“When the Sun came shining, then I was strolling

And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling

A voice was chanting as the fog was lifting

This land was made for you and me”

This Land is Your Land  by Woody Guthrie


This additional verse by Pete Seeger  ( A Taurus)


” Woodland and grassland and river shoreline

  To everything living even little microbes

  Fin, Fur and Feather, we’re all here together

  This land was made for you and me”


This month begins on the heels of the New Moon in Taurus which occurred on April 29th, with a solar eclipse, as well as the continuing Cardinal Grand Cross and watery Grand Trine, all as the Sun moves through Taurus, the sign of the earth,  personal wealth, property, self esteem, and security. ( read more in the planetary report below)

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With such a potent combination of aspects, the Universe is clearly asking us to examine our beliefs and behaviors around our earth and all things material. The first order of business is to remind ourselves that what we have been trained and hypnotized to think of as matter, does not actually exist. Matter is energy and even string theory seems to agree that all apparent matter contains an element of consciousness. Or as Indigenous Tribes have always known: The material world is a spiritual fact.

As we evolve out of our current dead matter model, we awaken to a sacred, living, conscious ensouled Universe which wants us to play and co create with it. In this new world paradigm, as we become increasingly present, we find the Universe constantly communicating with us through synchronicity aka meaningful coincidence. We also awaken to our conscious sacred living Mother Earth, an entity to be revered not exploited.

This idea is very Taurus, the sign along with Scorpio associated with Native American tribes. Taurus is the sign with the strongest connection to the earth. The Native Americans had a relationship of sacred stewardship with the planet and all its inhabitants. Their concept of considering the effects of one’s actions on the next seven generations showed the maturity and responsibility toward the earth and each other held by these Nations.

For Indigenous peoples, sacredness was the organizing principle that their lives revolved around. In the modern world intellect divorced from spirituality has been the organizing principle. This has devolved further into base ego running the show, resulting in a remarkably immature culture devoted to self gratification at the expense of future generations and the health of the planet.

We are now at a crossroads where we must choose whether we will continue to live unsustainably deferring big environmental decisions to corporations and their political lackeys, or awaken to our beautiful planet’s plight and assert our sacred mature stewardship of our beloved home. This month we are reminded by Woody Guthrie, a Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother: This Land is your land, this land is my land. She is here for us individually and collectively. Her beauty, abundance and magic are here to feed us and house us and restore us.

We are further reminded by the late great Pete Seeger, a Taurus, another sign associated with the Great Mother that we are connected to all the creatures with whom we share the planet. We have an obligation to the whales and dolphins and butterflies and microbes to restore the balance of nature.

Much of the dreadful imbalance we are in is the result of viewing ourselves and our world as commodities to be exploited. When we shift to a world view of sacredness and resolve to view ourselves, our fellow humans and the entire natural world as sacred, we are not so easy to exploit, nor do we easily allow the exploitation of our world. This spiritual shift also compels us to recognize our intrinsic magic and worth.

Taurus rules intuition, which literally means interior teaching. This is the sign of silent listening for guidance from the still small voice within. As we engage in meditation practices and learn to listen for guidance, we are unerringly guided to right action by our higher self. This includes being guided to abundance and supply for all our needs. The voice of inner guidance also leads us to responsible action on behalf of our world. each other and all our relations.

Last month’s solar eclipse will trigger all of our subconscious issues around self esteem, money, real estate and supply in general, as well as our relationship to our beautiful, but increasingly beleaguered planet.

The cardinal grand cross is helping us to awaken into a new relationship with business, corporations, government and the planet, based on wisdom,sustainability, balance and fair trade. The positive side of Pluto in Capricorn, a major point in the cardinal grand cross, is the transformational power of real maturity and responsibility. The wonderful news is that the organic green and sustainable sector is the fastest growing segment of the population. Wonderful new green businesses are springing up everywhere creating new ways of  generating profit and supporting health in clean and socially responsible ways

 Our job this month is to dissolve scarcity thinking by reminding ourselves continually of the great spiritual truths. We are each a perfect creation in the mind of The Great Spirit, and if we are good enough for that which dreamed us up, we must be good enough for ourselves. There is a sacred purpose for each of us and as we awaken and connect with our sacred purpose, we are given all that we need to be truly happy and fulfilled.  As we stay diligently connected to the Source, making us Sorcerers, we conjure from that connection what we need to fulfill our mission and live in joyful abundance. There is more than enough for all of us.

