” The Holy Land is Everywhere”     Black Elk


“ As you walk upon

the sacred earth

treat every step as

a prayer”                Black Elk




This month we return to the sacred, as the Sun moves through Virgo, the sign of devotion, service and the pristine earth. Virgo, the sign of purity,  reminds us to restore ourselves, our world, and our environment to a state of cleanliness which supports both health and enlightenment.

We can begin this process in tiny increments, as Virgo, a practical sign, rules minutia, and notice the wonderful effects of even small increments of order and cleanliness in our lives. Before sitting down to write today, I decided to practice this by first doing the dishes, clearing and cleaning the counters and starting a load of wash with environmentally green soap. The effects were instantaneous. A sense of well being pervades a clean environment and something transcendent begins to shine through.

Notice how a clean and ordered environment supports mental clarity and an overall sense of peace. We are suddenly able to think clearly. Our next right step becomes apparent, as opposed to the panicked and chaotic thinking that clutter inspires.

The same principle holds true for our bodies and our minds. Virgo the sign of the mind body connection reminds us that the cleanliness of our body, especially our intestines ( the body organ ruled by Virgo), greatly determines our overall health. In pursuit of maximum physical health and well being, Virgo reminds us to do a cleanse. Spend a week eliminating allergens and chemicals from your diet this month. If you are able to, do an actual green juice cleanse. Even one day of flooding our bodies with light, has wonderful overall effects. As we let go of worldly and obsessive thinking through mindfulness practice, we begin to feel the inner stillness which allows us to achieve  greater degrees of enlightenment.

Virgo rules the  critical mind and is the master diagnostician of the zodiac. The first phase of diagnosis is to determine what is wrong with a body, painting, or whatever is being assessed under the microscopic gaze of the Virgo consciousness.  However, when this characteristic is out of balance it becomes full blown perfectionism which turned inward or outward leads to obsessive criticism and levels of rejection and judgment.

Beneath this obsessive thinking, often lies the negative Virgo core belief which impels us to hide beneath clutter in the first place.  Clutter in any form is a self protective mechanism and is usually result of one or two beliefs: I am not good enough or its not safe to be revealed.

In either case it is the truth that sets us free. If it was not safe in childhood to shine, or have, or be revealed we may have to back track into Leo and do some inner child work. If we find that our core belief is that we are not good enough, we can align ourselves with the deepest truth of Virgo, the immanence of spirit, and allow the light of this realization to dispel the dark lies that whisper to us that we are not good enough.

Virgo rules the idea of an immanent Spirit. In most organized religions we pray to a transcendent God. A God out there or up there in heaven. Virgo reminds us that any omnipresent deity must be present in all of creation. The god of immanence is enshrined everywhere as well as within us. If we ourselves  are the living temples of Infinite Spirit, we can begin to feel that as Wayne Dyer says: “I am whole and perfect as I was created.”

As we connect with the idea of  ourselves and the physical world as a shrine of Spirit, it changes our entire relationship to the material world. We can no longer view ourselves or our beautiful earth as commodities to be exploited. Instead, we begin to connect with the idea of the material world as a sacred temple. We need look no further than to our Native American brothers and sisters to remind us of the sacredness of our Mother Planet and the entire manifested Universe.

This month let us honor our First Nation brothers and sisters by adopting their practice of treating every inch of Mother earth as the Holy Land. Extend this practice to your body, home, office and car.  Then extend  outward  into Nature. See the Great Spirit in every wild place.

Send blessings to the earth and blessings to the sacred waters. As you are walking send blessings to the ground beneath your feet. As you are swimming bless the waters you are diving in. Bless your food and drinking water Join organizations that clean up pollution and protect our food and water supply from pollutants and GMO’s Join the People’s Climate March in NYC on September 21st, a peaceful march for mother earth.

Remember, spirituality is a reductive process. As we clean up inner and outer pollutants, Heaven is revealed.

