“ The return of the Mother

The return of the Goddess of Love!

Every Soul turns towards the Mother!

Every Soul turns to the Goddess of Love!

Nina Hagen  The Return of the Mother”


“ And when I climb high among the hills schooled in wonder,

I can feel the soul of the world

As it speaks to me”

The Waterboys  The Waves




The Universal Mother returns to our consciousness in a big way this month in order to restore us to sanity and balance as a matter of some urgency for life on our planet. Both the summer solstice chart, and the chart of the New Moon in Cancer, which occurred on June 27th, have a Cancer ascendant, with mighty Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system also in Cancer in the 1st house of personal identity. In each chart, both with mercury retrograde, (the aspect of return),  the Great Goddess returns and is on the rise. Our directions are clear. We are each being asked to shift rapidly to a feminine, protective, all embracing, holistic approach to life, business, government, sexuality, conflict resolution and especially the environment.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed this already happening. Beginning in early May, with the day of prayers for Mother Earth in Central Park presided over by Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota Nation, followed by World Peace and Prayer Day on the Summer Solstice, and at the retreat workshop I led at that time at the stunningly beautiful Old Stone Farm in Staatsburg New York, I have noticed a shift in many people toward protecting and defending the earth, populations at risk due to climate change or corporate malfeasance, and a general empowerment of both women and men to protect our sacred planet and her many threatened populations.

The stakes are increasingly high as the madness of corporate greed and its mindless and heartless concern for the bottom line edge us closer to the abyss of climate disaster. The only thing that can reverse this utterly self destructive trend is a mass spiritual awakening to the sacred and immanent presence of the Universal and Divine Mother. I believe this awakening is at hand.

Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother, who has been exiled from Western Consciousness for about two thousand years. Every Ancient and tribal culture held the Universal Mother in great reverence. The shift to Patriarchal religions and away from the maternal aspect of God has led to a world utterly dominated by the mind and the desire to transcend the world. This has led to a mindset that split spirit from matter and has led to the appalling treatment and degradation of women, children, indigenous peoples, our bodies, and the planet which sustains us.

Luckily this bizarre and alienating split between spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, only exists in our minds and the lies we have swallowed for centuries. The truth which even Western Science is approaching, is the reality of a conscious ensouled living Universe, every atom of which is the sacred body of the Universal Mother who is the temple of consciousness and Infinite Spirit. As we awaken to our sacredness, the sacredness of our bodies and sexuality, we awaken to the sacredness of plants, animals, rivers, oceans and the holy earth.

Further evidence that the Universal Mother has returned to our consciousness is the rapid shift toward acceptance of the LGBT community. Traditionally all consensual forms and acts of sexuality were blessed by the Goddess.  The fact that popular opinion in the United States has shifted to increasingly popular and overt acceptance of the gay community is great news for planet earth.

As we begin to accept all unions and acts of love as sacred and holy, we can move away from the terrible punitive and shame based approach to sexuality and the body that has destroyed the lives of so many gay and straight people for thousands of years. We can move to the Universal Mother’s unconditional love and acceptance of all her children, male, female, gay and straight. It is a small step from here to  the resanctification the entire material maternal world as we unify to protect and preserve our beloved Mother Planet.

This month in order to welcome the Universal Mother, invite her into your daily spiritual practice. Ask the Mother of infinite love to bless the temple of your body each day. Begin also to bless your body as her sacred abode. Each cel of your body is a living entity, rather than being at war with your body or seeing it as a lifeless object, see it as it is: The living sacred temple of divinity. Our job is to awaken to this divinity.

This month bless the oceans and the earth. See every little creature as a manifestation of the Universal Mother. Bless your fellow human beings remembering all are sacred in the compassionate eyes of the mother. Expand your idea of church to include all of Nature. As you walk on the earth remember joyfully that you are walking on your Mother’s sacred body, as you swim in the sea, remember you are swimming in your Mother’s sacred waters. As you eat remember that your mother is feeding you always with her own body.

Meditate on how the corporate world could be protective of the earth and nurturing to both staff and employees. Meditate on what the sacred wedding of science/technology and spirituality might look like. Meditate on the sacred union of mind and soul, spirit and body and how this union will manifest in your own life. For inspiration read Andrew Harvey’s Return of the Mother and Robert Lawlor’s Voices of the First Day.

