Oh Dreamweaver…I believe you can get me through the Night

  Oh Dreamweaver I believe we can reach the morning Light”

   Gary Wright, Dreamweaver  

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“ Man seems

   Spirit is

   Man Dreams

   Spirit Lives


   Man is tethered

   Spirit free

   what Spirit is 

   Man can be”  

   Spirit, The Waterboys

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This month the Heaven’s are inspiring us to dream up a better world as we glide through the spiritual waters of Pisces, the sign of dreams, visions and Oneness with All Life. The Sun entered Pisces back on February 19th where it joined Mighty Neptune, the visionary planet of imagination, and Chiron, the planet of healing.

Our Cosmic directive is clear. This month we are called to use the potent power of our imagination to envision healing solutions for ourselves and our world. This can feel like a tall order. It helps to begin by remembering the enormous power of our imagination and our unbreakable connection to All Life, and the Source of All Life. It is helpful to remember that our personal imagination is like a bay that opens to the vast sea of Spiritual Consciousness which contains the solutions to anything that appears before us as a problem. This month adopt the First Nation approach to Vision Quest. Allow yourself to seek the Infinite Guidance of Spirit, that will disclose to you the personal or greater vision that is your piece of the collective dream to fulfill.

The world that we see before us is the result of our collective imagination. To realize this can be disheartening. Part of the problem is that the corporate media, has had undue influence and a very strong and selfish motive in determining the narrative of our collective vision and reality. This month, limit your TV time. Reconnect with the sacredness of the Greater Dream that is the natural world. Pisces the sign of meditation and enlightenment reminds us to be still and awaken to the Spiritual Magic around us and within us.

Reclaim the power of your imagination. Practice seeing the results you most want to achieve. Practice the art and skill of Dreaming. When contemplating a course of action, become quiet and see if an image comes to you. Develop your imaginative muscle. We can no longer afford to abdicate the World Dream to people with no Vision and no sense of the sacredness of all life. We need inspired, reverent Dreamers. We need you.

Keep in mind that you are already constantly using your imagination. Everything we see before us, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, began as an inner image. In fact everything we do, from picking up a newspaper to building a house or directing a film, begins first as a subconscious image in our mind’s eye. Knowing this can help inspire us to use this faculty more consciously. This month a massive planetary line up in Pisces is asking us to become conscious of what we are Dreaming Up. This month we are charged with using our God Given power of imaging and imagining, to Dream Up great healing solutions for our ailing world.

This takes courage. We are often beset with fear of disappointment or inner ridicule. Our negative inner voices tell us “that will never happen” or “That’s not realistic”…but the world belongs to people who dare to believe in their dreams. Let us join their ranks today and imagine beautiful exquisite outcomes. We can begin by reminding ourselves that we are not left merely to our own devices in this practice. Infinite Spirit enshrined within us is patiently waiting to be called upon for inspiration and revelation.

We can also begin by remembering that all around us right now, people are already dreaming up amazing and practical solutions to our worlds problems. Nineteen year old Boyan Slat, an engineering student has invented a machine that can clean vast amounts of plastic out of the Pacific Ocean garbage dump, a huge area of the pacific polluted with plastics.  In Fukushima, Sunflowers are being planted to battle radiation levels.  Botanical Virgo reminds us that the healing properties of plants may be far more powerful than we realize. Botanist Paul Stamens has discovered the amazing healing properties of certain mushrooms to cleanup oil spills and chemical dumps.

This month a powerful eclipse cycle will trigger unconscious and global issues that need to come to the surface to be healed. On March 8th the New Moon/Solar eclipse in Pisces will be revealing much that needs our healing and visionary attention both personally and collectively. The New Moon chart features a tight opposition between brilliantly diagnostic Jupiter in Virgo moving retrograde, and a five planet line up in Pisces including the Sun, Moon, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury.

This New Moon begins a new cycle of diagnosis and healing that culminates on the Full Moon in Libra on  March 23rd,( though we will feel its effect far longer), which brings issues of balance and justice to a head. The New Moon chart, highlights Virgo’s brilliant analytical ability to show us in great detail what the problem is. The planetary line up in Pisces can then help us to imagine and align with the vision of the healed solution. Virgo can then help us take small and sometimes large, concrete practical actions to adjust behaviors, and Pisces can keep us on track as we continue to envision the result we seek.

