Man gets tired

   Spirit don’t

   Man surrenders

    Spirit won’t”           “Spirit”    The Waterboys


“ And one to the Lorax who speaks for the trees”  

“East to the West”     Michael Franti





This month we explore the realm of the mind, as the Sun passes through Gemini, the sign of thought, communication and duality. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the fleet footed Messenger of the Gods, who is also associated in some traditions with magic, healing and transmutation. Mercury is preparing to go retrograde on June 7th, making this an excellent month to reflect upon the workings of our minds and how our thinking, both conscious and subconscious magically creates success or misery in our lives.

When Mercury goes retrograde it signals a time when our minds are turned inward. This movement in the cosmic dance impels us to deeply reflect and meditate. Mercury begins its retrograde in Cancer, the sign of The Great Mother and the subconscious or feminine mind. The subconscious mind is the body builder. She is the brilliant part of consciousness that knows just how to regenerate your cels, grow your fingernails and regulate all bodily functions. Note how we do not have to consciously attend to these things. They are more or less automatic.

Our subconscious mind is also the part that attends to things that we learn to do automatically, like dress ourselves, drive a car, speak a language. Once these learned behaviors become automatic, we no longer have to think about them consciously. Note, however that not all automatic behaviors are the same for each of us. A big wave surfer’s body and nervous system knows automatically how to surf. A concert pianist can play the piano without giving it much thought. Great art and achievement is where consciousness through both practice and presence pushes the envelope of what is possible. After hours and hours of playing a musician or athlete becomes such a refined instrument that a third transcendent element appears beyond the conscious or subconscious mind. Spirit appears and we experience a sublime performance.

Each side of our mind has a distinct function and relationship to the other. The conscious mind frames our reality and decides what is true. Our subconscious mind then gets to work to achieve or create that state or circumstance for us. This would all be fine except for the fact that as children we usually accept the world view and belief systems that our family, tribe, caregivers or nation hold to be true. For a child raised in abuse or abandonment the reinforced message that becomes automatic is: you are not worthy, or you are not lovable. Some children are raised to believe that it is not safe to shine or to have wealth. Whatever a child has to do to survive their upbringing becomes deeply wired into the subconscious. Once these core beliefs and behaviors are wired into the reptile brain, they can be tricky and difficult, but not impossible to dissolve.

This month when Mercury goes retrograde on June 7th, meditate on the core beliefs that you have internalized that no longer serve your evolution or fulfillment. Our bodies can help us in identifying limiting beliefs as can our environments, including our bank accounts. Notice when you feel scared, tense, angry or resentful and ask yourself what thought or belief is leading to this state. It can be useful to journal about what comes up as you examine your body states and home environment. Our relationships also tend to reflect unfinished business back to us.  If our caregivers abandoned us we often attract people who will do the same. This is because the subconscious mind operates automatically. It gives us what we believe we deserve.

Once we have identified core self limiting beliefs we can set about to change them. First we recognize the problem, then we analyze the core belief. Luckily we need not rely only on our conscious and subconscious  minds to heal wrong thinking and habitual or addictive behavior. A problem cannot be solved at the level that created the problem. In order to solve a problem, we must transcend the mind. We do this by recognizing that there is a third component often called the Higher Mind or Higher Self. This force is also known as Infinite Spirit, The Great Spirit, The Buddha Nature, Divinity or God. We can reach up to a force that is infinite in its love, compassion, intelligence and supply. As we reach up beyond our limited thinking to a force which by definition is unlimited and unable to be limited, divine and sublime solutions are revealed to us. This requires faith and experimentation and much daily even hourly practice.If we were raised with the belief of a punishing angry God or Universe, we may have to deconstruct these erroneous beliefs before we can turn to a loving Higher Mind to help us.

