“I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down  Livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town  I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime  But is there because he’s a victim of the times.” The Man in Black  by Johnny Cash– a Pisces (Here is the video)


“ May your walls fall and may I live to tell,

   May all the world forget you ever stood

   And May All the World regret you did no good.” 

San Quentin by Johnny Cash

 (Here is the video)


“ Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men,

   we didn’t have any kind of prison.” Lame Deer


This month we are energetically reunited with the Source, as the Sun joins mighty Neptune the planet of transcendence, and Chiron, the planet of the wounding and healing, in Pisces, the sign of Unity.


The Sun’s passage through Pisces began on the New Moon in Aquarius last month on February 18th. That New Moon took place at the very last degree and moment of Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian activism. A mere two minutes later, the Moon glided into Pisces joined by the Sun just another moment later. The two Lights of Heaven joined Venus and Mars, Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Neptune, the planet of Oceanic Unity all in Pisces, the sign of spiritual awakening.


Such a tidal wave of Piscean planetary energy on the heels of an Aquarius New Moon is a call to Higher Love, redemption and spiritual activism. In order to understand our current planetary directive, let us turn our attention to Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac.


Pisces ends the journey around the wheel of life. As the final sign of the zodiac it reconnects us to the Source. As the final sign of winter, it represents the utter letting go of attachments and ego that takes place in great old age. These divestments occur as we prepare to be united with the sea of loving consciousness from which we emerged.


Pisces is the sign of extreme sensitivity, compassion and empathy, which I believe is our natural state and our birthright. In a saner society, such sensitivity would not be a crippling liability, but the means of connecting empathically and even psychically to the world at large.


Pisces is the sign of suffering and empathic concern for the lost, the forgotten and downtrodden. It is the sign associated with addiction, the epidemic disease of alienation here in the west. It is also the sign associated with recovery from addiction through spiritual awakening. It is the sign of mental institutions and madness as well as visionary genius and enlightenment.


Pisces is the sign of spirituality as opposed to religion, though it is associated with Christian teachings regarding forgiveness and redemption.  More than anything this is the sign of Oneness, which sums up all we need to know, in order to heal from the terrible alienation that is killing us as a culture, and laying waste to our breathtaking sustaining planet.


The image that represents the most healing aspect of Pisces is the ocean. The image that represents all that we must heal from is the prison.


It is sad and strange that we in the west take prison so for granted and cannot imagine a society without one. At this writing prison has become a thriving industry in the United States. That there is now a profit motive tied to the carrying out of justice is chilling. The numbers of incarcerated Black and Brown men for victimless crimes and drug possession is heartbreaking and unjust.


That prisons are so often warehouses of the poor, the addicted, the mad and the disenfranchised is the sad, sick reality here in America. That the system  further brutalizes and tortures its inmates is a terrible indictment of our culture. Even violent criminals, perhaps especially violent criminals should be treated with some hope of reform or healing.


Prison represents so much that ails us. It is the mental prison of lies and delusions that is at the root of all hatred including racism, classism, sexism or any other system that divides us. Without these mental prisons our actual brutal correction system could not exist. It is the walls we build to disown one another that stand in the way of our healing. Pisces comes along to remind us that we cannot disown one another. It is a spiritual impossibility.


Pisces reminds us that we truly are One. We cannot be redeemed, while any one of us remains bound and degraded, or as Christ said:  “As you have done to the least of these, so you have done to me.”


I have come to believe that our spiritual Unity is an unalterable fact not a metaphor, or as Gandhi said: “I believe in the absolute Oneness of God and therefore also of humanity. What though we have many bodies? We have but one soul.” Mahatma Gandhi


Viewed through this lens, the lost among us bar us forever from redemption. The Pisceans seem to know this viscerally. Like Johnny Cash, the gifted Pisces musician, they gravitate toward the prisons. They clearly see the soul sickness of a culture that can create such dehumanizing brutality. Perhaps too, they know that the way to redemption will begin with prison. It is worth noting that the central figure of Christianity spent his time forgiving and healing the poor, thieves, lepers and prostitutes. Never was there a call for punishment.