Treat children with kindness and compassion. Study Indigenous cultures, and attend their gatherings that are open to non tribal members. Indigenous cultures can re educate us here in the western modern world to live in harmony with the Divine Feminine. The Aborigines of Australia have perhaps the most Matriarchal and nurturing society on our planet. Let us study their approach to mothering, tribal support, and sacred connection with the earth to learn how we might integrate their and other tribes wisdom into our culture. In this way we might truly effect a modern wedding both within and without of Heaven and Sacred Earth. May the Universal Mother bless your body, mind and soul. May you see her Everywhere.

Blessings of Grandmother Moon be Thine




The Planetary Report


The Sun went into Cancer on June 21st, the Summer solstice, officially beginning summer and opening the portal of maximum light for the year. The chart of the Solstice for the United States was Cancer rising as I mentioned above and also contained a cardinal grand cross, signaling a summer when activism in the service of the planet and all things feminine is called for. Both the solstice and New Moon charts contained Mercury retrograde asking us to reflect upon how to first nurture and restore ourselves so that we can play a part in the restoring our world to a truly maternal all embracing safe, clean, civilization.

This summer begin to truly create safety and support in your own life. Spend time making home a nurturing environment and refuge. Stock the fridge with healthy yummy food. Create a web of friendship and support in your life.  Acknowledge the web of life that truly supports and connects you to all life on earth and beyond.

July begins with Mercury going direct on the 1st. Whatever you spent June reflecting upon, you can now act on. Mercury begins the month in quick witted Gemini where it remains till July 13th when it enters maternal, home and family oriented Cancer for the rest of July. Mercury’s retrograde began in Cancer, the sign of the Universal Mother and the subconscious mind which is the original and all encompassing world wide web. Mighty Jupiter has been in Cancer for the past year bringing The Universal Mother back to our Consciousness in a huge way.

This month on July 16th Jupiter will leave Cancer and enter Leo, the sign of children artists and leaders. We are asked at this crucial juncture of the retrograde, to make sure we understand the magnitude of importance for the sake of life on earth, that we move to integrate the mother back into every facet of our being.

Venus begins the month in Gemini, helping us to think and communicate artfully and non violently. It moves into Cancer on the 18th bringing maternal love to home and family, encouraging us to love as the mother loves with infinite tenderness and compassion.

Mars, the Planet of Desire and War finishes his eight month stay in Libra, the sign of peace and moves into Scorpio, the clandestine sign of alchemy and transformation on July 25th.

Mars will be joining Saturn, the planet of form and responsibility in Scorpio the sign of shared wealth as we collectively grapple with the hideous imbalance of wealth and resources world wide.

Jupiter in Leo signals a time of major creative opportunity and self expression. We must also keep a sharp eye on our egos during the next year and up our practice of praying for world leaders and dictators to be blessed with wisdom and higher consciousness. Next month we will explore Jupiter’s move into Leo in greater depth.

Uranus remains in Aries continuing to awaken individuals world wide to the need for progressive humanitarian activism on behalf of human rights and the protection of our sacred earth. To make positive use of Uranus, join organizations that are supporting the planet and humanity. Join 350.org and sign up to be at their massive environmental rally this September in NYC. This month join WWE Worldwide Orphans an organization clearly serving the Universal Mother Principle. Join HRC to support our LGBT community in getting full human rights nationally.

Neptune in spiritual Pisces encourages us to respond with blessings, love and compassion to all appearances of conflict.

Mighty Pluto, the destroyer continues to send the wrecking ball to that which is unsustainable in our civilization. We can help Pluto by moving away from GMO’s, Pesticides like Roundup, processed foods, racism, sexism and all hierarchies, and moving toward true spiritual democracy, clean, green sustainable products, companies and ways of life.


 ARIES: The Sun is shining in your house of home this month, illuminating issues of home and family. You have been mulling over your living situation all month, especially how your family of origin has affected your ability to create and provide a nurturing home for yourself. This month you can take action to change what does not suit you, especially after the 18th when both Mercury and Venus are in Cancer. The month begins with both Mercury and Venus in Gemini, in your house of communication. During the retrograde you may have been reflecting on old writing projects that resurfaced. This month move forward on them. Mighty Jupiter is getting ready to leave your home sector. This month keep your eyes open for an expansive housing situation. Check in with your belly barometer, to see if Jupiter expanded your sense of what you deserve at the deepest levels. Mars is leaving your partnership sector this month and entering your shared wealth and intimacy sector taking you on a deep exploration of your relationship to power intimacy and how you share.


