“No, no, we are not satisfied and will not be satisfied until    Justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from his I Have a Dream speech. 8/28/1963 Washington DC 

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power the world will know peace.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Beauty walks a razors edge someday I’ll make it mine.” 

Bob Dylan


The month begins fresh on the heels of the New Moon in Libra on September 30th, the last day of September, ending the eclipse cycle of last month. It is a time of new beginnings and shifting alliances as we weigh our inner and outer options before deciding which direction to go in and with whom. This is a huge year for Libras and all things Libra, as Mighty Jupiter has moved his temple to the sign of Beauty and Justice till next October, expanding and bringing great opportunity to the sign of the Scales.

Libra is the only sign of the zodiac, symbolized by an inanimate object. The scales represent the spiritual principle of karma, or action and its inevitable repercussions. This principle seeks expression in our own terribly flawed justice system which theoretically should aim to treat all people fairly and according to a single standard. Libra is the sign of the fulcrum of the world which corrects and redresses all injustices, and imbalances one way or another. This year we will see various large movements and actions as the heavens instruct us to reestablish balance within and out in our world.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom entered Libra on September 9th while Mercury was still retrograde, indicating that this will be a year to right historic injustices, and heal historic imbalances. Two justice movements were beginning around that time in the United States, and both harken back to the original sins of our nation’s inception. In North Dakota at Standing Rock, the largest and most unified Native American/First Nation protest in history has begun in opposition to the Dakota access pipeline which threatens the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and violates our treaties with them. In this movement we see combined a need to address the terrible genocidal injustice of our nation’s founding, as well as the dangerous imbalance that the extraction industries are visiting upon the sacred earth.

In the sports world, Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback of the San Fransisco 49ers, has begun peacefully protesting the killing of unarmed Black People at the hands of law enforcement, by refusing to stand during the pregame national anthem. At this writing other teams, students, cheerleaders and marching bands have joined Mr. Kaepernick by taking a knee during the anthem. Though there has been tremendous vocal and vicious opposition to this movement, Mr. Kaepernick is walking directly in the the abolitionist and civil rights footsteps of Fredrick Douglass in his famous 4th of July speech, Mohamed Ali in his vocal refusal to fight in Viet Nam and Martin Luther King Jr’s famous Why I am Opposed To The War in Viet Nam speech. It is likely that both of these justice movements will grow this year, and new ones will be born. Mighty Jupiter in Libra could inspire a massive global Peace Movement that incorporates the arts to spread the beautiful message of the sign of the Dove of Peace. This year as these movements grow, we may in fact see” justice roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Libra is the sign of relationships, especially partnerships which require two entities facing off to dance and co create, or when things become imbalanced to face off as combatants.  Libra reminds us that Peace can only exist between equals. Peace is the condition in which education, the arts, culture and trade may thrive. Peace allows us the safety to feel and embody Love. Gandhi that truly great Libra, reminds us that Love and non violence are more powerful than all the armies of the world. Love is the true relationship between all beings in the Living Shrine that is the Universe. This year the Dove of Peace flies into our united consciousness and becomes our collective totem. We are instructed to first establish Peace and Love within our hearts, then bring that Grace to all relationships and conflicts.

Finally, Libra is the sign of Beauty, which requires symmetry and balance to exist. There in fact appear to be mathematical principles of proportion and balance throughout nature. The Divine Architect creates only Beauty, and builds according to exacting harmonies and proportions that repeat throughout creation. Beauty is our natural state and the state we all yearn for. As Agents of the Living Universe, breathtaking and stunning Beauty is our birthright. It is natural and organic that we yearn to dwell in, embody, and create Beauty.

This year we are asked to become dedicated temples of inner and outer Beauty. Allow gracious Beauty to be the standard by which you guide first your relationship with yourself, then with all others. Let this be a year of conscious cultivation of exquisite Beauty on all levels. Weigh every thought word, deed and response with this question: “What would Beauty do?”

This year Beauty, Grace, Kindness, Love, Generosity Compassion, Forgiveness and Justice fly in on the wings of the Dove. May that Dove enter my heart and yours. May we restore our world back to its natural state of heart opening, soul replenishing,  Sacred Beauty.

