“Politics should be sacred”  Mahatma Gandhi

“ The Undue influence of money on our politics is like a cancer underlying other cancers, the issue underlying all other issues.”  Marianne Williamson

“ The only way change happens, is when people become more significantly involved in the political process.”   Senator Bernie Sanders

“ Power to the People, Power to the People, Power to the people…Power to the People Right On!  John Lennon


February begins on the growing cycle of the recent New Moon in Aquarius which occurred on January 27th ushering in the first New Moon of 2017 on a wave of Aquarian activism. Here in the states and worldwide, there has been a massive uptick in activism as the nation and world reel from the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.

The day after his inauguration saw millions take to the streets both here and abroad as the largest and most peaceful protest in US history occurred as a result of his election. The protest crowds in DC were estimated at 500,00 like those in NYC, while California, estimated at 750,000 far eclipsed the sparse turn out for the inauguration the day before.  Satellite protests occurred across the Union and internationally as the world responded to the election of an autocratic ruler whose campaign rhetoric was violent, xenophobic, racist, sexist and nativist, all qualities that are fundamentally opposed to Aquarius, the most egalitarian, inclusive and freedom loving sign of the zodiac and the sign of the Age we are entering.

If the Aquarian Age is ever to arrive it will do so on a wave of political organization and unprecedented political involvement. Each sign presides over an arena of life which for them is sacred. For Cancer, home and family are sacred, for Leo the stage and the art studio are sacred, for Taurus the fertile earth is sacred, but for Aquarius, democracy and the People’s government are the most Holy Shrine.

The great contribution to the world by the United States, a country with an Aquarius Moon, will not be our operas, or codes of law. Our sacred gift to the World Soul will be our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Until we learn to reverently pray at the altar of democracy through devoted and regular involvement we will be prey to the eternal enemies of democracy which have appeared before us. These are and shall forever be monarchy, dictatorship, fascism, racism, sexism, corporatism and nativism all of which depend to some extent on the cult of personality, and focus on the window dressing of the individual, rather than the Universal traits and rights of All People.

This very week an effort is underway organized by Marianne Williamson to re sanctify our democracy.  Sister Giant, an event in DC beginning Thursday Feb 2nd will reinitiate the sacred marriage of spirituality and politics, the union that historically brought us the American Revolution, abolitionism, the suffragette movement, Gandhi’s non violent movement in India, the Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr., and the growing movement of Water Protectors at Standing Rock. I predict the a National Atonement Movement will also arise out of the crucible in which we currently find ourselves. Tune in by Live stream to participate in our spiritual civic awakening. Senator Bernie Sanders, the leader of an ongoing political revolution will be the keynote speaker. To register click here:


The prologue to this month’s protests, which are ongoing as of this writing, extend back through the 1960’s and in fact as far back as the cold war when our corporatist problems began. Since then the people’s power enshrined in the constitution and the Declaration of Independence began to steadily erode to the Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex and increasingly to the corrupting power of corporate lobbying by Wall Street, Big Pharma, Monsanto, and the weapons and extraction industries. At this writing the United States of America has been downgraded to a flawed democracy by the EIU, which seems an overly charitable view of the corporate kleptocracy that presides in DC.

To understand the global protests which have been steadily growing since 2008, which saw the crash of Wall Street and the birth of Occupy Wall Street, and other protest movements including the Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, March Against Monsanto, the Cowboy Indian Alliance the Bernie Sanders campaign, and 350.org, it helps to understand Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer which presides over humanity and the Universal Laws that govern this new creature, the Human Being, for whom the laws of the jungle are no longer fit.

Aquarius, the sign of humanity, is also the sign of liberty, equality, fraternity, sorority and democracy. It is a sign governed by two planets, Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline, executive function and structure, and Uranus, the planet of evolution, revolution, genius and technology.

This dual rulership informs the key to our mutually assured liberty which requires Saturn’s mature, responsible participation in all levels of civics and government, and Uranus’s brilliant, revolutionary, uncompromising insistence on being guided by adherence to the Highest Universal Principles that must apply equally to all human beings thus assuring Universal Liberty. Aquarius, the sign of hopes and dreams promises us the Beloved Community invoked by Reverend King.

Aquarius, the sign of the Higher Mind and meditation reminds us that in order to be free on the outer level, we must liberate ourselves and our minds from all that imprisons and enthralls us. As we are liberated from our addictions and the false path of endless self seeking inspired by the soul killing consumer culture, we awaken to our Beloved Community that exists at all times all around us.

