“We are Protectors not Protesters. Our camp is a prayer, for our children, our elders and ancestors, and for the creatures, and the land and habitat they depend on, who cannot speak for themselves.” –@CampoftheSacredStone


“ There is a Higher Court than the court of justice, and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.” Mahatma Gandhi



The Month begins with a New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on September 1st, in Virgo, the sign of environmental purity and the sacredness of the Earth. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun’s light and casting a shadow on the earth. It is always a time when the unconscious in the form of our personal and collective shadow arises in order to be healed and integrated. This is a time when the powerful feminine forces of memory and feeling arise in our collective consciousness.

Added to this potent mix is Mercury’s recent retrograde also in Virgo, bringing cosmic emphasis to the need to return to original wounds and to a sacred, reverent and environmentally sustainable relationship with the earth. This month we return to the Goddess and she returns to us. We are called back to a sacred, protective and nurturing relationship with our sustaining Mother planet. This awareness is best embodied by The First Nations, who at this writing are uniting to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline which cuts through their sacred lands.

We are at a healing crisis this New Moon, and can expect to have issues surface that require our intelligent, reverent and analytical attention. This will be happening personally and collectively.

Virgo is a sign of analytical brilliance. She is the diagnostic intelligence of the zodiac and presides over the healing properties of the botanical kingdom as well as all forms of specialization in the healing arts or in any subject. This month bring all your intelligence and discernment to bear on deeply emotional issues that may arise at this time. Much of what arises will be historical bringing us back to early trauma in our personal, ancestral, national and global lives. Great healing can be effected if we stand our sacred ground, reel in our projections and dare to revisit early and core wounds.

Virgo also represents the Sacred Earth Mother in her guise as healer through a return to cleanliness, wholeness and the healing properties of the botanical kingdom. This retrograde instructs us to make the course corrections that are crucial at this time to clean up our lives, homes, bodies and businesses as well as our sustaining planet. With Venus in Libra, the sign of justice and relationships, joined by Mighty Jupiter on September 9th, we are also in a major reflection regarding partnerships and relationships. This is a month of healing and realignment as we pull back from some relationships and commit to others.

Collectively we are asked to look at social justice issues that require major adjustments. At this writing the developing events at Standing Rock in North Dakota have us in a national refection of our very first steps on this continent. As the First Nations unite in their opposition to an oil pipeline that violates our treaties with them and endangers the water supply and largest aquifers of the Dakotas, a historic reenactment of our shameful history is occurring before us. The obscene spectacle of police and The National Guard lining up to protect a corporate pipe line and Oil Company profits, as they arrest the true stewards of this land, reveals the indefensible injustice of our corporate society and our inception as a nation. At this writing President Obama has ordered a halt to this pipeline, as this unprecedented unification of the First Nations worldwide in opposition to it continues to grow and rightly garners international outrage.

The other social Justice movement that continues to gain traction is occurring within the NFL where San Francisco 49’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick has begun a protest movement by refusing to stand during the national anthem at the beginning of the football games. His action has met with fierce opposition as well as tremendous support as he calmly brings attention to the horrific epidemic of extrajudicial killings of unarmed Black citizens by police, and other issues of grave national concern like the treatment of our veterans.

Both of these social movements began to crest as mighty Jupiter entered Libra the sign of Justice on September 9th. This entry of Jupiter, the planet of Higher Justice, to the sign of the Scales of Justice during Mercury’s retrograde, indicates that this year, through October of 2017 will present us with a unique opportunity to go back and begin to heal and address core and historic wounds and injustices. This could be the year when the United States finally faces honestly the twin sins of our inception: The attempted genocide of the First Nations and American Slavery and Jim Crow, both of which are resurfacing at this time in our consciousness as a result of these protest movements and the events that inspired them.

As Jupiter enters Libra, we are reminded that all external systems of law and justice are derived from our deep internal sense of justice, as native to humanity as our sense of love or beauty.  As Gandhi reminds us, our conscience is in a real sense the highest judge that we must each consult with, and ultimately obey, regardless of the law of the land.

This month we are reflecting on matters of social and personal justice that require major adjustments, so that one standard of justice applies fairly to All people, nations and races.

This month it is as though we are time travelers, going back in time to heal our personal and national wounds so that we may be free of all that binds our true expression and so that we may finally be a nation and world with Liberty and Justice for All!