It is interesting that any spiritual path seems to work fine. Buddhism, which does not accept a personal deity, or paths which do, all have the same result of elevating consciousness to a higher level which can straighten out negative delusional thinking. My own practice involves reaching up to the Higher Mind many many times a day and asking for light to be poured on whatever subject or condition is upsetting me. I also regularly send blessings to any situation which appears troubling.

Every Spiritual path reminds us that duality is an illusion. The Spirit is one not two but we perceive the manifested world to be one of opposites. Behind this appearance is a Single Conscious Unity. This Consciousness pervades all of creation. We are at this very moment in time,  awakening from the delusion that Spirit and Matter are two separate things. This grave error has lead to the terrible exploitation of the earth our fellow creatures and ourselves.  We are awakening to the spiritual truth that  every atom of the material world is the sacred temple of Infinite Spirit.  Our planet, as all indigenous people have long known is sacred ground. Our bodies and the bodies of the many beautiful creatures with whom we share the world are also sacred temples.

This month as Mercury retrogrades through Cancer the sign of the Mother, reflect on how we treat our sacred earth and our beautiful seas. Join the awakening from a sterile world view of dead matter, to the conscious living sacred world that needs our protection and reverence.

Gemini is the Messenger. It is the sign that delivers the message or idea. It is a sign that can speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Last month I was privileged to be in Central Park in New York City, when Chief Arvol Looking Horse the 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle of the Lakota Nation had come to bless the horses in Central Park and to lead us in prayers for the earth. He spoke for the earth who needs our help at this time. He reminded us of the sacredness of our Mother planet and warned us against the terrible pollution and harm being done to our planet.  He shared the prophesy of his people that now is the time when all people races and faiths must unite in prayer for the healing of Mother Earth.

We heard also from 13 year old Ta’kaia Blaney, URI UN Youth Ambassador who spoke for the water of our beautiful planet. I was reminded that when our indigenous brothers and sisters speak, it is the earth herself speaking through them. They are the arteries and voice and strong beating heart of Mother Earth. When they speak and tell us that our planet is ailing and needs our help, we are fools if we ignore their voice. Instead let us join them. This month as Mercury retrogrades we can join Chief Arvol Looking Horse in Wappingers Falls for World Peace and Prayer Day. It is a 4 day event that states on June 18, that is free of charge and is  meant to unite all peoples of all faiths in one prayer for our beloved planet.

To support our First Nation brothers and sisters, here are some things we can do.  Stop using pesticide in the yard. Stop using industrial detergent for dishes and laundry. Oppose Monsanto and the use of GMO’s in our sacred food supply.  Participate in World Peace and Prayer Day, send a donation and or attend. Support Solar Panel Roadways. Support The Cowboy Indian Alliance against the Keystone Pipeline. Join, support Dustin Barca’s run for Mayor in Hawaii. Send him a donation. Send blessings of love and gratitude to the earth. Send Blessings of healing to the sacred seas and waterways, Send blessings of love and support to Indigenous Peoples Everywhere.

This month align your thinking with spiritual truths. Get quiet and meditate. Ask yourself what your message might be and what medium you might want to use to deliver it. Is there a cherished cause people or entity that you want to speak up for. Do you have a great idea that could help others or our sacred environment. This month meditate. Open yourself to Divine Inspiration. Send blessings to the earth, send blessings to the water, send blessings to your opponents and your loved ones remembering that the highest use of Gemini is to reach up beyond duality to the Higher Self that knows We Are One.

May all our subconscious delusions be gently dissolved in the light of infinite love.

Namaste Demitra


The Planetary Report:

The Sun went into Gemini on May 20th and will remain there till June 21st, the summer solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer, the sign of The Great Mother. The solstice marks the first day of summer, and is the longest day and shortest night of the year.