Pisces rules imagination. Prison is certainly an epic failure of that. Luckily we can look to other cultures for examples of how to live in unity with one another and with the natural world. The Native Americans had no prisons. Most indigenous cultures did not. Their world view, the correct one I believe, was one of sacredness. Let us look to them to remind us of our indivisible Unity with each other, and our sacred connection to the natural world.


Yesterday I found the most beautiful images on Facebook of a Mongolian tribe who live in the most breathtaking and exquisite union with nature. It struck me that they represent a beautiful vision of Wholeness that is the dream of Pisces. To see them, click Here.  


We can learn so much from cultures with such tenderness and unity between tribal members, fellow creatures, and the natural world. Imagine a world that combined the beauty of the indigenous people with sacred science and technology. Imagine a daily life bound by sacred ritual, plenty of contact with nature and tribal support and connection. Our world would be transformed.


Let us begin right now to dissolve the walls of our mental prison by remembering our indivisible Unity with every human being and every creature on earth and beyond. Right now we are in fact one with every inmate in every prison. We are one with every victim of torture and abuse. We are one with the poor the mad the lonely. We are one with all creatures held in captivity and roaming free. We are one with every plant every tree every drop of the sacred sea. Together, may we learn to live accordingly.


This month Pisces, the sign of the ocean reminds us of our fundamental Unity. Every drop belongs to the Sea. We are All together in the waters of compassion. May this gentle tide dissolve the barriers between us. Together, may we dream up a new world with harmony and tenderness for All.


Here is the full quote by Lame Deer, to remind us of cultures that have existed beautifully without prison.




The Sun entered Pisces on February 18th and will remain there till March 20, the vernal Equinox, 1st day of spring  which falls on the New Moon in Pisces. This New moon like the last one takes place at the very last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. The call to take an evolutionary leap based on the true knowledge of our Oneness with all life is being called for. To join us for our New Moon/Vernal Equinox tele ceremony click Here.


The month begins with Mercury moving direct through activist Aquarius encouraging us to stand up for human rights everywhere and take action on behalf of humanitarian causes that are dear to us.We are inspired to network and reach out socially. On March 12th Mercury enters visionary Pisces and we are inspired to think spiritually and musically, as we dream up visionary solutions locally and globally. The rest of the month is great for photography, film, poetry music and dance. We are high on empathy and compassion as we increasingly feel our Unity.


The month begins with Venus and Mars in action oriented Aries. We are empowered to act on our desires. We are also encouraged to act on behalf of others, a result of Venus and Mars slow dance through Pisces last month. From March 7th till March 20th Venus, then Mars are close to evolutionary Uranus. Our desire nature awakens in surprising and unexpected ways. This is truly a great time for spiritual and loving action and activism.


Venus leaves Aries on March 17th when she enters Taurus, one of her own signs and helps us solidify the changes we have made and follow through on projects begun. Mars her consort will follow her on the first of April.


Jupiter continues retrograde through Leo, and is in a lovely trine with Aries all month encouraging us to act on creative dreams.


Uranus and Pluto are in still in a tense square to each other encouraging us to fundamentally change the structures of our society. To hasten the transformation  of our world, support organic farming and green products that will not harm your body or the earth. Dream up solutions to local or global problems based on compassion and Unity. Get involved in your local government.


Mighty Neptune continues to surf the seven seas in oceanic Pisces reminding us of our sacredness, awakening us to our Unity with compassion and forgiveness for all.



ARIES: The month begins with Venus and Mars in your sign along with Uranus, the planet of change. Your relationship to love and desire is evolving. This month you are undergoing an alchemical awakening. You are learning to love yourself in a whole new way. You are learning to love and serve the world in a whole new way. This month your authentic desires are awakening. The Sun and Neptune in your visionary sector are showing you the blueprint for the next big vision for your life. Take action all month to achieve what you really want. Dare to act on behalf of others and the greater good. Dare to admit your desires. Dare to face what has been blocking you. You can move ahead now. There is a wonderful aspect to your creative sector and your connection to children. The New Moon on the 20th reveals a vision of sacred Unity with all life. The equinox on the 20th brings a beautiful new beginning.


