“I want to live

I want to give

I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold….

lyrics by Neil Young.


August begins on the eve of the New Moon in Leo, which occurs at 4:45 PM EDT on August 2nd beginning the new lunar cycle of all things Leo. The New Moon chart cast for Washington DC, the nation’s capital, which applies to the country as a whole, is deeply alchemical. In that chart the Sun, New Moon and Venus are all in the Scorpio sector of the zodiac, associated with transformation, death and rebirth, mystery, the shadow, and alchemy itself. This month we must dig for our Leo gold.

Alchemy is the fabled art of turning base metals to gold. While there are rumors of this being a literal art, it has also been a metaphor for western mysticism, which turns the base metals of our consciousness into the gold of enlightenment and Superconsciousness. Leo is the sign associated with gold, the incorruptible metal. Leo is the sign of king or queenship, symbolically the inner ruler of our consciousness. Leo, the sign of crystalized, unique personality is the sign of artists and performers. It is also the sign of the sacred inner child, whose condition has much to do with our capacity to live joyful spontaneous fully expressed lives.

Finally Leo rules both the spine and the heart reminding us to be courageous and stand up for what we love. This month the mighty furnace of love beating in our chests is our most brilliant guide.

This month’s New Moon chart has us on a magical mystery tour of the depths of our psyche to retrieve and re emerge with all of our missing, forgotten or split off from Leo gold. Resolve to dive deep and explore your psyche this month. Imagine that you are on an Indiana Jones type of journey, looking for the sacred relics of your inner world. Do not stop until you hit gold. You will know your true gold, because your heart will lead you to it. This month we are in search of our authentic  selves and the true vision that will guide us to fulfill our life’s purpose. That quest will culminate on the Full Moon in Aquarius,on August 18th, the sign of liberated humanity. Aquarius and Leo work together, reminding us that if we want a liberated world of Higher Consciousness and Universal human rights, it must needs be composed of liberated individuals who are giving their heart centered, unique gifts and contributions to the world.

Much of our inner gold that gets lost along the way is a result of neglect or abuse in childhood, or results from the false conditioning of our consumer culture that plants false eggs of ego desires in the nest of our psyche, till we forget our true bliss. Luckily we have been provided with an inner instrument to get us back on track. The heart is a golden compass that cannot be lied to, tricked or deceived. Your heart, the faithful drum of your psyche is always keeping the beat of your true bliss. This month make time to listen to it.

With lovely Venus also in the alchemical furnace this New Moon, Love and Beauty are also our guides as we journey deep within to recover our own unique approach to art, beauty, love and relationship. It’s a great month to heal our capacity to love ourselves and others with a truly open heart. This is a great month to explore and heal your relationship to your body, sexuality, all forms of intimacy and your favorite forms of creativity.

This month allow yourself to Feng Shui your heart center. Make time to grieve old losses stemming from events in your childhood or anywhere on your journey. Explore Tonglin, the Buddhist practice of turning dark, angry, resentful feelings to love or peace in your powerful heart, then breathing out the transformed, purified energy. Explore Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and the resonantly tilted sequel The Vein of Gold. Do some inner child work. Take one minute a day to check in with your inner child. Listen to your heart. Get quiet and take a few moments to ask your heart what it truly loves and desires. Ask your heart to guide you to your true Bliss.

It can take some doing to reconnect with the heart, but fear not, whatever fear, grief or anger may have clogged up the works, beneath it lies your powerful, generous, courageous heart of gold, faithful ready and willing to transform all darkness and fear into the Blazing Light of Love.

This month the Heaven’s are sending Love’s emissaries on a wave of pure Light into the darkness of our collective fear and all its terrible offspring….May Love conquer All in my soul and yours…May Love conquer All in my heart and in yours…May Mighty Love conquer All that keeps us from truly knowing We are One…….We are One….We are One…….