This month to make best use of Taurus energy honor the ways of the Native Nations from whom we took this land by honoring the planet. Practice daily gratitude as you remember how generous the earth has been to us. Recall that every delicious meal, beautiful bouquet, lovely clothing and adornment has come from her.

Remind yourself that every step you have ever taken or will ever take has been supported by her. Many of the most transcendental moments you have experienced have been provided by her awesome beauty, her sapphire sparkling seas, her delicate floral fields, her vast prairies  and cathedrals of green canopy. Remind yourself that as a child of this awesome earth you share and partake of her beauty and bounty and majesty. Let that inform your self esteem and sense of wealth.

To further make use of Taurus energy, spend time outdoors. Get grounded, literally, go sit on a rock or the earth and connect with stability.  Enjoy your senses, eat yummy food, get a body treatment, use sweet smelling lotions. Deal with your finances. If this idea scares you get support to get clear and organized around finances. Meditate on your values. What material possessions or experiences do you truly value? Spend your money on that. If you really love live music, go hear some. If you really love the ocean, spend some money to get yourself there. The universe tends to reward soul nurturing actions. This month give a contribution to the environmental cause that resonates for you. Contribute to a Native American cause, attend a local Native gathering. Google The Indigenous Grandmothers council and listen to our planetary tribal elders. Protect your local environment.

Remember that you are wealthy beyond measure. Give thanks a thousand times a day for the kergillion blessings in your life. This has the wonderful effect of inviting more.

We close by paying tribute to the life of Pete Seeger  who we lost earlier this year. He was a Taurus us and a true earth angel whose every breath was devoted to making this earth a more heavenly place  We can never replace Pete, who sang and fought for the earth, the farmers, the Hudson River, the people and all the creatures we share the earth with, but we can carry on his tireless commitment to social, fiscal and environmental justice.

This month enjoy this beautiful land, rumor has it

This land was made for all of us.

Abundant blessings to you



Planetary Report


The Sun went into sensual earthy Taurus on April 19th and will remain in Taurus till May 20th when it enters quick, dextrous Gemini.


May begins with the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Taurus making the first week of the month a great time for  earthy contemplation. Mercury moves into Gemini on May 7th shifting us into high mental gear. Mercury remains in Gemini, till May 29th when it enters the emotional waters of Cancer connecting us to our soulful feelings.

The major planetary backdrop that informs all other aspects this month is the ongoing cardinal Grand Cross which began last month in. This aspect occurs when two sets of planets oppose one another, while all squaring each other. This creates a great cross pattern in the heavens which is also a square pattern. This pattern is one of dynamic and creative tension.

At this time Uranus, the planet of awakening and evolution, is in Aries, the sign of the individual and the warrior and activist asking us each to awaken and liberate ourselves from all that oppresses us. This aspect has been responsible for the Arab Spring and the Occupy movements here in the States. Internally this aspect can help us break free of self defeating habits.

Mars, the planet of war and action is in Libra the sign of peace, moving retrograde, and opposing Uranus in Aries, asking us to reframe our relationships, making sure they are aligned with our new liberated awakened present selves. Mars in the sign of peace and negotiation helps us with restraint as we negotiate new boundaries or end unbalanced relationships.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to expose corporate and government malfeasance even as the old world order continues to crumble. Pluto gives rise to a new order of leaders who are here to create clean green infrastructures, energy sources and  fair trade enterprises. On the personal level we are each being asked to become the empowered CEO”s of our own lives and career’s

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and protection, is in Cancer, the sign of Home and the Great Mother, reminding us to treat our earth with wisdom and reverence also reminding us to create Capricorn business that is aligned with the earth, and to ask our elected officials to fight for our sacred environment. This also signals a time of expansion through real estate,  the food industry and connection to family.