This month may you have a peaceful mind, and a clean clear luminous environment to live in. May your body glow with health and well being. May you and your loved ones have clean healthy food and water to drink. May you use your skills to serve others. May you truly know yourself to be enough. May you come to know yourself to be sacred. May you come to deeply know that right now wherever you stand is is the Holy Land.

Peace and Blessings To All,





The Sun went into Virgo on August 23rd where it will remain till September 22nd the autumnal equinox, which marks the Sun’s entry into Libra, and the beginning of fall. It also marks the second and final day of perfect balance between the day force and the night force of the year.

September begins with the Sun and Mercury in Virgo giving us plenty of analytical and discerning energy to get our lives in order for the back to school back to work post Labor Day season. Mercury, quickly heads into Libra on September 2nd, helping us focus on how to rebalance our lives for the new season.

The month begins on a growing cycle that began with the New Moon in Virgo which took place on August 25th. The full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 8th at 9:38 PM EDT. Try to begin new projects and enterprises before the Full Moon. This is a good time to begin editing, organizing, health regimes or new work projects. The next New Moon, which will be in Libra, takes place on September 24th. Please join us for our monthly New Moon tele seminar which will occur at 7PM EDT on the 24th.  To register go to our Events Tab at Heaventoearthastrology.com

Mercury remains in Libra till the very end of the month. This Libra mentality graces us with diplomacy, fairness and the desire to communicate beautifully. On the 27th, Mercury heads into penetrating Scorpio giving us x ray vision to see beneath the surface.

Venus begins the month in flamboyant Leo along with Jupiter which entered Leo in July, inspiring us to move ahead on our biggest most heartfelt creative projects. We are also inspired to really express our love and affection and listen to our inner child. Jupiter remains in Leo for the year, while Venus moves into Virgo on Friday September 5th inspiring us to love our work, our environment and our health. Use this time to express love through acts of service and devotion. Venus remains in Virgo helping us love  the process of cleaning up our lives till the very end of the month, when on September 29th it moves into lovely Libra.

Mars begins the month in Scorpio where it joins Saturn, giving the beginning of the month a ruthless energy for getting rid of what no longer serves us. Begin your month decluttering, fall cleaning, re decorating and letting go of old shabby worn out clothes furniture ideas and circumstances which no longer serve you. Mars moves into Sagittarius on September 13th fueling our writing and publishing projects, Saturn remains in Scorpio a few more months helping us with the structure of joint finance.

Uranus remains in Aries fueling our technological evolution making a lovely aspect to Jupiter in Leo. We are awakening to our creativity like never before. This month use technology to further your projects.

Neptune in Pisces floods us with visionary compassion reminding us to forgive , be kind, be present, seek enlightenment and Dream up the visionary solutions to the problems facing the world by using our individual skills to serve others.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to break down old infrastructures based on organized selfishness while building new ones based on interdependence.


ARIES: September begins with the Sun in Virgo shining in your house of health organization and cleanliness, helping you get ready for the fall season. Get to work creating order in all areas of your life. Venus spends the first 5 days of the month in Leo with mighty Jupiter, asking you to focus on creative projects that really make your heart beat. This month the planets align to help you prepare for partnerships. Release the old and focus on health and beauty rituals and routines that will have you healthy and sparkling as the fall and winter approach. One way to attract love is to clean out your home and body preparing for something new. Mars, your ruling planet in Scorpio for the first half of the month helps you let go of things that remind you of old relationships. Release them with love and forgiveness as you make space for the new to enter. On the work front this is a great month to focus on the details and skills that will support your overall vision. On September 2nd Mercury the planet of thought moves into your partnership sector helping you strike the balance with existing partners or think about what you want to attract in new ones.