Love to All,





THE SUN entered Leo on July 22nd and will remain in Leo till August 22nd when it enters analytical, devotional Virgo. The Sun in Leo inspires us to take creative risks and shine like a rock star. August begins with a NEW MOON in Leo on August 2nd that promises to be transformational and liberating. Mighty Uranus, the planet of liberation, supports us this New Moon in breaking free from family karma and patterns that may have squelched our authentic selves. We are on a vision quest to connect with our true goals and the healing vision that we are here to give the world. This powerful lunation culminates in a FULL MOON in liberated Aquarius on August 18th. Use the first two weeks of the month to unearth and recover the blissful gold of your creativity and your joyful inner child. I will be conducting a Full Moon ceremony at the New York City’s Open Center. To register click here:


MERCURY will RETROGRADE this month on August 30th at 9:04 AM EDT at 29 degrees Virgo. The retrograde will take us back to 14 degrees of Virgo on the 22nd of September. We will be in the shadow of MERCURY”S RETROGRADE till October 6th. September will be a month to reconsider all things pertaining to health, daily work, the environment and organization. Begin your fall cleaning now. It’s a great month to reboot and reorganize your thinking, analysis and diagnosis. August begins with MERCURY, the Messenger and mighty JUPITER, in Virgo inspiring us to explore both the big and small picture when it comes to our thoughts, views and philosophical views and arguments. This is a month to be painstaking about research and statistics. It’s a great month to explore health, nutrition and environmental solutions to problems big and small. Make service a part of your daily life. Honor your gorgeous Earth Mother. Resolve to live in harmony with her rythyms.

JUPITER will be changing signs early next month. This is JUPITER’s last full month in healing, environmental Virgo. Use the month to cleanse and declutter your life. Get as organized as possible. Put health routines in place that restore you to beauty and balance. Hone your skills, and explore how to best use them to serve others. Commit to helping heal our imperiled planet. Simplify your life.

VENUS, begins the month in flamboyant Leo, inspiring dramatic self expression and fearless demonstrations of love. Make art, be yourself, an original is better than a copy. VENUS moves into brilliant botanical Virgo on August 5th, reminding us that love is sometimes best expressed in tiny little acts of service and devotion. Let the beauty of the Earth be your sacred Muse this month!

MARS moves into Sagittarius on August 2nd, where he will remain all month inspiring us to move forward on our inner and outer quests for wisdom and adventure. Make travel plans. Teach, study and learn what you need to in order to further your long term goals. MARS joins SATURN RETROGRADE in Sagittarius. Saturn stations direct on August 13th, empowering us to slowly move ahead with revised career and long term goals. Expect the presidential philosophical debate to continue and to heat up. Argue the principles of your philosophical position rather than focusing on personalities. It’s a great month to align your business and your long term goals with your cherished beliefs. SATURN moving direct again mid month, brings a phase of our executive reflection to a close. We can begin to move forward on the executive front with new insight and information.

URANUS retrograde in Aries all month has us rebooting on the evolutionary, revolutionary and activist fronts. This is a time of reflection and regrouping on the global awakening front. Technology may require repair and upkeep at this time. Explore practices like meditation that involve the higher mind and result in liberation.

NEPTUNE also retrograde in healing, spiritual Pisces, inspires us to go within and seek the healing piece of the world dream that we are here to give the world.

PLUTO: Continues retrograde through Capricorn, continuing to reveal corporate and government corruption and malfeasance world wide. More will be revealed of the long dark shadow of Corporate Mordor and its representatives in governments globally. More positively we are asked to dive deep and retrieve our power and authority that we may have relinquished along the way. This month review your approach to all things administrative. Reconnect with healing sustainable models of business and government. Support policy that protects and sustains the earth and vulnerable communities.