The Grand Trine: Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are helping us with a major spiritual awakening as more and more people are experiencing the grace of connection to the divine and each other. A doorway of grace has opened in the heavens reminding us of the interconnection of all life on earth.


ARIES: The Sun and Mercury are shining in your house of personal wealth possessions and self esteem, illuminating issues of self worth and finance as the month begins. Ask yourself where your sense of worthiness needs bolstering or healing. This is a great month for you to plant fiscal seeds of intention. With Saturn in Scorpio in your house of shared wealth and resources, ask yourself who you might collaborate with for mutual profit. Draw up an ideal earning plan thereby creating a template for the wealth you would like to attract. This sends a powerful message to the Universe, that you are willing to receive abundance. Be specific and see what results. The Cardinal Grand Cross is occurring in your houses of identity, partnership, home and career, making all these areas of life slated for transformation. With Uranus in your sign, the key to it all is your personal liberation and transformation. As you evolve, so do your partnerships. With expansive Jupiter at your root house, you are healing family of origin issues. A wonderful new relationship to home and ancestry can translate into a more abundant living situation. The Grand Trine is providing spiritual support from behind the scenes. Meditate this month on the Divine Design for your ideal life and expect beautiful guidance.

TAURUS: Happy Birthday Taurus! The month begins on the heals of another new moon with a solar eclipse in your sign just like last year. The Universe is clearly interested in you healing issues of self esteem, self worth and how this all ties in to your bank account and intimate relationships . This year again it is truly a new beginning as the eclipse helps you truly let go of old patterns that have been with you for years. With Saturn still in your house of partnership, the testing around relationships continues. The Sun is shining in your sign till the 20th giving you extra vitality and insight into yourself and how you operate within relationship. The solar eclipse in your sign on the 29th brings up any unresolved issues of property and sharing. This is a great month to focus on truly loving and valuing yourself. Do you love yourself enough to say no to others and set healthy boundaries when they are needed. As you continue to heal from old outworn patterns you attract wonderful new relationships with powerful co creators who can help the world create a new and sacred approach to the material world. The Cardinal grand cross is occurring in your houses of spirituality, work, and communication. As you continue to awaken spiritually, your relationship to your daily work and body change, all this helps refine you as a powerful messenger with a message the world really needs to hear at this time. The grand trine easily opens doors for you to deliver this message to a wider and receptive audience.

GEMINI: The Sun is shining in your spiritual sector as the month begins, illuminating your connection to the Source. For you the best way to do this is to get grounded in nature and meditate on your connection to the earth and all that she provides you with. This is also a great time to connect your fiscal life with spiritual principles. The solar eclipse on April 29th took place in this sector helping you heal self defeating unconscious beliefs around money and supply in general. A good little book to read this month is Money is My Friend by Phil Laut. Make a daily gratitude list of all the great wealth you already posses and release all thoughts of deprivation. Mercury, your ruling planet will help you with this this till the 7th when it moves into your sign helping you think about yourself and your intrinsic self worth in a whole new way. The cardinal grand cross is occurring in your fiscal, romance and friendship sectors, helping you transform around money and intimacy as well as romance friendship and creativity. With Mars retrograde in Libra in your house of romance it is time to reconsider both romantic partnerships and creative projects.The Grand trine in water is opening new career opportunities that could lead to great abundance.

