“Turn and face the strain ch ch changes”  David Bowie

  “Your Money or your Life “ Classic stick up line

 “ Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”     Rumi


The Month begins with Mercury the planet of thought and communication having just joined Pluto, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all moving retrograde in the heavens. This backward planetary chorus is indicative of a major need for a collective about face, as we individually and collectively review the wisdom of our current trajectory.

Mercury’s retrograde take place in Taurus, the Venusian sign of the Earth in her springtime blossoming beauty. The Sun and lovely Venus are also moving through Taurus illuminating our reflection on all that this gorgeous sign represents.

Taurus is the sign of the Earth and all her beauty and bounty. It is is the sign of farming, planting, construction and investment, all activities that require planning, patience and commitment. This earthiest of earth signs plants forests, fields, and crops that will far outlast the lives of those who plant them. The bull creates equity for future generations, and builds structures that have stood for centuries. While Capricorn is known for long term success strategy over the long climb, no sign rivals Taurus for patience and perseverance.

Taurus rules self worth. This month we remember that our worth does not depend on outer circumstance, but is a given.

Taurus rules material wealth and real estate, all of which come from the green growing earth or beneath it. The Bull rules food and shelter, the most basic and necessary forms of wealth, that support all other forms of wealth. Intellectual and creative property depend first upon people who are fed, clothed, and sheltered. This month’s retrograde asks us to reflect on a return to basic life sustaining values. Our first priority in the month that celebrates Mother’s Day, is to reflect on the inestimable value of our seriously imperiled planet.

We must turn and face the elephant in the living room, which at the moment is in fact the state of the living room itself. This month we are in a reflection on our insane economic system that creates money which is symbolic wealth, by threatening our planet which is and supports actual life itself.

Mercury retrograde joins a host of retrograde planets all instructing us that a major course correction is needed in order to avoid catastrophic consequences which are already underway. Mighty Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and protection has been moving retrograde in Virgo, the earth sign of environmental cleanliness, asking us to reconsider our ruinous relationship to the ecology and to reverse course with regard to the use of pesticides, GMO’s, fracking, mining and nuclear energy. At this writing there are three unfolding nuclear leaks in the United States alone. Jupiter will begin moving forward this month on the 9th and hopefully with it a larger, wiser and better informed environmental movement.

Pluto, the planet of power, energy and transformation moving retrograde is signaling the need for an end to business and government as usual on planet earth. We now stand at the juncture where either the corporate world as we know it and its hostile takeover of governments including ours, must transform, or life on earth as we know it surely will.

Pluto asks each of us to assume executive leadership over our own lives. Explore how you use your time and other resources. This month make any course corrections to your long term goals so that your journey, investments and your most cherished values synch up.

Saturn, the executive planet of responsibility and weighty consequences, along with Mars the planet of action, both moving retrograde in wise, cross cultural Sagittarius, echo Pluto’s call for a major change on the administrative range. Both personally and collectively we are called to respond to our weighty challenges with wise leadership and a focus on sustainability. We are being asked to return to approaches that wiser cultures used to see to the needs of the many and future generations, as we allow for broad cross cultural participation.

The New Moon on (May 6th, 2016 at 3:30 PM EDT) in Taurus which includes a grand trine in the earth signs, opens a portal into a new world of beautiful possibilities. As we bravely face the need for serious change on our planet and in our personal lives, we are invited to remember that another world is possible. That world begins first as a change of heart. Venus conjunct the New Moon invites us to let Love and Beauty be our guides this month.

Let Love be your guide as you remember  your own sacred worth. Let Love be your guide as you remember what you came here to be and do. Let Love be your guide as you remember what is most deeply important to you. Let Love be your guide as together, we seek to square our values with what is best for our Holy Planet. Let Love be your guide as you enter into a sacred relationship with this temple called Earth.

This month rather than seeking to escape this world into another, be part of the transition and clean up team that seeks to transform this world into the heavenly garden it could be. You are Spirit, wrapped in the shrine of your earthly body. Let every step going forward be a prayer of devotion and service.

This month we re awaken to our own Beauty and rededicate ourselves as her agents here on Earth. We are the Beauty we so deeply long for. The ugliness and horror that we see around us is a distortion of our True Nature. This month let Beauty guide you to the Truth of who you are and who we are. Dedicate yourself as a living temple in the service of Beauty, and let all that you do be a kiss to our Sacred Mother.



The Month begins with a major retrograde line up. Five planets are moving backwards in the Heavens, including, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury. The Sun’s passage through Taurus, the sign of money, values, possessions and Mother Nature makes this a month of deep, intense and massively consequential reflection on our economic system and its impact on our planet. The Heavens are practically screaming at us to reverse course and take action that will halt climate change and the poisoning of our only habitable planet for the sake of some numbers on a ledger sheet.