We are then free to participate in our own governance as mature informed adults, rather than abdicate responsibility to politicians and their corporate puppeteers like children who live unaware of the many legislative decisions that will have very real consequences in their lives. As Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont reminds us. “ Change always comes from the bottom up, never from the top down”…This month may we each be part of that change that wrests power back from monied interests and puts it back in the hands of the people where it belongs.

This month, take back your power. Connect with friends and neighbors, and get involved in your government. Work for the causes that mean the most to you. Take back your democracy.

In this mighty effort we are not alone. We have each other, millions across the globe, and we have the vast planetary tide of evolution that favors us and will inevitably usher in the Aquarian Age so that a government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth.

Blessings of Universal Human Rights to All People. Blessings of Reverence to Mother Earth.




THE SUN entered Aquarius on January 19th, and will journey through Aquarius the sign of intellectual ideals and principles till February 18th, when the Sun enters dreamy, visionary Pisces. The Sun in Aquarius shines brilliant Light on humanitarian issues and inspires great activism and efforts on behalf of all people. Aquarius reminds us, long as one of us is bound, none of us are free.

THE NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, occurred late last month on the 27th of January and ushers in a new cycle of civics government and democracy. The chart of the new Moon inspires a new level of grassroots organizing so that structures of activism can be engineered that will endure and build over the long haul. The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Leo brings this lunar cycle to fruition as the needs of the people versus the needs of the individual are brought into view.

MERCURY The messenger begins the month in executive Capricorn, inspiring us to define our long term goals and professional aspirations. We are called into the executive suite of our lives and reminded to take responsibility for all areas of our lives. MERCURY will leave Capricorn and enter free thinking Aquarius on the 7th, at 4:35 AM EST reminding us to rebel against all that is suppressive to our authentic selves as we connect with like minded friends and allies who appreciate our brand of self expression. Mercury will remain in humanitarian Aquarius, most of the month inspiring brilliant ideas on the activist front that will inspire our ongoing struggle for Universal Liberty. MERCURY will head into spiritual Pisces on February 25th inspiring us to be filled with compassion as we remember our fundamental Unity.

VENUS begins the month in dreamy empathic Pisces, inspiring a Higher Love that transcends the personal. On February 3rd she joins MARS her Mighty consort in the sign of action, combat and desire reminding us that love is an action word and faith without works is dead. This month with both Venus and Mars in Aries the sign of the warrior, we are assured of being fueled to advance our desires and take quantum leaps that will result in major evolutionary progress. Evolutionary URANUS, the most progressive planet of the zodiac also in Aries will be part of a T square that puts tremendous activist pressure on both the government and corporations whose agenda is at odds with the will and welfare of the people. Mighty JUPITER in Libra is also awakening a global peace and justice movement at the other end of the T square. Love, beauty and justice will be expressed actively this month in our personal and civic lives. I expect this aspect will be seen at Standing Rock where the activist veterans (Aries) plan to return to support the peaceful, just (Libra) Water Protectors.

SATURN the executive planet in ideological Sagittarius inspires us to seek wisdom from many cultures that can inform the way we administrate our world. Saturn in Sagittarius continues to inspire us each to define the philosophy of our executive approach to both our own lives and our government. We are called to take philosophical responsibility for the principles and ideals by which we will govern our lives and our world.

The CARDINAL T SQUARE ( a dynamic tense aspect between three planets), which has been with us on and off since 2014 will continue this month. Mighty JUPITER IN LIBRA the sign of Peace and Justice, will inspire a national and global non violent peace and justice movement, putting pressure on PLUTO IN CAPRICORN, The planet of destruction in the sign of government and business, an aspect which since 2008 has revealed an unprecedented levels of corporate/government consolidation of power, corruption and all manner of malfeasance. URANUS the Awakener and revealer in Aries, will continue to inspire revelations and evolution through technology, leaks, direct action and activist uprisings while fueling a global awakening as the fate of our planet hangs in the balance. MIGHTY JUPITER in Libra, the sign of Justice and partnerships will station retrograde through June. We can expect to see reversals on the Justice front as well as re examinations and revelations on the legal front. We are in a long reflection regarding, peace, justice, relationships and balance.