CANCER: The Sun is shining in your friendship sector illuminating your social life this month. The solar eclipse on the 29th may be highlighting how you connect  with friends. This is a great month to distance yourself from social connections that injure your self esteem and begin to build and reinforce friendships and business contacts that reflect your growing self esteem. This is also a great month to do business networking. Ask yourself who you might collaborate with for mutual profit. The cardinal grand cross has been occurring in your houses of self partners, home and career. The key for you has been mighty Jupiter in your sign, giving you a new expansive sense of self and helping you cultivate a deepening faith in the larger order that is always supporting you. To make maximum use of Jupiter’s generous power, make a daily gratitude list. Give thanks for everything, and when things appear to go wrong give thanks for that too. As you expand in faith and gratitude so do your partnerships and career. This practice will give you the strength to take daring self initiated action on behalf of your career and will help you insist on fairness and balance on the home front. The grand trine helps you with a new spiritual connection, that fills you with faith and creativity. Keep setting boundaries with offspring. It is good for both of you.

LEO: The Sun is shining in you solar house of career this month, illuminating issues of self worth that may be holding you back from building your optimal career. The eclipse on the 29th may have brought up old issues that can now be released. Saturn in your home sector has been demanding your steady focus on that front. This is a great month to work on releasing issues of scarcity and deprivation arising from your family of origin.The cardinal grand cross is occurring in your houses of communication, daily work and  spirituality. As you individuate in the realm of communication and dare to write, speak or present your message in a whole new way, greater abundance and a larger stage will find you. You must, however get your infrastructure in order and work on issues of organization and time management. The good news is you don’t have to do any of this alone. There is massive spiritual help aiding you from behind the scenes these days. Your job is to maintain constant contact with the Source. The Grand trine is helping you spiritually with issues of home, and joint finance. Your growing faith will translate into a mighty leap this summer when Jupiter moves into Leo. Prepare now by releasing the past and connecting with the divine design for your abundance and fulfillment now.

VIRGO: The Sun is shining in your house of philosophy in Taurus, the sign of the earth and finance, making this a great month to explore higher learning around all things material. The solar eclipse in this sector for you may be bringing up issues of self esteem, security and your whole philosophical approach to the material world. Saturn in your communication sector and the Sun in you higher learning publishing sector make this an excellent time to be vigilant in your speech. Make sure that you only speak positively about yourself and your perfect connection to abundant supply. Your work these days involves communication. Acquiring new skills and building an infrastructure that supports your work in this field will pay real dividends in the future. The cardinal grand cross is taking place in your houses of financing, networking and creativity. You may have to take the daring initiative to pitch new projects and seek funding. Your friendship network can open new doors of abundance and opportunity. You are transforming on your creative front which is aided by regular inner child work which allows you to more freely express yourself. The grand trines opens doors to new spiritual partnerships and community in which you can truly and deeply express yourself

LIBRA: The Sun is shining in your house of joint property, intimacy and the deep unconscious stirring up issues of self worth regarding how you share yourself with others. The solar eclipse in this sector, has you really ready to change and evolve on this front. This month really focus on how you truly feel about yourself. Do you feel lovable? Do you feel worthy of respect. How does this all translate into your fiscal life? Mars retrograde in your sign has you reflecting on your actions within relationships and legal matters. Now is a good time to be firm yet diplomatic and conciliatory. Remember, Libra is often referred to as the iron fist in the velvet glove. The cardinal grand cross is occurring in your sectors of self, partnership, home and career.  As you fight for what is fair to you, your partnerships begin to shift reflecting your new demands for justice in all your relationships. Mighty Jupiter at your midheaven, brings wonderful expansion and opportunity through home, real estate and family. Your relationship to your family of origin has been shifting since 2008, demanding a new empowered stance that elevates you professionally as well. The Grand trine in water brings wonderful opportunity in work career and finance.

SCORPIO: The Sun is shining in your house of partnership, illuminating issues on that front. The solar eclipse on April 29th signals a change on tho front. You are now truly ready to release old partnership paradigms based on injured self esteem. Saturn in your sign for the past year has been forcing you to shore up your boundaries, say no to unacceptable behavior and define yourself independently. All this has been the necessary prerequisite to attracting a healthy and mutual relationship. As you learn to say no to others and yes to your authentic needs and desires, relationships become more satisfying. The cardinal grand cross is taking place in your houses of spirituality, daily work, communication and plashing/higher learning. As you work spiritually behind the scenes blessing partners and all situations, the nature of your work or your approach to it begins to change. You have been individuating in your work and could take even more daring yet measured action to achieve your desires. With Saturn in your communication sector your success depends on getting the word out and creating an infrastructure that will support your increased visibility. Mighty Jupiter in your house of presentation says publishing and presentation lead to major expansion and abundance, If you write it or get your website in order they will come!

