This month’s Libra column is dedicated entirely to the Indomitable Spirit of Peace and Justice exemplified by the teachings and actions of Mahatma Gandhi. ( a Libra )


“ Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

                                I shall not fear anyone on earth

                                I shall fear only God.

                                I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.

                                I shall conquer untruth by truth,

                                And in resisting untruth,

                                I shall put up with all suffering”.

                                Mahatma Gandhi


This month we reflect upon Libra, and the gentle yet inexorable power of truth, nonviolence and justice to overcome all conditions of oppression, no matter how intimidating. Libra, is the fulcrum of the entire zodiac. It is the sign that adjusts all conditions in accordance with Universal Law. Libra, the sign of karma reminds us that there are consequences for all actions and inactions. We are instructed by this sign to seek the spiritual poise which leads to right action.

Libra presides over the autumnal equinox, the moment of fateful balance for the year. It is on the fall  equinox that we are presented with an opportunity to regard where our past actions have resulted in difficult Karma and imbalance, and where we are aligned with peace, righteousness and their inherent rewards.

Since last spring’s cardinal cross we have been at the crossroads of our collective fate. One direction pushes us toward further environmental and humanitarian devastation, the other begins the rebalancing and healing of our global climate, food supply, economy and justice system.  The chart of the autumnal equinox reveals our cosmic instructions with regard to achieving inner and outer balance.

This year the equinox took place on September 22nd, the day after the largest environmental march in the world’s history. In the chart of the equinox, the Sun was conjunct Venus and the Moon in environmental  Virgo opposed by Chiron the healer, in spiritual Pisces, instructing us to use spiritual principles to fight for the cleanliness and health of our planet.

Currently the massive forces of corporate power arrayed against a sane approach to addressing climate change and issues of global justice appear to be unconquerable.The combined power of Monsanto, the gas and oil industries, the military industrial complex, Wall Street and big pharma pose an unprecedented threat to life as we know it on earth. The infiltration of world governments by corporate influence and outright corporate ownership further debilitates the mechanisms of democracy to effectively address the people’s will.

Fortunately, history provides us with the astonishing example of the life of Mahatma Gandhi, arguably the most powerful man of the 20th century, to instruct us in the art of loving and nonviolent opposition to oppression and injustice.

It is hard to believe, yet history records, that a single humble man armed only with universal justice,  truth and a peaceful heart, was able to oppose and prevail over the will and force of the mighty British Empire, but that is precisely what happened.

Gandhi was utterly confident of his non violent approach stating “ Non violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”  He further instructs us to be utterly confident as we employ non violent opposition, charting the trajectory of what we can expect as we employ it: “ First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”.

Gandhi the consummate Libra reminds us that to achieve peace we must truly be at peace. This is easier said than done. Both in personal and political conflicts it is so easy to become self righteous and point the finger. Gandhi reminds us to oppose a principle not a person. He reminds us, “ Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

Gandhi goes further, and defines sin for us. Here are the seven deadly sins according to Gandhi:

 “Wealth without work.

Pleasure without Conscience.

Science without humanity.

Knowledge without character.

Politics without principle.

Commerce without morality.

Worship without sacrifice.”

Given this list, our work is cut out for us personally and culturally. His list made me reflect upon my own values and behavior and where I need to make adjustments to be in greater integrity.

Gandhi’s approach to his opponents is also a mighty relief. It is so much healthier to be silently blessing our opponents rather than hating or vilifying them. Even when we are severely provoked Gandhi quietly reminds us of the danger of seeking vengeance:

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”


Libra, while loving peace and beauty is an active sign, and Gandhi encourages us to act for the greater good, reminding us “ The future depends on what you do today.

His environmental message rings as true today as it did 70 years ago. He encouraged a simple sustainable lifestyle reminding us of the earth’s limitations:

“The earth provides enough for every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”

This month be encouraged by this Samurai of Peaceful Activism. When the forces of oppression seem indomitable remember Gandhi’s words and take heart:

“ When I despair, I remember that all throughout history, the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.  Think of it….Always.”

This month honor Libra by bringing your life into balance. Practice non violence with yourself and friends, lovers, coworkers and family members. Whatever cause you believe in, send silent prayers and blessings to your opponents who are people too. Live as sustainably as possible. Align your shopping and eating habits with your deepest beliefs about justice. Take action for social justice. Support  and practice non violent activism. Learn Marshal Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication. Take one little action every day of October to align your life with peace, love, justice and non violence.