THE SUN, entered Taurus on April 19th and will remain in Taurus till May 20th when it enters quicksilver Gemini. The month begins with VENUS, direct and MERCURY already moving retrograde also in Taurus signaling that this month we are reflecting on what we love and treasure most. It is a great month to reflect on our relationship to self worth, our finances, and all that we are trying to build and grow in the garden of life. The retrograde which ends on the 22nd of May, indicates that we must go back and make adjustments to all things Taurus. It is a great time to reconnect with our truest sense of value, rather than what the advertising community tells us to value. Reconnect with your senses, your body and simple pleasures. Reconnect with nature and reflect on how much wealth ( all of it ) she provides. We are at a critical time environmentally. This month explore how to green your business and investments.

THE NEW MOON in Taurus, takes place on Friday May 6th, beginning a new cycle of abundance, beauty and wealth. We are all on a soulful retrospective regarding love, money and our long term goals. Join us Friday evening to plant the fertile seeds of our cherished inner garden.

MERCURY in Taurus will move retrograde till May 22nd, when it stations direct. It will be in Taurus for the rest of the month and beyond. Reconnect with your most beautiful ideas and projects. Remember your sacred self worth. Remember to love yourself and the planet as you reconnect with what really makes your heart beat!

VENUS, the planetary ruler of gorgeous May, begins the month in Taurus, inspiring us to enjoy the blossoming beauty of spring. You are a child of the Universe. Your Beauty is given. Your worth is given. Explore how to reconnect with your own sacredness and that of Mother Earth. It’s a great month to resurrect projects and pursuits that you truly, madly, deeply value. Venus enters Gemini on May 24th inspiring beautiful creative ideas. She remains in Gemini for the rest of the month and beyond.

MARS, the planet of action, is moving backwards in Sagittarius inspiring us to re do actions that require a philosophical adjustment.On May 28th Mars retrogrades back into powerful transformational Scorpio, reminding us that our journey requires further transformation before we can proceed. On the world stage, stay tuned for revelations regarding government and corporate corruption as the past comes to light. Explore issues of joint finance and shared resources that require attention. Mars will be in Scorpio for months to come, inspiring deep healing in the area of shared resources, our collective water resources, intimacy and empowerment.

SATURN, the executive planet is also moving retrograde in Sagittarius. We may see reversals in the Presidential Race, as well as recounts and reapportionments, in a race that has been rife with election fraud and legal battles. Review your own executive plan. We are each the CEO’s of our own lives. Explore what needs adjustment in the way you handle your resources including time and money. Adjust your long term goals. Collectively we are being asked to consider future generations as our planet lurches towards environmental disaster. Review your long term financial and business plans. Align your plans with your cherished philosophy.

JUPITER, has been moving retrograde through environmental, Virgo, inspiring us to expand our health and that of our planet by returning to environmentally sound, organic farming and living. Jupiter moving retrograde has been inspiring a major reflection on our daily routines and how to adjust them to support our health and well being. This year Mighty Jupiter expands the lives of those who are truly serving others and our sacred environment. As you serve others with your art and skill, Mighty Jupiter presents you with abundant opportunities!

URANUS, in Aries keep the evolutionary pressure on, as the world erupts into more activism and protest against the corporate status quo than ever before. We are each being called to awaken and throw off the chains of our family or societal conditioning that contains our authentic selves and contributions. Act on behalf of your liberated, authentic self. Be the change agent you want to see in the world.

NEPTUNE, in visionary transcendental Pisces, continues to broadcast a frequency of compassion, Unity and Grace. These days the Virgo’s and Pisces’ are transmitting the Big Vision of Unity. We are asked to act with generosity and reverence to the service sector, the armed service sector, especially returning veterans, the labor force and those of humble means. We are One….and Pisces and Virgo are reminding us to treat All with reverence. Awaken to our indivisible relationship with our fellow creatures, and indeed the Universe.

PLUTO the destroyer continues to send the wrecking ball to and through the corporate and government sectors. We are witnessing the decay and collapse of business and government as we have known them. The question remains, as to whether we can transform our environmental laws and businesses before the environment collapses. We are each asked to retake our power, and be the responsible executive intelligence we want to see in the world.


ARIES: There is a beautiful line up in your house of money, values and self worth this month. The New Moon on the 6th, inspires you to reflect on what is truly most important to you. What do you love most in life? What is most important to you? What do you want to leave behind? Give all of this some thought as you make beautiful healthy changes to your life and your daily work. Tend the garden of your life. Reflect on the blueprint of your long term goals this month. Little by little revisit your soul’s true calling. Build and plant the beauty that most delights you. Love yourself Aries. You are worthy of love, abundance and the beautiful, healthy, blossoming bounty that life affords. It’s a great month to revise your executive plan for life, business and success. This is a great month for revising your long term planning. Plan for love. Plan for real pleasure, the kind that makes horses kick up their heels and roll in the clover. Plan for worldly success by revising your business strategy. Take slow steady action to create the life you want. As always use your warrior strength to protect the vulnerable and our beautiful Earth.


