“Among the most serious acts of violence against nature is the destruction of the sacred seed. Thus we decided to gather spiritual voices to show that the destruction of natural seeds is a spiritual matter, not merely an economic, political, or agricultural issue. There are profound spiritual implications to what we are doing to our seeds, which are, after all, the very source of our survival.”

Dr. Vandana Shiva from her book, Sacred Seed


“ But maybe someday when they’ve learned…

Cherokee Nation will return”   Paul Revere and the Raiders, Indian Reservation.


This month the issue of our Sacred Planet and the shared resources upon which all life depends takes center stage as the Sun moves through Scorpio, the sign of energy, ancestors, sexuality, transformation, death, resurrection and shared wealth and resources. This month we look to Native America and First Nation people worldwide, to call us back to the sanity of living in harmony with our beloved sustaining planet.


The stakes are increasingly high as corporate madness continues its Godzilla like wreckage of the natural world, including our food supply. We see this echoed in the heavens. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and serious consequences has been in Scorpio since October of 2012 indicating that our serious focus must be on the way we share our resources and wealth, and the way we treat our planet. This month that focus intensifies as the Sun and Venus and later this month, Mercury, join Saturn in the last 2 months of its passage through Scorpio. If we successfully navigate the next 2 months we can continue to alter the trajectory of planetary ruin that we are on. Much needs to be done, but there are many reasons to be hopeful and active.


Since September when a half a million people participated in The People’s Climate March in New York City alone, the drum beat to protect our planet has become increasingly loud and effective. That drumbeat began here in the United States over 200 years ago when the First Nation Tribes began their heartbreaking attempts to call the founding culture back to sanity.


“One does not sell the land people walk on.”  – Crazy Horse, September 23, 1875

“The Great Spirit is in all things. He is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us…..That which we put into the ground she returns to us.” – Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin


“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them. ” – Chief Seattle [Seatlh],  Suquamish Chief


It would appear that we are now at the time when the Warriors of the Rainbow must act on behalf of Mother Earth. We must listen with humility to the voices of sanity that have always hailed from Native America to whom we owe deep apology and respectful listening.


The First Nations are associated with Scorpio and Taurus its opposite sign, the sign of the fertile earth and the buffalo. They are the voice of the ancestors. They are the keepers of sacred energy. They are the very voice of Mother Earth. Their approach to life on this planet encapsulates the master shift that would adjust us back into harmony with all life on earth. That shift is to go from viewing the natural world as a commodity to be exploited, to seeing the entire material world as sacred, to be revered and protected.


The biggest obstacle to our awakening is a culture that reveres monetary wealth as the pinnacle of all achievement. This reversal which has placed base materiality before matters of spirit and conscience must be addressed directly. We must take a real hard look at the consumer culture and ask ourselves if it is worth the health of the planet and our children’s future.


This shift is already occurring. This month we are seeing spiritual activism toward our planet like never before. One inspiring example is Dr. Vandana Shiva’s book Sacred Seed. Dr. Shiva,( a Scorpio, whose name means seed) has elevated the activist discussion up to the spiritual realm where it rightly belongs. Her book is a compilation of essays by people of all denominations including First Nation, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist, Sufi and more. Each essay makes a case for the sacredness of the world’s seed supply. Dr. Shiva, for those unfamiliar with her, is an international activist from India, fighting Monsanto in their mad and wicked attempt to genetically modify and patent the world’s food supply.


This book is a must read this month. It encapsulates the return to sanity that Native America has been broadcasting on the spiritual airwaves from day one. The rainbow of spiritual voices crying out for our Mother is reaching a critical mass and cutting across all national, cultural and religious barriers.


It must be noted with awe and great respect how the First Nation people have been on the front lines of environmental activism in recent years. In the fight against the XL Pipeline our Native American brothers and sisters put their bodies on the line, barricaded themselves in the pipe, took direct action to prevent what would surely spell utter ruin for the planet.  These communities are among the most monetarily poor in the country, yet were impervious to bribes from richest industries the world has ever seen. They have shown by their courageous and incorruptible action who truly possesses the deep inner wealth here in America.


To honor the highest expression of Scorpio, let us this month follow the path of sacred responsibility  laid out before us by our First Nation brothers and sisters, and by the growing community of spiritual and civic activists. Make the shift: Begin to view our planet as the Heavenly Being and sacred home that she is.


Support Native American activism like the Cowboy Indian Alliance and 350.org. Refuse to use pesticides, especially Roundup. Join March Against Monsanto. Support the shift to Solar and clean energy. Buy organic.Educate yourself about GMO’s and their effects on the body. Stop using harsh chemical detergents. Honor and bless the earth. Honor and bless your ancestors and those of our First Nation brothers and Sisters. Bless the creatures we share the earth with. Learn about seeds and how to protect the food supply locally and globally. You are a microcosm of Mother Earth. Bless your own body daily. Eat healthy organic food. View all acts of intimacy as sacred merging. Transform into your most beautiful empowered self. May you be a force for good as you transform all resentment and old pain into compassion, love, forgiveness and spiritual activism this month.