TAURUS: It is a lovely month for networking. Connect with creative people who share your vision or your spiritual path.  The Sun and mighty Neptune are in your social sector this month widening your social network exponentially. Reach out far and wide this month to visionaries, healers and practical dreamers who can help you reshape your world and business into a compassionate new order. Mercury, the planet of thought is in your career sector till the 12th this month, encouraging you to strategize about career. Activism also helps your career this month. After the 12th the focus is on creative and visionary collaboration.  You are the sacred steward of the material world here to remind us that we only borrow the world and her resources from our children. On the 17th Lovely Venus, your ruling planet, enters your sign, inspiring beauty, love, and grounded sensuality. The New Moon on the 20th represents a new social leap. You are entering a network of visionaries dedicated to reminding us of the sacredness of all life.


GEMINI: The Sun, Chiron the healer and Mighty Neptune are at your midheaven this month widening your career options and public persona. Your career vision has been evolving over time. You are ready to shine in a lovely new way as you give your beautiful vision to the world. Your image of what you deserve out in the world is healing. Be the lovely diamond you were always meant to be. Saturn in your partnership sector could spell deepening new partnerships. Venus and Mars in your networking sector most of the month signal wonderful changes on that front. You are connecting to a wonderful lively and activist crowd. It is a great month to take initiative and plan a lovely gathering. Create a fundraising event for a cherished cause. Mercury, your ruling planet, spends the first part of the month in your philosophical sector inspiring you to define your humanitarian philosophy. The New Moon on the Equinox truly begins a new public professional role for you.


CANCER: The Sun is shining in your publishing sector this month. Big, beautiful visionary presentations are in the making. That is where you shine this month. Develop your ability to communicate using image sound and music. Your philosophy is changing. A gentle yet powerful spiritual healing is occurring as your faith grows. There is a stellar line up in your career sector this month propelling you forward in beautiful and unexpected new ways. Take action on the career front all month. Things are changing allowing wonderful new professional connections to be formed. A golden portal involving your creativity opens this month. Walk through it with a wonderful budget in your hands. Mercury is in your house of shared resources till the 12th inspiring you to collaborate with like minded partners. Work requires your focused attention but could prove quite lucrative. The New Moon on the equinox brings a wonderful affirmation of your growing faith.


LEO: You are changing at the deepest levels. Your compassion and willingness to forgive are changing everything for you. This month it is as though you are being flooded with waters of healing and compassion that wash away the past and leave you open and ready to connect to others in a tender and vulnerable new way. It is a stellar month for writing, speaking and presenting. Get yourself organized and commit to the communication projects that delight your heart. Jupiter is still moving backwards in your sign encouraging you to reflect on what you most want your expanded life to look like. Mercury is moving through your partnership sector this month encouraging you to think about which partnerships really work for you. After the 12th take action to merge resources with others. Keep a disciplined creative schedule. The New Moon on the 20th changes your capacity to truly share yourself with someone.


VIRGO: The Sun is shining in your partnership sector this month along with Neptune and Chiron. You are healing around partnership issues like never before. You are beginning to believe that you deserve to be treated with infinite tenderness and great respect. You are making changes that align your relationships with your sense of fairness and justice. This month you can move ahead with plans regarding merged finances. This is a good month to either invest or divest from a joint investment. Your sense of what you believe you deserve in intimate relationships is changing. You are entering a realm of higher love. Your home requires your attention this month. Structural changes may need to happen.  You have vast spiritual support from behind the scenes. Reconnect with spiritual practices that have supported you in the past. Reflect upon past creative projects involving charities, art or animals. The New Moon on the 12th begins a lovely change of your relationship life.