Blessings of Beauty and Grace To All,

Demitra Vassiliadis


THE SUN entered lovely Libra  on September 22nd, joining Mighty Jupiter who had entered Libra on the 9th of September. The 22nd marked the Autumnal Equinox, which is the one of two days of perfect balance in the year. The Sun will remain in Libra till October 22nd when it enters powerful, transformational Scorpio, as we head deeper into the fall and winter months. This month the Sun joins mighty massive Jupiter in the sign of Peace, Justice and relationships. To take advantage of this wonderful aspect pursue and cultivate business and personal partnerships that could expand your life and business. Let diplomacy, peace and beauty guide you through the month. Cultivate inner and outer peace. Devote yourself to the arts. Take action on behalf of Justice. Be an agent of Beauty. Adorn yourself and the world…Let love rule your heart and your life. Join your local peace movement. Cultivate Peace within your Heart and Soul…May your consciousness advance mightily during this year!

THE NEW MOON in Libra occurred on September 30th ushering in a growing cycle of all things Libra. This fertile cycle will continue till October 16TH, when the Full Moon in Aries occurs, bringing new relationships to fruition. Take action to network and forge new alliances through the Full Moon! The Full Super Moon is highly charged to awaken big changes within, to our relationships and existing power structures. Resolve to evolve! Invite your Higher Mind to direct all of your thoughts and actions.  It’s a stellar month for non violent activism.

MERCURY begins the month in Virgo and officials leaves the retrograde shadow on the 7th when the winged messenger enters Libra and inspires artful diplomatic and beautiful collaboration. Let your art and words be messengers of Grace as you delight in fruitful give and take with both allies and opponents. Remember peace is made with enemies. Also from a spiritual perspective: We have no enemies only delusions. On the 24th Mercury travels to the underworld as he enters Scorpio’s depths. Through mid November, we will be exploring the underbelly of our lives and world as secrets are revealed and our shadow requires our integrating attention.

VENUS, the planetary ruler of Libra, begins the month in Scorpio, inspiring us to transform our approach to beauty and relationships. This month dare to go deep with yourself, friends and beloveds. Share your true and authentic self. Share with trusted people the parts of yourself that you might want to disown. Be ruthless in releasing that which prevents the beauty of your life to blossom. On October 18th Venus climbs in the Sagittarian saddle and gallops off to explore the beauty of cross cultural artistry. Enjoy the rich tapestry of beauty from hither and yon…with a heavier focus on yon…

MARS, the planet of action spends the entire month climbing through Capricorn where he will join Pluto, the god of the Underworld from the 17th to the 24th. The action is all in the Executive suite this month as we must decide how to govern our personal and collective lives. We are grappling with long term career goals and just where partnerships fit in to the equation. With whom do you want to take the long climb? ….And what must you do alone? We may see further revelations of corporate and government malfeasance this month as Pluto reveals shadowy activities.

SATURN: Continues his journey through Sagittarius continuing to inspire us to seek executive wisdom from other cultures and wisdom traditions. Explore business paradigms that connect cultures rather than divide them. Explore the wisdom of your long term goals.

URANUS: Mighty URANUS the planet of evolution and awakening, continues his retrograde journey through Aries, inspiring us to reflect and reboot our approach to activism, technology and Higher Solutions. This is the planet, along with Saturn that most exemplifies the Aquarian Age. We are asked to truly connect to our Higher Mind. In order to bring a Higher Consciousness into our world, we must be receiving and broadcasting from that frequency. Elevate your consciousness through prayer, meditation and studying the Great Principles of Consciousness.

NEPTUNE: the planet of dreams and visions also continues his retrograde journey, inspiring us to revise our dream for our personal and collective World Vision. Dare to envision a return to living reverently upon our Sacred Earth. Explore what needs revision in your personal vision. Imagine a healed world with compassion for all and Unity with All.

PLUTO: the planet of power and transformation continues to travel through Capricorn the sign of governments, corporations and banking continuing to reveal the deep dark shadow of all of the above, even as new regenerative approaches to business finance and government emerge. Align your business with regenerative practices. Explore using spiritual principles to succeed and serve others.


