“We used to worship God as a mother…now look at what we’re doing to each other” 

 Famine by Sinead O’Connor

         “ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

                          The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

                          Send these, the homeless tempest tossed to me,

                             I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

                    Emma Lazarus, Inscription on the Statue of Liberty



The month begins with a tide of maternal nurturing love flowing into our collective consciousness as the Sun, Venus and Mercury glide through Cancer, the sign of the Universal Mother and the Womb of All Life. This tide began on June 20th the Summer Solstice/Full Moon when we were under the now waning influence of a mutable Grand Cross in the heavens. The solstice begins the summer and in some ways describes our overall celestial directives for the summer. This year the summer is a time for an executive vision quest as Neptune, Pluto and Saturn, all moving retrograde, inspire us to rethink executive leadership, both within and out in the world. We are instructed to seek executive leadership that is truly nurturing, visionary, environmentally healing and takes the welfare of future generations and our sustaining planet into account. We are instructed to be the visionary protective Executives we want to see in the world. Part of this directive is to reconnect with the archetype of the Universal Mother and bring her protective energy back into how we administrate our world.

Almost all ancient cultures wisely honored the Great Mother. She has many names and many faces, but her identity as nurturer and sustainer was universal. Cultures, like the First Nations of North America, that honored the Divine Feminine also had great reverence for the natural world and for women as equals who often had the last word at the council fires as keepers and protectors of life.

If we recognize the material world as the sacred living body of our generous Mother, the only wise response is to treat all life with reverence and ceaseless gratitude. The coming New Moon inspires us to receive a new vision that adjusts our rhythms to the rhythms of the earth, the sea and nature. We are guided to remember that all people and beings are children of the mother and have an equal claim on her body for food, shelter and sustenance.

This month the Moon inspires us to slow down and live at a sane and healthy pace. To a large degree, many of the world’s difficulties could be solved by a movement back to the Mother, who encircles and protects all life. This shift would not vilify men, but in fact would honor them in a more deeply authentic way. The Universal Mother loves, honors and protects all of her children. Furthermore, In the ancient world it was understood that some men were actual channels of the Goddess, just as some women are channels of the God. This phenomenon still applies today, as more and more men are taking on the role of mother and nurturer in the world. The environmental and social justice movements are filled and often led by lunar men, intent on protecting the environment and vulnerable communities.

What is needed now as a matter of some urgency is a return to Cancerian values. Cancer is the sign that feeds, houses, clothes and protects all, but especially the most vulnerable among us. That now includes whole nations of displaced homeless people fleeing war and the terrible effects of climate change. It now includes the poor, the hungry, the refugees, the animals, the food supply and the living waters of our world….Most remarkably, the vulnerable now includes our gorgeous planet, a living system convulsing under the lash of fracking, pollution, deforestation, radiation poisoning and the burning of fossil fuels.

This month, the New Moon takes place on July 4th, the traditional birthday of the United States. One of our national astrological charts makes us a Cancer with an Aquarius Moon. This combines the nurturing breast of the Mother with a revolutionary desire for Liberty. These two principles are perfectly merged in the Statue of Liberty, the gorgeous colossus who stands at the nation’s front door.

Her inscription is an open invitation to the most vulnerable, to pass through her golden door and be born anew.  I was struck, reading the beautiful inscription by Emma Lazarus, at how far we have drifted both as a nation and a world from the protective, unapologetic invitation of our country’s most resonant icon. The political discourse of the day enflames fear of the other, vilifies refugees fleeing interventionist wars visited upon them by us. Laws in many cities have been passed making it illegal to feed the hungry, tent camps are routinely  destroyed by police and on and on. We have forgotten our true national character which is and ought to be, maternal, welcoming and protective.

This 4th of July as Grandmother Moon ushers in a tide of new maternal energy, let us invite her back into our souls and the Soul of America. May we learn true reverence for our beautiful continent from the First Nations, all of whom honored the Great Mother and have been trying in every possible way to remind us to do the same….and may we remember, that unless we are Native or African American we were once the wretched storm tossed who found shelter through the Golden Door, in the arms and at the breast of America.

Blessings to your soul and the Soul of our Nation on this July 4th weekend.

Demitra Vassiliadis




THE SUN: entered Cancer on June 20th, the summer solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year, when the tide of Light changes and the night force begins to slowly flow back in. The Sun will remain in Cancer till July 22ND, when it enters fiery Leo, its own sign, inspiring us to shine like the lanterns of Light we were born to be.