Both of these signs have to do with cleanliness. Many of the great problems facing us are a result of inner or outer pollution. Jupiter in Virgo reminds us that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Pisces reminds us that as we become still and awaken through meditation and other devotional practices our consciousness is purified. As Eckardt Tolle the luminous author of The Power of Now reminds us:

“Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your inner space, no one else is; just as you are responsible for the planet. As within, so without. If humans clear the inner pollution, they will also cease to create outer pollution.”

As this healing New Moon approaches remember that Another World is Possible. This month join me and Dreamers everywhere, as we begin to actively, consciously, Imagine Another World. I will begin right here:

I see a solution to airborne ground and water radiation being discovered and used to neutralize and heal our oceans and rivers, air and earth….I see forests being planted and whole cities being greened to combat climate change….I see a complete end to factory farming and all animal cruelty…I see a mass spiritual awakening that results in countless transformations…I see an end to private and for profit prisons and a shift toward restorative justice…I see the United States move from a war economy to a peace economy, with the same speed that it became a war economy during WWII….I see an end to racism and sexism and homophobia and the countless transformations that would result from this shift….I see First Nations globally honored and leading us back to an intimate, sane relationship with Mother Earth…..I see us all awakening as if from a nightmare into the Light drenched present moment…aware of our own sacredness…and the sacredness of our world….this month may we align with Spirit and Dream Up the sacred, peaceful world that is right here waiting to be born.

Sweet and Inspired Dreams To All,



THE SUN entered visionary Pisces on February 19th, where it will remain till March 20th, the vernal equinox when it enters Aries and spring begins. The Sun joins transcendental Neptune, and Chiron, the planet of healing, inspiring us to turn to the Source for inspiration and healing solutions to both our personal and global problems. This month we are inspired to tap into the larger, unifying consciousness that already has solutions to all of our problems.

THE MOON: We are entering eclipse territory this month. On March 8th, there is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces, which triggers a collective healing crisis, as subconscious personal and collective issues surface, that require healing at this time. We can all productively bring the need to heal our oceans, lakes and food supply to the forefront of our minds. This New Moon asks for a New approach to spirituality, our water supply, the productive use of our imaginations and issues around addiction and escapism the require healing at this time.

THE FULL MOON, Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23rd, brings issues of justice and balance and partnership to a head. As we head into the heat of the election cycle, expect issues of justice to surface this month. Where in your own life is balance, fairness and justice required.

MERCURY: the messenger, begins the month in activist humanitarian Aquarius, inspiring us to think and act for the greater good. Explore collective action with like minded people. Explore inventive ideas that utilize technology and new ways of thinking that put human needs first. Aquarian thinking reminds us that we are one human family here on earth….On March 5th, Mercury enters visionary empathic Pisces, and our consciousness expands even further. Pisces reminds us that We Are One with All Creation. Allow yourself to dream up big beautiful solutions and outcomes. Dare to See our world healing on all levels. Dare to claim your indivisible kinship with all life on Earth and beyond…On March 21st Mercury enters, Aries the sign of action and it is time to act on our visionary plans and dreams. Be a warrior for Unity and Peace. Devise an action plan, that leads to success and fulfillment.

VENUS, the planet of Beauty and Love begins the month in egalitarian Aquarius, inspiring us to love our brothers and sisters world wide. Love your friends, love your community and humanity…We really are One…Venus moves into imaginative, visionary Pisces on March 12th, inspiring us to ramp up our spiritual love of All. See beautiful, healing solutions to your own and the worlds problems…We will be awash in spiritual, empathic, compassionate energy at this time with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron all in this sign of Higher Love and Unity. Banish negativity and Dare to imagine our oceans healing, our land and food free of chemicals. Dare to imagine a world free of cruelty to people and animals, a world where we recognized the sacredness of our world and act accordingly! Venus remains in Pisces through the end of the month. Use this time to do vision work. Spend three minutes a day imagining beautiful solutions for yourself, humanity and our beautiful planet.

MARS, has been camped out in Scorpio for 2 months now, inspiring us to take transformational action to change our lives and our world. Mars breaks camp in Scorpio on March 5th and saddles up for a philosophical ride through equestrian Sagittarius for the rest of the month and beyond. While Mars is in Sagittarius, our active focus shifts to cross cultural journeying. We are inspired to pursue and publish wisdom, higher learning and philosophical beliefs. Mars will retrograde back into Scorpio on May 27th, inspiring further empowered transformation.