We begin June on the heels of the the New Moon in Gemini, which occurred on May 28th. Our New moon tele seminar is still available. To get the recording go to the Events tab at

The month begins on a growing cycle, which culminates on June 13th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The fertile energy of the New Moon makes it a good time to work on all communication and writing projects. We are already in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde which will occur on June 7th, so this is a particularly good month to rewrite, rethink and revise old projects. It is also a great month to focus on how you communicate and your habits of thinking. If you feel called upon to speak or advocate for others, reflect upon your message this month. If you are interested in a particular subject reflect upon how to pursue it. This is a good month to revamp your website and revise plans and ideas. You may also reconnect with old friends and contacts. Mercury goes direct on July 1st so try to avoid buying communication equipment or signing contracts till then.

June begins with lovely Venus in stable, constructive Taurus the sign of the earth, farmers and the food supply, making this a great month to connect with love of the earth, gardening and being outdoors where the big magic lives. Honor your local farmers. Find alternatives to pesticide. Enjoy your senses. Build your resources including your bank account. Venus remains in Taurus till June 23rd when it enters quick versatile Gemini encouraging mental exploration of a variety of cherished subjects, and artful communication.

Mars, the planet of war and desire is moving direct in Libra all month. Whatever issues of relationship and Justice we might have been reflecting upon during its retrograde, we can now move forward on. This month make use of Libra energy and desire by doing yoga, making art, adorning your body home or yard, and connecting socially. Enjoy your partnerships, and while Mercury is retrograde communicate consciously and non violently with others.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, is ending its journey through Cancer the sign of the Great  Mother reminding us of the wisdom of taking care of the only home we have, our sacred earth. This month honor the earth by joining Chief Arvol looking Horse and participating in World Peace and Prayer Day. if you cannot attend, send a contribution, and on June 21st pray for the earth, wherever upon her you may be,

Saturn, the planet of responsibility reminds us to share and protect our worlds resources fairly. Support ideas that protect our food and water. Support solar panel roadways, an end to GMO’s and the use of dispersants on oil spills

Uranus in Aries continues to awaken us individually and collectively. We are each a non violent army of one. Do what you can with what you have with where you are to bless the earth and all her creatures. Awaken to your true calling. Dare to be you!

Neptune in Pisces continues to play a long sweet note of harmony and unity reminding us we are one we are one we are one……

Pluto in Capricorn continues to shake the rafters of unsustainable structures that are crumbling under the weight of their excess. Help them along this month by supporting solar panel roadways, refusing to pour pesticides into the earth and supporting clean green industry, especially laundry detergent.

May the earth bless you with her bounty and beauty,

May you bless her with your reverence and protection.



 ARIES: The Sun is shining in your house of writing and communication this month  encouraging you to write, speak, teach and focus on all areas of communication. On June 7th Mercury, the planetary ruler of the month begins to retrograde back through the late degrees of Cancer, then back into Gemini asking you to reflect on your family of origin, and how it may have influenced your thinking and your core beliefs about yourself. The retrograde is a great time to review or rewrite some old projects. This is also a great time to think about how you communicate with others. Remember communication and community share the same root word. What in your approach to communication supports or thwarts your need for supportive and nurturing community. Jupiter is still in your home and family sector, where it has been expanding your connection to your roots and your approach to nesting.  Venus in your fiscal sector most of June builds self esteem, and helps you focus on wonderful projects that build your fiscal resources. Venus in earthy Taurus asks you to lovingly connect with the earth and the simple yet precious riches she bestows on us each day. Mars has been camped out in your partnership sector for months and is now moving forward. Your long reflection on partnerships can now move ahead. Saturn in your joint resources sector, continues to test your ability to share yourself and your resources with others. The key to your success these days is to dive deep and retrieve what is most precious to you.