ARIES: The Sun is shining in your partnership sector, where he joins Mighty Jupiter, who has pitched his massive tent in this sector till next October. This is a year when great strides can be made on the partnership front. Explore major business deals that could be expansive and lucrative. Explore love relationships that could expand your life and your heart in extraordinary ways. You are a sign known for individual action, but this year learning to harmonize and dance with a partner is where the big opportunity lies. Uranus, the planet of awakening, continues to travel through your sign, awakening your authentic self and liberating you from conditioned habits and delusions that obscured the real you! Mars, your ruling planet is in ambitious Capricorn all month, inspiring you to actively take the executive reigns of all aspects of your life. Plan, delegate and administrate your way to new heights of success. This is a month to maintain professionalism and set boundaries as you climb toward success. The Full Moon on the 16th in your sign brings relationship issues to a level of blossoming completion. Delight in bringing your authentic self to the table as you begin to attract the right partners and organizations to dance with.

TAURUS: The Sun and Mighty Jupiter are shining in your sector of health and daily work, bringing beautiful expansion to both. This is a year to bring your body and life into balance, which may be tricky as Jupiter brings much opportunity to the work front for the next 12 months. Make time for health routines like yoga and meditation, that bring your mind, body and spirit into balance. At work, developing harmonious relationships with coworkers and associates is what catapults you forward. Mercury in Libra, inspires you to learn the gentle art of diplomatic communication. Learn the art of reciprocity, fairness and graceful conduct. These skills will carry you far this year. Venus, your ruling planet spends much of the month in deep transformational Scorpio, in your partnership sector. This is a great month to build fair harmonious fiscal alliances with business partners and deep, emotionally intimate connections with personal partners. Mars spends the entire month in your publishing and presenting sector, inspiring you to take action to crystalize and deliver your message far and wide. Your most powerful contribution these days comes through your message and how it is presented.

GEMINI: The Sun, Mighty Jupiter and Mercury are all in Libra, in your creative sector inspiring a massive level of creative inspiration and output. This is a year when your artistic flair takes a giant creative leap. Jupiter the planet of expansion will be spending the year in your creative sector, which is also the sector of fun, romance and leisure. Be prepared to say yes to wonderful opportunities for fun, leisure and Big Romance. Say yes to your inner artist. Explore the decorative arts, as well as art that involves partnership like dancing. Mercury, your ruling planet is finally out of the eclipse/retrograde mode and as of the 7th has entered lovely Libra. Get your mental footing and balance once again. Cultivate a gracious diplomatic approach to communication. Reflect on what last months retrograde taught you. Make the necessary adjustments. Venus is gracing your work and health sector fueling you with the power of beautiful transformation on both fronts. Be an alchemical agent of Beauty! Transform all ugly staleness into Beauty and success.

CANCER: Mighty Jupiter has pitched his tent in your home sector for the next 12 months, inspiring wonderful family relationships, and even family partnerships as you explore what you might build or create together. Let harmony guide you through the year. Prepare your home for love and partnership if you desire a partner. Let Beauty be your guide on the home front. Beautify your home, especially your bedroom, which Venus presides over. This year family real estate may bring you great abundance. Your Angels and Ancestors are helping to harmonize family relationships. Create a sacred space within your home to honor them. Venus spends much of the month in your creative sector, which is also the sector of romance and the inner child. It’s a great month to empower your inner and outer children. Take creative actions that could lead to abundance. Mars, the planet of action and desire has pitched his tent in your partnership sector for the month. It’s a great month to forge business partnerships with responsible reliable people. It’s a great month to explore personal partnerships or re ignite the passion in your existing relationship. The Full Moon on the 16th brings wonderful opportunity to both home and career.