TAURUS: This is a stellar month for your creativity Taurus, It also looks lovely for romance. The Sun and Venus spend most of the month in your sector of self expression helping you hone and use your skills in ways that delight you. This month work on refining your message or editing existing creative projects. On the healing front inner child work or working to heal your relationship to art and creativity looks fruitful. This is also a great time to get your children organized and involved with new health routines that will support them through the school year. On September 2nd Mercury the messenger entered your work sector and has you gracefully  collaborating with partners. This is a good month to work out the nuts and bolts of creative partnerships. Remember while drawing up contracts and agreements on how to share wealth: God is in the details: This month get very clear before you sign anything. With Saturn in your partnership sector it is still important to have good boundaries and continue the practice of saying no to what feels unfair.

GEMINI: The Sun and lovely  Venus are shining in your home sector most of the month making this a great month to really focus on nesting. Get your home ready for the fall and winter now by clearing clutter, throwing out useless or broken items and re organizing. Once you have cleaned things out begin to warm up your environment by painting or adding accent colors that bring delightful beauty to your home. While you are doing this notice what comes up for you. What are your core beliefs about home. Do you feel you deserve a lovely home environment? While you are decluttering, delete any old conditioning and instead create a sacred beautiful retreat that you certainly deserve. Mighty Jupiter in your communication sector continues to inspire wonderful expansive creative projects and an utterly loving way of communicating. On the 13th Mars enters your partnership sector deploying your energy toward partnership. Mercury in Libra helps you resolve conflicts gracefully.

CANCER: The Sun is shining in your communication sector this month along with Venus, the goddess of love, focusing your energies on artful communication. This is a month to get your communication life in order. Work on your website. Get clear about correspondence. Organize your computer. Deal with email and all forms of communication. Work on skills you need that will enhance your reach or further refine your specialized know how. This is also a great month to pursue your studies focusing on what you most love to teach or learn. You are poised to take a big leap this year that involves your creativity work and fiscal life.  Prepare now by working on your overall vision. Write it or vision map it then list the little incremental steps required to achieve it. Next map out  3 daily actions you plan to take this month, to make it real. On the second Mercury in Libra enters your home sector, inspiring you to create balance and beauty in your home life.

LEO: Your life is expanding in wonderful new ways as you say yes to opportunities and create some yourself. This month you need to focus on the money. The Sun and Venus in your fiscal sector are shining a light on your relationship to money. Create a fiscal plan. What is your overall financial vision? How much will it cost? How much could it make? This month make friends with money and get comfortable asking for what you want and what the market will bear.  Get your finances in order and get any grant writing or budgeting done. This month work on healing any core beliefs that lead to scarcity thinking.  Mercury enters your communication sector on the second inspiring you to work on communication and partnerships involving communication. Get to work writing, speaking teaching. On the 13th Mars the planet of action is in your house of creativity  and it is time to create! create! create! Publishing projects look especially good!

VIRGO: Happy Birthday Virgo! The Sun is shining in your sign this month, soon to be joined by lovely Venus on the 5th, giving you tons of sparkly clean energy and added beauty and Grace. Let yourself shine this month by sharing your considerable skills and mastery of details with others. Celebrate your birth month by organizing your home and life so that you feel really supported by your environment. Treat yourself to the health food and supplements that will nourish every sacred cel of your body. This month looks lovely for dreaming up beautiful collaborations with visionary partners. Your task: to get very clear about what you want to collaborate on and who is bringing what to the table. You need to figure out the details and structure the deal. Mercury in Libra in your fiscal sector inspires you to think about the fiscal set up of both business and personal partnerships.Make sure they are fair. On the 13th Mars is moving into your home sector and it may be time for a move. If not your energy will be deployed to home and family. The big beautiful support  this year comes from your spiritual sector as you travel with angels and expand beyond your wildest dreams through your devotional practice.

LIBRA: This month the Sun is shining in your spiritual sector shining light on your connection to the source. The first 4 days of the month are great for networking where you are poised to really expand,  then on the 5th Venus your ruling planet joins the Sun in your spiritual sector filling you with higher love, surrender, devotion and forgiveness. Whatever your practice, this month it is this more than anything that sustains you.  On the 2nd Mercury enters your sign and you are thinking about yourself, your partnerships and the overall sense of balance in your life.  This month let the scales tip a little in your favor. Focus on your relationship to peace and beauty. In preparation for the Sun’s entry into Libra on the 23rd, begin creating beauty in your life now. Allow yourself daily pleasurable routines that give you peace. A little yoga goes a long way this month. On the 13th Mars, the planet of action enters your communication sector and your energy moves ahead in print, publishing and presentation.