TAURUS: The Sun is shining in your solar house of values and wealth in the sign of  communication. It will soon be joined by Mercury retrograde which begins in your house of communication in the sign of the Great Mother, then moves back into your fiscal house in Gemini. This month reflect on your message and your beliefs about our planet and its relationship to wealth. You Taurus, are the steward of material wealth of the zodiac. This month reflect upon wether you have a message regarding true wealth and sane values. All wealth comes from the earth. If we are awakening from a paradigm of exploitation, to one of sacredness, then how do we approach the whole realm of finance and investment in a way that honors, preserves and protects the earth. This month reflect on how you do or don’t put your money where your values are. Then see that your message and your investments are also in harmony. Spread the word on investing in brilliant innovative green ideas like solar panel roadways ( google solar panel roadways video or find it posted on my Facebook page). Venus is in your sign this month bringing love and beauty to you most of the month. Enjoy the beauty of the earth and the realm of your senses. Go hiking, do some gardening, listen to music, spend time with animals, be at peace. Jupiter is still in your communication sector, making this an area of great expansive opportunity for you these days. Saturn in the partnership sector continues to demand better boundaries and decorum in all relationships.


GEMINI: Happy Birthday Gemini!  The Sun is shining in your sign this month giving you extra joy and vitality. Mercury your ruling planet is getting ready to go retrograde on the 7th, beginning in the sign Cancer in your house of money and values, then by mid month moving into your sign. This begins a reflection on how your family of origin and culture may have influenced your self esteem and relationship to money. Later in the month you may find yourself reflecting upon your sense of self and how you communicate with others. With Jupiter in your house of money and values for the past year, you have been going through a major expansion which has been changing your core beliefs about yourself and what you deserve. This month reflect upon what you have discovered. Lovely Venus in your house of spirituality makes this a wonderful month to connect with the sacredness of nature. On June 21st celebrate World Peace and Prayer Day, by going to a sacred site and praying for the earth. Mars has been in your house of romance and creativity for months asking you to reflect on your romantic and creative life. All is moving forward at the moment so you can forge ahead with artistic projects and romantic plans. Saturn in your work sector continues to demand your disciplined attention in that area. You may find financial backers to invest in the expanded vision of your career. Let this month be a deep restorative meditation that connects you to the higher mind and deep stillness that will nourish your body mind and spirit so you can move into action in July from a place of utter alignment with the Universe.


CANCER: The Sun is shining in your house of spirituality this month, illuminating your connection to the Source. You are asked this month to use your mental powers to connect upward and seek the divine inspiration that will inform all your thinking and communication. This theme is echoed on June 7th when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign asking you to get quiet and reflect on your identity, which has been going through major expansion this year, while Jupiter has been in your sign. For now, if you can, spend time near water and get quiet and still. Feel your connection to the earth and the sea, or any cherished body of water. Celebrate World Peace and Prayer Day on the solstice, June 21st by prayer for all bodies of water, sacred to your sign. Mid month when Mercury transits back into Gemini and your spiritual sector, reflect upon what spiritual message you may have to deliver to the world at this time. It may also be that your thinking is undergoing a change at this time. Notice self defeating habits of thought and redirect your mind upward to the Higher Mind a hundred times a day if you must. This over time will have a revolutionary effect on every area of your life. Mars has been in your home and family sector for months now focusing your energy on home and nesting issues. You can move forward now on creating harmony and fairness in your home life. Venus in your friendship sector offers financial opportunity through friends.


LEO: The Sun is shining in your friendship network this month, illuminating your social life. On June 7th Mercury goes retrograde in your spiritual sector asking you to reflect on your spiritual path and how you connect to the Divine Feminine. You have been going through a major spiritual expansion which will ultimately change your life by increasing your faith. There is massive invisible support surrounding you these days. Your job is to call upon it regularly.  This month add the practice of reverence and prayer for the earth and the sacred waters of the planet. You may have a message for the world regarding the sacredness of the earth. Develop a real relationship with the planet or the small patch that you live on.  Mid month when Mercury retrogrades into your social network in communicative Gemini, ask yourself who in your network, can help you get your message out into the world. Old friends and contacts may also resurface especially during the second half of June. Venus in earthy Taurus is in your career sector this month helping you build your career and create tangible results and achievements in that area. Saturn in the home sector would have you set your home in order on all levels. Saturn also asks you to delve deep into how family of origin may have influenced your ideas about money and shared resources as well as intimacy and how you share yourself and your resources with others. Mars in your house of communication is helping you to put your energy into beautiful communication projects.


