“If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts would tell”….Gordon Lightfoot


“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind.” Marcus Garvey…immortalized by Bob Marley in Redemption Song


The month begins with the Sun and lovely Venus moving together through Gemini, the sign of the winged messenger. Gemini, one of the most youthful signs of the zodiac, is a sign of springtime flight and exploration. Though this is a sign often accused of superficiality, upon closer inspection Gemini and all it represents is the framer of our entire experience of reality.

Gemini rules the mind and all of its machinations. The twins are a symbolic depiction of all duality, including the two lobes of the brain and modes of consciousness. The relationship of our conscious and subconscious mind, and their relationship to superconsciousness determine our success or failure in life. As we become more adept at observing our “monkey mind” we find that we are perpetually telling ourselves stories and then reacting to the fictional narratives through which we interpret reality. These stories effectively determine our experience of life. As we awaken to our stories and learn to observe them, we are able to a very large degree, able to change the script of our lives  and awaken to a more heavenly experience. The conscious mind it has been said is merely a receiver and transmitter of consciousness. It is like a two way radio. The Big Magic consists of tuning in to the highest frequency and actively seeking to align both our thoughts and our interpretations of reality to the highest possible frequency.

This is of course easier said than done. Our thoughts have extraordinary momentum to carry us along on their powerful currents. Our early subconscious programming is often deeply entrenched like a six lane super highway neural pathway in the brain. Any traumatic experience can lead to a major loss of consciousness as our frontal lobes go offline when trauma is re triggered. Luckily, there are both ancient and modern technologies that can help us to alter our thinking and the plasticity of our minds, and most importantly there is a Higher Consciousness enshrined within each of us that can be called upon to direct our consciousness.

The age old method of both training the mind and connecting with both our inner observer and our Higher Consciousness is meditation. There are many forms that meditation can take, but even three minutes a day of watching the breath and bringing attention back to the breath when it wanders can do wonders to discipline the mind. We can also make it our practice to routinely, even constantly, observe our thinking and notice when we are telling ourselves stories or are caught in a powerful emotional reactive state. At times like that we can redirect our thinking to the Higher Mind and ask it to inform how we are viewing or reacting to an inner or outer situation.

In addition to meditation, healing modalities like EFT Emotional Freedom Technique can give us tools to self regulate and dispel trauma from the mind and body. EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming is another new technology that can help reprogram a traumatic response. Somatic Experience, pioneered by Peter Levine is another powerful method of dispelling nervous system trauma, which left unattended tends to replay itself over and over. All of these methods help us to clear the past so we may actually be present. Meditation is recommended regardless of what healing practices we engage in. Meditation gives us the keys to the vehicle of our consciousness and puts us squarely in the drivers seat.

As we meditate and engage in devotional practices like prayer, blessing and consciously seeking contact with the Higher Mind, we find that there is a Loving Conscious Force that can inform our thinking, feeling and reacting. Moreover, this Force is diffused throughout creation. As we awaken from our conditioned story lines, we awaken to the Light drenched present and the field of infinite potential. This field responds to our consciousness by reflecting our subconscious expectations back to us. When we are sufficiently present it also provides us with extraordinary experiences of synchronicity.

It can be frightening but also exciting to step out of familiar storylines, but together we can write some new ones, based on Unity and great spiritual truths.

Much of what we must jettison in order to be free, are the storylines of separation, scarcity and lack that are driving the madness of our lopsided economic system and the environmental genocide it leaves in its terrible wake. This month let us re mind ourselves that we are truly One. We are indivisibly connected to each other and all life forms. We are the land, and the sea, and all people, and all creatures. Let us re mind ourselves that there is enough. Scarcity is so deeply rooted in our culture, but it can be unrooted. One beautiful practice is to go through a day on a wave of gratitude. Notice how much you already have. Expect the field of infinite potential to supply your needs and many of your desires.

The New Moon on June 4th, ushers in a tide of new thinking. We are directed by the Heavens, to align our thinking with the great spiritual truth of our Unity with all life. We are instructed to begin to heal and administrate our world based on our indivisible connection to each other and the sacred living cosmos. As we change our minds we change our world.

This month we are called to be magicians of consciousness who bring a Healing Vision to the world. May you come to know yourself as sacred vessel of the Divine. May your conscious and subconscious mind be baptized in the Light of Higher Unity Consciousness that dissolves all fear and lack,  and leaves you knowing…I am enough….there is enough…We are One.