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of daily work, health and organizing, making this the focus of the month. The solar eclipse on April 29th is bringing up issues of self esteem that may bleed into your approach to work. This is also the sector of routines of self care. Do you love yourself enough to exercise, eat good nutritious food, get enough sleep? This month observe how your environment reflects self esteem issues back to you. This month also notice what your relationship to money and supply are reflecting to you. Saturn has been in your spiritual sector for the past year demanding that you focus on a disciplined spiritual connection to the Source. This practice should also be aimed at a deep transformation of your approach to all forms of intimacy and sharing. The cardinal grand cross is occurring in your houses of finance, social network and romance/creativity. Your approach to all relationships social and romantic is changing. Mighty Jupiter in your intimacy sector is helping you to believe that you deserve a wonderful nurturing intimate life. You may also attract financiers and backers at this time. Neptune helps you truly forgive your family of origin, setting everyone free from the past. This month let bed rock self esteem guide all your choices.

CAPRICORN: This month the Sun is shining in your house of children and creativity, making this a great month to explore your creativity, spend time with children, or do some inner child work. The solar eclipse on the 29th of April is bringing up issues of self worth that may have stopped you from sharing your creative gifts with the world. This month work slowly and steadily on whatever self expression delights you most. Your sign tends to over focus on work, this month love yourself enough to schedule in fun and leisure. Especially make time to enjoy your senses. The cardinal grand cross has been occurring in your house of self, partners, career and home. Transformational Pluto has been in your sign since 2008, working to transform and empower your sense of self. Mighty Jupiter in your partnership sector signals a time when wonderful new expansive partnerships can take place. Uranus at the roots of your chart has been helping you to awaken from ancestral delusions. As you awaken spiritually, you liberate your ancestors and are ready to step onto the world stage in a whole new way. The Grand Trine in water brings social and communication expansion.

AQUARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of home and ancestry, making this a great time to focus on nesting and stabilizing your connection to home. The solar eclipse in your house of home may be bringing up core issues of self esteem, arising from your family of origin. How safe did you feel at home growing up. What did your family reflect to you that either did or did not foster a sense of self esteem. What did your family teach you about money? This month all this is up for healing. Saturn at your mid heaven has been changing your career or public persona. Ask yourself how you can heal your core and pursue work out in the world that truly fosters self respect. The cardinal grand cross is occurring in your houses of communication and higher learning, spirituality and daily work/healing. It looks like some issue involving home real estate or women has brought you some abundance recently. Doing some deep healing work around your relationship with your father can lead to a radical change in your thinking and all your relationships. Don’t be afraid to get help with this, the realm of ancestors and the angelic are already working for you, if you ask for help the perfect healer or support group will appear to break your isolation, empower you and set you free.


PISCES: The Sun is shining in your house of communication in the structural sign Taurus.The solar eclipse on the 29th is illuminating how your bedrock issues of self esteem have influenced your thinking, as well as your desire and ability to get your message out there. This month fight old tendencies to hide by daring to voice your opinion publicly. This is also a good time to build structures of communication that will allow you to advertise your skills and talents. Saturn in the house of philosophy and higher learning encourages you to define your philosophy and publish it. The cardinal grand cross is occurring in your fiscal, creative and social sectors bringing big changes to all these areas. You are under pressure to take daring action to build your finances while reflecting on partnerships that could be mutually beneficial. powerful new friends can help you with expansive creative projects involving home, the food industry or creative self expression. The grand trine in water makes you the empathic visionary whose work finds beautiful new outlets. The key to everything this month is self esteem. Watch your every though and word to see that it reflects loving kindness toward yourself.