VIRGO: The Sun is shining in your career sector this month, illuminating your professional life and helping you shine there. On the 7th Mercury, the planet of thought, moves backwards in your friendship and social network, asking you to reflect on your friends and social contacts an how they can help you fulfill your cherished dreams.Mid month Mercury transits back into Gemini in your career sector, and you are asked to reflect upon your career and the scope of your ambition. Reflect upon how family beliefs may have manifested in your ability to be professionally successful or unsuccessful. Work on healing limiting beliefs. In your case career involves writing speaking or some form of communication. This month you are being asked to review your professional message. The past year has brought big opportunity in the house  of friendship and networking. This month review your progress and your team. Reflect upon any adjustments that must be made. Saturn the testing planet has been in your communication sector teaching you new skills, verbal boundaries and restraint. This month lovely Venus in Taurus in your house of publishing and higher learning could bring a lucrative communication project. You are the most environmentally aware sign of the zodiac but this month you are asked to further ramp it up. Support your local and global environment in any and every way you can.


LIBRA: This month the Sun is shining in your house of higher learning travel and publishing, illuminating your philosophical belief system as well as your ability to be published or heard. On June 7th Mercury goes retrograde in your house of career where Jupiter has been expanding possibilities for the past year or so. Your task at this time is to review any core beliefs that may be blocking your professional success and abundance. Clients and projects from the past may resurface at this time.  Work with women and the food and housing sector could be quite lucrative at this time. It is also a great time to reflect upon your ideal writing or communication projects and how you might secure them. You are also being asked to explore what your core philosophical beliefs are and how they support or thwart you. Replace all negative beliefs with prayer and the blessing of every situation. Venus, your ruling planet in earthy Taurus, in the house of joint finance, makes this a lucrative month if you share talents and resources. Mars, the planet of desire and war is still in your sign now moving forward and giving you great vitality to get things done. Saturn in your finance house is teaching you fiscal discipline and order. Make sure your finances are clear. Work with a spending plan and an earning plan. Take daily action to generate income. Define your values remembering that all substance of value comes from our beautiful  Sacred Mother Earth.


SCORPIO: The Sun is shining in your house of the deep unconscious, inheritance and intimacy, illuminating all these areas of your life. On June 7th Mercury the planet of thought will go retrograde in your house of higher learning and publishing, asking you to reflect upon cherished writing projects that you would like to complete or promote. Mid month Mercury retrogrades into your 8th house where it joins the Sun, asking you to reflect upon inherited core beliefs that may have blocked your ability to be successful and to allow deep intimacy into your life. Do some deep healing work like Emotional Freedom Technique at this time. Venus in earthy Taurus in your work sector has you wanting to work on beautiful and potentially lucrative projects. Let your health routines include regular contact with the earth to build in vitality and stability. Mars has been in your spiritual sector teaching you to be a disciplined spiritual warrior, while Saturn in your sign teaches you boundaries and the immense power of saying no. These days Saturn is the key to everything for you. Honor Saturn by keeping track of your time and how you use it. Make sure you spend some each day on activities that you truly cherish. If you need help with structure and boundaries go get it. The result will be a freedom that serves the blossoming of your authentic self. remember, once you have mastered No, blissful joyful Yes becomes available to you.


SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of partnership this month illuminating issues of marriage as well as business partnerships. Jupiter has been camped out in your house of merged wealth and intimacy for a year or so expanding your resources as well as your capacity to share yourself in a mutually nurturing relationship. On June 7th Mercury the planet of thought goes retrograde in this house asking you to reflect upon and reconsider this area of your life. Mid month it will retrograde back further into your partnership sector. At this time you may want to re think and reflect upon your partnerships. If you are considering marriage, get honest and ask yourself what is working in the relationship and what is not, then have an honest heart to heart about the nuts and bolts of the relationship. This is also a great time to observe yourself in relationships. How to you allow or block intimacy. Jupiter has been helping you have an expanded sense of faith and trust in order to create a nurturing nest with your beloved in which you can truly be vulnerable. Step one is to truly love yourself with great tenderness and self acceptance. This will set the loving tone for all other relationships. Saturn in your spiritual sector in Scorpio has also been asking you to do healing work on all issues of intimacy and shared resources. As you connect with the Source and guid a steady relationship to it, you begin to have faith that you will always be taken care of by that which supports everything. These days this is your holy work.


CAPRICORN: The Sun is shining in your sector of work and health this month, illuminating your daily routines and how they support or thwart your health and ambition. On June 7th Mercury goes retrograde in your house of partnership asking you to reflect upon the fairness of your business and personal partnerships. Old partners may resurface at this time or you may simply be reflecting on how you have historically operated within partnership and what in your approach to this might need healing.  Mid month, Mercury  moves into your work and health sector asking you to reflect upon your body mind connection. How have your thoughts and core beliefs been influencing your body and your environment. This month watch your mind. Begin to redirect negative thinking. Reflect upon your routines around diet exercise and general organization. Get help if you need it, to set up structures in your life that support clarity health cleanliness and order. June is also a great month to revisit old writing and communication projects. Venus in earthy beautiful Taurus in your recreation sector, asks you to step out into nature and be healed by your connection to Mother Earth. Saturn, your ruling planet in your house of networking continues to ask you to get out there and connect with as many groups as possible. In fact Saturn encourages your to be the group leader or teacher. Now is the time to own your authority.


AQUARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of self expression, romance and children, making this a great month to focus on all these areas. On June 7th Mercury will go retrograde in your house of health and work asking you to reflect upon your work and health routines. You may also become very interested in the nuts and bolts of environmental issues this month. What in your family life supported or thwarted health, order and sane work habits. This is a great month to examine your diet and see that you are eating healthy nutritious foods. Mid month Mercury retrogrades into your house of self expression leisure and offspring and it is time to reflect upon these things. Do you allow yourself leisure and down time? Do you express your creativity? Do you play with your kids? While Mercury retrograde this month, explore all of this. It is also a great month to play with a creative writing project that you may have put down long ago. Saturn at your midheaven continues to ask you to build your career by merging with others and sharing resources. Venus in your home sector in earthy Taurus encourages you to garden, put down roots and beautify your home. This is also a great month to contemplate having a home business. Mars in your house of higher learning encourages you to take some classes that could further your creative vision. Neptune in your fiscal sector demands clarity around finances. Visualize abundance then create an actual plan to manifest it.


PISCES: The Sun is shining in your house of home this month illuminating issues of home and family. On June 7th Mercury retrogrades in your house of creativity asking you to reflect upon cherished creative projects as well as how your family of origin supported or thwarted your relationship to art and creativity. June is a great month to connect with your inner child. Do what gave you pleasure when you were young. Spending time with children can help you to connect with simple fun that will awaken your creativity. This month you may find yourself reflecting on a project involving home. During the retrograde explore and reflect upon your nesting habits and your dream home. Also reflect upon your relationship to your family. Reflect upon how you communicate with family members and the habits of communication that you learned growing up. This month explore Marshal Rosenberg’s work developing non violent communication. Venus in your communication house in earthy Taurus the sign of construction has you thinking about beautiful, lucrative constructive projects that you can begin to plan on paper. Mars in your house of shared wealth and intimacy deploys your energies toward mergers and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Saturn in your house of teaching and publishing continues to focus your energy on teaching and presenting. Define your curriculum. You may decide to publish your unique approach to teaching or your philosophy on some other subject.    Neptune in your sign  continues to send you the big vision of what you came here to do. While reminding you to be a voice for the sacredness of all life.