“Look over yonder, what do you see

 the Sun is a rising most definitely. “

Crystal Blue Persuasion


“And a lion, a lion roars would you not listen?

If a child, a child cries would you not forgive them?”          

Srong,  London Grammar


“Express yourself”   Madonna ( a Leo)


This August the Sun’s passage into dazzling Leo is greatly magnified by Jupiter’s recent entrance into the same sign. Leo, the sign of artists, performers, children and leaders,  is not a sign known for timidity, but is in fact the most over the top sign of the zodiac.  Jupiter, the king of the Gods in Roman mythology, and the biggest planet of our solar system, is also known for largess, generosity and excess on all levels. Together, the Sun and Jupiter in Leo, form a planetary tag team of epic proportions that can create massive opportunities for creative self expression, artistic extravagance and regal leadership.

This month the power of the Sun and all it represents is on the rise in a big way. We are asked to rise and shine fearlessly as we courageously live from the heart. Leo rules royalty, and this month we are invited to connect with our regal nature. As we connect with our inner king or queen, we embody our golden and sacred divinity. This inner king or queenship has nothing to do with lording over others, though Leo is a sign of charismatic leadership. Instead, we connect with a deep sense of our own dignity, authority,  generosity and inner Sun center that joyfully rules and integrates all the forces of our personality and inner world.

Leo the lion is the ruler of the animal kingdom. A creature known for it’s golden corona like mane,  great heart and ferocious roar, Leo commands the respect of all its fellow creatures. The roar of a lion  is a sound of both power and joy of living.  While there can be a bombastic overblown quality at times in the Leo nature, a true roar is something primal, and true. When our inner Lion roars we would do well to pay attention, it is our life force talking to us. Sometimes the roar is a boundary warning telling would be intruders to back off. Sometimes the roar is our wild unbridled nature saying I’m Alive!  I’m Alive! I’m Alive!!

Just as Cancer, the sign preceding Leo is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the silvery Moon, Leo is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the  golden Sun. The deep gestation that occurs in the womb of Cancer, results in the birth of the joyful solar child in Leo.

The child, inner and outer is the key to our heart’s true happiness, and in some spiritual and mystical traditions, is a symbol of salvation and regeneration. It is the nature of children to be wild and free like Leo the Lion. In fact much of child rearing consists of how to tame the wildness of children without breaking their joyful spirits. In writing this column and contemplating the wild and free nature of this sign, I am saddened by how desk bound and cut off from nature modern children are compared to First Nation children whose education took place in nature and connected them to the animal kingdom,  the wild and the beauty of the natural world.

The child is also the key to our creativity and our deepest healing. Most of the deepest psychic wounds that people have, were inflicted in childhood. Connecting with those young split off parts can be deeply healing. It can be hard to forgive ourselves for past mistakes, but when we look into the eyes of our inner child, forgiveness becomes much easier. Leo rules the heart, and there is nothing that pulls at our heart like the innocence and openheartedness of children including our inner child.

Leo rules performers, artists and actors. In Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, Ms. Cameron asserts that everyone’s inner artist is about five years old. As we learn to tend to our inner child we begin to recover our creativity. Self expression is Leo’s favorite activity, but one that requires vulnerability which in turn requires courage.

This month as Jupiter the expander and protector aligns with the Sun in Leo, dare to express yourself. Take creative risks. Say yes to creative opportunities. Do Inner Child work. If you need assistance with this pick up Nancy Napier”s CD “The Child Within” at www.NancyNapier.com.

Write! Paint! Perform! Make Music! Play!  Spend time with children and animals. Spend time in the wild. Live with a generous and open heart!

This month send blessings to our cousins in the animal kingdom and recognize the natural world as your home and birthright. To honor Leo join an animal protection or rescue organization.

 Be regal, not pretentious. Express your love!   Express your heart!   Express your talent!  Express your Joy!  Express Yourself!



The Sun went into Leo on July 22nd joining mighty Jupiter which had entered Leo on July 16th. This planetary team kicks off an extraordinary year of expansive opportunity for Leo and all things creative, theatrical, artistic and expressive. The Sun will remain in Leo till August 23rd when it enters environmental Virgo.

Jupiter will remain in Leo through 2015 making this a year of expansion on the solar front. We may see a huge bump in solar energy, the animal kingdom may get some much needed protection and astrologically, this is the year of the child. This month begins an amazing time for theatrical productions and the performing arts. We may also hope to see true nobility in leadership.

On the shadow side we may see some enormously bad ( ego driven ) and explosive behavior from world dictators and dictatorial types.  We could all benefit from increased mindfulness practice in order to avoid the psychological  equivalent of solar flare ups. Any heart centered practice resonates strongly all year.