Despite Gandhi’s humility, he knew what he was doing and the level at which he was operating,  stating plainly:  “My life is my message”  This is perhaps the most profound statement of activism that I  have ever encountered, and can be said for good or ill of each of us. This month to honor Libra and Gandhi, study the life and writings of this extraordinary man whose legacy will echo through the ages.Then see how to adopt the gentle yet steely practice of lovingly and gently acting for sweet peace and invincible justice.

Gandhi in his humble way reminds us: “ In a gentle way you can shake the world”

This month, ever so gently, shake baby shake!

Peace and Gentle and Blessings To All




 The Sun went into Peace and Justice loving Libra on September 22nd, the autumnal equinox, balancing our karma and encouraging us to create peace and beauty in all areas of our lives. The biggest themes of the equinox chart instruct us to act on behalf of children and future generations. There is also a major environmental focus, with Venus the ruler of Libra and the Moon conjunct the equinox Libra Sun. The balance of our world depends upon a shift toward a holistic environmental approach to life. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces inspire a spiritual approach to healing our relationship to the earth, other life forms and each other. This is a big part of the focus for the fall season.

The Sun will remain in poised and lovely Libra till October 23rd when it enters deep, transformational Scorpio encouraging us to explore the underbelly of our lives. Till then celebrate Libra by building relationships, creating beauty, working for justice and seeking all levels of balance.

The New Moon in Libra occurred on September 24th and will culminate in a Full Moon in Aries with a total Lunar Eclipse on October 8th. This full moon represents a big shift in energy as we utterly let go of old ways of relating to others. There is massive tension in the full moon chart demanding that we move toward a feminine and balanced heart centered approach to life and the planet. The old systems and gender roles are rapidly falling away as we evolve out of immaturity and embrace new paradigms that support all life on earth.

 MERCURY RETROGRADE: We are already in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde which occurs on Saturday October 4th at 1:02 PM EDT Mercury will begin it’s retrograde at 2 degrees of Scorpio winding up back at 16 degrees of Libra, where it goes direct on October 26th. This retrograde asks us to reconsider the life and death stakes of how we share the world’s resources and how we deal personally and collectively with issues of fairness, relationships, justice and beauty. We are asked to think about our collective resources, the air, the water, the food supply the earth, and how we share.

While Mercury is retrograde, Venus the ruler of Libra and Queen of beauty and Justice will be in her own sign Libra, inspiring us to form lovely and just alliances. We are encouraged to be kind, fair, poised and peaceful, as we create beautiful alliances that balance our lives and our world. Venus enters Scorpio on the New moon in Scorpio on October 23rd, encouraging us to deepen and transform our love and our lives. To learn more about this very potent New Moon join us At Heaventoearthastrology.com for our monthly New Moon Tele Seminar. To register click here http://heaventoearthastrology.com/?page_id=268

Mars entered wise, philosophical Sagittarius last month, giving us coming attractions of the energetic shift in December when Saturn will enter Sagittarius after a two year stint in Scorpio. We are encouraged to get moving, be wise, be generous and jovial as we build international alliances that serve and protect humanitarian interests world wide. Mars leaves adventurous playful Sagittarius and enters responsible administrative Capricorn on October 26th.

Uranus in Aries, the activist warrior continues to square Pluto the transformer, creating dynamic tension between the new paradigm of empowered awake individuals seeking liberty, sustainability and justice for all, and the decaying paradigm of dinosaur infrastructures and power structures based on sexism, classism, racism and organized selfishness.

Neptune in transcendental Pisces sits blissfully in lotus position broadcasting the ecstasy of our connection to all life forms and our conscious union with the Divine. Any day this month is a great day to join Neptune in this activity or non activity to be more accurate.


ARIES: There is a major planetary line up in your house of marriage and partnership asking you to focus on your relationships all month. On October 4th Mercury goes retrograde and you begin a deep reflection on the the way you have been in relationships. How have you shared your self and your resources and how have your partners shared with you? How available have you been? You are ready to make a major shift that requires a serious change and awakening in you. This month the people closest to you need you to awaken, change and behave in ways that make you more truly available than you have ever been. The full Moon and total lunar eclipse in your sign facilitates a huge shift that allows you to leave the past and childhood conditioning behind and step into a whole new way of being. Neptune in your spiritual sector is supporting you and surrounding from the angelic realm. You are becoming the spiritual warrior, surrendering your ego and acting on behalf of the weak and the vulnerable. Mars, your ruling planet has you teaching writing and learning all month. Your wisdom is meant to be shared.