TAURUS: Happy Birthday Taurus! Your birthday month begins with the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and lovely Venus moving through your beautiful sign. This looks like a year of great recovery. Mercury’s backward journey is inspiring you to reconnect with all that you truly love and value. It is as though you are walking back into the garden of your true bliss, reconnecting with what you love and cherish most deeply. Begin by loving yourself! The New Moon on the 6th begins a wonderful new cycle of how you nurture your body mind and spirit. You are recovering around wealth and intimacy. As you learn to say no to what does not work for you in terms of fair exchange, you are able to say yes to new business paradigms and a new approach to intimacy. On the 28th Mars, the planet of action retrogrades back into your partnership sector and it’s time to reflect, reconnect and renegotiate on the partnership front.You have a powerful message to share with the business world. After the 22nd when Mercury goes direct you may be delivering it. You are a voice for sustainable business and sacred materiality. Be the inspired agent of Mother Earth you want to see in the world.


GEMINI: This is a month of sacred contemplation for you Gemini! Mother Nature is your temple as the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Venus all move through your spiritual sector. Make time for peace and quiet in nature. Make time for a vision quest as you contemplate your spiritual values. Your higher self, angels and ancestors are surrounding you whispering prayers of encouragement to heal your self esteem. Explore the idea that your worth is God Given. Go within as much as possible this month. Connect with the Force enshrined in your body. You are a very mental sign, but this month your body is the wise advisor. Let your senses guide you to sanity and joyful simple pleasures. You are still in a weighty reconsideration of partnerships. This month let your growing self love and self esteem be the template that determines the viability of all other relationships. If they are unkind, ungenerous or disrespectful, cut them loose. Joint fiscal matters continue to require your attention. On the 22nd Mercury, your ruling planet goes direct and you are ready to slowly move ahead. Let your Higher Self be your flawless guide this month. Listen and be guided.


CANCER: There is a beautiful planetary line up in your social sector this month inspiring you to reflect on and revise your approach to your social life. Relationships are crucial to our sense of well being. This month the heavens inspire you to cultivate the garden of friendship and your social network. Explore the friendships that are most important to you. Which relationship would you like to actively nurture. If your social garden looks bare, no worries, turn the soil and plant some seeds. Join groups that engage in activities you find pleasurable and delightful. Pay attention to your intuitive sense about friendship. On the business front, this is a great month to network and build the team with whom you can make beautiful, profitable magic. Nature is your Muse this month. Be inspired by her awesome grandeur as you seek to imitate her incomparable beauty. Let your friends nurture you this month. Ask for what you want and need. Dare to be vulnerable….Dare to receive. Dare to unapologetically seek real pleasure!


LEO: Be the master gardener of your career this month. The month begins with a review of all that you have been building and achieving on the professional front. Mercury inspires you to review what needs to be re done or resurrected on this front. Allow yourself to truly connect with what you value most on the professional front. As you look back over your career, what were the high points? What were the low points? What work are you proudest of? What do you wish you had done differently? What do you want to re do? Use death as your advisor. What do you most want to achieve before you shuffle off this mortal coil? Mars and Saturn are both moving backwards through your sector of creativity, indicating that a creative project needs to be recovered, revisited or resurrected. Self worth is the key to this month’s retrospective. As you look back, see how your sense of worth impacted your achievements for good or ill. This month resolve to love yourself. You deserve the fulfillment of a Sunflower open to the Light!


VIRGO: This month is a journey of self discovery as you hit the inner or outer trail and explore what you love most. You are an earth sign, a natural child of the green growing earth. This month plan as much time outdoors as possible. Feed your senses with nature’s glory as you explore how your philosophy around wealth, beauty and simple pleasures. This is a great month to explore and heal your core beliefs around self worth and finances. Let nature be your teacher, and you be her voice. You are a manifestation of the Divine and Sacred Feminine. This month explore how to align your earth based philosophy with your fiscal plan. On the 9th, Mighty Jupiter which has been retrograde in your sign for months turns direct and your new expansive sense of self begins to move you ahead toward abundant and sacred plans. Keep the reflective focus on healing self esteem. Treat yourself as you would treat a precious and sacred child which of course you are! Keep making necessary changes on the home front. Your foundation is shifting. Assume executive leadership of your family life. Be the Sacred Executive you want to see in the world!