ARIES: The month begins with a lantern of cosmic Light burning bright in your creative sector. This is a wonderful month to dive into your childhood and retrieve your inner artist and inner child. Resurrect a spirit of joyful spontaneous fun. Resurrect hobbies and activities that you used to love as a child. Make time for play and recreation. Spend time with actual children and let them reignite the quality of innocent fun and play. It’s a wonderful month to open your heart in a whole new way. Love and romance could find you this month. Love yourself first. Treat yourself in the warm loving way that you want others to treat you! The New Moon on the 2nd begins a new cycle of creativity, love and romance that culminates on the Full Moon on August 18th. Mercury is in your work sector, helping you to hammer out the details of your work and health routines. Venus will be joining Mercury in your work sector on the 5th, inspiring love and harmony at work. Mercury will station retrograde on the 30th of the month, initiating a period of reflection and reworking on the work front. Mars, your ruling planet is in Sagittarius all month, fueling writing, teaching and promotional projects.


TAURUS: The month begins with light pouring into your home and family sector. The New Moon on the 2nd begins a whole new cycle on the family front. This New Moon helps liberate you and your family from limiting, dysfunctional patterns that never served you or anyone in your family. Liberate your heart from grief and resentments stemming from unconscious family patterns. New love is flowing in, liberating everyone! Lovely Venus, your ruling planet begins the month in your family sector, inspiring expressions of love in the family. She moves into your creative, inner child, fun sector on the 5th, inspiring you to have fun in nature as you heal on an inner child, creative level. Mercury will also be in this sector all month inspiring great creative ideas. On the 30th Mercury goes retrograde, inspiring an inner child, inner artist, recovery period through much of September. Mars and Saturn encourage action on the shared resources front. Align fiscal deals and partnerships with your most cherished philosophy and ideals. Set boundaries where you need to.


GEMINI: Illumination finds your mind this month, especially beginning on the New Moon in Leo on the 2nd, through the full moon on the 18th. This month your mind is hard wired to your heart, inspiring a whole new level of love and joy to find expression in your words and creative acts. It’s a great month to pull the stops out and express your dramatic artistic nature. Delight in big, bold, colorful projects. Let your loving generous heart do most of the talking this month. Be on the lookout for feelings of constriction. They are a sign that your heart center is closing. Keep your heart open, and keep the love flowing. Mercury, your ruling planet is moving through your home sector in practical Virgo this month. She will be joined by lovely Venus on the 5th, inspiring you to analyze and organize your home and family set up. Let beauty, service and attention to exquisite detail be your guide on the home front. Mercury goes retrograde in analytical Virgo on the 30th, commencing a period of recovery and reflection on the home and family front. Mars and Saturn are both in your partnership sector inspiring professional action on that front. Draw up contracts and agreements. You may be legally tying or untying partnership knots.


CANCER: Your finances are a center of growing Light this month. The New Moon on the 2ND begins a fertile period, when creative, lucrative ideas are occurring to you. Be daring and playful on the creative front. Take action to begin or further profitable projects through the Full Moon on the 18th. Your self esteem is growing this month, along with your bank account. Treat yourself like royalty this month. You deserve love, respect and abundance and this month you begin to feel it. Mercury is cruising through your mental sector, inspiring brilliant ideas this month. Venus joins Mercury on the 5th inspiring beautiful loving ideas. Explore the details and logistics of marketable creative ideas. Banish judgement and perfection this month. Make acceptance and approval your inner mental climate. Use Virgo’s brilliant diagnostic and critical ability to help you with the details, nuts and bolts of all you are trying to achieve. Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th inspiring a reflective mental journey in September. Reflect on the structure of personal and professional partnerships. Explore infrastructures that give power and authority to both parties. Mars and Saturn are moving through your house of work and health inspiring philosophical cross cultural action on both fronts. Take action on the publishing and presentation front. Don’t be afraid to think big.