Blessings of Healing and Liberty to All…



THE SUN entered devotional Virgo on August 22nd and will leave Virgo on September 22nd the Autumnal Equinox, the first day of fall when the Sun enters peace loving Libra. This year Mighty Jupiter, will also be entering Libra, making this an extraordinary year for peace, justice and massively expansive partnerships!

The NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 1st of the month triggers stress fractures and the need for healing in our bodies, minds, spirits, nation, relationships and world. This cycle culminates on the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 16th in Pisces, instructing us to heal all wounds with, compassion, forgiveness and oneness. We are reminded of our fundamental and indivisible unity.

The Month begins with MERCURY also in Virgo moving retrograde through September 22nd, the day of the equinox, when it stations direct. It is as though we are being given an opportunity to confront all that requires healing in our selves and our world before the Sun joins Jupiter in the sign of Peace and Balance on the Equinox. September this year offers us a month of reflection and discernment as we assess all that needs cleaning up and healing in our inner and outer worlds. It is the wind up before the pitch in October as we move ahead with new alignments.

The Month begins with the SUN, NEW MOON and MERCURY retrograde all in devotional, intelligent, analytical Virgo, as the heavens inspire a stroll down environmental memory lane. Super smart analytical Virgo is on hand to help us both analyze and organize what needs to be cleansed, healed, organized and adjusted in our lives. It’s a beautiful time to explore the healing properties of plants. Make a commitment to maximum organic nutrition. Commit to a meditation practice. Let the healing begin!

VENUS begins the month newly in lovely Libra, one of the two signs she governs, inspiring an elevated sense of graceful discourse this month. Venus opens the portal of beauty for Mighty JUPITER who will also enter Libra the sign of Beauty, Balance and Justice on September 9th. This is a major planetary shift. We can expect to see major legal actions this year as well as a growing Peace movement. JUPITER is a planet associated with the higher courts, and will likely inspire massive  legal cases and movements on the Justice front. We can expect environmental justice movements of epic proportions. The Standing Rock protest in Dakota could well expand exponentially as the peaceful fight for Mother Earth expands. We can also expect expansive philosophical movements for beauty and peace. This is a year when expansive partnerships abound. Reach out and connect. Make the big beautiful art project that you dream of.

MARS is still in the Sagittarius saddle, galloping here and there, exploring wise ideas by which to live and govern. He overtakes Mighty Saturn also in Sagittarius, presiding over the presidential horse race. It’s too early to call a winner in this capricious Year of the Fire Monkey but on September 27th, Mars enters Executive Capricorn, giving us plenty of energy to deploy on the executive front.

SATURN continues his journey through Sagittarius, inspiring us to seek wisdom from cultures other than our own. Explore new approaches to administrate our world wisely and sustainably. The First Nations are globally providing the most responsible approach to our ongoing environmental disasters. We would be wise to heed there guidance at this time.

URANUS continues his retrograde journey through Aries, inspiring us to regroup as we explore how to reboot our evolutionary ideas and ideals.

NEPTUNE continues her retrograde journey through transcendental Pisces, inspiring us to Dream up the world we want to live in…based on our indivisible Unity with all life….our sacredness unity with all life

PLUTO continues his backward journey most of the month, but stations direct on the 26th, having revealed a great deal of corporate and government malfeasance. We are inspired to move ahead with regenerated long term plans.


ARIES: It’s a great month for healing, reflecting and reorganizing your life Aries! The New Moon on September 1st gets you moving in backward in order to move forward. It’s a great time for an organizational overhaul. Explore the adjustments that need to be made in order to accommodate the big expansions that are coming through new partnerships and collaborations. You are on a major logistical reflection with regard to partnership. Explore the inner and outer shifts and the healing that must occur for you to have the expansive relationships you want.  New partnerships may be on the horizon. Your job is to clean house and prepare for them. Mighty Jupiter enters your partnership sector on the 9th bringing major opportunity and expansion both personally and professionally. Explore your inner and outer health and well being. Release all forms of clutter that may be holding you back. Streamline, release, forgive and open your heart and hands to a whole new level of love, success and well being!