LIBRA: This month the Sun is shining in your work sector along with Neptune and Chiron the healer. Your relationship to work is changing and a lovely new tide is coming in. Your job is to create beauty and context. Your ability to communicate through image takes a wonderful turn. Heal your relationship to work and to your daily routine. This month put health and wellness on the front burner. There is a wonderful line up in your house of partnership. Things are changing on that front. You are becoming the lover you want to see in the world. Say yes to all manner of beautiful and professional collaborations this month. Say yes to the sudden appearance of love. After the 17th Venus your ruling planet moves into Taurus and you are working on the nuts and bolts of shared resources.Communication and networking opportunities are great this month.


SCORPIO: The Sun is shining in your house of creativity self expression and romance this month. This is also the house of the inner or outer child. Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune the planet of spirituality are also in this house this month bringing a gentle flood of healing to your creativity and your inner child. Spend time this month engaged in hobbies. Do things that simply delight you. Treat your inner child to what you most enjoyed when you were young. Allow yourself the joy of creativity. This month you are recovering as an artist. This month you are recovering the sense of specialness that children innately possess. The universe is dreaming a beautiful healing vision through you. Be open to receiving. There is an amazing line up in your house of work. You are changing and evolving as you learn to truly love what you do. Your work is opening the door to a whole new career vision. Walk through the portal.


SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of home this month. Home is the temple of healing and higher love. Love of everything begins for you within your home and family. Let it flow. Don’t be shy. Express the deep tenderness you are feeling for family members. Home is also the safe place you can withdraw to where your next vision is revealed to you. Spend time there letting your imagination wander hither and yon as you dream up your next project. Speaking of which, your creativity is off the charts this month.  Keep a daily creative discipline. Slow and daily wins the race. Mercury, the planet of communication is in your communication sector till the 12th when it moves into your home sector. Spend the first part of the month focused on communication projects and networking. Discipline and structure are required of you these days, why not pick the most joyful project you can, and stick with it.


CAPRICORN: The Sun, Chiron the healer and transcendental Neptune are all in your communication sector this month. You are an exquisite channel of compassion and Unity.  Your mind is flooded with the deepest sense of connection to everything. Spend as much time as you can this month in meditation and devotional practice. This month your practice can take you far. Communicate your healing insights to others. Things are changing on the home front in a lovely way. Venus and Mars have set up camp in your home. Create a temple to love in your home while this beautiful energy visits you. On the 17th Venus exits and moves to your romance and creativity sector. You are learning to merge and share like never before. The new moon on the equinox brings you a flood of new realizations.


AQUARIUS: This month you are experiencing a shift in your finances, values and self esteem. You are healing on this front. You are coming to believe that you are worthy of all good things. Your values are becoming more spiritual and ethereal. Take time this month to value your connection to the natural world. A lovely fiscal tide is in this month. It is a nice month for fiscal recovery. Invest this month in the musical, lyrical, healing projects that most delight you. There is a great line up in your communication sector this month making you more outspoken than usual. You are a beautiful passionate and poetic voice for justice and fairness this month. New and amazingly expansive partnerships are coming soon to a theater near you. Keep preparing for them. Imagine the creative project you would most like to collaborate on. Dream it up.


PISCES: Happy Birthday Pisces! There was a massive line up in your sign late last month beginning a beautiful flow of creativity, vision, compassion, love and unity flowing in your life. You are the sign of oneness. You are the sign of exquisite sensitivity and empathy. This month you become a beautiful channel of all that through your art and your being. You are a true visionary this month. You are becoming increasingly effective at giving your vision to the world. Your career requires your focused attention. Part of your job this month is to bring your career into alignment with your true vision. Dream up your Holy Work. Dream up your team. Dream up your ideal venue. Don’t forget your ideal budget!This is a month when money looks good. Your inner army is fully deployed in pursuit of fair renumeration. Your relationship to money is changing as you see the tremendous value you bring to any enterprise.