THE NEW MOON in Cancer takes place on July 4th at 7:01 AM EDT, inspiring us to return to a maternal nurturing approach to life. Join us for our monthly New Moon tele seminar as we explore how to plant soulful seeds of our truest desires in the fertile waters of Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother.

To join us on July 4th click here, if you have plans for the 4th register anyway and receive the playback link within an hour of the call:



THE FULL MOON in CAPRICORN, occurs on July 19TH and brings this months growing cycle to culmination. Celebrate the Full Moon by inviting the nurturing feminine consciousness into all areas of life and business.

MERCURY, the planetary messenger, begins the month in nurturing Cancer, inspiring us to think with our soul and consult our belly barometer and our feelings which can be wiser than our minds. When the two work together in conjunction with the Higher Mind, true wisdom occurs. MERCURY, leaves lunar Cancer and enters solar Leo on July 13th inspiring brilliant creative ideas for the rest of the month and into August.

VENUS, is traveling close to Mercury this month inspiring beautiful, fertile and nurturing thinking as she swims through Cancer in the beginning of the month. Family relationships look loving and sweet. Beautify your home and family life till Venus enters flamboyant Leo on the 12th, one day before Mercury joins her, inspiring joyful, beautiful, theatrical self expression. Venus also remains in Leo for the rest of July inspiring us to express our wild hearts in acts of generous love and beautiful art!

MARS: Continues to plow forward through Scorpio all month dredging up all from the underworld that requires transformation. Our collective alchemy continues as we spin the straw of organized selfishness,into the gold of enlightenment and fair sharing of our world’s resources in a way that takes care of all the people, and protects the environment.

JUPITER: Continues moving through environmental Virgo, inspiring environmental action to heal our planet. We expand through genuine service to others. We expand and heal through major botanical initiatives to heal ourselves and our world. By taking care of the details we take a mighty leap ahead!

SATURN: Continues his retrograde journey through Sagittarius, fueling our inner and outer executive vision quest. We are instructed to seek Chief Executive guidance from other cultures and wisdom paths. My inner CEO looks increasingly like Crazy Horse or Chief Seattle. Seek new paradigms for how to run your business, life, or government. Let principles guide you, never mind window dressing. What wise, sustainable, regenerative principles and policies do you want to see implemented in your life and your world. Rethink the structures of your life so that they truly support your authentic self.

URANUS: Keeps the Evolution going as he moves through Aries inspiring the new wave of activism we have seen since 2011. We are awakening together. Take action to create humanitarian paradigms in your world. Invite the Higher Mind into your thoughts words and deeds. Awaken into the light drenched NOW, where all things are possible.

NEPTUNE: Swims backwards through Pisces, the sign of the Sea of Consciousness inspiring us to be on spiritual vision quest.It’s a summer to reflect on our indivisible Unity, our personal vision, how we treat the sacred waters of our beautiful planet, and how to banish brutality and let higher love govern us.

PLUTO: Is also moving retrograde through corporate Capricorn, revealing corporate and government malfeasance on an unprecedented scale. This is another planetary directive that major government and corporate course correction is needed to stem the planet killing tide of fracking, radiation, drilling. GMO’s and the stranglehold that soulless corporations and their government minions now hold over most world governments.


ARIES: There is a beautiful line up in your root sector this month inspiring love and beauty to prevail in your home and family relationships. It’s a great month for nesting and enjoying a loving connection to home and family. Mars, your ruling planet is moving forward in your sector of shared resources, inspiring you to move ahead with fiscal collaborations after months of reflection. Explore fiscal deals around real estate. This is also a great month to explore real intimacy. I recently heard that it is easier to get undressed than to reveal your true self. This month after the New Moon on July 4th, explore deepening connections with friends and loved ones with whom you can truly be yourself. Keep exploring new approaches to long term goals, promotion and sharing your wisdom. Be the transformed empowered executive you want to see in the world. Enjoy maximum relaxation, nesting and regeneration this month.