JUPITER: Mighty Jupiter continues moving retrograde through Virgo, inspiring us to reflect on our own health and the health of our environment. This year we expand through service, devotion, humility and refinement of our craft. Explore what details related to your work, health and daily routine, need revamping. Reflect on what actions you can take on behalf of the ecology and a clean food supply. Think globally act locally…and globally if you can…

SATURN begins the month on its disciplined journey through philosophical Sagittarius. These days those who are the voice for true responsibility are the most resonant voices and actors on the global scene. Saturn will station retrograde on March 25th, inspiring us to reflect on and reverse irresponsible administrative positions. We are asked to reflect on cross cultural solutions that are working world wide. It is time to reflect on our overall philosophy to life on a planet with threatened and diminishing resources.

URANUS in activist Aries continues to inspire unprecedented levels of local and global activism in direct response to PLUTO’S dark journey through Capricorn, revealing unprecedented global corporate, banking and government malfeasance worldwide. The tension between the old corrupt regimes of business and government based on organized selfishness and the New paradigms based on Unity and awareness awakening to the sacredness of the earth and all he creatures. Major Structural transformations are required to step into a new the new personal and collective paradigms at this time. What old way of thinking, feeling and acting have you outgrown?

NEPTUNE continues to inspire collective spiritual awakening. Harness the power of Mighty Neptune, much amplified by the Sun, Chiron as well as (Venus 3/12- end of month and Mercury 3/5-3/21) Resolve to meditate daily. Send Blessings out to all corners of the world. Send Blessings to those you do not like or worse…Use your imagination to imagine personal, collective and global healing….Dare to Imagine the world you want to live in…..


ARIES: There is a major planetary line up in your spiritual sector this month, inspiring you to align with the Greater Will. Take a step back from your plans and instead go on a sort of Vision Quest early this month. Explore the areas of your life that most need healing. Reflect on your connection to your body, your health and your daily work. You are a sign known for action, but this month reflecting on the Big Picture of what you are trying to achieve is more productive. Try making a vision map. See in your mind’s eye, and on your vision map all that you long to achieve. Run it all by your spiritual GPS. The FORCE that created you, has a plan for you. This month, do all that you can meditatively to align with that plan. There is massive spiritual and angelic support walking with you this month. On March 8th the New Moon is a great time to explore what vision surfaces from then till the Full Moon in your opposite sign Libra on the 23rd. The Sun enters your sign on March 20th joined by Mercury the very next day on March 21st, and it is time to move ahead with your cherished dreams, plans and goals. Uranus, the planet of evolution and awakening has been moving through your sign for years now, inspiring you to awaken to evolutionary solutions for humanity and the planet at this time.

TAURUS: It’s a stellar month to spend time with those who share your vision, your spiritual path or both. There is a massive line up in your social sector, inspiring you to swim with your like minded peeps this month. The New Moon on March 8th brings up issues in your social life that require healing. This is also a good time to explore unresolved issues from your childhood that may surface during this eclipse. It is a wonderful time to connect with groups that focus on spirituality and healing. Explore your vision for how to build the personal and professional network you dream of. Explore what needs healing in how you relate to others. How can your social network be a healing force in the world? Explore creative projects that are visionary and healing. Explore what your creative your Dream Team would look like. The month begins with a wonderful focus on your career that quickly shifts to productive networking. Keep the healing and visionary focus on your social life. By March 20th the Sun moves into your spiritual sector joined by Mercury the next day. Be the spiritual warrior you want to see in the world. At this time turn your attention away from selfish things and explore how to be of maximum service to others.

GEMINI: The Massive Visionary spotlight is on your career this month. You are called to explore your professional vision. The New Moon on the 8th may bring up family issues that may have injured or negatively impacted your public or professional persona. See what issues surface at this time and do some healing around it. You are called to be a professional force of great healing and vision at this time. Go on a professional vision quest. Ask your Higher Self to reveal your soul’s true calling at this time. Try a daily meditation where you ask for revelations about your career. You may be drawn to work that involves healing, spirituality,music, film, art, water or cleansing at this time. The Full moon on the 23rd brings issues of relationship, fairness and your considerable creativity  this month. Mercury, your ruling planet will move through three signs this month. Mercury begins the month in social Aquarius, inspiring ideological musings till, March 5th when Mercury enters Visionary Pisces, and your career vision quest deepens. By March 21st it is time to take action on the networking front, regarding all that has been revealed to you. Saturn continues through your opposite sign and partnership sector in Sagittarius, inspiring a serious long term consideration of all partnerships. On the 25th Saturn retrogrades, and it’s time to reconsider partnerships.