LEO: Happy BirthdayLeo! The month begins with a transformational New Moon in your sign on the 2nd of August. This New Moon inspires a deep inner retrieval of your heart’s most passionate, creative and blissful desires. Your love is reawakening this month as Venus inspires you to make beauty, art and passion your guides this month. Reconnect with your inner child. She or he holds the key to both your heart and your creative gold. It’s a wonderful month for your love life. Make time and space for your beloved. If you are single, prepare for your soulmate. Prepare your bedroom and put the call out for your true love to appear! This is a great month for your creativity. Take fertile action on your favorite creative projects, especially through the Full Moon on the 18th. Mercury is moving through your fiscal sector all month inspiring you to take organizational action on the fiscal front this month. On the 5th, lovely Venus enters your fiscal sector inspiring recovery to both your finances and your self esteem. Love yourself enough to get clear and organized on the fiscal front. Get help with accounting and income generation if you need it. It’s a stellar month for your creativity with both Mars and Saturn moving through your creativity sector. Create a daily schedule for art and fun. Look at long term creative projects and make schedule for them. Make art not excuses! Have serious fun!


VIRGO: You are surrounded with more than the usual amount of Heavenly Light this month. The New Moon on the 2ND begins a cycle of growing Grace and Enlightenment. Step up your devotional practice this month. Invite spiritual and celestial Light into your body mind and spirit. Feel the peace and bliss that come from increased conscious contact with your Higher Self. It’s a great month for prayer, meditation, yoga, blessing and all devotional practices that align your body mind and spirit with your Higher Self. Mercury, your ruling planet, begins the month in your sign inspiring you to think about yourself in relation to partnerships and well as your career. On the 5th lovely Venus will enter your sign imbuing you with extra beauty and magnetism this month. Explore a new level of gentle loving kindness and acceptance of yourself. You are the sign of perfectionism. Trade it in for self acceptance and using your attention to detail to serve you and the greater good in a loving way. Mercury, goes retrograde on the 30th inspiring a healing reflection on your sense of self and all the details that are most important to you. Home requires active attention this month. Real estate concerns may require your professional attention. Let love conquer fear in your mind and heart this month.


LIBRA: Your social life is on fire in the best possible way this month. The New moon on the 2ND ignites passionate, creative collaborations that excite and delight all parties. Let passion and love fuel your gorgeous creativity. Connect with likeminded artists and let the golden games begin. Birds of a gorgeous creative feather flock together this month. Further inspiration finds you as Mercury the messenger travels through your spiritual sector inspiring some of your highest most inspired thinking. On the 5th, Venus your ruling planet will enter this sector as well inspiring a Higher Love in your beautiful soul. Let a spirit of service and devotion guide you through the month. This is the last month that Mighty Jupiter will be in your spiritual visionary sector. Your soul has been enlarged this year. In September Jupiter enters your sign beginning a year of wonderful expansion and opportunity. Mercury, will station retrograde in your spiritual sector on the 30th giving you an opportunity to reflect on spiritual and visionary gains of the past year. Mars and Saturn are both moving through your communication sector, inspiring you to take action on the communication front. You are a mighty voice of wisdom and cross cultural brilliance. Broadcast your luminous intelligence far and wide.


SCORPIO: A massive planetary spotlight is shining on your career sector. Step into it. The New Moon on the 2nd inspires fertile heart centered action on the professional front. Let your heart’s true passion be your guide. Take brave action each day from the 2nd to the 18th to create the career or public life that you truly want. Explore your fear of success or abundance . Invite the Light of the Higher Self to dissolve all fear and lead you to your golden creativity. You were sent here with a Divine Mission. This month ask the Higher Self to guide you to your Holy Work. You are the alchemist of the zodiac. The New Moon on the 2nd, which culminates on the full moon of the 18th is all about diving deep and transforming all that stands in the way of your hearts desire, especially on the career front. What must you do before you leave this earth. Consult with your heart. It will not lie to you. Mercury begins the month in your friendship sector inspiring wonderful stimulating connections with friends. On the 5th, lovely Venus leaves your career sector and enters your friendship sector, inspiring a loving social life. Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th inspiring reconnections and retrospectives on the social front. Explore beautiful social and professional connections. Mighty Mars, your ruling planet joins Saturn the planet of discipline and responsibility in your fiscal sector. It’s time to do some long term fiscal planning. It’s time to travel, write, teach, learn and generate income. It’s time to thrive fiscally!