TAURUS: The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all pouring creative fertile Light into your mind. On Monday, July 4th the New Moon joins them and ushers in a fertile new tide of thinking and communication for you. This is a wonderful month for fertile mental inspiration. Explore ideas that nurture you and others. Explore the ways in which you are called upon to be a voice of nurturing and protection for the most vulnerable among us. It’s a great month for projects, ideas and investments involving food and housing. Venus your ruling planet is moving through your mind till July 12th inspiring you to write teach and speak. On the 12th, Venus enters mighty Leo and your home sector, inspiring playful, heart centered fun on the home front. Mars is moving ahead in your partnership sector, inspiring a new empowered approach to partnerships. More reflection and course correction required on the fiscal and intimacy fronts.


GEMINI: There is a beautiful fertile line up in your fiscal sector this month inspiring beautiful collaboration and wonderful ideas on that front. This month real estate looks like an especially fertile investment. Your self esteem is growing and your home and family seem to be involved in this wonderful development. This month explore making purchases that truly nurture your soul, home, and self esteem. The New Moon on July 4th, brings a new fertile tide into your fiscal sector. Begin planting seeds of prosperity from then till the Full Moon on the 19th. Saturn is still moving retrograde through your partnership sector, inspiring deep and structural reflection on this front. What do you most desire and require in business and personal partnerships? Let good boundaries and respect, guide your reflection regarding partnerships. Mercury your ruling planet, leaves your fiscal sector on the 13th and enters your communication sector, inspiring dazzling creativity for the rest of the month.


CANCER: Happy Birthday Cancer! Your month begins with the Sun, Mercury and lovely Venus all gracing your sign, inspiring beautiful thoughts words and nurturing deeds this month. It’s a stellar month for home and family. Bring beauty and love into your increasingly lovely nest. The beginning of the month is great for pouring love and self acceptance on yourself. Delight in beauty rituals as Venus cruises through your sign. Update your wardrobe, adorn yourself and your home make soulful art. The New Moon on Monday July 4th ushers in a wonderful new cycle of love and empowered partnerships. It’s a great month for vision mapping. Your mind continues to expand along with your skill set. Explore how this expansion can be used to further a glorious new vision for your life. Joint resources and collaborations are a fertile source of mutual expansion this month. Your creativity involves the sharing of talent and resources. Explore how to structure deals in profitable new ways. Work and partnerships continue to require some restructuring in ways that support prosperity and your true vision. Shine your beautiful lunar Light for all the world to see. You are exactly what the world needs now!


LEO: This is a wonderful month for a spiritual retreat. There is a beautiful line up in your spiritual sector pouring a Higher Love down on you. It is as though the Universal Mother and your maternal ancestors are wrapping you in a cocoon of nurturing and protective Light. Ramp up your spiritual practice. It’s a great month for prayer, meditation, blessing, chanting and communing in the nurturing field of silent presence. It’s a great month to consult with your soul regarding what truly nourishes you. The New Moon on the 4th ushers in a new spiritual tide that allows a new sense of security as you surrender more deeply to Source. The Sun, your ruling planet leaves you spiritual sector in the 22nd and enters your sign, inspiring new creativity and charisma to empower your joyful life. Mars moves forward in your home sector all month inspiring continued transformation on the home front. Keep revisiting creative projects that are ready to be resurrected. Keep the inventive, experimental focus on your creativity and how to promote it.


VIRGO: It’s a stellar month for your social life Virgo. Mighty Jupiter is still moving through your sign, wildly expanding your sense of self and all that is possible for you. This month bring that sense of expansion into your social life. Reach out to new nurturing social networks and let new connections begin to germinate. Consult with your soul and your belly barometer on the networking front. Who feels safe and soulful to connect with. The New Moon on the 4th of July ushers in a lovely new tide of soulful connection. Weave a silvery nurturing web of love and support this month. Neptune moving retrograde in your partnership sector inspires a visionary reflection on that front. With whom are you spiritually compatible? With whom do you most want to share your life and vision? On the 13th Mercury and Venus will have entered your spiritual sector inspiring a devotional approach to art and self expression. Be the devotional artist you want to see in the world.


LIBRA: It’s a beautiful month for your career and public persona Libra. Explore nurturing creative partnerships that advance your gorgeous vision. Your life will be taking a major expansive leap in September, when Mighty Jupiter enters your sign. This month explore professional collaborations that will support your coming expansion. Lovely Venus, your ruling planet, along with Mercury and the Sun are shining in your career sector inspiring you to do the same. The New Moon on the 4th of July begins a new career cycle. Take fertile action from the 4th till the 19th to further your long term goals. Feel the love of home and family. On the 12th, Venus, your ruling planet and Mercury the very next day, will enter artistic Leo and your networking sector, making the rest of the month great for creative collaboration and networking. Mars is moving through your fiscal sector inspiring fiscal action and collaboration all month. Say yes to powerful new streams of income.