SCORPIO: This month you get by with a little help from your friends Scorpio. The Sun is shining in your friendship and networking sector pouring light on you from friends who love you and are not afraid to express it. You are poised to take a mighty leap, and this month your friends and contacts are the key to how to expand your reach. Ask for help with technical skills that you need in order to manifest your expanding and splendid career vision. With Saturn still in your sign till December, you are still called upon to set boundaries, define yourself and develop administrative skills, but this month Mars your ruling planet will be entering your fiscal center on the 13th getting you galloping toward making money through publishing, travel, speaking, teaching and communicating. Mercury will be in your spiritual sector beginning on the second, aligning your mind with peace, fairness and the higher mind.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is shining in your career sector this month, helping you organize the details of your professional life in effective and wonderful ways. This month your deep down vision has a wonderful shot at actualizing as you steadfastly take the incremental steps to make it real. This is a month to really focus on the minute details of your administrative life. Your skill advances your overall career, and with lovely Venus joining the Sun on the 5th in your career sector, work relationships look beautiful and sweet. This is a stellar month to network professionally. With Mercury in Libra in your social sector, not only should you attend events, but think about dreaming up an exquisite one. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet is in your house of publishing all year making this year when you jump some high fences and find yourself in greener pastures. Saturn in your spiritual sector reminds you that paradoxically, spiritual discipline is what really brings success. On the 13th Mars, the planet of action enters your sign and you have tons of energy with which to write, publish and enjoy life.

CAPRICORN: The Sun is shining in your house of higher learning, travel and publishing making this a great month to attend to the details of all three. Work on curriculum, edit your writing and finalize the details of any travel plans. If you are planning to travel, choose a site that is sacred to you. A devotional journey or pilgrimage to a place that speaks to your soul is aligned with the planets this month. Mighty Jupiter in your house of joint finance makes this a time when deep inner work never looked so fun and profitable. In fact writing about the deepest darkest corridors of your life could be both liberating and enriching on all levels. Mercury in your career sector has you collaborating professionally all month. Make sure the work load is fairly divided. This month it is the planet of communication that furthers your career.

AQUARIUS: You are still in the midst of a mighty expansion that goes on all year in the realm of partnership Aquarius, but this month you need to work on healing any unresolved intimacy issues. Use the analytical Virgo energy that is now shining in your house of merged wealth and intimacy to assess how you share yourself with others or what prevents you. This month focus on the nuts and bolts of how you deeply connect. Does perfectionism prevent you from letting anyone get to close. This month work on healing any core beliefs that you are not good enough or worthy of love. Then clear out some space in your home to share with a partner. In business partnerships this month work on the details of the deal, with Venus joining the Sun, joint deals and deep healing looks sweet this month. Mercury will be moving into your travel and publishing sector making this a great month to travel with a partner. Mars in your networking sector as of the 13th connects you with friends and contacts internationally.

PISCES: The Sun is shining in your partnership sector, soon to be joined by Venus the Goddess of love on the 5th, making this a great month to connect with your partner in gracious and loving ways. If you are not in a relationship, this is a great month to dream up that perfect someone. You are in the midst of a big expansion of your daily work that looks both fun and profitable. This month ask yourself who you could partner with in order to capitalize on your new skills. Mercury, in Libra has you really thinking about how deals and partnerships could be structured. and who you trust to have your back. On the 13th, Mars the planet of action enters your career sector and gives you plenty of energy to deploy towards  the overall trajectory of your career. Your creativity is running high these days, think about how to harness it to your professional goals. The full moon in your sign on the 8th is a  great time to work on a vision map for your ideal life and ideal partnership.