“I Have a Dream”

  Martin Luther King Jr.


“ Faith is taking the first step even when you cannot see the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


“ Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that.”

  “Hate cannot drive out Hate, only Love can do that.” 

Martin Luther King Jr.



This month we celebrate Time and the Power of Intention as the Sun passes through mystical Capricorn, the sign of world saviors and the sacred mountain peak. Since the New Moon at zero degrees Capricorn on the Solstice we have all been summoned to the mountain top. This month each of us is being asked to sacrifice our ego and immaturity and climb to new heights of vision, spirituality and responsibility on behalf of our brothers and sisters and our beloved Mother Earth.


Capricorn, is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. While it is a sign of great achievement and wordily success, that is often the only aspect of the sign that we hear about. Except for Pisces, Capricorn is the sign most capable of sacrifice. It is a sign that is built for the lean times and can sacrifice much for a cherished goal or the greater good.


Capricorn reminds us that we each of us came here for a sacred purpose. This is the month to align with your cherished goals and begin climbing towards them. Capricorn rules time. Use your time effectively to achieve your goals. The Universe sent you here to accomplish what only you can do. You are the agent of the same Mighty Force that holds the planets in their perfect course. As you move upward towards your goal remember to connect with the Loving Spirit that sent you here.


Capricorn rules executives, corporations, elders, responsible people, teachers, the law and law enforcement, prisons and chains, the state, banking and currency, mountains, goals, karma, scapegoats, goats and practical achieving dreamers.


Most of the biggest problems we are facing have to do with the negative or shadow expression of this sign and all it represents. Astrology however, reminds us, that the god that brings the sickness is the god that brings the cure. What is required at the moment to resolve many of our our difficulties, is a truly mature approach to all things Capricorn. We must begin to dream up a new responsible approach to government, banking, corporations, infrastructure, law enforcement, and the prison system.


Mystical Capricorn reminds us that every achieved goal begins as a dream, as does every intention. Within our capacity to dream lies our salvation. Capricorn, the sign of the mountain peak also reminds us that the most powerful dreams, are those that align us with inexorable spiritual principles.


Nowhere do we see a better example of both the mystical and practical power of the Capricorn than in the life of Martin Luther King Jr. He was perhaps the most successful practical dreamer that the world has yet to see, and his example can teach us much at this critical juncture.


Reverend King in his famous I Have a Dream speech planted humanitarian seeds of racial harmony and love in the face of terrifying and government sanctioned violence, hatred and cruelty. In both his words and the civil rights movement’s non violent deeds, we are beautifully instructed to take the path of love. We are reminded to not succumb to bitterness or easy judgments against anyone. We  are  reminded  of our fundamental unity. Spiritual truth always begins and ends with Unity.


Tonight as we let go of the old year and ring in the new one, let us take the first courageous steps up the mountain. Despite all divisive and fear based appearances to the contrary, let us remind ourselves of our fundamental and indivisible Unity. In the spirit of Love let us on this New Year’s Eve begin to dream up a better world.

Let us dream up a world in which we remember the sustaining sacredness of our planet and treat her accordingly.

Let us dream up a world where the human rights of all people regardless of race, class, gender, religion or sexuality is the absolute norm.

Let us dream up a world that honors our First Nation People.

Let us dream up a world that doesn’t even comprehend racism.

Let us dream up a world where our food supply is healthy, chemical and GMO free.

Let us dream up a world where our water is clean and our oceans are healthy.

Let us dream up a world where war is over.

Let us dream up a world  where prisons are a thing of the past.

Let us dream up a world that is so healthy and loving that addiction disappears.

Let us dream up a world where we are so beautifully and lovingly connected that loneliness is over and felicitous fellowship prevails.

Let us dream up a world free of hunger and want where generosity is the norm and concern for others  replaces consumerism.

Let us dream up a world so generous and fair that poverty is over.

Let us dream up a world so healthy, kind and functional that policing comes more and more to resemble social work, and violence both by the police and towards the police is a thing of the past.

Let us dream up a world where we recognize our brother as everyone we meet.

Let us dream up a world where we truly know that We Are One.

This dream may seem naive and impossible, but so did Reverend King’s. Dreaming up a brighter future takes tremendous courage and requires faith. Taking the steady non violent, peaceful and productive actions to make our visionary dream a reality will require even more courage and fortitude. We can begin to act on faith by reminding ourselves of our fundamental Unity.

Here tonight in New York City, we are one with Eric Garner and Michael Brown. We are one with their grieving families. We are one with Officer Liu and Officer Ramos. We are one with their grieving families. We are One with the peaceful protestors and one with the NYPD. We are one with  Mayor Diblasio and one with Mr Bratton. We are One. Everything else is a lie. We are One Humanity. One Breath. Whatever happens to any one of us happens to all of us.

Tonight, this very night, may you begin to align with your own dream. May you begin to truly know what you are meant to be and do. May you begin to see the bigger picture of how your life is meant to serve the Love and Unity that holds the world together.

We are climbing together tonight. We are hand in hand moving toward the summit where the joyous destiny of our true and divine nature awaits us.


Blessings of Enlightenment to Us All!