MIGHTY NEPTUNE the planet of compassion, transcendence and spirituality continue to journey through Pisces, the sign of spiritual consciousness, forgiveness and Unity, reminding us that we are One, reminding us to pray for those we oppose in principle, reminding us that we are right now dwelling in the body of the Divine. Bring Universal Love, Compassion and Mercy to all that you think say and do…Forgive yourself and others a thousand times a day. Dedicate yourself as an agent of Higher Love and Divine compassion.

ARIES: The Sun is shining in your networking sector this month, inspiring you to reach out far and wide as you expand your sphere of friendship and influence. This is a great month to build your team or your following. The month begins with Mighty Mars, the planet of action and your ruling planet in Aries, your own sign fueling you with ample energy for the month. Take advantage of increased energy, desire, and daring to begin a work out regime. Devise an action plan that gets you actively moving toward your deepest desires and strategic goals. On February 3rd, lovely Venus, your planetary consort joins Mars in Aries, and it’s a beautiful month for love and relationships of all sorts. Mighty Uranus, the planetary god of evolution and revolution remains in Aries for years to come, presiding over a universal, global evolutionary leap that humanity is in the midst of. You are awakening and evolving Aries. This month you find and gravitate toward partners and friends who align with the authentic awakened you. Mighty Jupiter in Libra continues to inspire a gracious new dance of diplomacy and Grace in both your personal and professional life. There is pressure on your career to shift into alignment with new relationships and a new you. The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on the 10th brings up childhood issues as well as issues involving children and creativity. Be a networking warrior this month.

TAURUS: The Sun is shining in your career sector this month inspiring yo to do the same. You have rock star charisma that you can deploy toward your professional ambitions and public life. The month begins on the growing cycle of last month’s New Moon in Aquarius which began a fertile new cycle for you on the career front. That cycle will continue till the Full Moon /Lunar eclipse in Leo on the 10th that will bring up issues of home, family and ancestry and career. Use the fist half of the month to advance professional and long term goals. It’s a great month for networking. There is a major planetary line up in your spiritual sector this month, beginning with Mars, the warrior and Uranus the awakener, inspiring major spiritual awakening. They will be joined by lovely Venus on February 3rd inspiring a month of spiritual boot camp and awakening to a Higher Love. It’s a great month for spiritual activism and giving your time and energy to causes and charities that move you. Creative projects involving beauty, peace and justice also look very productive. This month  Venus, your ruling planet reminds you that love is an action word. Be an agent of humanitarian and spiritual love this month. Plant seeds of new professional success and fellowship….spring is coming.

GEMINI: The month begins with the glorious Sun shining in your sector of philosophy, travel and Higher Learning Gemini. It’s a great month to really explore your cherished beliefs about humanity and your place in the human community. The New Moon on January 27th initiated a fertile growing cycle of Higher Learning and philosophical understanding. It’s a great month for travel, teaching and learning Gemini. Connect with friends and promote your shared beliefs and values. It’s a great month for publishing and promotional projects. Mercury, your ruling planet begins the month in executive Capricorn, inspiring you to explore your business plan and executive approach in the first week of the month. On February 7th Mercury, the messenger leaves executive Capricorn, and enters free thinking, egalitarian Aquarius inspiring humanitarian thoughts and actions. It’s a great month for networking as you connect with an increasingly wide social circle. Delight in humanitarian and universal ideals that connect us as one big human family. It’s a stellar month for your social life, as Mars, the planet of action joins Uranus, the awakener in your social sector. On February third they are joined by lovely Venus who inspires you to feel the love of your friends and indeed the entire human family.

CANCER: The Sun is shining in your deepest sector this month in Aquarius, the sign of freedom, liberating you from deeply entrenched emotional patterns that you are ready to be free of. On January 27th the New Moon in Aquarius occurred in this sector. This growing cycle will be liberating you from social patterns that no longer work, while connecting you to new collaborators, projects and business relationships that are aligned with your deepest sense of liberated community. Step into your creative authority, while delighting in being a team player as well. Creative issues culminate on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 10th that brings issues of self worth, finance and unique expression to a head. Mercury the planet of the mind enters your sector of shared wealth on the 7th and it’s time to explore joint finance and shared holdings. There is a powerful planetary line up in your career sector this month, as mighty Mars gives you plenty of fuel to scale the mountain of your success. Uranus the liberating change agent has been in this sector for years, inspiring awakening and change to your career and public persona. Lovely Venus joins this planetary tag team on February 3rd, and it’s time to initiate beautiful projects and work relationships and public efforts that are aligned with your true desires and your authentic self.