LIBRA: There is a beautiful line up in your house of deep sharing this month. Beautiful and profitable alliances are possible but require some reflection and reconfiguring. Go deep into the subterranean starts of your soul and reflect on your core beliefs around intimacy, sharing, finances and self worth. This month deep recovery can occur for you in the area of self worth especially after the New Moon on the 6th. Explore the most fertile collaborations in your life, Listen to your body regarding friends, cohorts and lovers. Who does your body want to be closer to? Who does your body want to be further from? Pay attention to the wisdom of your senses and your deep intuition. By the 22nd you will be ready to move ahead with deepening collaborations and unions. Mighty Jupiter also moves ahead this month in your spiritual sector. Your Vision has been incubating for months now and is finally ready to unfurl! Share your sacred skills with the world. Be the agent of devotion you want to see in the world.Stay connected to Source as you emerge into the abundant beautiful life you so richly deserve.


SCORPIO: The planets are inspiring a deep reflection on the relationship front this month Scorpio. Take a soulful stroll down memory lane and reflect on your bygone loves of yesteryear. Be honest with yourself about what worked and what didn’t. Take an unflinching look at your own shortcomings as you reflect on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. This month release the past and all of its losses and heartache. Resolve to forgive yourself and others for all missteps along the way. As you forgive and release the past a cleansing tide prepares you for a new kind of love, collaboration and partnership that is aligned with your true values. Let forgiveness be the universal cleanser that allows you to truly leave the past behind. Let your new and blossoming sense of self worth guide you towards partnerships that align with what you truly love and value. This is a month of reconnection with partners. Love is in the air. Keep revamping your approach to finances. Financial recovery is occurring as you revise your earning strategy. Beautiful opportunities come through your social life in the second half of the month.  Prepare for love….Say yes to love and fertile business partnerships.


SAGITTARIUS: It’s a beautiful month to restore your health as you restructure your approach to your daily work. Our lives unfold each day. This month explore how to structure your days so that health, happiness, beauty and a sane approach to your daily work is built into your routine. It’s a great month to restore your body with a delicious and nutritious approach to health and diet. The New Moon on the 6th brings wonderful new work opportunities. Old work connections may resurface with lucrative projects. On the 9th,  Jupiter, your ruling planet turns direct after a long retrograde, and big beautiful career opportunities move ahead. While big professional expansion is coming, you are still in a personal reflection regarding yourself and the wisest way to deploy your executive skills. Reflect on your long term goals. Realistically assess how you want to use your time and other resources. Restructure your life to accommodate big beautiful success, as you serve others with your unique skill set. Learn to delegate.


CAPRICORN: This month begins a beautiful new approach to fun, children and self expression. The New Moon on the 6th begins a new yet reflective beginning on the creative front. It is as though you are mediating on how to have more fun, delight in your senses, forge a deeper relationship to pleasure, Mother Earth, and your creativity while earning a healthy profit and joyfully tending inner and outer children. This may seem like a tall order but it’s not. It all boils down to prioritizing your values and putting all these things on the list. You are still on a cross cultural vision quest. Saturn, your ruling planet is still moving retrograde along with Mars in your spiritual sector. You are in the midst of aligning your spiritual vision with your executive plan. Let your inner and outer travels take you to cultures that enjoyed fun, pleasure, children, art and nature. This would actually be most tribal cultures. See what they have to teach you. Allow Mercury’s  retrograde, which occurs till the 22nd, reconnect you with your senses, real pleasure and delight. Make fun and art a priority! Schedule them in!


AQUARIUS: The Sun and gracious Venus are moving through your home sector along with Mercury retrograde. The Goddess of Love has pitched her tent in your home this month, inspiring you to do the same. Create an atmosphere of beauty and sensuality at home in which love and harmony may flourish. This is a beautiful month to reconnect with your roots, ancestry and family. Explore the inherited values that you love while releasing those that don’t align with your ideals. It’s a good month to cultivate emotional and fiscal stability on the home front that can lead to prosperity in the career realm. On the 9th, Mighty Jupiter turns direct in your sector of shared resources, and your intimate life begin to move forward.  Say yes to profitable collaborations and joint ventures while dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Try to wait till after the 22nd before signing any documents. Saturn, your ruling planet continues its retrograde journey, along with Mars also retrograde in your social sector. You are in the midst of a major reflection regarding your social life and group affiliations. Reflect on how to build your following and message. Be guided by the still small voice within.


PISCES: It is a month of beautiful mental reflection. The Sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde are all visiting your mental sector this month. It is as though you are taking a long walk back through the garden and meadows of your mind. Allow yourself to mentally explore some of your best and most fertile ideas. Reconsider ideas that you may have previously discarded or that are simply laying dormant. Are there communication projects that it would delight you to pursue? Is there a beautiful art or craft project that could be pleasurable and lucrative? Give it all some thought this month. What do you most want to devote your mental energy to? On the 9th, Mighy Jupiter moves forward in your partnership sector and fertile new alliances may begin to move ahead. Your career still requires restructuring and reconsideration. This month keep your eye out for brilliant ideas blossoming in the fertile field of your mind.