TAURUS: This month the beautiful luminous focus is both on your day to day work and the loving relationships that keep it going, There is also an emphasis on your health routines including nutrition that keep your life and body healthy and balanced.  Way deep down you are changing and expanding in joyful ways. This month, on the 4th when Mercury goes retrograde you can do some healing of your attachment patterns. Old habits of relating to others are falling away. This month you are in a reflection about what is working and what is not, especially  in the work place. Let the principle of Justice be your guide as you impartially assess both your own behavior and that of your co workers. Be loving kind and fair as you make the necessary adjustments. On October 8th, there is a total lunar eclipse in this sector of your chart that enables you to take major evolutionary leaps on the work front. You would also profit from a deep reflective look at your relationship to your body, health, exercise and nutrition. This month think of yourself as being in a loving partnership with your body. Treat it right and the marriage will last a good long time.


GEMINI: You are ready for a romantic and creative shift this month. You are also shifting in your social sector. The Sun and Venus in your house of romance shed loving light on your romantic and creative life. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 4th you can begin to reflect upon old hurts and resentments from childhood that get in the way of your current relationships. Reflect also upon how you relate to both your inner child and your creativity. This month remember and allow yourself to play and explore hobbies that you loved as a child. Your friendship network is also healing. Old friends and contacts may resurface this month as you explore any old patterns in your friendship life that are also ready to lovingly transform. This is a great month to create or attend festivals, concerts or events that support a cherished cause. The full moon and total lunar eclipse on the 8th help to radically shift your heart center. It’s time to be fearless, creative and generous!


CANCER: This month is a deep and transformational shift regarding both your home and career. The Sun and Venus, soon to be joined by Mercury retrograde in Libra have you deeply reflecting about your home and your family. On the 4th this reflection begins in earnest as you notice how your childhood influenced the family and home structure that you have created for yourself. Notice how you express love within your family. Reflect on the family roles and division of labor. Have you allowed yourself to create beauty and balance in your home life. Home is more important to you, than to any sign of the zodiac. This month make the shifts that allow you to create an environment that allows you to regain your daily balance. Look into your ability to attract a healthy balanced nurturing partnership within your home. The total lunar eclipse on the 8th has you rapidly shifting your career life, to support your home life and of course finding the balance between the two.


LEO: Your mind is changing this month as you reflect upon and explore what you think, what it is you have to say, and how you want to say it. You have a beautiful artistic message, and this month is a reflection on how and with whom to deliver it. On the 4th Mercury begins its retrograde journey which will largely take place within your writing, publishing and communication sectors. Spend the month pondering your writing and communication alliances and skills. This is a great month to do rewrites and edits. Pick up projects that you abandoned. Re vamp your web site explore social media. Also notice what you think about partnerships and relationships. Your beliefs about love, autonomy, relationships and intimacy are ready to rapidly evolve. You are ready to take a big step creatively. This month you must further transform your relationship to daily work, organization and communication infrastrucure in order to emerge and shine. Deeply reflect also on your most soulful, cherished message. This month refine it.


VIRGO: There is a major planetary line up in your house of values. You, environmental Virgo, are spearheading the rapid cleaning and greening of our collective values. This month when Mercury goes retrograde you deepen your reflection on beautiful and fair ways of changing our relationship to the material world so that justice and the environment are served. You are also reflecting upon how to fairly share resources, personally and collectively. The total lunar eclipse on the 8th has you shifting with regard to artistic partnerships and who you can productively merge with for mutual benefit. On a more personal level, this month deep issues of self worth are also up for healing as you reflect upon your self esteem and how it has impacted your ability to partner with others. This month’s total lunar eclipse on the 8th brings up and shifts old partnership paradigms allowing a new level of both autonomy and loving mutual exchange personally and professionally.