THE SUN, entered Gemini, the sign of thought, word and communication on May 20th, and will end its journey through the sign of the twins on June 20th, the Summer Solstice. The solstice, is the first day of summer, and marks the longest day and shortest night of the year as the solar tide changes. This year the Sun’s passage through Gemini is weightier than usual. We are still in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde through Taurus, the sign of values. Mercury the ruler of Gemini is still in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde inspiring the adjustments to our values that were required during the retrograde. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and consequences,  is in Gemini’s opposite sign, Sagittarius moving retrograde, inspiring deep and weighty rumination on all executive and administrative matters. We are asked to reconsider and restructure our approach to business, banking governance and long term goals with an eye to the inevitable consequences of our actions or inactions. June is a month of serious reflection on responsibility, duty, and long term commitment.


THE NEW MOON IN GEMINI, takes place on Saturday June 4th, beginning a new cycle of responsible thinking. This New Moon is influenced by the higher mind which can liberate our thinking and inspire inventive solutions to all that bedevils us. Join us on June 4th for our monthly New moon tele seminar as we set intentions to change our thinking and align it with Higher Consciousness. To register click here:  http://heaventoearthastrology.com/?page_id=268

MERCURY, the planet of thought, word and communication begins the month moving forward in Taurus. Mercury will be out of its retrograde shadow on June 8th. Mercury enters Quicksilver Gemini on June 12th, quickening our thinking and our desire to explore and communicate. Mercury enters soulful Cancer on June 29th at 7:24 PM EDT inspiring us to merge thought and feeling.

VENUS, the planet of beauty and love begins the month in Gemini, inspiring beautiful thought and communication. Love enters our mind and seeks expression in loving words deeds and creativity. Be a messenger of Grace, diplomacy and art during this time. Halfway through the month on the 17th, lovely Venus enters soulful Cancer and our love migrates back home. We are inspired to enjoy and express the love of home and hearth. Create and express beauty and harmony in the family. Send love to our Mother Planet. Use your growing consciousness to bless the Seas and the Earth.

MARS, the planet of action continues his retrograde journey through the last degrees of Scorpio, inspiring us to revisit issues of shared finance and resources. We are all empowered to continue our personal and collective transformation. Take action to release all that no longer serves you. Explore sacred approaches to all that is shared on the earth. Explore First Nation approaches to our common wealth. The Earth is Mother to us All.

JUPITER, the planet of expansion opportunity and protection continues his journey through Virgo. The expansive wind is at the back of Virgo, this month and those who truly use their skill to help, heal and serve others. Big botanical environmental solutions appear this month. Healing solutions for personal and planetary healing appear out of the blue. By focusing on the little things, Big Beautiful things happen.

SATURN, the executive planet of responsibility, duty, government, long term goals and consequences continues his retrograde through philosophical Sagittarius, indicating that a major reversal and course correction is required in how we administrate our world. We are inspired to seek wisdom from other tribes and cultures who live wisely and sustainably.

URANUS: the evolutionary planet of change continues to inspire global awakening and activism aligned with human and planetary rights.

NEPTUNE, the planet of imaginations, dreams and visions, continues to travel through spiritual Pisces, inspiring the lotus of our collective consciousness to open in the mud of dire circumstance. On June 13th, Neptune stations retrograde and we are asked to actively reflect on our personal and collective vision for the world. Any vision which is not based on our fundamental Unity with all is based on delusion. It’s time to revise the blueprint of our personal and collective dreams.

PLUTO: Pluto is the 4th planet moving retrograde this month, indicating that the fundamental restructuring of our government, currency and world needs to be revisited. Hidden malfeasance may be revealed at this time. Be ruthless in releasing the structures of your life that no longer serve you.


ARIES: It’s a great month for brilliant beautiful ideas and communication. You are the sign of physical fitness. This month bring your athletic commitment to mental discipline and fitness. Adopt a meditation practice. Explore exercises that increase concentration. Choose a positive focus and stick to it relentlessly. It’s a lovely month for communication with siblings. Family finances can be equitably worked out. You may need to revise the finer points of fiscal deals. The New Moon on the 4th brings a new wind of beautiful thought and ideas. Act on your better ideas, especially those on the business front. It’s a great month to revise your approach to advertising and promotion. Resurrect ideas and projects that excite and delight you. Beginning on the 13th is a good time to revise your vision of the Big Picture of your life.  Imagine the life you want to be living in great detail. Mars, your ruling planet continues his retrograde journey through Sagittarius this month inspiring you to take action to revisit your business plan and philosophical approach. Let Love rule your mind.