The Sun entered Scorpio along with the New Moon on October 23rd, and will remain there till November 22nd when it enters international Sagittarius. The month begins with the Sun, Saturn and Venus all in Scorpio encouraging us to love deeply as we explore the mysterious world of invisible, life giving energy. We are exploring the shared resources of our world remembering that in a world where everyone dies we can at best call ourselves stewards of the land.

The full moon in Taurus occurs on November 6th at 5:23 PM EST and brings issues of the earth, water, soil, finance and food supply to our attention.

This month we explore our deepest feelings as we let go of what no longer serves us. We send blessings to our ancestors and the spirit realm. We initiate further transformation that empowers us to be the change we want to see in the world as Gandhi instructed us.

The month begins with Mercury direct in Libra after its retrograde last month helping us forge productive partnerships as we try to restore our world to balance. Reach out and network with like minded people this month who share your views. Think and act in gracious collaboration with others. On November 8th, Mercury enters Scorpio and we are asked to look beneath the surface, explore issues of power and corruption, transform our thinking and support inner and outer clean energy.

Venus, the planet of beauty, love and relationship begins the month in Scorpio reminding us to deepen our love. we are also reminded to love the underworld and protect it from fracking, drilling and mining practices that harm the earth. Venus moves into Sagittarius on November 16th encouraging us to broadcast our messages of international wisdom far and wide. We are creating a world wide web of global sustainability.

Mars, the planet of action and the warrior is in executive Capricorn all month, reminding us to each assume executive leadership for our lives and our world. We are reminded to vote on Election Day. We are reminded to vote with our pocket books. We are reminded to non violently hold corporations and governments accountable for acts of injustice.

Jupiter in Leo squaring Saturn reminds us to protect the earth’s resources on behalf of our children. We are also inspired to create mystical, transformational works of performance and art that remind us of our common welfare and destiny.

Uranus in Aries continues to awaken individuals to meaningful activism like never before, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, representing the unsustainable corporate and government systems.  We are each Frodo these days tossing the ring of Mordor into the Crack of Doom. Happy Tossing this month!

Neptune, the planet of transcendence in spiritual empathic Pisces continues to awaken the Lotus of enlightenment in each of us, even as we slog through the mud of our consumer, over processed madness. Neptune gently reminds us: No Mud no lotus, as another petal gently opens.

We send Blessings to All as we awaken and transform together. We send Blessings to our Ancestors and ask for their help in all that we do. We send Deep Blessings and Gratitude to our First Nation brothers and sisters for their unwavering protection of our Sacred Mother Earth.


ARIES: There is a major planetary line up in your house of the deep subconscious. It is as though a hundred Reiki masters have been joined by a hundred Budhist Monks practicing Tonglin ( the art of breathing in dark energy and breathing out love and light) in the deepest recesses of your soul. You are forgiving, you are transforming. The ancestors are whirling through you leaving you a purified warrior of service. Now you are awake. Now you can merge with others for the greater good. Now you are free of the past and can be a true change agent for others. Now you can on behalf of the children. Now you can assume a true role of effective leadership. Your message is increasingly spiritual and visionary this month. Film would be an excellent medium for what the Universe is dreaming up through you.

TAURUS: This is a month of extraordinary new partnerships and collaborations. You are changing, and your capacity to merge with others in wonderful and productive new ways is the fruit of this change. You are planting seeds of collaboration that will bear fruit for you and our sacred planet earth. Mars and Pluto in your publishing sector this month give you megawatts of clean green energy to power your big responsible message. This month write the book or screenplay, speak, teach, be heard. Define your message of corporate and government responsibility. Take consistent action to network and partner with like minded people through the Full Moon in your sign on November 6th. Make the study of energy and energy fields part of your practice. Invite the sacred into your closest relationships. Enjoy the wonderful new and joyfully expanding connection to home and family. Your home and connection to family will be the foundation upon which your professional success is built.

GEMINI: There is a massive planetary line up in your house of daily work and health routines. Your work is changing and you are becoming a transformational agent for your clients. Begin with yourself and your own home environment. Adopt practices that clean your body mind and spirit. For the body, eat organic and contemplate a cleanse. For your mind adopt a mindfulness or loving kindness practice. For your spirit take up a forgiveness and blessing practice. You are becoming a veritable turbine of cleanliness and organization. Restructure your daily work so that it is more streamlined. While all of this work transformation is going on there are big mergers afoot. Deploy your executive energy to see that all deals involving shared resources are fair and legal. Your big hearted message is expanding. Continue to broadcast love on all frequencies.

CANCER: Your creativity is massively powerful and is further transforming this month. It is as though your inner child, or inner artist was imprisoned in a dark chamber of your psyche for years and is now erupting in joyful acts of creativity that could lead to gold in your bank account. You have a powerful transformational message that wants to be expressed though your creativity. Your works of art these days have the power to deeply move and change the minds and hearts of your audience. Your approach to children is also changing. It seems they require both more boundaries and more empowerment. Find a way to strike the balance. There is a big effective focus on partnerships this month that could really change your professional life.