SCORPIO: It’s a wonderful month for travel and higher learning. This month explore the classes, travels and writing projects that truly feed your soul. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are shining in your house of wise journeying, inspiring you to pursue the knowledge and soulful travels that you yearn for. The New Moon on the 4th of July begins a new cycle on this front. Dare to explore teaching or learning what your soul yearns for. Travels, especially on or near water are good for your soul this month. By the 13th Venus and Mercury will both be in your career sector, inspiring powerful heart centered action on the career front. Neptune retrograde inspires you to revisit your approach to creativity and leisure. Saturn retrograde, inspires you to restructure your approach to finance. Mars, your ruling planet, moves forward in your sign, inspiring your continued empowering transformation. Be the rising Phoenix you want to see in the world.


SAGITTARIUS: The month begins with a beautiful planetary line up in your shared finance sector. This is also the sector of intimacy. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are shining in this sector inspiring you to cultivate business and personal relationships with people who feel safe. Let your belly barometer guide your thinking and judgment this month as you advance new and existing partnerships. Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet continues to expand your career sector. Say yes to expansive plans as you focus on the details that will support and track your success. The beginning of the month looks great for lucrative projects involving housing and food. By the 13th Venus and Mercury will both have moved into your publishing/promotion sector making the latter part of the month great for your creative life. Saturn continues his retrograde journey through your sign inspiring you to rethink your executive function as you strengthen your boundaries. Remember, no is a complete sentence.


CAPRICORN: It’s a stellar month for your partnerships. Make time for the relationships that truly nurture you. You are a sign known for discipline and hard work, but this month you are cultivating soft new nurturing structures to support your life. Explore relationships and paradigms that allow you to align with existing tides and be carried by them. Devote yourself to soulful pursuits that nourish you on all levels. Explore how you can do less, achieve more. Allow yourself and your beloved to be wrapped in a cocoon of nurturing Light. Let safety and strategic withdrawal guide your actions and partnerships this month. With Saturn, your ruling planet moving retrograde in your spiritual sector in wise cross cultural Sagittarius, this is a great month for an executive vision quest. Explore the wisdom and balance with which other cultures govern and administrate their lives. Mighty Neptune also moving retrograde this month inspires further visionary reflection. By the 13th Venus and Mercury will have entered your sector of shared resources, inspiring great creativity on that front!


AQUARIUS: It’s a wonderful month for your health, well being, and daily work. Allow yourself to explore new nurturing approaches to your health and daily living. This includes a soulful new approach to your daily work. While long term goals are important, they are achieved in daily increments. This month set up daily structures that delight your soul. Organize your life so you have time and space for what really nurtures you. The New Moon on the 4th begins a new fertile cycle on the work and health front. Explore new and nurturing approaches to nutrition and exercise. Saturn, your ancient ruling planet continues his retrograde journey through your social sector, inspiring reflection and restructuring on the networking front. Uranus your modern planetary ruler continues to travel through your communication sector, making you the inspired voice of progress and evolution. By the 13th lovely Venus and brilliant Mercury will have moved into your partnership sector, where the big golden focus is next month. Say yes to dramatic creative partnerships that make your heart pound.


PISCES: It’s a stellar month for your creative life Pisces. The Sun, Mercury and lovely Venus are moving through your creative sector of art, leisure and play, inspiring you to kick back and really enjoy the summer. Enjoy, fun, games and recreation with your family. The New Moon on July 4th inspires a new beginning with regard to your creativity. Mighty Jupiter continues moving through your partnership sector, where the big expansion is for you this year. Say yes to business and personal partnerships that are aligned with your ideals and could expand your life. Neptune your modern planetary ruler is moving retrograde through your sign, inspiring you to reflect on yourself and your dreams. You are on a personal vision quest this month. Make daily time for quiet reflection on who you are and what you most long to be and do. Saturn moving retrograde in your career sector, inspires you to rethink and restructure career and long term goals. By the 13th Mercury and lovely Venus will have migrated into your house of work and health inspiring a playful, creative approach to work, health and life.