The month begins with Mercury, the planet of the mind, also in creative Leo, turning our minds toward artistic self expression, fun, recreation, children and leadership. On the 16th Mercury enters studious Virgo, and we are ready to focus and concentrate on the details of our creative ideas. Mercury remains in Virgo through the end of the month and beyond. Encouraging practical adjustments to our work and health routines.

Lovely Venus, the goddess of Beauty and Love begins the month in gentle nurturing Cancer, bathing us in moonlight till the 13th when she enters Leo and radiates with solar light encouraging us to Shine on all levels.

Mars, the planet of action, drive, and combat is in deep brooding Scorpio all month driving us to look deeply beneath all surfaces. While all this dazzling Leo Light is occurring, there is a deep undercurrent to the summer’s energy forcing us to also consider the depths. Leo can always create great theater and performance out of what is found in the underworld. From the 22nd till the end of the month Mars will conjunct Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline and structure, compelling us to focus on all issues of shared resources as a matter of some gravity  and urgency.

Uranus remains in Aries all month encouraging us to be autonomous and inventive.We are instructed to think and act outside the box. In fact Uranus would be happy to ditch the box altogether.

Neptune moving retrograde at 6 degrees Pisces asks us to re imagine and rethink our vision this month. This month we can all collectively dream up a world that is safe for all children, and animals are not threatened by extinction.

Pluto retrograde at 11 degrees Capricorn continues the inevitable breakdown of the decaying unsustainable structures of organized selfishness that are  even now crumbling under their own weight.


ARIES:  There is a massive planetary line up in your house of art, self expression and creativity this month. The Sun and Mercury, the messenger, have joined Jupiter, the planet of opportunity in your house of art and romance making this a time when writing projects could be especially successful. Say yes to creative and romantic possibilities at this time. With Mars in Scorpio squaring your Leo planets, this month you can do some truly transformational inner healing. Also creative works of a dark brooding and mysterious or alchemical nature are very aligned with this month’s astrology. Venus moving through your home sector makes this a great month to get loving support from family Make your home environment beautiful and nurturing as you get to work on your creativity. P.S. The more fun you have this month, the greater your art becomes.

TAURUS: There is a massive planetary line up in your house of home and family this month, making this a time when home is where the great abundant expansion takes place. There is a wonderful new feeling of faith and abundance coming to you from your family. You may be moving, or expanding your home in some way. Some of this is a result of Jupiter’s recent passage through your house of communication in the sign of family opening lines of communication in a whole new generous way. Lovely Venus, is in that sector this month keeping family relations sweet. The challenge continues to be partnerships as Mars joins Saturn in your partnership house, making this a month when there could be some heavy show downs on this front. In all confrontations keep your ego in check and instead come from an open hearted generous place. Even when setting boundaries.

 GEMINI:  This month your capacity to communicate joyfully and lovingly increases exponentially as the Sun and Jupiter are joined by Mercury your ruling planet in golden expressive Leo, in your house of communication. This is a great time to begin a cherished writing project or to get the word out about who you are and what you do in a big way.  The way you think is changing this month in an epic way. All thoughts of scarcity are banished in the combined light of massive Jupiter and the Sun shining megawatts of light into your mind, reminding you that this is a massively abundant universe filled with generous acts of love and radiant light. Part of your job this month is to bring that heartfelt abundance into your daily work. This month begins your transformation into a messenger of heartfelt love.

CANCER: There is a major planetary line up in your house of money this month Cancer, making this a very lucky and abundant fiscal month for you. Your creativity is your greatest gift where the true gold of your personality is to be mined. Beginning this month develop your most joyful creative projects. Take creative risks and say yes to creative opportunities. This becomes easier as your self esteem also takes a massive leap this month. Jupiter’s journey through your sign last month, has resulted in  a whole new sense of deep security and self worth that has left you feeling deserving of wealth on all levels. Lovely Venus is moving through your sign  making you extra lovely and gracious this month and happy to shower your family and loved ones with heartfelt gestures of love and affection.

LEO: Happy Birthday Leo! This one’s a hum dinger! Mighty massive Jupiter has majestically soared into your sign to wish you a massively happy birthday this month. Jupiter, the bringer of faith, wealth, and opportunity will be in your sign all year and beyond making this a time when your faith, opportunities and whole sense of yourself and life’s possibilities really expands. In order to take full advantage of what is coming, do some deep work on any family of origin issues that might be holding you back. Disciplined focus on home and family issues will help you take a mighty evolutionary leap that could catapult you into creative bliss and wealth. Venus in the spirit realm, sends nurturing love from your ancestors which helps you heal old family wounds. Also this month, family drama if committed to the page, could become a very successful project. On the first two weeks of the month keep your eyes open for wonderful new partners in business, creativity and romance. Starting right now open your hands and heart! This year’s mantra: I am joyfully willing to share my considerable talent with the world! I am joyfully willing to receive abundance on all levels beyond my wildest dreams!