TAURUS: The Sun is shining in your house of communication this month, where it joins mighty Jupiter, who has been busy expanding your world through communication. This month push ahead with big expansive projects. Your message has also been getting bigger. Last month’s retrograde had you reflecting on the expansion and refinement of your message around values and finance. This month move ahead with plans to be heard or published. Mars, the planet of action, war and desire moves into your partnership sector to join Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations. You may have to fight to limit partners from taking more than their fair share. On the 16th mighty Jupiter leaves your communication sector and moves into your home sector, making late July the beginning of a wonderful new expansion of and through your house of home and family. Say yes to new opportunities that expand either your home or your connection to your family. Imagine your ideal living situation. This year could see you manifesting it.


GEMINI: The month begins with Mercury, your ruling planet going direct in your sign. Last month was a deep reflection on your sense of self, your message and how you communicate. It was also a reflection on partnerships. The retrograde began in Cancer, the sign of all things maternal, in your house of finances and self esteem, encouraging you to reflect on how your earliest experience of nurturing either added or detracted from your sense of self esteem and what you believe you deserve in terms of abundance. This month as the Sun is shining in your house of finances along with mighty Jupiter, who is getting ready to move into your house of communication. Spend the last leg of Jupiter’s journey in your house of finances and self worth, focusing on your Universal Mother, who bequeaths to you the world. Each day note her massive generosity toward you and give thanks. This will have a mighty and transformational effect on your entire life.


CANCER: Happy Birthday splendid Moon children! This month we re invite your sensitive, maternal, feeling nature back into our community. We are so glad you are among us reminding us of the importance of creating safety and nurturing locally and globally. This has been a very big year for you with massive Jupiter bringing the Mighty Mother back to our collective consciousness. Jupiter has been expanding your whole sense of self and offering you wonderful opportunities to bring your whole authentic self out into the world in new and wonderful ways. A new home, or more expansive connection to home and family are possible for you now. Your relationship to food and your body has been going through a philosophical awakening, connecting you to the wisdom of the food chain and a cross cultural definition of beauty. Before Jupiter leaves your sign on the 16th make sure you know that you are a living temple of the Divine Mother and you deserve all her generous bounty. With Pluto the destroyer in your house of partners, your whole sense of self has been changing and now you are ready for a different kind of partnership than you have ever experienced. This year incorporate all you learned last year into a distinctly feminine approach to work, home and family!


LEO: The Sun is shining in your house of spirituality, where it joins mighty Jupiter who has been expanding your spiritual life and practice. Last month was a long retrograde reflection on your mother, your spiritual life and your connection to home and family. This month incorporate whatever you learned. The Universal Mother has been supporting you from behind the scenes encouraging you to develop a sense of sacredness that joins spirit to matter. Make both your home and body a temple recognizing their sacredness. Spend the next 2 weeks meditating on your Universal Mother’s massive abundance and how it is your birthright. On the 16th Jupiter moves into Leo and you begin a wonderful expansive journey of abundance and great opportunity.  Your whole sense of self and your place in the world is about to take a mighty leap! Now you can begin to dream up your ideal creative projects or journeys remembering that chance favors the prepared mind. Venus and Mercury in your house of friendship, in Gemini, bring love and support from that quarter for the first half of the month. Writing projects that come from friends could lead to wonderful things. Mars is moving into your house of home so get ready to take action on the home front.


VIRGO:  The Sun is shining in your house of friendship and networking this month, where you have been going through a major expansion this year. Jupiter is getting ready to leave this sector on the 16th and move into your house of spirituality. Spend the next two weeks acting on and taking note of wonderful new connections and the opportunities they brought. Mercury goes direct in your career house on the 1st of July ending the reflections and reconnections of last month’s retrograde. Now you can act on whatever you were mulling over. On the 16th when Jupiter moves into your spiritual sector, I recommend massive amounts of prayer, blessing, and making devotional art or music. Also spirituality that connects you to the animal kingdom like healing with horses or swimming with dolphins or simply spending time in the wild could massively expand your connection to the sacred. In keeping with this, I heard a new acronym for God today: Go Out Doors. Mars has been camped out in your house of money, on the 25th it enters you house of communication, moving you forward on transforming how you communicate.


LIBRA:  The Sun is shining in your house of career this month, where you have been going through a major expansion. Mercury began its retrograde in this house then went back into your house of publishing and presentation. As July begins you can move forward on projects or career moves that may have stalled while Mercury was in retrograde last month. This month ponder and really embody the new sense of career expansion that Jupiter gave you as it moved through your career sector. Mars, the planet of action has been in your sign for 8 months now, giving you both the desire and jet fuel to accomplish your goals. On the  25th Mars moves into your house of money and you move ahead on issues of joint finance. On the 16th Mighty Jupiter moves into your house of your social network and major creative opportunities come to you through friends and networking events. This July begins a shift into major social exposure. Make sure you get out there and meet your future collaborators artists and clients.