LEO: The Blazing Sun, your ruling planet, is shining in your partnership sector this month, illuminating issues of relationship this month. The New Moon in Aquarius occurred on January 7th, and began a new and liberating approach to business and personal relationships and partnerships. This cycle will culminate on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo, which will bring up historic emotional issues and patterns involving your sense of self within partnerships. Mercury the messenger begins the month in your sector of work and organization. On the 7th he will join the Sun in your partnership sector inspiring a new sense of freedom and authenticity on the relationship front. Give thought to your authentic whole hearted self and how to bring that to those you deeply connect with. There is a major planetary line up in your publishing and philosophical sector that provides ample fuel and inspiration as Mars, the planet of action, Uranus the planet of genius and on the 3rd Venus the goddess of beauty all set up camp in your publishing and philosophical sector. The Muses are with you this month Leo, especially if you are a writer, teacher and speaker. Get your message out there! Mighty Jupiter, in peace loving Libra is in your communication sector as well, inspiring you to be an messenger of exquisite Beauty and undeviating Justice.

VIRGO: The Sun is shining in your sector of work, health and organization this month inspiring a new and liberating approach to all three. It’s a great month to get healthy with your friends and colleagues. Explore group activities that support your health and well being. Join a support group that helps you stay on track with health, nutrition and fitness. It’s also a great month to build your team at work. Delight in creating an evolutionary think tank that is greater than the sum of its parts. Put your Higher Minds together and align with brilliant ideas for the work place. On the 7th Mercury, your ruling planet and the planet of communication himself, will be gracing your work sector and new brilliance will be circulating at work. Meditate with your team. Harness the power of the Higher Group Mind. Even 1 minute can do wonders. There is a powerful planetary line up in your sector of shared wealth and intimacy, inspiring you to take initiative in both areas. After the 3rd Venus also enters this sector and fiscal deals and partnerships look harmonious and lucrative though your approach to the arts and creativity is under pressure to change. Visionary, Spiritual Neptune remains in your partnership sector, inspiring you to partner with soulmates, fellow visionaries, and the Divine.

LIBRA: The Sun is shining in your creative sector inspiring your creativity and unique brand of self expression. You are the sign of partnership Libra and this month there is major planetary action on both the social and networking fronts. The Sun in Aquarius is inspiring collective innovative activist brilliance as you delight in the creative braintrust that you are a part of. Connect with your fellow innovative geniuses and let the brilliant ideas be born and manifested. On the 7th Mercury, the intelligent planet of communication joins the fray and more creative genius is available through group efforts. New and powerful partnerships are also forming as Mars, your Mighty planetary consort pitches his Mighty tent in your partnership sector near Uranus the planet of evolutionary brilliance who has been there for years. On the 3rd the Mighty Aphrodite will join them and it looks like beautiful powerful brilliant collaborations are in the air. You are an expanding center of Beauty, Harmony, Justice and Peace Libra, and this month you find the Beloved Community and high octane partnerships to help deploy your gorgeous mission. Jupiter stations retrograde in your sign on the 6th beginning months of reflection regarding yourself and the justice of your relationships. Reflect on your wise message, which is increasingly important!

SCORPIO: The Sun is shining at your root sector this month, illuminating issues of home, family and ancestry. The Light of liberation is moving through your roots, freeing you from dysfunctional family patterns and trauma that may go back for generations. On the 7th brilliant Mercury joins the Sun and you are able to shine the Light of reason on these historic family patterns. This is a great month to update your home environment. Explore how your home is a reflection of your attitudes regarding self care and self esteem. Create the new updated environment that reflects your emerging self. Have friends over to celebrate together! There is another powerful planetary line up forming in your sector of daily work, health and organization. Mighty Mars, your ruling planet has joined Uranus, the planet of change to fuel and change your approach to work, health, and well being. On the 3rd lovely Venus, your planetary consort will join them to bring harmony and Grace to both your work and health life. It’s a great month to revamp your workplace. Explore a new line of work. Get healthy fit and organized. Prepare your life, home and body for love. This is a great month to do what you Love and Love what you do! PS Get your fiscal ducks in an administrative row.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is shining in your writing and communication sector, pouring brilliant inspiration into your mind and consciousness. Adopt a meditation practice this month in order to capture some of the inspiration and innovative ideas that will be occurring to you this month. On the 7th, Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication joins the Sun and multiplies the stream of mental stimulation, inspiring great ideas and inventions. Delight in your flair for communication this month. If you are a writer or a teacher it’s a great month for both. It’s also a great month to delight in sharing ideas with friends and collaborators. There is a major line up in your sector of art, fun, and children inspiring quantum leaps on all three fronts. Uranus, the planet of evolution has been in this sector for years inspiring evolutionary leaps regarding self expression and inner and outer children. Mars the planet of action inspires you to deploy a good amount of time and energy to creativity and leisure, reminding you all work and no play is not a healthy happy way. Lovely Venus joins Mars and Uranus on the 3rd inspiring harmonious creative delight at both work and play. Saturn in your sign continues to demand a whole new level of executive function. Mighty Jupiter your ruling planet in your social sector will continue to expand your life through fair and beautiful relationships and opportunities.