The Planetary Report:


The Sun entered Capricorn on December 21St at 6: 03 PM EST along with the New Moon at zero degrees Capricorn at 8: 25 PM EST the same night. This is the third in a series of New Moons at zero degrees. The Capricorn New Moon opens the cosmic portal to a new approach to all of the

structures of our world. We may begin to see some truly responsible politician’s who are not in the pockets of corporations and special interest groups appear. New approaches to the infrastructure, green energy,law enforcement and the prison system may also find their way in through the New Moon door. We are asked to define our goals and continue to take practical action towards their achievement. Make practical effective use of your time this month. Resolve to sacrifice something on behalf of achieving your goals and the greater good.

The Sun will leave Capricorn on January 20th when it enters Humanitarian, activist Aquarius.

The month begins with Mercury and Venus in Capricorn for the first few days of the month, inclining us to be practical and beautifully inspired in the assessment of our position with regards to the achievement of our goals. On the 3rd Venus enters Aquarius, joined by Mercury on the 4th inspiring us to act on behalf of cherished humanitarian causes. The month looks wonderful for socializing and connecting with like minded collaborators. Mix things up this month and learn to listen to and try to understand view points and feelings different from your own. Venus will leave egalitarian Aquarius and enter dreamy sensitive Pisces on the 27th.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on January 21st requiring us to re examine human rights issues or matters concerning our social lives. This begins a period of meditation on Universal Human Rights. Mercury goes direct on February 11th, a day before Lincoln’s Birthday. We are inspired to connect with the Higher Mind and the Better Angels of our Nature.

Mars, the planet of action and desire begins the month in organizing activist Aquarius inspiring people to organize rather than agonize. We have extra energetic fuel to deploy towards our social lives and activism. Join groups that you believe in. Act on your convictions. On january 12th Mars enters spiritual Pisces and we are encouraged to be spiritual warriors. Requite anger with kindness. Be visionary. Bring the Love you want to see in the world.

Jupiter continues retrograde in Leo all month inspiring us to review creative projects and our approach to leadership.

Uranus in Aries  continues to awaken a spirit of evolution and in some cases revolution against the crumbling Pluto in Capricorn structures that are mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally unsustainable. The tension between the old and new continues this month.

Neptune in Transcendental Pisces continues to offer us a way out of suffering by inspiring us to remember and Know our Unity. In times of stress Neptune reminds us to Be still, Be at peace. Just Be.


ARIES:  The month begins with a major line up in your career sector that has been there since the 21st. This is a great month to move your career goals forward and upward. You are in a great position to achieve and succeed. Start the New Year by creating an executive plan for your ongoing success. Define goals in several areas of your life. Next break them down into manageable bite size morsels. Anything can be achieved by taking one small action after another. Your creativity looks fertile this month especially regarding a project you may need to review or resurrect.  By the 4th there is a major planetary line up in your socializing sector, making this a great month for your social life, as well as productive for professional networking and collaboration. The serious focus is on writing and teaching. Make sure you schedule time for this.

TAURUS: The Sun is shining in your house of higher learning, publishing and travel this month, encouraging you to pursue the pinnacle of understanding and meaning, both in what you teach and what you learn. There has been a very strong and disciplined focus on your writing and on defining your message.Use your time and resources to continue developing and publishing your message. Saturn has left your partnership sector and has taken up residence in an even more intimate sector. The next two years have you focusing on how to share yourself and your resources with others. Develop a philosophy of sharing.  By the fourth, Venus and Mercury have moved into your career sector and professional networking is the name of the game. Your message and capacity to communicate is still your best calling card. See how far and wide your message can take you. You are the voice of responsibility and sustainability. Use your considerable creativity to artfully project your message.

GEMINI: There is a major line up in your house of shared resources as the month begins. You are having to set boundaries around issues of joint finance. Know your bottom line. Know what is acceptable to you and what is not. Saturn has recently moved into your partnership sector. The next 2 years are a time of both ending some relationships and deepening others. Issues of intimacy and how resources are shared look like the central issue that either makes or breaks relationships these days. After the 4th, both Venus and Mercury join Mars in your travel, higher learning and adventure sector and it is time to explore. Travel, take classes and if you can do this with friends so much the better. On January 21st Mercury, your ruling planet goes retrograde in your house of travels, and you may be returning home. You may also reconnect with old friends and associates.

CANCER: The Sun along with Venus and Mercury has been shining in your partnership sector since the 21st, bringing love illumination and clear and practical communication to your closest relationships. You have been going through a time of increased focus on both business and personal partnerships. Allow yourself to share the truth as you explore how you really feel about the nuts and bolts of your relationships.After the 4th there is a planetary shift into your house of deep sharing. Friendship and group effort are the key to your success. There is a steady work load coming your way. Be prepared this month to roll your sleeves up and get to work. Create a daily health routine that allows you to face your life with maximum well being. Get into good dietary and exercise habits. Writing, teaching and publishing look key.