 SCORPIO: The Sun is shining in your house of writing, speaking and publishing where it joins Jupiter, who has been expanding your capacity on this front. Now is the time to consolidate what you have learned and done while Jupiter was transiting this sector. Your spiritual life has also been going through a major expansion, connecting you to the idea and reality of the Universal Mother. Mid month on the 16th Jupiter moves into Leo and it is time to put these ideas into creative form. Beginning in mid July, your career takes a major leap. Your job is to say yes to all offers and generate some offers based on your own creativity.The month also begins with Mercury going direct in Gemini in your house of inheritance and joint wealth. Whatever you had been reflecting on, you can now move forward. This may include issues regarding intimacy, self worth and how you share yourself with others. Mars, your ruling planet, has been in your house of spirituality for 8 months making you a spiritual warrior for justice. On the 25th it moves into your own sign where it joins Saturn and gives you plenty of energy to act on your desires. This is a year of major professional achievement that Saturn has been readying you for. Continue setting your boundaries, being disciplined and saying no to energy thieves. You need to use your energy to fuel your cherished projects now.


SAGITTARIUS:  The Sun is shining in your house of inheritance and join wealth, where it joins mighty Jupiter who has been expanding your capacity to nurture and be nurtured in intimate relationships and through shared wealth.  Last month’s retrograde began in this house, then retrograded further into your house of partnership making last month a reflection on partnership, marriage and how things are shared in your close relationships. Mercury goes direct on the 1st of July, allowing you to move ahead on what you arrived at during your meditation on commitment last month. On the 16th mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move out of your house of shared wealth and into its favorite house, the house of travel, beginning a year of wonderful expansion, through travel and higher learning. Say yes to regal travel itineraries that expose you to the arts and awaken the joyful, adventurous child within. Mars will be moving into your spiritual sector, where it joins Saturn taking you on a shamanic journey of transformation beginning on the 25th.


CAPRICORN:  The Sun is shining in your house of partnerships this month, bringing you wonderful expansive relationships that make your heart soar. You have been going through a massive transformation which has allowed wonderful new partnerships to appear in your life. Last month while Mercury began its retrograde in your house of partnership you needed to reconsider moves you or others were making on that front. Now you can move ahead seeing clearly who you want to work with, who you want to partner with and who you don’t. On the 16th Jupiter will leave your partnership sector and will enter your intimacy and joint wealth sector. At that point it is time to explore the nitty gritty of any partnerships. This is the house of joint wealth, inheritance and intimacy. Jupiter ushers in both massive opportunities on this front and a whole new way of courageously sharing yourself with your beloved. Vulnerability is the key. As you tend to your inner child it becomes easier and safer to truly connect with others.


 AQUARIUS: The Sun is shining in your house of daily work and health routines where it joins Jupiter, who has been expanding your mental and physical health by getting you organized and radically changing your home environment and helping you with nutrition and exercise. Last month’s retrograde began in this sector in the sign of home and family, and had you deeply reflecting on your mother and the home and family you grew up in. Something in that rumination needs your attention for present day healing. This month Mercury goes direct in your house of children reminding you that any healing work you do benefits your children and frees up your joyful child like creativity. Jupiter is about to leave your work sector and the sign of home where it has left you quite abundant. On July 16th it enters Leo and your house of partnerships. The work you have been doing, prepares you for a wonderful new expansive creative relationship, in which you are treated like royalty. Your job is to make sure your inner child feels worthy of this open hearted generous mate as opposed to a tyrant, which is Leo’s shadow side. If you have a great creative idea, now is the time to look for business partners as well.


 PISCES: The Sun is shining in your house of self expression and home, making home one of the main places you express yourself and make your art. Last month’s retrograde of Mercury, had you reflecting on both your home and your creativity. Whatever you arrived at during this contemplation, you may now move forward on. Jupiter has been expanding both your sense of home and your self expression. On the 16th Jupiter leaves the sector of creativity in your chart, and moves into your house of daily work, and health routines, giving you more work than you know what to do with. This ushers in a time of wonderful opportunities for work and to improve your craftsmanship as you acquire new skills and new opportunities to serve others. Neptune in your sign continues to make you a visionary with big beautiful spiritual plans. Mars, the planet of war and desire has been in your house of intimacy and merged wealth, and inheritance making this an area of focus. On the 25th Mars moves into your house of sports, higher learning and travel, giving you added energy for these activities that could be lucrative.