CAPRICORN: The Sun is shining in your sector of values, finance and personal resources, shedding Light on projects that could be lucrative and ideologically meaningful. This month your cornucopia of brilliant friends are your most precious resource. On the 7th Mercury, the planet of communication joins the Sun and brilliant profitable ideas are flowing. Assemble your dream team. Delight in a brain trust of quantum thinkers who are both conceptually brilliant and able to manifest their dreams and ideas. On the 10th the full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo brings creative projects to a head. Last month you were dreaming up visionary brilliance. This month you are engineering ideas. Mighty Neptune the planet of compassion and spiritual unity,  continues to inspire your ongoing vision this month, but Mars has moved into your home sector along with Venus, on the 3rd. It’s a lively energized month on the home front. Uranus, Mars and Venus will all be sharing your home space inspiring a new approach to home that allows for innovation, desire and harmonious beauty to inform your home and family life. It is as though home is the creative laboratory from which you dream up brilliant professional ideas and partnerships. Pluto in your sign keeps the transformational pressure on, in order to create the shining diamond you are becoming. Saturn, your ruling planet remains in your spiritual sector connecting you to the source of the Light that you are destined to Shine.

AQUARIUS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AQUARIUS! Thanks for all that you do to make this world fit for humanity. Thanks for the networking, the organizing and the socializing! Thanks most of all for being the voice in the wilderness before the rest of us catch on! The glorious Sun is shining upon you and all that you represent, lending you extra dazzling brilliance with which to share your advanced evolutionary, brilliant message. On the 7th Mercury the messenger will also enter your sign, the sign of the Higher Mind and your usual brilliance will be taken up a notch. It’s a great month for you to communicate. Broadcast your liberating, humanitarian message far and wide, never has it been more needed. Connect with friends allies and like minded cohorts and delight in exchanging ideas. It’s a stellar month for communication with a powerful planetary triumvirate camped out in your mind and on your tongue. You have been channeling Uranus, your modern ruling planet for years now, inspiring you to speak liberating ideas and principles. While Uranus inspires improvisational verbal brilliance Mars the god of war is inspiring verbal combat. On the 3rd he is joined by Venus, also in Aries, tempering the message, and asking you to consider the diplomatic endgame of your message. Saturn your ruling planet continues through your networking sector, inspiring you to keep the disciplined focus on networking. You are laying a social foundation.

PISCES: It’s a beautiful month for both your spiritual life and your social life Pisces. In fact this month they are one and the same. Delight in the company you are keeping. Enjoy the easy silences with friends you can be still with. Explore group activities that align you and your friends with the Mighty Flow. Enjoy music, dance, poetry, surfing, or time by water. It’s a great month to regenerate en masse. On the 7th Mercury joins the Sun in your inner ashram and it’s time to share spiritual ideas with your soulful community. There is a major planetary line up in your fiscal sector. Evolutionary Uranus has been inspiring change and quantum leaps on this front for years now. This month Mars joins the fray and it is as though you are in fiscal boot camp. Take brave and daring actions to increase your bottom line. Try an income generating enterprise that scares you silly. On the 3rd lovely Venus joins Mars in your finance sector and harmonious lucrative relationships are forming. This month delight in the beautiful give and take of energy, love, and all forms of abundance. Jupiter, your ancient ruler is diving through your depths inspiring a transformation in how you share yourself and your resources with others. Mighty Neptune, the planet of the Sea of Consciousness continues to inspire your visionary, compassionate consciousness to grow like a wave of Higher Love.