LIBRA: Happy Birthday Libra! The Sun and lovely Venus are shining in your sign giving you luminous Grace and energy to carry out your mission of restoring balance and fighting for justice. This month on the 4th when Mercury goes retrograde begin to reflect upon these ideals with regard to yourself. Is your life in balance? Are your partnerships fair? The full moon and total lunar eclipse on the 8th takes place within your relationship axis, bringing partnership issues to the surface. Reflect upon yourself. How do you generally treat yourself? How do you allow your partners, both personal and professional to treat you? Use your famous impartiality to assess where you have been unfair and where others have been unfair. You are on the verge of learning to love yourself in a whole new way and allowing others to love you in a whole new way. It begins with this assessment. The key to everything is to truly love yourself with gentle kindness and tenderness like never before. As you internalize this feeling, you begin to really feel a deep down sense of true value and self worth that communicates itself to others on an unspoken level. There is a wonderful new expansive social life waiting for you and this month’s deep healing paves the way for a big beautiful creative community of artists activists and partners who think the world of you!


SCORPIO: The Sun and Venus, the planet of love, are both shining in your spiritual sector surrounding you with Grace, Light, and Higher Love. This month your most important relationship is with the Source. On the 4th when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign it begins a reflection on yourself and the personal transformation you are undergoing. What are you trying become. What must you let go of in order to transform. What must changes must you adopt. You are on the verge of a major shift in body mind and spirit that incorporates a whole new level of consciousness and service. With Jupiter at your midheaven, you are getting ready for a major career leap this year. Paradoxically, this month you prepare for that leap through spiritual surrender. Ramp up your devotional practice. Be still. Bless and serve others.  You have an invisible partner who is always available, always responsive, always present. All your other relationships depend upon your connection to this one. The eclipse on the 8th bring work issues to the surface as well as the relationship between mind, body and Spirit. You are in the midst of a healing shift that may allow you to heal others.


SAGITTARIUS: There is a major planetary focus in your socializing and networking house this month. You are a creative powerhouse these days with a big beautiful message that you want to deliver. This month you are in a reflection of your creative team. It is also a month to assess your social web and see what needs to be adjusted on that front. Studies have shown that really healthy happy people have at least five close friends. This month on the 4th when Mercury goes retrograde, contemplate your support network. Reconnect with friends from your past. Let go of old grievances. This is also a great month to assess your creative life. What wonderful project would you like to undertake? What kind of team would you need in order to create it. Reconnect with collaborators who you have enjoyed creating with in the past. You are loaded with tons of creative fuel these days. This month contemplate how your community can help you both heal and shine.


CAPRICORN:  Your career is on the rise this month which is good, given how professionally focused you are by nature. This month the Sun and Venus are shining on your professional partnerships pouring love and light upon them. On the 4th when Mercury goes retrograde in your publishing sector, you may have to do some rewrites. it is also a time to reflect upon the division of labor and resources within projects and in general. On the 8th the total lunar eclipse full moon brings unhealed career and family issues to the surface. How do your current home and current partnerships reflect the home you grew up in. You are ready to shift into a new home, loving partnerships and a stellar career. This month is the healing and reflective pause that continues the personal transformation that you have been engaged in for quite some time. Dare to say no to what feels unfair, and yes to what feels beautiful and balanced.


AQUARIUS: The Sun and Venus are shining in your publishing and travel sector illuminating beautiful collaborative journeys and writing projects this month. You are the zodiacs most powerful activist Aquarius. This month you are reflecting upon your cherished philosophy and message regarding justice and how to broadcast and deliver it. There are amazing new partnerships coming to you this year. Your work to prepare for them is to crystalize your message this month. On the 4th when Mercury goes retrograde reflect upon what it is that you most want to convey. As you define this for yourself it will become very clear who you can and cannot work with. The eclipse on the 8th brings issues of mental partnerships and autonomy to the surface. Your independence is always important to you, but so is collaboration. You are ready to shift and evolve with regard to both. You’ve never been a shrinking violet, but this month you and your message become more bold.


PISCES:  New partnerships and collaborations are forming Pisces. Your capacity to deepen and share with others is going through a healing recalibration this month. Mercury’s retrograde beginning in Scorpio, then moving back into Libra has you assessing your deepest relationships for fairness and mutuality. What is your relationship to collaboration? Have you been able to form kind, loving, respectful, relationships at work and at home? The total Lunar eclipse on the 8th brings all this to a head as you explore your relationship to art, love intimacy and sharing. During the retrograde reflect upon what actions you can take daily to foster a sense of self respect. You are ready to take a giant leap on the relationship front. This month it depends upon building in a wonderful sense of self esteem that comes from taking daily esteem able actions. There is wonderful, fun, joyful, work opportunity opening up for you. The key to this is both children and the care and healing of your inner child.