LEO: It’s a great month for creative partnerships Leo! Mighty Jupiter has taken up residence in your mind for the next year. This year you are the voice of exquisite love, peace, great wisdom, diplomacy and Justice. Your communication platform is about to expand. It’s a great and expansive year for writing, teaching and speaking. Explore communication partnerships. Try writing with a partner, or finding the creative team with whom you resonate. If there are writing projects you have shelved, pull them out and get to joyful work. You may be called upon to be a voice of justice or a voice of peace in the world. It is also a stellar year for meditation. As you quiet your mind and cultivate mental balance, great inspiration finds you! Venus, the planetary ruler of the month is spending most of the month in your home sector, inspiring you to transform both your home and your family relationships. Let love guide you in all dealings with family members. Let all home transformations lead you toward Beauty. Mars, and Pluto are fueling active transformation to your work  environment. This is a great month to get organized, update your technology. Get professional help to get organized and transform your work infrastructure. Clear the way for success to beat a path to your door.

VIRGO: Big fiscal opportunities are coming your way Virgo, and may in fact already be here. Mighty Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, opportunity and cross cultural wisdom, has made his temple in your fiscal sector for the next twelve months. This is also the sector of values, self esteem and material possessions. This is a great month and year to cultivate fiscal partnerships that could lead to mutual abundance and expansion. It’s a great year to align your values and your material life with your cherished philosophy. Let Beauty guide the strengthening of your self esteem. In every thought and action this year ask yourself: Am I treating myself in a beautiful way? Does this thought or action contribute to my empowered self esteem and gracious well being? Cultivate abundance in a big beautiful way this year. Mercury, your ruling planet enters Libra on the 7th and we are done with the retrograde cycle. Spend the month regaining your mental equilibrium after last months healing crisis and retrograde reflection. It’s a great month to build alliances. Let gracious diplomatic communication guide you through the month. Mars is in your art and play sector all month. The arts could be a lucrative and gorgeous place to put your attention this month.

LIBRA: Happy Birthday Lovely Libra! This year you are poised to expand in the most exquisite way! Mighty Jupiter has made his temple in your sign, making you an expansive agent of beauty, justice and peace this year. Through your thoughts, words, deeds, works of art and diplomatic efforts the Dove of Peace will appear in many places on earth. This is a year to forge big, beautiful expansive alliances and partnerships that move all parties forward. Cultivate Peace within your own heart. Cultivate Beauty as a way of being, and within your art. Delight in travel, and other cultures. Be the wise cross cultural ambassador you are meant to be. You are ready to transmute or begin partnerships that are aligned with your authentic self. This year you are ready to make changes on the home front and with partnerships that empower you and your crucially important message. Lovely Venus, your ruling planet, spends the first half of the month in transformational Scorpio, inspiring you to dive deep and love the Shadow as well as the Light within yourself and others. This is the key to true empowerment. Explore fiscal collaborations with people you trust. On the 18th Venus jumps in the saddle of adventurous Sagittarius, in your communication sector and it’s time to further big expansive communication projects. Big empowering changes are still occurring at your foundation. Be ruthless as you make necessary changes to your home life. It’s a year of massive opportunity! Seize the Gracious Gorgeous Day!

SCORPIO: Your spiritual life is changing and expanding Scorpio. Mighty Jupiter has pitched his tent in your sacred inner ashram for the next year. Wisdom itself is your spiritual instructor this year. Explore a daily meditation practice. This is one of those years where you can make great strides in the realm of enlightenment and surrender to the Higher Self. Cultivate spiritual partnerships. Forge a partnership with the Divine. As you still the tumult of your mind day by day, you will come to know the Beloved Within. This could be a year when you meet a soul mate. Be open to spiritual partnerships of all sorts. Paradoxically, great success finds you as you surrender to Grace this year. Your daily work is changing this year. As you cultivate a spirit of true service and bring spiritual principles to work with you, success will beat a path to your door. Mars, your ruling planet joins Pluto, your other ruling planet in executive Capricorn, in your mental sector this month. Dare to be the CEO of your life and your business. Dare  declare your fiscal and long term goals. Write up a business plan and begin climbing the mountain of success. Lovely Venus is in your sign through the 18th is surrounding you with magnetism and Grace. Use it to forge new business and personal relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a major planetary line up in your social sector inspiring you to wildly expand your social frontiers. Back on September 9th Mighty Jupiter, your ruling planet, moved from your career sector into your social sector, beginning a year long expansion of your social and professional  life. This expansion occurs through networking, word of mouth and creative collaborations with friends. As we move towards the Full Moon on the 16th, take action to forge or build upon partnerships and relationships that could be fruitful. This is a year to truly delight in an expanding, nurturing, mighty web of community. Explore business collaborations that could bring major success and expansion. Cultivate Grace and reciprocity as you weed out unfair and unbalanced relationships and nurture balanced beautiful ones. If your own conduct needs adjustment, explore making changes that lead to harmony, fairness and peace. Lovely Venus, the planetary ruler of the month has made her temple in your spiritual sector till the 18th, inspiring you to love and accept your least lovable character traits. Release all resentments real or imagined on a wave of forgiveness and compassion and be free! Mars, the warrior spends the entire month in your fiscal sector giving you administrative muscle to scale the mountain of executive success. Climb baby climb!