SAGITTARIUS: It’s a stellar month for publishing, presenting and broadcasting. It’s a stellar month for travel, teaching and learning. Let your creativity and a healthy sense of curiosity guide you through the month. Let a playful spirit and an open heart inspire your considerable creativity this month. The New Moon in Leo on the 2nd begins a very fertile period for your creative life. Writing and publishing and education projects look especially good this month. Take creative action daily through the 18th. Mercury spends the month in your career sector inspiring you to be a clear professional voice this month. Lovely Venus also enters your professional sector on the 5th inspiring Grace and harmony on the professional front. It’s a great month for communication projects. Explore the details and logistics of your career that require your attention. On the 30th Mercury goes retrograde and it’s time to reflect and revisit career issues and kerfuffles that may be presenting themselves. Mars and Saturn are both in your sign giving you plenty of executive energy to pursue long term goals and success as you step up to a whole new plate of administrative ability. Set boundaries. Prioritize. Use your time and resources to go for the metaphoric gold. Next month Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet will be leaving your career sector and entering your networking sector, opening many new social doors.


CAPRICORN: The Month begins with a supernova of light shining in your deepest sector. This month the creative furnace is in your sector of fiscal collaborations, shared resources and intimacy. You are transforming on all these fronts. Invite a truly creative spirit to inform the way you love and the way you do business. Explore business models that are good for children and the wild. Explore all that has kept your heart from open, passionate, commitment and loving joyful collaborations. Dive deep Capricorn and re emerge holding your sacred inner child and your creative gold. Be the brilliant alchemical business person you want to see in the world. Explore business that recycles and regenerates energy, products, nature, and ideas. Make friends with your kundalini this month. Explore Tai Chi, Chi gong or any practice that gets your considerable energy moving freely. Mercury begins the month in your sector of publishing and presentations. Mother Nature is your Muse this month. Let her beauty guide and inform both the beauty and process of what you want to present to the world. Lovely Venus also enters this house on the 5th inspiring beautiful organic ideas and presentations. Mars and Saturn continue their journey though your spiritual sector. You can move ahead on your executive vision quest. Your Higher Self is your invisible partner in success.


AQUARIUS: There is a luminous planetary lineup in your partnership sector this month, inspiring collaborations with like minded but differently tempered partners. You are the cool detached sign of the zodiac. Explore partnerships that bring the heat of summer’s passion to the dialogue. This is a month to unfetter your heart with personal partners. Vulnerability requires courage , and this month the planets supply you with it. The New Moon on the 2nd begins a new cycle of partnership. You can bring a new level of love and generous expression to your beloved. On the professional front explore new partnerships that are greater than the sum of their parts. Mercury gives assistance with working out the finer points of deals, contracts and all forms of resource sharing. Venus, the planet of love and beauty also moves into your house of deepest feelings, inspiring healing analysis that can lead to deep liberation. This month use your brilliant critical thinking, in kind loving and healing ways. Begin with yourself. Resolve to keep your inner dialogue kind and non judgmental. Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th beginning a time of reflection and revisiting your shared finances and deepest feelings. Saturn, your ruling planet, and Mars are both encouraging steady professional action to build your network, and social connections. Long term success, comes from steady effort on the network building front.


PISCES: The Sun is shining in your work and health sector this month inspiring you to do the same! The New Moon in Leo on the 2ND, begins a wonderful new cycle of joyful daily living and a heart centered empowered approach to your daily work and well being. Let your authentic self come out to play at work. Let your creativity find new outlets of heart centered expression! Mercury, the messenger is cruising through your partnership sector along with expansive Jupiter inspiring you to explore partnerships that could be lucrative. Lovely Venus will also enter your partnership sector on the 5th, inspiring harmony and grace between you and your business and personal partners. Mercury will be stationing retrograde on the 30th, inspiring you to reflect on and revisit issues and projects on the partnership front. Mars and Saturn are both in your career sector giving you both energy and discipline with with to achieve your long term goals. Deploy energy and desire to climbing your desired mountain. Imagine the view at the peak and keep joyfully climbing!