TAURUS: The New Moon/Solar eclipse on the 1st triggers the need for healing of your creativity your friendship network. Keep an eye out for projections from and onto friends, as historical issues could be surfacing and could trigger emotional responses. This may be a time of healing and reconnection with friends or business contacts from the past. This is a great month to connect with others to create healing, visionary projects. The Full Moon on Friday the 16th brings all issues to a healing head.  Let a wave of compassion carry you through the day. Practice radical forgiveness toward yourself and toward others. Let prayer, blessing and kindness be the current that you sail upon. The 22nd looks good for moving ahead with healing insights and clarity about right relationships. Your creativity is getting a healing reboot all month. Big beautiful projects with a sensual and organic focus could be returning or coming into view. What do you really want to create in your heart of hearts?

GEMINI: The Month offers great healing on the home front. The eclipse on the 1st begins a healing cycle that carries you through the month till the New Moon in Libra on the 30th. This month your ancestors are supporting you as you update the energetic files of consciousness for your family. The New Moon on the 1st of the month initiates a revelation of family of origin issues that have not served you or your ancestors. You are the link in the family chain that came here for to awaken and break the chain of disfunction or illusion that bound your family. Free your self and your ancestors and descendants will feel the benefit. Be on the look out for historical issues that arise to be released or integrated at this time. Especially take note of beliefs that hold you back from achieving your heart’s desire on the career front. This month explore the piece of the world dream that you are here to bring to fruition. Bless yourself, your family and your ancestors.

CANCER: The month begins with a New Moon, always an auspicious event for you, Cancer, the only Moon ruled sign of the zodiac. This New Moon/Solar eclipse in Virgo brings up entire continents of thought and core beliefs that are ready to be released as your inner geography undergoes deep healing. Use your mental clarity and brilliance to assess what thoughts and beliefs are no longer serving you. Be vigilant in observing your inner dialogue. Replace all judgement and criticism of yourself or others with loving kindness and self acceptance. This is a great month to overcome perfectionism by accepting it and getting into a loving dialogue with it. Your most important healing comes as you learn to love and unconditionally accept yourself. The Full Moon on the 16 fills you with heavenly compassion with which to view yourself and all people from your past who may have knowingly or unwittingly hurt you. Let the lunar tide carry away all fears and resentments as you heal. Mighty Jupiter has entered your home sector on the 9th and is readying you for a beautiful new approach to love and partnership.

LEO: Your self esteem is going through deep healing this month as core wounds around your deep sense of worthiness are triggered. Be on the look out for attacks to your self esteem and your worth. See them for what they are: External manifestations of core fears that are ultimately delusions. They are surfacing at this time to be seen as the delusional rubbish they are and released. Stand your sacred ground as you affirm your inalienable and precious worth. It’s a great month to heal your relationship to wealth, abundance and all that stands in the way of true intimacy. Let forgiveness and compassion guide you to forgive yourself, your ancestors and intimate connections for old or new wounds. The Course in Miracles reminds us: “Your Brother is innocent” Release anyone you are holding in the bonds of unforgiveness. Bless those who have hurt you and be free! Mighty Jupiter enters your sector of communication, uniting you with wonderful expansive new partnerships that are on your wave length. Free your mind from the shackles of unaligned relationships so that you are free to connect with the right people and ideas.

VIRGO: It’s a major month of healing and adjustment Virgo, beginning with the New Moon/Solar eclipse in your sign on the first. This healing cycle continues all the way through the New Moon in Libra on September 30th. You have been going through a year of massive expansion since last September, but there is some unfinished business that requires your attention through the 30th of the month. Go back and explore what in your home life, emotional life or sense of identity requires your attention so that you may truly step into the beautiful expansive life that the Universe wants for you. The New Moon requires that you explore healing on the partnership front. God and the Devil are both in the details of legal arrangements with partners. Stand up for what is rightly yours. Mighty Jupiter moves into your partnership sector on the 9th, preparing you for Big, Beautiful and potentially lucrative partnerships that will be forming in the days and weeks to come. Release relationships that are not working. Clear the runway so the right plane can land.

LIBRA: The Spiritual world is calling Libra. The month begins with you in need of a healing reconnection to the Source. It’s a great month to seek out all forms of mind/body/healing connection. You are poised to take a mighty leap this year, but first you are called to do the requisite healing that will prepare you for a whole new level of partnership. It’s a great month to explore and integrate parts of yourself that you may historically disown. These disowned parts are referred to as the shadow. Everybody has one. Explore the qualities that you traditionally judge and blame others for. These are almost always disowned shadow qualities. Befriend them. Accept them, and they become a huge source of new power and energy. Clean your inner house this month in preparation for the gorgeous new energy that is already seeking you. On the 9th Mighty Jupiter entered your sign beginning a year of major expansion on all fronts. Let this month be a healing release to make room for what you truly deserve.