TAURUS: It’s a great month for creative and fruitful fiscal ideas. The Sun and Venus, your ruling planet, both begin the month in Gemini, in your fiscal sector. It’s a great month to act on your revised ideas that came to you during last months retrograde. The New Moon on the 4th opens the portal to big beautiful visionary creative ideas. Merge forces and finances to create projects and enterprises that are both responsible and visionary. Saturn and Mars both moving retrograde in you shared finance sector, continue to inspire a revised approach to money matters. You may need to tighten your belt when it comes to sharing your finances. Review your spreadsheets, investments and fiscal arrangement. Make sure you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Your approach to intimacy and deep sharing also requires your attention. What is your philosophy when it comes to the give and take of your closest relationships. Something on this front requires a re do or a revised perspective. Build in healthy boundaries that are guided by the wisdom of allowing yourself and others to be human. Let yourself and your expectations of others be right sized.


GEMINI: Happy Birthday Gemini! Your birthday month gets off to a beautiful start with lovely Venus visiting your sign. She inspires you and all of us to think, speak and act with beauty, grace and  diplomacy. The New Moon on the 4th begins a whole new cycle of thinking. Release all disempowering scripts from the past, and rewrite the story of your past, present, and future with you cast as the empowered heroine or hero. Begin a meditation practice to strengthen your inner observer. Let Beauty  govern your entire state of being this month. Dare to believe in a conscious, living, abundant loving Universe that wants beautiful outcomes for you. Train your mind to see beauty and unity in all things this month. Saturn and Mars are continuing their retrograde journey through your partnership sector, inspiring reconsiderations and reversals on that front. It’s a great month for a career vision map, or one that explores your increasingly compassionate and visionary public role. On the 17th, Venus moves into your fiscal sector, and money and real estate matters look fertile and harmonious. Let Beauty and Grace, be your mental and emotional twin guides this month.


CANCER: It’s a wonderfully meditative month for you Cancer. There is a beautiful planetary line up in your inner ashram, inspiring your thinking to move up to a higher frequency. The Sun and lovely Venus are shedding light and Grace on your spiritual life. It’s a stellar month to practice meditation, prayer, blessing or any devotional practice that affects your thinking and consciousness. Explore the stories you tell yourself about abundance or scarcity. Explore the delusional core beliefs that may be holding you back or keeping you small. This month lavishly entertain beautiful loving abundant ideas about yourself, Source, and the world in general. Dare to believe that you are a most beloved child of the Universe and you were created with blissful fulfillment in mind. Your approach to work requires some restructuring. After the New Moon on the 4th, restructure with visionary, creative ideas in place. Explore creative communication this month. Your mind is awakening and aligning with the Higher Mind and a greater vision. May this open new portals of awareness that lead to fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams!


LEO: It’s a beautiful month for your social life Leo! The Sun and lovely Venus are pouring love and light on you in the form of friendships, fellowships and new associations and groups. Make time or the friendships that nurture your soul! The New Moon on the 4th begins a wonderful new approach to friendships. Your whole way of thinking and communicating is changing in a beautiful way. Your approach to networking is also changing! Explore new group venues that allow for greater and more fulfilling collaboration than ever before. Say yes to group efforts and projects.Your approach to your daily work may still require some restructuring. It’s a great month to re write and rethink cherished projects and your mission statement. Your fiscal life is poised to increase in the next few months. Clarify your vision and your approach to creative and fiscal mergers. Late in the month Neptune will station retrograde in your house of fiscal and romantic mergers, beginning a time of recovery and revision on this front. Explore a new approach to sharing yourself, your talents and your resources with others. Forgive yourself for all past deep connections that did not work out. Be open to connections that are beyond your capacity to imagine! Let you Higher Self direct your love life.


VIRGO: Your career takes a lovely leap forward this month! Mighty Jupiter continues to expand your life and consciousness beyond your wildest dreams. This month communication is key. You and your beautiful visionary message are in the spotlight. Let love guide your professional thoughts, words and executive actions. It is important that you get the word out about who you are and what you can accomplish professionally. Things are still shifting at your foundation. Take the time to get all foundational issues in order. Your home and family life likewise require restructuring. It’s a good month to renovate, redecorate and explore how to restructure your home, and the use of real estate more effectively and profitably. Mercury, your ruing planet is moving forward this month and moving your self esteem and material life with it. Later in the month visionary Neptune stations retrograde in your partnership sector, and you enter a reflection and reconsideration regarding personal and business relationships. It’s a dynamic month as you update your approach to self, work, partnerships and home! Let your Higher self guide you on all fronts this month!