CANCER: There is a massive planetary line up in your philosophical sector of travel and higher learning this month. It’s a great time to explore your faith and your most cherished beliefs. Delight in seeking out philosophical and spiritual inspiration. It’s a wonderful month to plan a trip to a sacred site, this can be a location that feels special and sacred to you, or a location that people flock to because of its healing power. It’s a wonderful month to take a meditation or spiritual class of some sort. The eclipse on the 8th could bring up mental and spiritual patterns that require healing at this time. This is a great month to connect with angels and ancestors. Explore inspiring accounts of the spirit world like Anita Moorjani and her book Dying to Be Me or Eben Alexander’s Proof of Life. The Full Moon on the 23rd brings up family of origin issues that are surfacing to be healed. If your feelings about your current family situation are running high at this time explore what from the past is surfacing in order to be healed. If it’s hysterical it’s historical. By March 20th the focus shifts to your career or public persona. Be who you want to be out in the world. Assume your empowered place in the world.

LEO: The subterranean caverns of your soul are being gently flooded with the healing waters of compassion this month. There is a massive healing planetary line up in the sector of your chart associated with intimacy, financial sharing, transformation and death. The New Moon solar eclipse brings up issues of self esteem that may be impacting your relationship with money, and your ability to truly and deeply share yourself with others. It is a great time to do some deep healing. It is a great time to practice loving kindness and forgiveness towards yourself first and then others. It’s a great month to let your deepest feelings flow. Do some journaling about your historic approach to both love and money. Explore your vision regarding love and money. Dare to imagine a satisfying love life with an available soulmate. Dare to imagine a fertile and healed relationship to money. Dare to imagine what a truly healed sense of self worth would feel and look like. Dream up abundant fiscal collaborations this month with fellow visionaries. Follow the love…follow the wealth and abundance. Follow your loving, healing heart…

VIRGO: There is a massive line up in your partnership sector this month. Explore your vision with regard to both business and personal partners this month. What is your personal vision, and who aligns with this vision. The Solar eclipse on the 8th brings up personal issues around your sense of self that require your healing attention at this time. Partnerships or the lack thereof may trigger issues about your identity. Explore forgiveness on the partnership front. Explore new spiritual collaborations that bring out the best in you. If you are in partnerships that are triggering less than wonderful reactions at this time, explore what is coming up and why. You are in the midst of a major expansion of yourself and new possibilities. This month may reveal what stand in the way of your new sense of self. This is a great month to envision wonderful new partnerships that are nurturing, mutual and productive. The Full Moon on the 23rd may bring issues of fairness and equality to a head. Mercury your ruling planet begins the month in your Aquarius in your house of work and health, by March 5th Mercury has joined the Sun, Neptune and Chiron in your partnership sector, on March 21st Mercury takes the plunge into your joint finance and intimacy sector and it is time to act on your new vision for sharing.

LIBRA: There is a major planetary line up in your house of daily work viewed as service and daily routines that foster a sense of health and well being. Explore both your vision for your day to day life and how you can provide healing and visionary services with the work you do. This month both your own well being and your daily work success require that you tap into your spiritual, artistic and visionary powers. The New Moon and Solar eclipse on the 8th bring up the need for a healing new approach to your daily work and your spiritual life. Explore what arises both within and without at this time. You have a skill that involves seeing the big picture and seeing possibilities that others might not be able to see. Explore how you can heal and widen your network, the better to share your talents with a bigger audience. The full moon on the 23rd brings up issues of partnership that might help you take a healing and expansive leap on the work front. Lovely Venus, your ruling planet begins the month in activist Aquarius inspiring you to creatively collaborate with like minded artists. On March 12th she joins the massive compassionate, spiritual line up in your work sector and you are called to dream up beautiful, loving, visionary solutions for self, clients and the world at large.