CAPRICORN: You are the sign of the executive Capricorn, and this year Mighty Jupiter will be exponentially expanding your professional opportunities. This expansion will come in the form of new executive partnerships and relationships that increase your professional reach exponentially. Make social outreach a focal point of your business this year. Saturn, your planetary ruler continues to journey through your spiritual sector inspiring you to continue to align your approach to business with sound spiritual principles. Continue to explore how other cultures and businesses achieve this. You are called to help heal the apparent divide between spirit and matter in the business world. Mars, the warrior has joined powerful Pluto the transformer in your sign, imparting the power and strength that you need to be the successful executive alchemist you want to see in the world. It’s a stellar month to take powerful action to achieve your cherished goals. Lovely Venus, the planetary ruler of the month is in powerful Scorpio in your social sector, inspiring you to forge fiscal and emotional alliances with allies and friends. You are here to be a change agent for our world as the scales of Libra seek to bring us back into balances with ourselves, each other and our sustaining Mother Earth. Be the transformer you want to see changing our world!

AQUARIUS: Prepare to be seen and heard by a larger audience Aquarius. Mighty Jupiter entered your philosophical, sector of publishing, presentation, higher learning and travel last month, beginning a 12 month period when your voice can be more widely heard. Your expansion this year comes through partnerships and collaborations. Delight in the give and take of wise and witty banter as well as deep insightful philosophical conversation. You are called upon this year to elevate the level of discussions and to bring Beauty, Grace and Principle back into all discourse. Find the partners that illuminate your gifts while offering needed or complimentary contrast. Who is the Bogie to your Bacall, who might be the Ginger Rodgers to you Fred Astaire. A great partnership is exponentially more than the sum of its parts. Put the call out for the beautiful alchemical partnership that leads to mutual success! On the personal front it’s a great year to travel with your beloved. Plan a journey to explore exquisite beauty and gracious love together. Saturn, your ruling planet continues his journey through your networking sector inspiring you to keep the disciplined, philosophical focus on networking. Mars and Pluto are camped out in your inner ashram doing kundalini yoga, inspiring you to do your own shadow work and inner alchemy so you can be a truly integrated voice in the the world. Finally Uranus, your modern planetary ruler in Aries the warrior, arms you with verbal muscle, even as Jupiter in peace loving Libra tempers your verbal steel with grace and restraint.

PISCES:  A beautiful soul expansion is going on for you this year Pisces. Mighty Jupiter moved into your deepest sector back on September 9th, commencing to expand your life through deep inner changes and evolution, while expanding your outer life through new fiscal alliances and partnerships. It’s a year of profound inner alchemy that transforms all your partnerships and readies you for a deeper level of intimacy and collaboration than you have experienced. The 8th house is the realm of energy, shared wealth and the shadow. This year as you learn to acknowledge and integrate your shadow parts, your power grows exponentially. Learn to love the parts of yourself that you habitually disown. These are usually qualities that we find intolerable in others. Experiment with radical unconditional self acceptance. This is a year to forge fiscal alliances like never before. Lovely Venus begins the month in your publishing sector, inspiring you to transform your public image as you become a voice of empowerment. By the 18th Venus gallops into your career sector in the Sagittarian saddle, and it’s time to delight in the professional spotlight. Mars and Pluto are both empowering and transforming your networking efforts. Keep building your team and your following!