LEO: There is a serious yet loving focus required in your home sector this month. The Sun is shining a supernova flashlight on unresolved family issues. Get your home in order on all levels. See to renovations. Create beauty. Deal with issues around family wealth. Do any deep inner work that can dissolve old family patterns and truly set you free. You are getting ready to take a big creative leap, but it requires some inner shifts as well as steady and disciplined focus on organizing the details of your day to day life. You are awakening as a writer and speak. Create a daily schedule that will allow you to move your projects ahead. As you do all of this dare to dream up the most splendid, golden creative project that truly expresses your authentic self.

VIRGO: The month begins with Mercury the planet of thought in your financial sector in Libra the sign of partnerships making this a great month to develop and create partnerships for mutual benefit. The theme of deep collaboration is echoed with a major planetary line up in your house of communication. You have a beautiful message to deliver these days. A message of great importance and one that takes the preciousness of life into account. Give serious thought to both how to crystalize your message, the best means to deliver it and who you might like to partner with or merge resources with in order to really be heard. These days mental discipline is the key to your success. Learn to choose your thoughts, practice mindfulness, turn negative thoughts to positive ones and see your world and your career transform.

LIBRA: This month there is a serious focus in your financial sector. It also looks like there are loving partnerships and joint creative projects that increase your bank account while transforming your audience. Your bank account these days is a reflection of your core beliefs around self worth. As you begin to truly love and value yourself, the Universe reflects these happy changes as streams of abundance and new collaborations that change your fiscal landscape. On the full moon of November 6th, there could be some lovely windfall. This month also sees a major energetic focus on the home front. Get home and family issues in order. Administrate and delegate. Look at your schedule around home and family. The big abundance these days comes from events and networking. Say yes to all invitations.

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Scorpio! This month you are approaching the end of Saturn’s journey through your sign since 2012. It has been a testing time of defining yourself and setting boundaries, hard work and discipline. Next month Saturn will move into your fiscal sector requiring steady focus on income generating actions. For now continue to define yourself and focus time and other resources on what is truly most important to you. Pursue your bliss in a disciplined way. Let no one waste your time. Get rid of energy leaks in your life. As you pursue what you truly love you will attract partners who are aligned with your sacred purpose. This month lovely Venus in your sign reveals your deepest loves to you. Jupiter at your midheaven through the summer prepares you for a mighty career leap. This month there is planetary jet fuel in your communication sector enabling you to further professional long term goals by writing, learning or teaching. Purify your energy. Be empowered. As you transform you become a transformational agent for others and the world!

SAGITTARIUS: There is a major planetary line up in your spiritual sector this month encouraging you to use whatever devotional practice you like to connect with the Source. This may seem ethereal, but it looks like the time you spend in this activity in fact supports every other area of your life, especially your career. There is a great deal of invisible support behind the scenes this month but it requires steady work at surrender, letting go and meditation. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet is in your sector of higher learning, travel and publishing through the summer. Take faithful action on this front, and see yourself prosper. There is a steady disciplined focus required of you in the area of finance this month. Be the CEO of your fiscal life. Put all financial agreements in writing. Stick yo the letter of the law. Take steady action to increase income.

CAPRICORN: Mars the planet of war and action has joined Pluto the planet of power and transformation in your sign this month giving you the most powerful planetary fuel in the zodiac this month. The question is how will you deploy your considerable energy. Yours is an often misunderstood sign. The highest use of Capricorn is self sacrifice on behalf of others and the greater good. That is the true archetypal model of what a politician or CEO is supposed to be. This month align with this idea. First transform yourself, then use your considerable power to transform and assist others. There is a major planetary line up in your social sector that has your social life transforming as well. You are connecting with increasingly powerful people who can really help shift the world in a sacred and healing direction.

AQUARIUS: This month there is a mighty planetary summit in your career sector. The Sun, Saturn and Venus begin the month helping you to professionally shine as you continue to work hard and scale the mountain of your career bliss. You are a change agent and these days you become a voice that can change the way business and government is conducted. Your own professional acumen is increasingly honed as you exercise both executive and creative skill. You are a professional star this month. Take center stage. You can also play a big part behind the scenes. Be in negotiations for the work you most desire. A spiritual practice like mindfulness helps with everything this month. Mighty Jupiter continues to present you wonderful, creative expansive partnerships that could change your whole philosophy.

PISCES: This month there are two big planetary line ups in your chart. One in your house of philosophy and publishing, the other in your social sector of networking. They can work like a planetary tag team that advances your hopes and dreams. First align with your most cherished philosophy. Then connect with people and networks that share your beliefs. Ask yourself how you can effectivley or through works of art or construction communicate your sacred message. These days clean energy and green sustainable building could be a part of your message. The arts and self expression hold the key to a big expansive leap that you are poised to take. You can be shy, but this month dare to  express your creative dreams. Influential friends could really help you.