VIRGO: This month begins a major spiritual expansion for you as the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are all in your house of spiritual devotion. This expansion will continue all year as Jupiter will be spending the next year in this sector. You are being supported from behind the scenes like never before. Angels, ancestors and spirit guides are surrounding and protecting you as you enter an aspect that was called traveling with angels in ancient astrology. Your job is to really work this connection. Up your devotional practice. Meditate, pray, send blessings to the world. Go to a Sundance Ceremony. Make sacred or devotional art and crafts. Find your spirit animal. Go on a vision quest. Then with Mars and Saturn in your communication sector, find the right medium to communicate what you are learning spiritually.

LIBRA: There is a major planetary line up in your networking and social sector that brings massive opportunities through events, and social connections. This looks like a year when you will be attending or creating splendid and theatrical events.  Say yes to all invitations these days they could lead to great things. This month Venus, your ruling planet,  is at your mid heaven making  your career sector a place that is loving and nurturing theses days. Family connections could also help to advance your career. Your deep foundation is changing, as you heal family of origin issues, you become more and more empowered. Saturn and Mars in your fiscal sector make your serious focus on income and joint ventures these days. Who can you pool your resources with for mutual benefit. Get clear about finances before you leap into any fiscal deals  These days clarity is your best friend.

SCORPIO: The Sun is at your midheaven this year, shining brightly on your career where it joins mighty Jupiter to expand your professional life beyond what you can currently imagine. Your biggest and best creative dreams, the ones that are most closely aligned with your authentic self, are poised to materialize starting right now. Their success depends in no small way on your continued boundary setting and self definition. This year say yes to yourself, and no to others who would drain your energy or waste your time. Your time is sacred this year and is most productively spent in the artist studio creating your most cherished projects. Do say yes to professional contacts who could help your dreams come true. Continue to get organized, and if you need to, hire an assistant or a professional organizer. Remember, luck and chance favor the prepared mind and environment!

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun, Mercury and Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet, are shining in your travel and higher learning sector this month, making this a time when your life massively expands through travel and higher learning. You are on a majestic voyage that excites and delights you and leads to major and joyful self expression. This year make art out of your journey. Take photos, make mandala paintings, write, or create theatre out of what the journey has revealed to you. With Saturn and Mars in your spiritual sector you are also being asked to view all journeys as sacred and transformational rituals of alchemy that somehow turn all your lead into gold. If you cannot take a trip, take a class and study a subject that opens your heart wider than you can imagine.

CAPRICORN: The Sun and Mighty Jupiter along with Mercury, the planet of the mind are all shining in your deepest darkest sector this month. It is as though a floodlight and angelic rescue team have climbed down into a deep well that some inner child part of yours fell into long ago. This month help is at hand to provide light and comfort as you recover. With Mars and Saturn in your house of social network in deep penetrating Scorpio, you have plenty of support as you explore and emerge from these depths greatly empowered. The transformational journey that you have been on since 2008  takes a major leap forward this month, which sends you skipping down the yellow brick road singing there’s no place like home There’s no place like OM. Lovely Venus in your house of partnerships could send a nurturing mate or friend to share your home ( and OM ) with.

AQUARIUS: You’re a hard one to pin down Aquarius, but this month you may have met your match. The Sun, Mercury and Mighty Jupiter have sailed into your partnership sector, where they could well be presenting you with an irresistable partner with whom to share your heart,  life and creativity. It could be that there are several juicy partnerships business and personal, that could lead to an expansion of your romantic life and your career, beyond what you can currently imagine. Saturn and Mars have been camped out in your career sector for a quite a while now leading to somewhat workaholic tendencies. This month explore all partnership possibilities. Go to theatrical and festive events that could lead to creative opportunities. Get a writing partner. Get an agent, and ask tell them that you are looking to partner with other artists and creators.

PISCES: There is a massive planetary line up in your house of work and health this month Pisces, bringing you some truly massive opportunities to work at the craft or crafts of your choice. The good news is that for you these days work looks a lot like play and creativity. Your are having fun while serving others and shining while doing it. This year ask yourself what other skills you can acquire that would be both joyful and useful to your daily work. Lovely Venus in nurturing Cancer, in the house of romance makes this a month when you may find yourself in a sweet flirtation. Your family life looks both fun and sweet these days as you engage in family fun and summer recreation. This month begins a period of major expansion of your work life. Say yes to all creative and work opportunities!