SCORPIO: Your friendship network is a source of great wounding and great healing this month Scorpio. You are the sign of the alchemist, and this month your social network is where the alchemy takes place. You may find yourself the object of shadow projections or the source of them, or both. Deep and intense feelings from childhood may surface for healing at this time. Remember, if it’s hysterical, it’s historical. Avoid acting out or reprisal. Be honest with yourself about friends and business connections. Release all that is not truly aligned with your authentic self. Reach out to your close and loving friends for support at this time. It’s a stellar month for inner child work and healing your creativity. Vast spiritual support is available starting on the 9th when mighty Jupiter enters your spiritual sector, and will remain there for the next 12 months. This year your spiritual life is where the massive enlargement takes place, Be on the look out for your soul mate and for spiritually aligned partnerships. Practice radical forgiveness and be free!

SAGITTARIUS: Your career requires some healing and adjustment this month. You have made big beautiful professional strides this year, but this month you need to go backward in order to go forward. Creative partnerships are where the Big Abundance finds you this year. First, however, it is time to go back and get organized for success. Make necessary adjustments to existing relationships. It has been said that Luck, favors the prepared mind. Prepare for that success all month. Explore administrative adjustments and renegotiations that will get you ready for the abundance that is seeking you. This is also a great month to revisit your career vision and take small practical steps daily to achieve it. Be on the lookout for course corrections along the way. Your friendship network will be the source of wonderful new collaborations, partnerships and referrals. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so its movement is very auspicious in your chart. This month you heal socially so that big, beautiful, elegant, and abundant collaborations can take place.

CAPRICORN: This month you are on a healing journey about your philosophy and approach to cultural wisdom. You are poised to take a mighty leap on the career front as Might Jupiter enters your career sector on the 9th. Before you can take full advantage of these new expansive partnerships, you must first get your philosophical ducks in a row. What are your most cherished beliefs and how can you best express and present them. Explore your feelings and beliefs  about the environment, the food supply, cultural and gender justice and mull over how to truly align your business with your mission statement. New Partnerships are forming, and for them to be truly productive they must be philosophically aligned. As you define your mission, you will automatically attract those who are on your philosophical team. After the 22nd, new alliances become clear. Explore new approaches to publishing, events, and presentations.

AQUARIUS: This is a month of deep healing Aquarius, as the New Moon on the 1st occurs in your deepest darkest house. The New Moon/Solar eclipse on the 1st begins a healing cycle that brings up your most unconscious issues to the light for healing and integration. Be on the lookout for issues that prevent intimacy. Explore any tendency to judge and criticize yourself and others. This is usually a sign that intolerable feelings have surfaced and must be projected. Explore radical self acceptance and radical compassion this month. It is also a great month to explore core issues around, money, self esteem, and worthiness or the lack thereof. It’s a great month to do some depth work. This month you are on a turbo charged inner journey of healing that could see you liberated from an old dysfunctional attachment pattern in a big beautiful way. Mighty Jupiter is already in your publishing sector creating the possibility of expansive new partnerships that will expand your band width in a major way. Open your hands and heart…Be willing to recieve.

PISCES: The month begins with the New Moon in your house of partnership pushing all of your buttons on the partnership front. Your deepest wounds could be triggered of projected onto partners this month. Keep an eye out for intense feelings of judgment and blame toward others. Brent Braun reminds us that blame is an automatic way of discharging emotions that we cannot handle. Explore deep compassion and acceptance of yourself. This will automatically give you more acceptance and kindness toward others. The Full moon on the 16th brings up some difficult core wounds to be healed. You are the sign of spirituality and compassion. Cocoon yourself in gentle loving kindness all month. Bring your Higher Self and the angelic realm into all relationships. This year deep and potentially lucrative partnerships are forming. Forgive yourself and others, release yourself and others on a wave of Grace and compassion. As you learn to truly accept yourself you can deepen with others in an unprecedented way and be open to wonderful new relationships!