SCORPIO: You are on a creative vision quest this month. You are on a healing journey to resurrect your inner child and inner artist, in order to connect with and integrate your authentic self. The month begins with a major line up in your sector of fun, hobbies, recreation, inner and outer children, art, self expression and creativity. The New Moon /Solar eclipse on the 8th brings up issues in your social life and friendship network that also highlight how your creativity may have gotten injured somewhere along the way. This is a great time to start or join a support group aimed at healing creativity. Explore your bliss this month. If you had hobbies as a child that delighted you….resurrect them this month. If there is a visionary creative project that you put down sometime in the past, resurrect it. Make fun a top priority. Your creativity is the channel through which you are healed and heal others this month. Your creativity is also where your healing contribution may well be made. Pay attention to what is revealed on this front this month. Mars, your ruling planet leaves your sign and moves into Sagittarius and your fiscal sector on March 5th. Take action to increase your income and your knowledge.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a major line up in your home and ancestry sector this month, inspiring transcendental love, unity and compassion on the home front. The eclipse on the 8th may bring up career issues that require healing and impact your home life in some way. A new and healthier approach to your career may be revealed at this time. Explore how you can banish perfectionism, nitpicking and any mental states that negatively impact your career. Mighty Jupiter is moving retrograde through your career sector. Expansion is on hold at the moment. Further reflection and recovery are required. What needs healing on the professional front? This month explore both your ideal home and career vision. How would you love your home and family life to look? How would you like your career to look? The eclipse on the 8th brings these issues to your attention so that they can be healed. Saturn is still moving through your sign an will station retrograde this month on the 25th. These days you must define yourself and your boundaries. You are required to develop your inner and outer executive. Be the responsible administrator you want to see in the world. Maintain professionalism.

CAPRICORN: Your mind is awash with big, brilliant, compassionate ideas this month. The Universe is channeling its most healing and visionary ideas through you Capricorn. Explore what you most want to contribute on the idea front. This month you are especially receptive to catch and channel universal dreams and solutions for your own life and for the world at large. The eclipse on the 8th may bring up environmental and healing philosophies that you are trying to integrate into your mind, body, and into curriculum, presentations and publications that you are developing. The Full Moon on the 23rd, brings up issues around professional partnerships that are developing. Saturn, your ruling planet will be stationing retrograde on March 25th inviting you to further ruminate on the spiritual and professional direction you want to go in. This is a great time to explore companies and governments that are doing business successfully in away that aligns with your cherished ideals and philosophies. Feed yourself all forms of inspiration this month. Nurture your spiritual life and your sense of Unity…this will better enable you to channel the visionary consciousness that you are gifted with at this time!

AQUARIUS: There is a major line up in your sector of money and self esteem this month inspiring you to explore your emerging vision for both. The New Moon/Solar eclipse on the 8th brings up issues around how you share yourself, your talents and your resources with others. Your capacity on this from is in the midst of an expansion that continues through September. This month you are confronted with what within yourself needs healing so that truly expansive collaborations and renumeration may find you. Dare to dream up your optimal fiscal vision and your optimal collaboration. Try making a vision map that illustrates just what you are trying to achieve, Include dollar amounts and perhaps crowd funding, grants and fiscal/creative collaborations with fulfillment and abundance for all. See the fiscal and intimate life that would be most fulfilling to you. Dare to Dream Up the life you want to be living. Saturn, your ruling planet is moving through your social sector this month and will station retrograde on March 25th. It’s time to get serious and professional about building your social network. Revise your networking plan.

 PISCES: Happy Birthday Pisces! This month the Universe is pouring healing and visionary waters down on you. It is as though a gentle rain washes away the pain and injuries of the past, so you may proceed less encumbered and more able to give your healing gifts to the world. The New Moon/Solar eclipse on the 8th may bring up whatever it is that still requires healing. This may be triggered by partnerships, or it may be that a whole new approach to partnerships is revealed at this time. Explore your ideal vision for yourself this month. Dare to Dream up an ideal life for yourself with ideal partnerships. Explore what may have prevented you from satisfying and equal relationships. Spend some time using your legendary imagination this month in order to dream up a beautiful healed vision for yourself and your partners. Begin by forgiving yourself for all past, painful business on the personal or professional front. Let the tide take it out. Prepare for the next tide to bring you the creative, spiritual fulfilling life that you deserve. The Full Moon on the 23rd brings issues of partnership and deep sharing to full blossom. You are the imaginative visionary of the zodiac, dream for yourself and for the planet for all that you long to see healed. Dream on…Dream until your dreams come true…