love yourself enough to save money so you have a buffer. Communication projects and presentations could be lucrative this month. You have been in a big spiritual reflection for the past few months. On the 8th all your meditative reflection pays off as your spiritual development advances. Angels light your way forward!


LIBRA: The spring begins with you on a vision quest concerning your daily approach to work and health. Dream up a life that includes a balanced and nurturing approach to your daily life that takes excellent care of you. You are the sign of partnership Libra, and this month your partnership sector lights up like the 4th of July. This is actually an apt metaphor since one of the planets visiting your partnership sector is Uranus, the planet of independence and evolution. Uranus has been in your partnership sector for years and will remain there for years to come. This month the combined Light of the Sun and Mercury join Uranus and signal a revolutionary approach to relationships. You are ready to take an evolutionary leap in the realm of partnership. Ask yourself what oppression in your business or personal life you are no longer willing to tolerate. Ask yourself what liberating approach you would like to attempt in your partnerships.Though you can accomplish much alone, ask yourself how your power and effective range could be augmented by joining forces with a maverick with whom you can see eye to eye. Venus and Mars in your shared resource sector make this a fertile month for finances. Dream up big beautiful, visionary lucrative plans, and watch them grow!


SCORPIO: Spring began with a vision quest for you concerning your inner child and a life that includes real fun and joyful self expression. Continue to explore the real needs of your emerging authentic self. There has been a major line up in your daily work sector since the equinox. You are awakening in the realm of work and service. This month the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all have you shining and thinking outside the box in a brilliant new way. The big evolution this month has to do with little changes to your daily health routines, organization skills, and work skills that add up to a major and revolutionary transformation. You are a warrior of fitness, organization, decluttering and service this month. As you make war on clutter and disorganization, a pristine healthy and successful life begins to reveal itself. As you clear up your work and life, be on the lookout for creative dreams and visions. You have been in a long reflection on the career front. On the 8th mighty Jupiter moves forward and so do your long term career plans. Get ready to act on that front.


SAGITTARIUS: The Spring began with you dreaming up a whole new approach to home and family. What is your beautiful compassionate vision? What are you releasing and forgiving as you create a kind loving haven within your nest. This month there is a radical new approach to art, creativity and offspring. Maybe you could consider a creative collaboration with your children. This month is fantastic for your creativity. Let your imagination run wild as you explore and innovate as an artist like never before! This month your creativity sets you free. It could also be quite lucrative. Venus and Mars are both in your work sector, indicating that work looks both constructive and quite profitable this month. Plant new seeds at work. Say yes to opportunities. Writing and communication projects are poised to move forward on the 8th. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet has been retrograde in your publishing, teaching, promoting and traveling sector for months now. On the 8th you go from reflection to action as opportunity and prosperity await you.


CAPRICORN: The New moon that began on the spring equinox signaled a whole new level of visionary thinking for you. Your mind is more compassionate, visionary and enlightened than ever before. You are becoming a teacher of empathy and higher awareness simply in how you interact with others. There may also be creative, musical or dance outlets where you express your new sense of Oneness. This month there are also big changes and awakenings on the home front. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus the planet of evolution are all awakening you out of family conditioning. You can let go of self limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back for years. This month make changes to your home that reflect you new inner liberty. Be on the lookout for new and healthier ways of interacting with your family. Mighty Jupiter has been retrograde in your intimacy and shared wealth sector for months now. Your reflection ends on the 8th when Jupiter moves forward and so do your plans to share yourself and your resources in a big, beautiful way.


AQUARIUS: Your mind is on fire this month and so is your humanitarian, activist, tongue. The lighting bolt of liberation and eureka like brilliance has struck your mind awakening it and aligning it with the higher mind. You are in the midst of a mental shift this month that has you unwilling to be  oppressed. In fact you are finding yourself freed from your own mental habits like negative thinking and low self esteem. These burn away in the light of your newly realized self worth The spring began with you on a vision quest for a whole new level of self esteem and a healed relationship to your finances. You are also dreaming up ways of making money that are aligned with your vision and your bliss. This month you declare independence from all oppression and prepare the way for wonderful expansive partnerships based on shared creativity and philosophical alliance. You have been reflecting on and reconsidering partnerships. On the 8th Jupiter goes direct in your relationship sector and you are ready to act on your plans.


PISCES: The spring began with the New Moon at the last degree of your sign. This spring you are on a vision quest that involves releasing all in the past that has held you back, while aligning with the dream that the universe has for you. More than any other sign, you are the keeper of the Big Dream. In your being you know that we are all one and all sacred. You are the drop that feels Unity with the whole sea. To heal is to make whole. For this reason you are the great healer of the zodiac. This month the great awakening is taking place in your self esteem and finance sector. You are beginning to awaken to your inalienable sacredness and worth. This in turn is giving you new courage to explore new venues and take chances that will lead to new streams of revenue. Keep broadcasting your visionary dreams of unity and healing. Keep taking courageous action to secure income. Your creativity is a veritable goldmine these days. Your daily work and your creativity are presenting wonderful new opportunities to you. On the 8th Mighty Jupiter goes direct in this house and it’s time to take a golden creative leap.