LIBRA: This is a great month for actual and metaphoric travel Libra. The real adventure is in your mind. Strap yourself in as you bravely explore the machinations of your mind and where it takes you. Resolve to stay in constant contact with your Higher Mind this month. Ask daily for your higher Mind to direct your conscious and subconscious thinking. It’s a stellar month for communication, publishing and presentations. Exquisite Venus, your ruling planet, makes her temple in your sector of publishing and presenting this month. Let beauty guide your message and all that you write, teach and present!  Be a voice and an active promoter of harmony, peace and Grace while standing up for your sacred and beautiful values and vision. Continue to revisit communication projects from the past. Continue to rethink and reword your philosophy and your mission statement. Explore new media that could widen your sphere of influence.


SCORPIO: The Sun and Venus are plunging through your depths this month illuminating areas of your subconscious that are ready to be healed. It’s a new day on the intimacy front! You are getting ready to truly share your authentic self with others in a loving and self accepting way. The New Moon on the 4th helps you to think in a whole new way about both your shadow and your golden light. The new lunar tide helps you think and perceive yourself and the world in a wonderful new way. It’s a great month to explore new fiscal collaborations. Explore grants, investors and new approaches to crowd funding to fulfill your fiscal needs. Your fiscal life requires some restructuring. It’s a great month to look back over spreadsheets and see what needs to be done differently. Your entire approach to income generation is undergoing a major restructuring. Keep exploring new administrative approaches that maximize your return. Your social life and friendships lead to a major expansion. Say yes to abundant networking opportunities. Late in the month, your creative life requires some revisions. It’s a great time to resurrect a cherished project.


SAGITTARIUS: It’s a stellar month for partnerships Sagittarius! The dazzling Sun and Lovely Venus are traveling through your partnership sector this month inspiring you to do the same. Love is gracing your business and personal partnerships this month. The New Moon on the 4th inspires an entirely new approach to the way you connect with others, especially partners. Dare to see your partners in a Whole New Light. Explore new loving, kind and gracious forms of communication. Stop telling yourself the same old stories about yourself and your partners. Rewrite the script and notice all your partners generous and wonderful qualities. The part of people we focus on is the part we wind up dealing with. Make use of your legendary generosity, and resolve to see the best in your beloved. You are still in a major reconsideration of yourself, your long term goals and how to best achieve them. Revamp your approach to all things administrative. Your career is poised to take a mighty leap. Prepare for success


CAPRICORN: This month your health and daily work get a beautiful reboot. The saying goes: As we think…so we are. This month especially after the New Moon on the 4th, your thinking about your daily work and your approach to health and well being is renewed. Delete all negative and disempowering story lines that do not contribute to your well being. Be the vigilant observer at the gates of your consciousness. Notice how certain thoughts and ideas impact your body when you speak or think them. You are not left to your own consciousness to effect this transformation in your thinking. Saturn and Mars retrograding through your spiritual sector are inspiring a disciplined spiritual focus that connects you to your Higher Mind in a way that provides a beautiful spiritual foundation for every other area of your life. It’s a great month to work on your mission statement. Let beauty and grace flow from your pen and tongue. Inspire us with your cross cultural wisdom. Late in the month Mighty Neptune retrogrades in Pisces in your mental sector, and you enter into a powerful vision quest. Feel the love, unity and sacredness of all, and explore how that informs your message and your calling.


AQUARIUS: It’s a stellar month for creative communication Aquarius. The Sun and lovely Venus are illuminating your approach to artful self expression. The New Moon on the 4th begins a whole new cycle of creativity and fun. Explore an entirely new approach to self expression. Explore many streams of creativity. This month explore the art of communication and the communication of art. Delight in the joy of words well chosen. Explore the poetry, humor and delight of crafting your message. Take classes that you have always wanted to take. Make pleasurable time for your inner and outer children. You are still in the process of revamping and restructuring your approach to publishing, broadcasting and presentations. Keep the disciplined focus on reviewing and redoing what needs to be done on that front. Your fiscal world is poised to take a leap through shared finances and resources. Late in the month Neptune begins to retrograde in your fiscal sector, beginning a vision quest of the big picture that you are here to share with the world and how you can profit from doing so.


PISCES: It’s a great month for home and family Pisces. Lovely Venus has pitched her tent in your home this month, making it a temple of love. This month you are able to drop the stories and judgments about family members and see them with new eyes. The New Moon on the 4th begins a dynamic time of new consciousness on the home, career, partnership and self fronts. Your approach to career requires some restructuring. Get all the help you need to create a sound professional infrastructure that will lead to success. Pull in and allow your home and family to support you as you craft your message. It’s a great month for both writing projects and family communication. Banish judgment when it comes to family members. Resolve to see how loving and cooperative your family is. Partnerships bring expansion and opportunity. Prepare for it. Late in the month Neptune, your ruling planet goes retrograde in your sign and asks you to revise your vision of your sacred talented visionary self. Explore a vision for your life that truly inspires you!