LEO: There has been a major planetary line up in your house of daily work and health since the 21st requiring that you get organized around your daily schedule and administrative duties. Time management is increasingly important as you step up to the plate of your expanding creative life. In order for your creative visions to succeed you will need to be disciplined in the use of your time and other resources. Say yes to your biggest dreams and visions. Say yes to getting help at the organizational level, and after the 4th say yes to alliances with like minded partners who are interested in helping you manifest both your creative and humanitarian visions. After the 4th keep an eye out for romantic partnerships that ignite your loving and generous heart. Saturn in your creative sector encourages you to write on a daily basis.

VIRGO: The Sun is shining in your creative sector this month illuminating your creativity as both the source of great recreational joy, and the source of professional success. Spend the month cultivating your artistic vision and skill. See how you can best deploy your art to to further your professional aspirations. After the 4th, Venus and Mercury, your ruling planet, both enter your work sector, and you are inspired to reach out and connect with a talented team of co workers and clients to get the job done. Collaboration looks especially good this month. On January 21st, Mercury goes retrograde in your work sector and you may be called upon to rethink or redo work assignments. Keep an eye out for projects that may return. Reflect in the later part of the month on the direction you would like your daily work and approach to health to take.

LIBRA: There has been a big and somewhat serious focus on home and family this month.The Sun has been shining in that sector along with Venus and Mercury, inspiring you to take a loving and kind approach to matters at home, while maintaining good boundaries. You may be working from home these days. If that is the case, the creation of a schedule that gives you a clear boundary between work time and down time looks useful. After the 4th it looks like you will be involved in major creative projects. From the coziness of home begin dreaming up wonderful creative projects that excite and delight you both creatively and philosophically. On the 21st when Mercury retrogrades you may find yourself reconsidering or reworking a creative project or your creative team.

SCORPIO: The big planetary focus has been  in your communication and learning sector since the solstice on the 21st. There is a whole new approach to your thinking these days, especially with regard to career and education. This is a great month to work on any projects involving studying, teaching and learning. Mighty Jupiter at your midheaven has you poised to take a giant career step. This month observe anything in your thinking that may be holding you back from maximum professional achievement. After the 4th Mercury and Venus enter your home sector and you are inspired to create a beautiful home environment where elevated thinking and a lovely social life are supported. This month begin to create a home environment that truly reflects success back to you.

SAGITTARIUS: There has been a major focus on money and getting your fiscal ducks in a row since the 21st. The good news is that more ducks are flying toward even as I type this. Big beautiful flocks of ducks, along with a few geese and perhaps a swan or two. As you continue to delete self limiting and delusional beliefs about unworthiness, more fiscal ducks appear. Continue the steady work of keeping finances clear and organized. This is the foundation of your success. Saturn moved into your sign late last month beginning a period of discipline and self definition for you. Begin to think of yourself as the CEO of your life. Take the reigns and use your new authority to boldly go where you most desire to go. Keep up with writing, teaching and broadcast. After the 4th begin to assemble your creative communication team. After the 21st you may need to do some rewrites and edits.

CAPRICORN: Happy Birthday Capricorn!!! You are the administrator of the zodiac, teaching us all to use time and other resources wisely. You have been undergoing a metamorphosis for quite some time. The new moon in your sign that occurred on January 21st represents a whole new phase for you. It is truly a New beginning for you. You are developing a more nurturing and holistic approach to life and work. Allow yourself to soften and adopt a view of success that includes the needs of the team being met. You are known for self sufficiency, but these days you are allowing your needs to be met like never before. Saturn, your ruling planet moved into your spiritual sector late last month beginning a time when your disciplined spiritual life truly becomes the foundation for everything else in your life. You are becoming a spiritual teacher of considerable authority. After the 4th put your focus on group resources including money. Creativity and massive collaboration expands your life in wonderful new ways this year.

AQUARIUS: There has been a major planetary line up in  your spiritual sector since the 21st of December inspiring you to connect with the Source in order to feel truly supported by the Universe. You are also asked to used spiritual principles to run your business. These could include Karma, tithing, silently blessing the work place, employees or coworkers on a daily basis. Saturn, one of your ruling planets is in your social sector for the next two years requiring you to work on your social life. Your work could also involve groups or events these days. Mars is in your sign giving you tons of energy with which to get active and stay active. After the 4th Mercury and lovely Venus also enter your sign inclining you to reach out socially in wonderful and creative ways. Mighty Jupiter retrograde in your partnership sector has you rethinking partnerships. After the 21st Mercury retrograde in your sign has you reflecting on yourself and what you truly deserve.

PISCES:  The Sun has been shining in your social sector since December 21st beginning a new and potentially empowering phase to your social life. Something new is occurring as you build an unprecedented web of support and professional connection. Late in December, Saturn the planet of serious focus moved into your career sector for the next two years, requiring that you put some serious focus into building  your career and your public persona. Develop the skills you will need to succeed. Pursue the teaching, writing or  development of presentations that will help you to achieve your most cherished goals. These days your work is connected to art, recreation, sports and travel. Your life truly expands as you pursue what you most enjoy. After the 4th Venus and Mercury move into your spiritual sector and you paradoxically find stillness silence and connection to Source in a group setting. Yoda class, surfing or group meditation look good to bring peace and friendship.